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(225.10 KB 636x900 pPwTniI.jpg)
Lolipol Anonymous 09/14/2020 (Mon) 08:44:35 No. 2865
Why a lot of leftists hate lolis? Are they retarded or just thinking loli mean Pedophile?
>>2865 You need to go outside and talk to actual women man, I don't know what else to tell you.
>>2865 You probably will have a better company at /pol/
>>2865 Imma be real with you chief: get some pussy. Some real world pussy, doesn'teven really matter if god tier or Vaush gf tier, literallly find the comfort of a woman in your life.
If you're just into stylistically cute characters, whatever. It's a little weird but being weird isn't terrible. If you sexualize said stylistically cute characters, or use images of characters resembling children as pornography, you are a pedo, and you should get your head bricked in. It doesn't matter if they're "not real" or "ackthually a 500 year old vampire". The social effect, both individually (conditioning and rewarding the brain from sexualizing the child form) and social (In normalizing the idea of pedophilia by both creating a population of pedophiles and normalization of pedophillia by defending their access to child pornography) endanger children, and have a detrimental effect on society as a whole both economically (eg from economic damages brought about by psychological and mental/emotional harm from molestation, which are bared by the entire immediate families & likely friends/descendants of the victim) and socially. The only Socialist/Leftist position is death penalty for all pedophiles AND more importantly, death penalty for pedophile enablers.
>>2866 >>2867 >>2868 spooked af replies expected better from this place
>>2869 were you personally raped or something you sound like a fucking rightoid
(360.91 KB 600x456 inarticulateyelling.png)
>virtual child pornography
(262.61 KB 1246x1739 a.jpg)
Cool political thread, dude!
>>2869 Jesus "You like sexualized lolis = Pedophile" You sound like a shittie moralfag making fake correlations between first ans second one. Guy, show me you cientific evidences of being a lolicon means youre a pedophile
because leftypol is filled with edgy tweens who fantasize about executing any group of people they dont like
>>2874 >show me you cientific evidences lmao
>>2871 Yes but my personal circumstances are irrelevant. Scientifically we can observe that pedophillia generates detrimental social and economic affects, frankly in excess of even murder (unless you happened to murder the guy who was curing cancer). A comrade (economist/mathematician) and I actually went through the trouble of calculating the economic harm of pedophilia once and we determined that the cost born to society by a single instance of molestation or child rape can easily amount to the 9 figure range in $USD, although there is technically "infinite" potential for economic across multiple generations.That is without going into social and thus political harm from allowing this to happen. We know that many pedophiles today are conditioned into Pedophilia by pornography, and usually affecting people who initially had no interest in child pornography. As people adjust to pornography and no longer receiving arousal from their "current level", they shift to more and more extreme material, with the majority of porn addicts eventually finding themselves viewing hardcore pornography of some kind including "lolicon" and other forms of child pornography. Consuming this conditions the brain to sexualize children, and physically changes the way their brain is hard wired. Legalization of pornography broadly and especially lolicon thus produce people who can go on to harm children. Scientifically and morally (from a collectivist/Marxist value system) there is no justification for Pedos and Pedo enablers (eg, those who defend loli and pornography) not to be sent to a gas chamber or shot.
>>2878 "Infinite" potential for economic harm*
>>2878 counterpoint: fuck off
>>2874 >Guy, show me you cientific evidences of being a lolicon means youre a pedophile What is the deifnition of a lolicon?
>>2878 >Scientifically we can observe that pedophillia generates detrimental social and economic affects, frankly in excess of even murder fucking lol this is some epic bait
>>2882 Economic damage from physically removing/killing a person amounts to a lower dollar value in terms of economic harm even if assuming said person is young and factoring in a lifetime of labour, yes. Economic damage is not the only criteria in which we can measure how harmful a thing is, but it is useful.
>>2883 >more pedos means theres a larger chance that some children might not be as good labor machines in the future i mean, it's certainly an argument... i guess
>>2883 >>2878 Oops, slight error. Meant to say "8 figure" not 9 figure. $14-$20 million is a reasonable assessment but again, there is *potential* for ""infinite"" or far larger economic damage when spread across a larger frame of time (eg several generations)
>>2878 So you are against porn in general?
It is disgusting that this thread hasn't been deleted yet Pedos get the wall unless they accept treatment And pedo defenders just get the wall
>>2886 Yes, as the socialist movement has historically been, and still is everywhere outside the west.
>>2887 me right and good, you wrong and die ban bad man >:( ungra
>>2869 What's the proof that a loli anime character is equivalent to a real life little girl for a lolicon fan? What is the proof that the idealized "loli character" is not simply a unique creation of anime similar to a pokemon? A loli character seems so highly stylized (most of the time) that I can't say they ever make me think of even human beings much less real little girls. >We know that many pedophiles today are conditioned into Pedophilia by pornography This doesn't sound like a very scientific statement. Is there a study that relates convicted pedophiles and porn addiction?
>>2889 Yes
>>2888 >social conservatism=socialism damn i didn't realize i was on stupidpol
The only reason this is even an issue is because people have it in their heads that sex is some sort of special “other” which normal logic doesn’t apply to for some reason. The only reason we see children engaging in sexual behavior as a negative is because we see sexuality itself as a negative.
>>2893 this sex is the ultimate and final spook
>>2892 Being pro/anti porn has nothing to do with "conservativism". I think you'll find the vast majority of socialists in the world are in favor of having pornography banned, as we have historically seen in basically all socialist states. Science is on our side, as it has long since been determined pornography is detrimental both to the health of individual consumers and also the well being on society. "Socialists" who have a problem with banning porn are almost always Americans or Westerners, if not upper class, and also usually addicted to consuming pornography. The idea that these are "choices" to be made by individual consumers falls back on liberal/far right wing idea of perfect rationality in consumers, which is a bizarre myth invented to justify liberal capitalist economics and neoliberalism.
>>2894 abolish sex
>>2895 what if we take money out of the equation should distributing exhibitionist video tapes or files still be banned?
>>2888 You realize what happens if you ban porn, right? You know all those sites where child porno is currently hosted, the ones that are the harder to reach than just typing their name in google? That's where your regular porn is going to be hosted if you banned porn. You would literally have vanilla porn alongside CP. Thus CP would become normalized. You want this?
>>2894 And this applies to every instance of sexuality, from fringe to mundane. Sex is the eternal “other” and all this bickering about what is and isn’t moral just comes from, in my opinion, a fundamentally flawed base premise that sex is somehow fundamentally different from every other human activity and behavior
>>2897 Depends on the material. If it is intended to be used as a sexual/masturbation aid, then yes. If it was not intended as such but is primarily used as a sexual/masturbation aid, yes also.
>>2900 fucking lol
>>2898 The Socialist position should be to ban/heavily alter the internet, eg, eliminate individual websites. A single "homepage" linking to various sub-sections, eg academic, education, entertainment, and so and so on. The model adopted by the DPRK today is a perfectly reasonable example for how the internet should exist under socialism.. Actually running an individual "website" should be impossible, and if necessary the infrastructure which enables this to happen should be destroyed.
