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/weeaboo/ おたく 11/17/2020 (Tue) 20:28:41 No. 5190
This thread is to talk about things on Japanese culture, and the good and bad of it
Shitty country tbh
Is there anything that they won't make porn of.
This is a reminder that the de facto age of consent is actually higher in Japan than weeb memes claim, and that employed people there should not mention anime and otakufaggotry unless they are sure that their company won't fire them for it bringing humiliation.
What proportion of the population are actually otaku? This is important information for gauging the of usefulness of animu for weaponization against capitalist hegemony and the culture industry.
>>5201 >>5204 >>5206 >>5209 >every response is a sage But why tho? Like they're good replies but saged for what reason?
>>5230 >sage — To reply to a thread without bumping it. To do so simply type "sage" in the E-mail field. This may be done to increase the post count toward earlier deletion, or may simply be done to add an unimportant comment. Always written in romaji. See also age.
Should the default for the name field be in katakana?
>>5231 You're not answering the question you retard. I KNOW it's for anti-bumping, I don't get WHY they don't want to bump a thread when this is typically done for reasons such as being a shitpost or little interest in a thread.
>>5237 Why do you care why someone doesn't think their posts merit bumping a thread?
Matcha good, I read "woman in the Dunes", it's also good. Not much to say really I don't really mind Japanese culture in any way (good or bad) as I'm an old weeb who just wants my giant robots and pocky.
>>5239 I was curious and a bit confused.
What would the present be like if the Soviet Union had brought communism to the Pacific theatre? If the countries of East Asia all went with the Soviets?
>>5262 >>5267 >saged responses <content is genuine questions and links Is this some kind of sick joke or what?
>>5353 are you the subhuman getting mad on /games/ and here for people using sage on a chan of all places here, just for you
>>5377 >are you the subhuman Nah that's just you. >muh sage Abusing sage as a reddit downvote is the sign of a newfag >/games/ No, but seeing who you're talking about, sounds like you're a samefag Bump, just for you, stay mad
Do Take the petty sagefag argument somewhere else, if it derails the topic again.
>>5395 Sage isn't bad, I just wondered why everyone was saging actual decent responses to the thread OP >>5204 >>5206 >>5209 >>5233 >>5262 >>5267 Are all legit responses, and all of them are saged because.... I don't know. >>5364 >>5377 This guy is just a spammer tho. saged for off-topic
>>5267 While the USSR could definitely defeat the European Axis wholly on its own (Germany, Italy, Finland and the collective forces of Western Europe they amassed). It would be very exhausting, and while the Soviets maintained a large military force in the East to ward off the Japanese, the best they could do without the USA backing them up is push the Japs out of Manchuria and establish control of Northern Continental Asia. >If Most of East Asia went with the Soviets I mean... they did. Outside of Japan, whose loss at Khalkin Gol was partly why they took their chances striking at Pearl Harbor, Most of Asia was for the USSR. South Korea and its policies were established by brutal US enforcement and war. SEA had it's communists crushed by US and British forces or hired mercs who brutalized populations and enforced anti-communist criminal laws. If the USSR had gotten control of East Asia more wholly, the USA would have had a lot less power projection and a lot less capability, while the USSR would have a valuable ally in a whole and functioning DPRK.
>>5206 The 14 year old age of consent is actually a sort of joke since it exists on almost uninhabited islands and other isolated areas of Japan.


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