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Rules for /b/ Comrade Global volunteer 11/08/2020 (Sun) 21:50:59 No. 8649 [Reply] [Last]
For now, the rules are: No outright reactionism (ie Nazi posting), this is still a leftist board Porn is okay but should be spoilered in OPs. If you do not do this a mod will do it for you. It does not need to be spoilered in the thread itself.
Edited last time by zulveta on 11/18/2020 (Wed) 04:17:15.
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>>15390 >most pedophile related acts are carried out by non pedophiles Why do lefties lie so much and act as if they have authority and know everything? >>8649 You will never be a real woman. No leftypol, you're raid is not working. No bunkertranny, you do not pass. No dumbass, you don't like that anime girl.
>>15985 Facts over feelings you moron And I do like that anime girl
>>15985 >your raid What raid? Just 'cause some idiot went into the shithole that is /pol/ doesn't make it a raid. Though it would explain the number of /pol/tards in the past few hours.
rename the "incel communist" flag back to "brocialism", mods

(185.84 KB 900x675 5b743d1715e9f95357151abe.jpg)
banner thread 2.0 Comrade Admin 11/17/2020 (Tue) 22:11:02 No. 12358 [Reply] [Last]
post banner suggestions for /b/
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just wait >>14865
(51.39 KB 300x100 b.jpg)
>>14869 Upvote
(46.12 KB 300x100 dfg.jpg)

this bitch Comrade 11/18/2020 (Wed) 13:56:24 No. 12807 [Reply] [Last]
What is the final solution to the grace-chan question?
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>>16159 Alunya is an anarchist too.
all monarchists get hanged, drawn and quartered, no fucking exceptions
>>16194 Not even puyi?
>>16196 not even you
>>16167 >What will lefties do in a world without royal monarchs to overthrow? Well its actually very easy. You see,i don't know if you noticed,but everytime we overthrow an absolute monarch,we invent a new,radical ideology. The american revolution gave the first modern republic the french revolution brought liberalism wich later brought napoleon,the abdication of wilhelmII brought nazism,the russian revolution brought m-leninism and so on. So the plan goes like this: >we give a leader all the devine power to rule a kingdom. >after his death he brings an inexperienced hier >he cause massive unrest >the people try to make a new ideology to rule after overthrowing him >re-coronate an absolute monarch in power

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Why? Comrade 11/24/2020 (Tue) 08:32:05 No. 14645 [Reply] [Last]
Why do some male Pornstars have such big Dicks? Do they take some growth hormones or were they just lucky
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>>16013 I got no tits. and I'm not sharing dick with some random anons on the net. >>16014 Because social expectations dictate that make penis size extremely focused on.
>>16039 >girth is superior And now imagine someone, who has no lenght AND no Girth. Wouldn't that be crazy?!
>>16150 Most unfortunate
>>16150 They are so desperate they go to enlargement clinics to see if they can grow a pair of inches. Most likely they are laboratory rats and they are being used to see if the technique works.
>>15345 post cocknbolls

(36.11 KB 550x581 banan.jpeg)
ylyl Comrade 11/11/2020 (Wed) 18:35:34 No. 9472 [Reply] [Last]
ylyl thread i shall begin
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(96.55 KB 640x853 COFFEE .jpg)
(88.90 KB 1152x693 deviantart in a nutshell.jpg)
(116.51 KB 1097x1337 dante.jpg)
(300.84 KB 466x360 mccain.png)
(51.24 KB 750x507 melenchon.jpg)
>>9513 Laughed at the guy in the front pointing in the wrong direction.
>>15087 what