>>2900 ok now you sound like someone that was raped as a kid
>>2903 Why?
>>2899 >ywn be an inorganic species that isn't spooked to constantly be obsessed with the sanctity of sexual reproduction and protecting muh children
>>2903 >unironic DPRKtard oh no n oN nO nO ONONNO!!
Jap-loving freaks
>>2905 The entire internet as it exists is a reflection of liberal capitalism and liberal capitalist ideology and society. "Social media" and webpage ownership are in the grand scheme of things bizarre phenomena which could have only been born out of a society infected with extreme individualism and hyper-competition. I think if the internet was invented in almost any other human society, it would look entirely different. Even a different capitalist society which just happened to not be so liberal. The way the internet has been structured, and both the discourse and way this discourse occurs as well as it's general use necessarily reinforce and condition towards liberal ideology and individualism. On top of that, our goal as socialists is to create a "social" society, and a society in which social atomization has been crushed, with strong local working communities, will not fit the kind of model of internet which exists today. It'll either be neglected, or said model will malform society and create potential for reaction. "Ban the internet *as it exists*" is a decent Marxist-Leninist position, and again, most Communists in the world would not be opposed to this save for the pety-bourgeois of the 2nd/3rd world and internet addicted westerners.
>>2909 if you hate the liberal internet so much maybe you should do us all a solid and log off
>>2910 "If you hate capitalism why do you have a computer produced under capitalism" Bourgeois/reactionary positions create bourgeois/reactionary responses.
(22.74 KB 466x422 conceit.JPG)
>>2909 >most Communists in the world would not be opposed to this
>>2909 The entire internet as it exists is a reflection of liberal capitalism and liberal capitalist ideology and society. because the people who control the internet right now are liberal capitalists, not because the internet is inherently like this by most means the internet in theory is more of a socialist utopia than the real world ever could be. there's functionally no concept of scarcity of space or goods (data).
>>2911 it's called a joke
>thread tangentially related to politics >almost 50 replies already This place is a joke.
>>2915 personally i just love these threads that have pedo related discussion in them because it's so easy to piss off the spooked reactionaries that are drawn to them like flies
>>2913 The very idea of "running a webpage" is just a digital form of property ownership. The idea of individual owning a piece of territory on the internet could only emerge in a society with a concept of "right" of private property ownership.
>>2917 do you understand that the only reason private property ownership is bad is because of scarcity right? because by owning you're denying something to somebody else this problem does not exist when there are a theoretically unlimited number of webpages
Sorry for not having an English source, i Translate you fron the article Is a person who consumes lolicon, shotacom or yaoi a pedophile? No. To assess whether a person is sexually attracted to children (paedophilia), the consumption of materials such as lolicon, shotacom or yaoi is not a sufficient criterion to either confirm or rule out that we are dealing with a person with paedophilia. Therefore, it is not possible to respond in absolute terms in a positive or negative way. Each case has to be analysed individually. Not all people who consume lolicon, shotcacom or yaoi have sexual inclinations of a paedophile nature nor are all paedophiles interested in or consume this type of sexual images. Various studies have also failed to link the association between paedophilia and lolicon - They are not considered a crime against the freedom and sexuality of minors. -They do not constitute an apology for the sexual exploitation of children. -They are not included in the current Penal Code as examples of child pornography. SOURCE: https://angelblau.com/lolicon-shotacom-y-yaoi-son-ilegales-en-espana/
>>2920 >legal definitions in a moral/ethics thread why
>>2865 >I want to fuck these kids >NO WAIT WAIT COME BACK <The kids aren't real so its not creepy t.Average lolicon
>>2924 How do you fuck them?
(1.10 MB 871x1230 1594602392256.png)
>conditioning and rewarding the brain from sexualizing the child form If the behaviour is conditioned, then it's possible to condition someone out of it. This doesn't call for a death penalty, just rehabilitation. >A comrade (economist/mathematician) and I actually went through the trouble of calculating the economic harm of pedophilia Source: your ass This is such a fucking word salad.
(1.05 MB 1000x1000 1575692017111.png)
(472.58 KB 800x1040 1575691216975.png)
spoiler please
>>2923 Anon, legal definitions are, in most cases based on moral, out of that, you can read the other part of the message, that gives you the opinion of the bast majority of Sexuality and psychology experts, the fact of, Lolicon doesnt have any relation with pedophilia (this is based on a study based on 21 other studies). The same study says that sexual toys doesnt help or stop violations
(83.83 KB 736x779 1599422545164.jpg)
1) I don't hate loli, loli are cute girls. I hate sexualization of loli, because regardless of what your shitty arguments are, they're CHILDREN and often enough, anime-face or not, they are depicted with fairly accurate child-like bodies and moreover, child-like behaviours. 2) This 'discussion' is cringe and belongs on /pol/ and has already been done. Last time this argument began the Vols had to step in and ban people and say stop, so don't start this shit argument again.
(90.54 KB 1024x576 VLCitis.jpg)
I guess lolicons are a very unintrusive type of pedophile. I'm OK with them, they have their perversion well under control. The art, sex dolls, etc. are very effective containment of such tastes. We should encourage as many pedos as possible to settle for being lolicons instead of molesters, and provide them with plenty of material. Then execute the ones who can't or won't :3
>>2934 1) Lets accept they are children, and then, what? correlation between Pedo and loli doesnt exist, stop doing mental gymnastics. 2)Anon...
>>2942 >Then what <The correlation doesn't exist And here we go again. Unironically jump off a bridge.
>>2874 >>2871 >>2890 >All this shit <N-noooooo don't call us out!!!! >>2898 >If you bann porn it will normalize CP because porn will be hidden That's such backwards logic. I'm fairly sure that 90% of the world population does not know how to get on the darknet and its porn sites. so fuck off. Also normal porn is already on the darknet as well idiot.
>>2943 Are you retarded anon? there are no cientific evidente supporting your dumbass point, go to kill yourself.
>>2906 <protecting children is just moralism, it's totally not demonstrated that children are very impressionable and what they see or do affects their adult lives. Should I bring up the fact that many of the worlds worst paedophiles, rapists and serial killers were mentally scarred by things like seeing sexual acts and abuse and were sometimes the subject of this right? We see this all the time, such as in modern culture, where the constant exposure of young girls and 'dancing' has led to pre-teen girls twerking while having money thrown to them on the street and young boys being "drag queens" and performing in gay bars. This is literally what capitalist Weimar Germany was like before the Nazis took power.
>>2908 >The one time you agree with Pol-Pot fags
(1.10 MB 1438x2000 1527235205721.jpg)
mean lolicons committing the most ebil thoughtcrime of all Zizek is right when he says that child sexuality is the biggest taboo of liberal society
Guys, its easy. im gonna tell ya again, SHOW CIENTIFIC PROOFS OF CORRELATION BETWEEN PEDOPHILIA OR GTFO. You cant, there no serious cientific researches reaching this stupid conclusion.
(132.50 KB 1000x750 lolicon meme.jpg)
(125.64 KB 1024x1020 pedoomer weeb.jpg)
>>2946 It attempts to normalize the idea of child sexualization. Real or drawn is not the point and never was. Neither are we debating whether lolicon should be legal or illegal. Of course lolicon is just fictional art, But art by defenition is a representation of something. What does lolicon represent as an art? It represents the sexualization of prepubescent children and minors. >dere's no evidence 1) The ONLY people who keep arguing for loli porn are the Japs who make it (and we all know how fucked they are) and Westerners addicted to porn consumption 2) Lolicon originates from a book called Lolita about an abusive paedophile's attraction to an underage girl. The very aesthetic of loli is that of an underage girl. If you're fapping to loli you are attracted to the body and the implication of it being underage. The meaning of ロリコン so does 小児愛 is almost same as pedophile if you look into japanese wikis ,dictionaries or blogs, and 小児愛 is the psychological term for ロリコン. https://old.reddit.com/r/AskSocialScience/comments/bcxndd/if_pedophilia_is_a_mental_illness_why_isnt_there/ >There's no science Because there are very few people interested in researching such a disgusting topic. Moreover very few paedophiles will admit to BEING paedophiles and not all paedophiles are the same. inb4 'muh erection' Chikotilo was notable for having erectile dysfunction when aroused so it is just as likely in any other such candidate. Moreover a limit in sample size is also a problem. "A press release issued by the University of Chicago Press Journals states that a new study to appear in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that social change is driven when information reaches easily influenced people who then influence other easily influenced people." Spataro J. writes: "Similar to the general population, CSA victims who died as a result of self-harm were predominantly aged in their 30s at time of death. Most had contact with the public mental health system and half were recorded as being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Our data highlight that CSA victims are at increased risk of suicide and accidental fatal drug overdose. CSA is a risk factor that mediates suicide and fatal overdose." https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20170453/ https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-01-people-susceptible-social-age.html "Lolicon is a genre/theme of Anime in which underage female anime characters are sexually depicted." Now why would anyone want to see underage female characters depicted sexually? Because they're attracted to that, which is essentially paedophilia, fictional or not. Also to return to "lolicon in Japan" Japan has seriously cracked down on lolicon recently because they have 3rd graders with STDs and parents renting out their daughters for sex. From 1999 to 2012, Child abuse in Japan has increased by 5. 7 times. That's a pretty significant jump in such a short amount of time if you ask me. The rates of sexual abuse among high-schoolers and elementary kids are increasing in around the same rates, But for other forms of abuse (while both ages are still increasing) elementary kids are rising at a faster and more extreme rate. Http://www.Japantoday.Com/category/crime/view/saga-woman-arrested-for-forcing-daughters-into-prostitution http://www.Wsj.Com/articles/SB844189550290273000 http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-07-11/1st-person-arrested-for-cg-child-pornography-in-japan http://www.japanator.com/fffuuu-tokyo-s-anti-loli-bill-passes-in-commitee-17722.phtml&mainnav=&track http://www.ipsnews.net/2003/03/japan-officials-clamping-down-on-underage-sex-offered-on-line/ http://www.japansubculture.com/underage-japanese-girls-learning-to-sell-themselves-online/
(295.70 KB 1864x1640 Dumb.jpg)
(14.24 KB 632x318 Dumb2.png)
>>2951 Nice try, but its my turn. >Because there are very few people interested in researching such a disgusting topic. Moreover very few paedophiles will admit to BEING paedophiles and not all paedophiles are the same. inb4 'muh erection' This is fragrantly no true. >The meaning of ロリコン so does 小児愛 is almost same as pedophile if you look into japanese wikis ,dictionaries or blogs, and 小児愛 is the psychological term for ロリコン. Its used as a synonim, but this doesnt proof anything actually, nippongos even know what is a lolicon and what is a pedophile. Most of the sources you give are not related to lolicon, im not a defensor of CP or childres sexualization of real girls. Some sources: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.com/2019/09/30/japan-vs-the-un-the-fight-for-artistic-freedom/ https://academia.edu/3665383/Lolicon_The_Reality_of_Virtual_Child_Pornography_in_Japan https://newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/pharrell-williamss-lolicon-girl/amp https://prostasia.org/blog/why-the-un-is-wrong-to-equate-drawings-to-sexual-abuse/ https://knowyourmeme.com/forums/serious-debate/topics/60653-so-what-doesnt-make-lolicon-pedophilia https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MZk8bm6fbAF1Dcu2G24M1P7pmDoGbz-f6pJaPM5QfxU/edit https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.com/2019/09/30/japan-vs-the-un-the-fight-for-artistic-freedom/ http://hawaii.edu/PCSS/biblio/articles/1961to1999/1999-effects-of-pornography.html https://journal.neilgaiman.com/2008/12/why-defend-freedom-of-icky-speech.html http://cbldf.org/2012/07/danish-report-discredits-link-between-cartoons-and-child-sex-abuse/ "it was Japan’s Women’s Institute Of Contemporary Media Culture that gave the retort. Speaking on behalf of the Institute, Kumiko Yamada’s statement raised two key points: that violence in fiction does not threaten the rights of real women, and that manga is a field of expression that Japanese women have cultivated for themselves. Both of these remarks are relevance to the current controversy over lolicon. No causal link between lolicon fiction and the sexual abuse of real children has been established by researchers and experts in the field. Indeed, studies have shown that countries that have legalized ‘virtual child pornography’ have seen a decrease in sex crimes against children. In Milton Diamond and Ayako Uchiyama’s 1999 study on ‘Pornography, Rape and Sex Crimes in Japan’, they observed that the while the lolicon ‘boom’ occurred in a time when sex crime reporting went up overall, reports of child sexual assault went down, which also parallels a lack of positive correlation observed in Denmark." "Danish Report Discredits Link Between Cartoons and Child Sex Abuse by cbldf • July 25, 2012 • Comments Offon Danish Report Discredits Link Between Cartoons and Child Sex Abuse The Copenhagen Post reveals that a report issued by experts at Sexologisk Klinik discredits claims that cartoon depictions of underaged characters engaging in sex acts encourage people to commit child sex crimes in real life. The report to the justice ministry states: “We have had to acknowledge that there is no evidence that the use of fictive images of sexual assaults on children alone can lead people to conduct sexual assaults on children.”