(43.42 KB 600x315 Ukraine_chad.jpg)
Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 10:06:19 No. 13049 [Reply] [Last]
When I say Holodomor you say sorry. Holodomor
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(19.65 KB 400x377 troy.gif)
Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may recognize me from the soviet endeavors such as "Split the Bill" from 1939, "Imperial Overreach" from 1945, a string of films that I really don't remember only that they was shot in 1953, 1956 and 1968 and of course my favorite "My own Vietnam" from 1979. Last one is out of my hands since 30 years ago, but it has produced numerous sequels and spinoffs and I don't want to brag, but I was involved in the pre-production in 1978. And "My own Vietnam" may sound like some kind of moody television film, and I admit that it does really smacks of cribbing. But the show was and is so different so that even the makers of the original doesn't seem to care about it. All is fair in art and war, right? Right? But the most embarrassing points in my career was when I in 1932 self-cribbed myself by making a remake of the film from 1921. It was really embarrassing. The plots was identical. The only difference I made was to change the scenery and the costumes, but on a shoestring budget. And I may sound like someone that has it just easy. Just running his mouth here. And there is something in excellency that we all can aspire to, actors or not. But the most interesting series of films was put up by someone's ancestors, waaaayyy back in the Bronze Age. What they called the films we don't really know. But we call them the "Palace Economy Cycle". And this is where it gets really embarrassing for me: From what I've learned they spent centuries on perfecting their craft. Without any drastic changes imposed by the producers where the script writers, set designers, costume makers etc had to pick up the extra cost. They just spent centuries to perfecting their craft. Imagine that! And in hindsight, you could say that I could have done the same thing. But if I had given myself centuries I wouldn't be me.
(2.20 MB 1395x1536 stalin clever.png)
>>16113 You just had to jinx it
I say FOLLOW THE CONNOR you say <Rebellion against the machine
>>16192 If it takes 4 times then let it be so!

(61.48 KB 1024x544 IMG_20200622_071701.jpg)
Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 04:48:28 No. 16108 [Reply] [Last]
Every single "breadtuber" is a fed, literally all of them
>>16108 Every single "tankie" is a schizo, literally all of them
>>16108 Every single "anarchist" is a kiddie, literally all of them
every single one of you deserves to be shot, literally all of you

(122.31 KB 1200x630 AP_574007095651.jpg)
(120.47 KB 1374x1031 dcn45ac3xzwy.jpg)
(29.47 KB 498x346 aWsPqD5h.jpg)
(157.80 KB 1024x768 1486300369447.jpg)
Transracial White-Nationalist Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 15:27:08 No. 14748 [Reply] [Last]
Why those people exist?What is their fucking problem?Someone can explain how is this possible. Are we living in simulation and it's glitched?Or is it peak cultural-capitalism?Or is how world is collapsing?
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>>14748 I've met plenty of non-white people who are racist enough to make Hitler look like a libtard but I have no idea why they join white nationalists.
>>14748 if i had to guess, and it really is just guessing, it's one of >they think they'll be spared if they act subservient or >they're attracted to wn for the same reason white people are, they just come up with a convoluted narrative to explain why they're actually white or one of the "better" black ethnicities (i've definitely seen people do this) or also >they essentially want "black nazism" and think normal nazis are their allies. they agree that jews are keeping their race down, states should be segregated, shit like that (i've also seen people like this, but they seem rare)
>>16005 PoW doesn't count.
>>16005 So? They're a handful of volunteers used as cannonfodder, propaganda and useful idiots.
>>14748 psychosis

(3.53 MB 640x800 1596589864245.webm)
(2.61 MB 360x640 1597125534339.webm)
(867.03 KB 1596858867578.webm)
Ebony girls Ebony girls 11/22/2020 (Sun) 02:50:49 No. 13991 [Reply] [Last]
Ebony girls bonus points if solo.
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>>16024 >probably surgery related nah, unless they have a really skinny figure with a huge ass they're usually natural, I see them all the time.
God, I wish I knew the source
>>14984 >that blue outfit cum until I die jesus christ hnng
>>16068 d-do you have one anon?
>>16122 So cute

(810.60 KB 600x666 Khorne_banner.png)
Comrade 11/13/2020 (Fri) 08:29:16 No. 10048 [Reply] [Last]
What if I told you the amount of people killed by a system is directly related to their collective penis size? This would mean capitalism has big pp, communism has mid pp and fascism has smol pp. How do you feel about this? also this is just a shitpost on lefty/b/. ffs, take xanny janny
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>>10049 Am aware, went with the common meme. What about the totals of the three though?
>>10048 That's perfectly fine. Massive penises look ridiculous in real life. And probably also hurt like hell.
>>10048 That wouldn't explain with some black men have the big pps.
>>10048 No, Gommunism still bigerest penise.
damn man I don't want to be a capitalist


no cookies?