(329.46 KB 720x768 lolicon clown.png)
>>2952 >Muh Kumiko!!!! >Muh studies saying its not the same because X details >Muh crime correlation = causation <Dead Dove Do Not Eat Fuck me you're just spitting out the same tired pedo-defenses I don't know what I expected. >pics Damn I thought my memes were mediocre but those are just sad. Just make it easier for everyone - yourself included - and just end this misery >Its used as a synonim, but this doesnt proof anything actually The sheer spelling failure of this convinces me that either you're a child or a genuine retard. >Most of the sources you give are not related to lolicon Nice try in ignoring the point fag. >fragrantly no true The fuck does that even mean? And no, paedos do not tend to be open about who they are. A lolicon is sexually attracted to drawn depictions of young children, PERIOD. Spamming the same tired pedo-defense links is not an argument.
>>2952 >A Danish Report discredits LOL do you believe every headline you read? I feel like you're just believing any fucking source that backs your shitty argument and ignoring the ones that don't The only good thing about this thread of shit is that it raises PPH.
(74.33 KB 640x1136 lolicon paedo.jpg)
>>2952 >pic 1 <head only <hurr if you see child you mentally ill No.
>>2954 >ignoring the ones that don't that's exactly what you're doing, except that you don't even have any studies backing your point, that drawn loli increase child sex abuse
(29.51 KB 480x360 m & l.jpg)
>>2952 >Nice try, but its my turn. Lmao, is this some turn based game now
post loli and shut the fuck up everybody
loli is turbo degenerate crap obviously provided to us by the turbo fascist shithole of Japan. Despite fascist's cries about "muh degeneracy" they're the ones who get most involved with it, the movie "Saló" explains this phenomenon.
(320.88 KB 704x1000 loli help.jpg)
>>2956 >N-no u Your studies are a bunch of pseud shit that you didn't even read. >>2959 Uhhh no, read the OP, LOLIPOLitics In fact just go to >>>/GET/ as long as you don't say anything mean about trannies and gays they'll welcome your loliposting, just go there and stop posting under-age lewds here. If you want PETIT, there is a flat thread. Also see pic related and get some help. >>2915 This place is primarily inhabited because of /leftypol/ moving here. Therefore the majority of users are interested in political conversation... but I agree, politsrach is fucking cancer. >>2925 Body pillows, onaholes, jerking off to the images, VR-suits, ERP etc. It's not that fucking complicated
(22.83 KB 679x243 Nijikon.png)
(159.51 KB 896x1024 Abuse.jpg)
>>2953 I see, youre a deshonest opponet. It is not worth spending time with you when you ignore the evidence and only use ad hominems
>>2947 >where the constant exposure of young girls and 'dancing' has led to pre-teen girls twerking while having money thrown to them on the street and young boys being "drag queens" and performing in gay bars. how are these things inherently traumatic
(189.48 KB 1024x576 faketoreal.jpg)
>>2962 >Pic 2 <hurr let post this fucking out of context data set because the depiction of child porn is the only variable difference <lets ignore the inherent societal differences in Japan and the UK, wherein Japan is hyper-repressed in real life to the point where large portions of men have their first sexual experiences with their own mothers and are marrying virtual characters. <It's not like people barely interact with one another there outside of a professional level This is the same disingenuous tactic used by porky-cucks who compare US and Soviet economic and cultural output with no actual context. >deshonest It's spelled 'dishonest' and 'opponent'. And your Nijikon is not a fucking argument, if anything it only proves that this shit is a mental illness. GET HELP >ignore the evidence LO fucking L look at you kettle >ad hominems Calling you a pedo is not ad hominem, it's the truth. Some more links on japanese sexual abuse and child-related sex products going up related to what I posted >>2951 https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/backstories/1226/ https://happymag.tv/a-disturbing-number-of-child-sex-dolls-have-been-intercepted-by-australian-border-force/ https://www.nippon.com/en/japan-data/h00704/ The biggest majority of people defending drawn CP are lolberts and rightoids, primarily Western. That should say a lot on its own. >>2963 If you don't understand why this is wrong, you're part of the problem. Drag and Twerking are inherently sexual behaviors that a pre-pubescent child or pre-teen won't even BEGIN to understand as such, but will imitate. They do it because exposure tells them "this is good/gets attention" which is the subconscious want of most children and even people. This is essentially social grooming and therefore child abuse. It's the same shit as beauty pageants, except worse, because at least in those disgusting pageants the children remain clothed and unexposed. No kid actually wants to go on stage in a dress and be stared at by strangers or for a drag queen to read / interact with them. This is shitty tolerast parents who want to feel good and progressive about themselves pushing for sexual deviants to be in their schools, or projecting their own obsessions. Recently there was a series of videos made where a handful of kids were face to face with a drag queen or a homo or a tranny and their reactions ranged from repeating a mantra they'd heard from their parents without understanding (free love) to confusion/curiosity at something weird, to outright disgust. Nowhere did any of the kids want to do this outside of a concept of what comes down to playing dressup and acting roles, which isn't what drag or trans is. Kids don't have real sexualities and are developing and therefore open books to being influenced, by ironic or unironic sexualization, fictional or not. I actually posted about this before. This also applies to young adults who tend to go with the flow of society, so as demonstrated, if sexualizing children and minors becomes socially acceptable people start imitating it. JP cafes and other sexual abuse is often a direct reference to maid-cafe shit and schoolgirl fetishes depicted in anime and manga and doujins to the point where grown men hire 16 year old girls who look young to dress and re-enact erotic scenes, even without direct sex. It's disgusting when grown smelly adults have folders full of japanese cartoons of little girls and fantasize about them... how is that not mentally ill? How would this not be jarring for any child to be informed of. I have zero tolerance for anything of this kind anymore, it's what let this whole austic Japanese perversion get loose in the first place. There is no artistic value from 90% of these loli lewds. It's just generic, disgusting fap material of a child-representation.
>>2964 why is children being sexual bad
>>2961 >Also see pic related and get some help. You do know that image is parody? Comic Lo is a loli porn mag.
>Cool! A new thread on /anime/ with a ton of posts! <Lolipol >Oh... Honestly kind of disappointed by this thread. Usually lolicon debate threads have a lot of good sources and interesting arguments, but the anti-loli crowd really dropped the ball this time. Anti-lolicon /a/nons were making better arguments 10 years ago. Lots of fallacies and generally shitty sources. I feel like you're kind of rolling over and letting the pedos win. The pro-loli arguments in this thread aren't even that rigorous. I expected bunkerchan to be a bit better at this than 4chan.
>>2975 Yes, I know, and if you actually read the poster... they're basically saying "really do get help if you need it" They're making money off your mental illness, but they're not going to take responsibility for anything that happens. >>2976 Because we already had this debate ad nauseum last year on the Flat thread and frankly its just tiresome. The pro-loli arguments are just fucking the same copy-pasted shit you see on 4chan and people can't be bothered to address them any further when we've done it a dozen times already, including me. People like being filthy pedos so fuck it, let them. When the time comes mental institutions will be ready to accept them into their walls.
>>2927 >>2928 >>2929 Loli porn is actually allowed here?
>>2988 Technically yes, but it is discouraged, especially since federal laws over-ride state laws.
>>2989 Isn't it okay federally, but something the CARE act gives states the ability to apply obscenity charges?
(203.14 KB 895x1197 violates US law loli.png)
(370.28 KB 1300x990 lolicon laws in north America.jpg)
>>2990 I don't remember, but there are enough laws that make posting it a bad idea.
(274.74 KB 927x1200 th4tjnd6mdf51.jpg)
>>2964 It's just a drawing, guy. I like drawing the human body, mostly muscular men, but just for you, I'm gonna try my hand at something else. Also, why is anyone arguing with a loser that wants to ban the internet? Let him live out his fantasy by ignoring him. Bonus: posts things he won't like.
(1.23 MB 946x1434 traps and loli.png)
>>2992 >spoilered pic is literally SFW and has nothing to do with SEXUALIZING lolis <hurr this'll triggur him Thanks for showing zero reading comprehension brainlet. >Lets spam things he don't like because if you think drawn kiddie shit is bad you hate the internet Actually I enjoy the internet and find that being casual and occasionally politically incorrect is fine and relaxing. what I have absolutely no tolerance for is even the remotest implication of child-sex, real or not. >"It's just a drawing" Lazy fucking argument. With that justification I can go draw portraits of Hitler sitting on the emaciated corpses of Holocaust victims and fucking Eva Braun...disgusting It's still pornography depicting children, just in cartoon form. You can babble all you like about the harm done (and ignore the harm it does to the consumer by way of normalization of child sexualization), but pornography isn't defined by harm done. If a cartoon or drawing depicts children sexually, it is cartoon child porn. It might not be 'real' but it's the same difference as 1st and 3rd degree murder. >ignore him <he says while replying >try my hand at something else Go ahead, like I said already, I'm not really trying because there is no point dying on a hill for degenerates. I won't bother with writing exhaustive walls of text in response to equally massive diatribes defending this cartoon child porn
>>2927 No rape from as209 or whatever his name is
(171.06 KB 397x798 loli vs petite.png)
I don't really give a fuck because lolicons are faggots regardless of whether it is genuinely paedo-shit or not. Just going to pose this question and GTFO because this thread is shit. What exactly is going through a niggas head when they're making/watching a clearly under-age anime girl suck someone off in some really oddly high quality image/animation... If it's not the age number because "le 300 year old vampire-dragon" then one concludes the attraction is the childlike body then... HMMMMMMM!!!! And inb4 "cuteness" or some shit - that's what petite is for, see >>166 as an example of this. Saying "at least it's better than actual CP" is a hilariously shit argument. Do you want a medal for being a decent human being and not actually committing crime? 5 years later and DemolitionD+ still has the best take: https://www.clipzui.com/video/l3t4j5t2k3h5u363z416c4.html
>>2964 Im starting to think that you are just a regular fascist/Nazbol/Natso. You're assuming im a lolicon (I'm not) Your bellowing is already annoying, you are not making a point, you are not givin any evidence, you are not applying any type of materialism on your analysis. This is the last thing im gonna addres you again, you can ignore sauces and evidence and keep saying what you want, im not going to give you more attention. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MZk8bm6fbAF1Dcu2G24M1P7pmDoGbz-f6pJaPM5QfxU/edit
Honestly both Anti-Loli and Pro-Loli arguments are trash, simply due to the lack of research on pedophilia as a psychological phenomenom rather than a criminal one, as in, the act itself rather than the reasons for why someone becomes a pedo, although I'm gonna try to see another thing here, the Prevalence of Pedophilia. Now a question for everyone in this thread, biologically speaking, when does a human should start having sexual attraction to another? I assume most of you will answer that biologically speaking it should happen when one is capable of having children, and when does this starts? Puberty, more specifically for girls 1 month after their first period. So when exactly a boy and a girl starts puberty? It varies from person to person, but it's generally around the 10-12 range with common exceptions as young as 7 and as old as 14, now seeing that people is able to have children around the ages of 10-12, does that mean that sexual attraction to children of this age(note that it's not a PRIMARY or DOMINANT sexual attraction) is actually normal sexual behavior for humans? Maybe, I barely seen any research exploring the topic so I really cannot say, what we can do is look historically for answers tho, seeing the age of consent in different points of time. Now when you look historically, you do not find much due to lack of research, not only that but until the 1800s age of consent was embedded with age of marriage, which does not stricly but is a good indicator of age of consumation(that is age of which niggas lose their virginity), which, from what I researched, is around the 7-14 year old range, 7 being the lowest and 10-12 being recommended, age of marriage that is, if we look at Colonial America also, lots of instances of people marrying children around that range. For the first age of consent laws separated from marriage, which began around the early 1800s, it was usually set at the 10-12 year old range as well, I think some of you are aware of the infamous Delaware age of consent set at 7 years old no? There's also certain scientific researchs that I found, that I could not find the full papers, but bring interesting results: "Hanson and Gluckman, who respectively head the Centre for the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) at the University of Southampton, and the Liggins Institute at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, researched the age of puberty stretching back beyond the Stone Age. They found that Paleolithic girls arrived at menarche - the first occurrence of menstruation - between seven and 13 years. This is a similar age to modern girls, which suggests that this is the evolutionarily determined age of puberty in girls." As well as "A peer-reviewed scientific journal study (Behavior Therapy 26, 681-694, 1995), conducted by Kent State University, 1995 (Lori L. Oliver, Gordon C. Nagayama, Richard Hirschman) was conducted on a sample of normal (adult attracted) male volunteers using the "penile plethysmograph". The team carried out hundreds of tests exposing men to female adult and child images. 95% exhibited arousal to the female adult images. A staggering 88.7% exhibited arousal to the female child (less than 12 years old) images. Prior to the study, 80% of the participants claimed to have no attraction to children and all of them had no history of illegal or legal youth attracted behavior." If any of you could find those studies I be grateful. Now does this mean attraction to 10-12 years olds is actually normal sexual behavior? I don't fucking know since there's not a lot of research put into it and I'm not a sexologist, it does indicates tho that people attracted to those age ranges are far more numbered than people imagine tho, which is rather concerning. Sources: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/12/051201022811.htm (Ye I know it's bad but the link from this newspaper to the research from the Uni leads to a dead page) https://discover-the-truth.com/2013/09/09/age-of-consent-in-european-american-history/ (it gives the sources so not as bad as one may think) There was also a link to the full Decretum Gratiani that it stated the recommended age of marriage in Medieval Europe to be at 7 but I lost the link to it.
>>3002 >>3004 A friend sent the Decretum Gratiani about it as well for me: http://legalhistorysources.com/Canon Law/MARRIAGELAW.htm It's very long tho, so I give one of the excerpts that I found, but it's also a great read to understand how marriages and shit worked in Medieval Europe: "Gratian: Betrothals cannot be contracted before the seventh year. For they can be contracted only with consent, which requires each party to understand what they agree to. This proves that betrothals cannot be contracted between children, because the debility of age prevents consent." http://legalhistorysources.com/Canon Law/MARRIAGELAW.htm#CASE_TWENTY-NINE__
>>3010 there, this is the right one
>>3001 >If you think pedos are bad you're a fascist Godwin's law >You're assuming im a lolicon (I'm not) <I'm not, I just waste hours of my time creating diatribes and shitty google docs to rant about how loli is totally not cartoon CP > ignore sauces and evidence Your sources are just spammed copy-paste and your evidence is fucking flimsy as fuck >not going to give you more attention LOL ok, I haven't been trying from the beginning but I guess even retards can grow a braincell and stop replying to bait. >not applying any type of materialism 1) Stop using words you don't understand 2 My posts, lazy as they were, were plenty analytical and consistent loli is the depiction of a child or child-like body and when used for explicit sexualization this means that YOU are sexualizing a cartoon child. Therefore the only difference to actual paedophilia is it being fictional. However the people who create this and masturbate to this are real. >google doc <imagine making an unironic essay defending cartoon CP Not only are most of the arguments made there flat as fuck, but they also use the same lolicon fallacies that have been dismissed time and time again. For example "Loli as a tool for child groooming" is totally a "balme the tool annd not the user" is a fallacy, because gasoline and icecream are not created specifically towards grooming children or arson. Loli porn is specifically for 1 thing - sexualizing underage girls. This is like saying that Heroin is fine because even Vicodin can be used for addiction, as if Heroin being specifically for getting high isn't the difference. The CSA statistic argument is also a fallacy. Not only have recent Japanese crime statistics related to children risen, but the methodology is correlation not causation. Economic and social factors outside are a major influence in how media affects people. >Inb4 muh Britain 1) Japan's economy and repressed culture is, for a major part, the reason rapes are not high in occurrence. Instead the population suffers in other ways, for example people marrying vocaloids and body-pillows, with many males admitting that their first sexual encounters were their mothers etc. etc. 2) japan has literal place where you can hire 16 year old consorts and have them dress as schoolgirls, clearly an influence of anime fetishizations of such underage erotica. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/57eaaf23-0cef-48c8-961f-41f2563b38aa 3) Japan has a far higher HDI, the highest in the world in fact, while Britain is notorious for its poor living conditions compared to the rest of Europe. >Muh morals are subjective But ethics are not. To conclude you're paedophiles in denial. Like I said before, it's the difference between 3rd and 1st degree murder, that's just about it. Oh and BTW a lot of loli hentai artists are known for using real children as a basis as to what they draw for 'realism' which is why, despite the anime-bobblehead effect, the bodies are essentially accurate representations of real children and not petit adults. So fuck off with this 'muh 2D' shit. The only place that has an argument is if you're fapping to something like Lucky Star, where the characters are closer to flat shapes, than actual people.
(27.54 KB 508x395 poop plug.jpg)
>>3002 In regards to the actual paedophile debate For 1 thing puberty being in 12-13 is not quite accurate since puverty BEGINS in those age groups but is far from finished. 1) Societal development and 'civilization' has materially changed things which made sexual maturity and engagement pushed later and later. Thus even by the time of the Roman Empire, girls younger than 14 were not typically involved in real sex even if the upper class engaged in debauchery. The only reason it wasn't higher was because people's life-spans were too short, so baby-making took priority over actually caring for yourself. 2) Paleolithic girls were not the same as modern humans, they had to be ready to be able to have children early because there was a high mortality rate and survivability required earlier reproduction, this placed a lot of stress on females of the time and it is self-evident in their remains. People were essentially disregarded as human beings and just survived the best they could. 3) The beginning of puberty and technical sexual readiness is early, hell in Mexico a literal 9 year old gave birth meaning at age 8 she was sexually able to have kids, but the difference is that while physically they may be able to, they are not ready to do so or endure mentally. Children cannot consent because they do not have the sufficient mental faculties to register things an adult can, that is why child abuse is under-reported, because most children don't know that they are being abused, pic related. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/02/06/mexico-9-year-old-girl-gives-birth/1897407/
>>3004 In regards to some of those reports that you provided, I assume you are German and can speak German, since you provided one in German, said article mentions Richard von Krafft-Ebing, and Krafft mentions that: "He mentions several cases of pedophilia among adult women (provided by another physician), and also considered the abuse of boys by homosexual men to be extremely rare." do you happen to know the exact Krafft makes about pedophilia in adult women? Because from what I seen this comment was largely ignored in the field of sexology. Krafft also says this: "Further clarifying this point, he indicated that cases of adult men who have some medical or neurological disorder and abuse a male child are not true pedophilia and that, in his observation, victims of such men tended to be older and pubescent." Which also kind proves my point regarding 10-12 age attraction.
>>3013 I am not talking about puberty per see but when people are capable of having children, which from what I research is 1 month after menarche, or first menstrual cycle for girls: "Most American girls experience their first period at 11, 12 or 13, but some experience it earlier than their 11th birthday and others after their 14th birthday. In fact, anytime between 8 and 16 is normal." I am also not talking about sexual maturity, but sexual attraction, adult women and men expressing attraction to pubescent children, not the sexual maturity of pubescent children. Life-spans weren't too short in Ancient Rome(or the Bronze Age in general), if you lived past 5 generally you live up to 50-60, life expectancy is not a good indicator for how long people lived generally because life expectancy includes toddler mortality in the equation. I fail to think how a Poor Roman Citizen wouldn't take a young wife and make her pregnant early in order to have more children, though I also saw a research which showed that Romans age of marriage, and about 12% of people married younger than 12, about 68% married around the age of 12 and the rest married older, though I cannot find the article. Though here is some other shit I found while seeing over my history in Discord Chats: "Edward J. Wood says that Thomas Lord Berkley was contracted to a girl who was at the time 7 years old and were to consummate the marriage 4 years later, but due to illness the marriage was consummated the following year" "“By the law of Scotland, a woman cannot contrabere sponsalia before her age of seven years. 1 Rol. 343. I. 20. But by common law, persons may marry at any age. Co. Lit. 33. A. And upon such marriage the wife shall be endowed, if the attain the age of nine years, of what whatsoever age her husband be; but not before the age of nine years. Co. L. 33. A.” [5]" Also, the youngest mother in the world is Lina Medina, who gave birth in Peru when she was 5 years and 7 months old, which means she was able to have kids at the age of 4, really scary stuff.
it don't make no sense to draw a link between lolicon and pedophilia. Anyone than it makes sense to draw a link between violence in videogames and violence in real life. We aren't morons who think Doom is the reason columbine happened. The arrow of causality goes the other way, sometimes violent people use violent games as outlets. If you really thought there was a link between loli and pedos you should think there's a link between all pornography and misogyny for example.* Basically leading to a soviet censorship situation where you're only allowed to make wholesome realism. It's retarded. *as an aside when it comes to pornography generally the argument is an opposite one: "Porn and similar objectifying media(like anime) has given you a false impression of women and makes you unable to connect with real woman" But here somehow loli has such a fidelity to the original that it's the same as CP
>>3012 You dont even know what is the Godwin's law. Lmao, how you reached the conclusion that the doc was my creation? what a retard. >2 My posts, lazy as they were, were plenty analytical and consistent loli is the depiction of a child or child-like body and when used for explicit sexualization this means that YOU are sexualizing a cartoon child. Therefore the only difference to actual paedophilia is it being fictional. However the people who create this and masturbate to this are real. Uh no, youre not sexualizing any type of child, you dont have any method to You have no way of proving your point all you do is repeat your personal opinion as if it were an argument.
(481.02 KB 800x734 ancap logic.png)
>>3029 >there's a link between all pornography and misogyny False equivalency. I'm not linking ALL hentai to all child abuse, I'm saying it can be an influence, which the past years of increased child abuse in Japan is demonstrative of. HOWEVER, pornography in general is consumerist and over-all it is anti-socialist because of how exploitative it is. And some porn does normalize that which would otherwise be disgusted by others. However with Loli you can see them sexualized in common media while porn stays on 18+ sites. The Anime PSA about Lolis gives a very good example of a literal popular school child show where nude loli bodies (of which only the head is unrealistic) are shown and constant idea of sex with older men is brought up. >given you a false impression of women and makes you unable to connect with real woman It does the same with loli, because even pomf.png is only a (demented) romanticism of pedophilia, not an actual reflection of child abuse, however it can spark ideas that lead to such things (i.e. schoolgirl cafes and special regions with really low age-of-consent). >>3031 >You dont even know what is the Godwin's law. >what is the godwin's law <"as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1" You literally made a comparisonwith fascists/nazbols which is Godwin's law at work >youre not sexualizing any type of child >bla bla bla no method Yeah you have no idea what you're talking about, just babbling random rubbish you don't understand. You sound like a horny teen typing with 1 hand LOL.
(68.97 KB 938x477 1599237112354.jpg)
>this whole thread
>>2998 I know a friend which like yaoi and he's not gay... So this normie dosen't even know the community
>>3013 >they are not ready to do so or endure mentally WTF, This is not materialist this return to hegel or is even more idealistic than that. What are you? anarchist?
(67.76 KB 641x680 20200916_121053.jpg)
(542.31 KB 643x509 literally murder.PNG)
people who watch shows about swords where something like this is shown literally are people who want to go outside and stab people dead this here is a very graphic screencap of a fictional person that is modelled after a real one being murdered this is literally the same thing and i cannot differenciate
(7.30 KB 600x464 rape.png)
i have drawn this, it means that i, and anyone looking at it, wants to go out and rape people looking at this image will compell you to rape all characters depicted are 18+
(73.73 KB 720x720 cultural marxism.jpg)
>>3044 >This strawman argument again You got BTFO before with this exact same copy-pasta and exact same image. Violence is not the problem but how it is depicted. What you posted is a demonstration on a dummy, not an actual brutal murder. This is self evident in the differences of depiction and culture in Europe and America. American films are essentially "Fuck yeah violence!!!" and the culture itself reflects this, while in Europe violence is treated with respect. Depicted, but not glorified and this reflects the culture. >inb4 muh videogames strawman There are plenty of studies indicating that VIOLENCE based video-games can provoke aggressive and erratic behaviour. Nobody claims Mario killing Bowser make people violent, they talk about Call of Duty 3 and other desensitizing rubbish like that. I still remember that one kid who decided to try out GTA in real life. Lucky he was a kid and the cops didn't shoootonsight him. Every article speaking about video games and violence (whether defending video-gmaes or not) refer to First person shooters like CoD where you have human enemies that you have to murder the fuck out of to win. It helps create the same deluded mindset as /pol/'s "humans vs Orcs" view on the world. If violent depictions weren't effective why would the CIA spend so much time and money producing garbage movies like Rambo II & III, Red Dawn and other such bullshit? If media didn't affect people, they wouldn't fucking bother it. Hell that was the entire point of They Live's glasses allegory. - Craig A. Anderson and Wayne A. Warburton, “The Impact of Violent Video Games: An Overview,” Growing Up Fast and Furious, 2012 - Craig A. Anderson and Brad J. Bushman, “Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior, Aggressive Cognition, Aggressive Affect, Physiological Arousal, and Prosocial Behavior: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Scientific Literature,” Psychological Science, Sep. 2001 - American Academy of Pediatrics, “Joint Statement on the Impact of Entertainment Violence on Children Congressional Public Health Summit,” AAP website, July 26, 2000 - Mike Jaccarino, “‘Training Simulation:’ Mass Killers Often Share Obsession with Violent Video Games,” foxnews.com, Sep. 12, 2013 - Tracy Dietz, “An Examination of Violence and Gender Role Portrayals in Video Games: Implications for Gender Socialization and Aggressive Behavior,” Sex Roles, 1998 - https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/our-changing-culture/201212/yes-violent-video-games-do-cause-aggression - Also link to the kid I was talking about: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2016/11/30/an-11-year-old-played-grand-theft-auto-then-led-cops-on-a-high-speed-chase-in-the-family-car/ - https://www.geek.com/games/new-study-links-video-games-to-brain-damage-1711681/ - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/08/07/playing-shooter-video-games-damages-brain-study-suggests/ - https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/get-psyched/201201/do-violent-video-games-increase-aggression >>3038 >He's not gay <I'm not gay I just read men fucking each other, that's totally not gay!!! <I just like fucking men but no homo! This is like those people who say traps aren't gay >>3043 Start from the root of the problem - normalizing sexualized children. The point was never about "hurting" fictional characters but about how the people who view and "enjoy" such content are essentially escaping into a paedo fantasy... and that is fairly disgusting. >>3039 I can't tell if this is supposed to be ironic or not. Given that it's the same grammatical mash as posted prior, I'm going to reckon that this post is an unironic lack of understanding of psychology and how materialism is not the end-all-be-all of everything. >>3045 Ok strawman, keep ignoring the fact that MEDIA influences people.
>>2909 Do you even know what a repository is?
>>3051 Interesting. This is like max simp mode and 3d lolicon. I approve, as the guy said, very gentlemanly, no harassment. It's not like the girl doesn't know about sex or whatever. The 18 age of consent is very arbitrary and mostly makes sense in badly educated societies in regards to sex. Not to say I approve or disapprove of old men fucking underage women, just that people pretend teenagers discover sex on their 18th birthday. I've seen much more terrible demonstrations of the same in other cultures. I prefer this sterilized and out in the open, as it is here.
>>3055 That is not a teenager though, one thing is also what they shown in the event itself and what actually happens in the backstage, I do agree 18 as the age of consent is overall retard(here it's 14), but to say those shit that happen in Japan is a healthy way of doing and expressing their desire is wrong
>>3055 >I prefer this sterilized and out in the open, as it is here. I thought we hate culture industry here on bunkerchans. To provide closeted pedos actuall 11 year old girl "idols" with still no self-responsibility is cultur-capital at its weirdest if you ask me.
(12.94 MB 4961x7016 megumin_tea.jpg)
>>2865 In short - thought crime. Le Unbelievable Sin. Yeah, that's it. There is no point arguing with such people, they just believe that certain sexual fantasies are just bad and will endlessly develop theories about "Chinese porn cartoons making you a pedo". You can't really be judged for what's inside your head, and you can't be judged for fapping to cartoon characters, be it kids or whatever. Anyone who says otherwise and tries to justify the concept of "thought offence" through obnoxious puritan "cultivation theories", are just wannabe white knights, who want to look better in the eyes of society for basically no effort. This shit is just a cargo cult of late 2000's pedohysteria, reproduced by virtue signalling radlibs and/or conservatives online. Of course they can't catch an actual child molester, so they start attacking harmless artists and their audience, because they unironically think that such sexual fantasy should be prohibited, because it's "indecent" or even "degenerate". Boomer logic and pure moralfaggotry.
(121.67 KB 592x490 normal people vs lolicon.png)
>>3058 Any person of intelligence should never give people like you any quarter, because you give lolicon defenders an inch and they take a mile and soon it's "what's so wrong with CP anyway" bullshit, every fucking time. >Muh thought crimes Typical western idiocy. Lolicon is not just 'thoughts, it is thoughts that are put onto paper/screens and spread to other people. It is not isolated to yourself and does influence other people and not in a good way. >You can't really be judged for what's inside your head <You're the next Chikotlo who just has been repressing themselves because social norms? Don't worry no judging! Don't get help, just 'be yourself' even when it's retarded because that't what 50 years of capitalist propaganda told you. >Anyone who says otherwise <People who say lolicon is bad are dogmatists <I'm totally not dogmatizing 'muh freedoms' when I refuse to accept legitimate criticism LOL >cultivation theories <Imma just ignore the fact that social, economic and political environment influences people and their behaviors. Nobody says that "if you look at a loli you turn into a pedo". The point is that relatively frequent exposure to such things and what they represent influence people. The very concept of Memes proves cultivation theory, since without it, memes would just be captioned images and wouldn't become hot-topics or spread across the internet. >want to look better in the eyes of society <ur a white knight if you think about ethics You sound like an Ancap incel. It's hilarious to claim this when American society and even European society is so obsessed with "liburty!!!!" >anti-degeneracy is 'muh boomers' and 'moralfags' <Hurr anyone who thinks being a hedonist is retarded is 'my parental issues' Ok lib >a cargo cult of late 2000's pedohysteria LOL ok Epstein, all the CP rings and child abuse that keeps getting found 'totally' isn't real. >they can't catch an actual child molester Because they're online, and to catch them you'd have to engage with them and risk being accused of being one instead >they start attacking harmless artists/audiences <social influence is totally harmless, REALLY!!! The point was never about "hurting" fictional characters but about how the people who view and "enjoy" such content are essentially escaping into a paedo fantasy and normalizing child sexualization. Many of these 'artists' often model off REAL children when drawing these hentai doujins. >virtue signalling radlibs <radlibs are literally promoting child sexuality and MAPS pride LOL you're just using leftypol buzzwords to sound smarter >sexual fantasy should be prohibited <fantasizing about a bigheaded kid fucking someone is totally legit because it's not real!!! It's one thing to have some minor fetishes. Foodplay or or foot-fagging or spanking etc. But enjoying shit, literal and figurative is just mentally ill. It's fairly well recognized on leftypol that sexual obsession is a caused by capitalist consumerism, dehumanization and objectification (and more). Sex is so oversaturated and commodified in society that people crave shit that they wouldn't even think of. Horny people will jerk off to anything and only after will they realize that "oh, I just fapped to a picture of a dog fucking an anime girl" or some other shit. >>3051 >>3055 >An edited and clearly glamorized depiction is the same as the actual thing. <It totally isn't a prettified bersion of what is essentially abuse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enjo_k%C5%8Dsai I agree that the age of consent being 18 is excessive, however it exists because until the ages of 16-18 your mind isn't yet fully developed and cannot reliably make smart adult decisions (like consent), partly due to late-stage pubertal hormones. It's why you see teen girls going insane for generic pop singers like Justin Bieber and later look back on it with embarrassment.
>>3058 Exactly. A lot of this stuff is simply art. I don't care if people find it disturbing, but it is art, and if some people get off to it, then good for them. This idea that "well it's still pedophilia" is a red herring. If simply finding this attractive is pedophilia, then it isn't wrong to be a pedophile. It's wrong to be a child molester. And if no children are involved, then I fail to see the harm in it. Enjoy yourselves and remember that socialism is about bettering your life, not turning it into a regimented structure dictated by moral busybodies.
(92.52 KB 599x666 Duck dick bite.jpg)
>>3070 >Create lolipol thread for the sole purpose of provoking argument on the topic and thus get anti-lolicon replies <hey man why you trying to be a busy body maaan? Amazing logic. >spoilering an SFW pic WHY!? You do realize all the anti-lolicon posters have been arguing against SEXUALIZING loli's not actually posting them in general right? >socialism is about bettering your life Socialism is about seizing the means of production and installing a dictatorship of the proletariat which oversees everything within a socialist state, this includes media. It's main purpose is to disarm and remove the capitalist class and its worst products (such as un-necessary commodities and for-profit labour organization/production). This inherently requires a 'regimented structure' regardless of whether you centralize or decentralize the planned economy. You cannot have socialism without moderating the media consumed. >simply art pic related is ART of a nude child. Loli doujins and obviously erotic/pornographic anime grills are not art. They are media, but not art. To call it art would make anything 'art' and would make the word meaningless. >If simply finding this attractive is pedophilia Most people are not attracted to prepubescent children, cartoon or otherwise. This paraphilia is most prevalent in First World where hyperconsumerism drives people to do things that 90% of the rest of the global population would be either confused or disgusted by. >Red Herring If you're not attracted to it being a child-like body, then what is the attraction? It isn't 'just' an anime grill, since there are definitive reasons that make it a LOLI >if no children are involved, then I fail to see the harm in it If we existed in a vacuum maybe.
>>2964 >wherein Japan is hyper-repressed in real life to the point where large portions of men have their first sexual experiences with their own mothers Um..what?? Source? This can't be real
>>3080 I lost the link (I posted it somewhere on 8ch leftyweebpol) but essentially it was an article discussion the fact that Japanese men have so many problems trying to interact and have relationships with women that often their first interactions sexually are realted to their mothers (be it imitating a relationship with them, jerking off to them, being given a handjob/blowjob or outright fucking them). If you search through the waybackarchive of the board you might find the link, I'm too lazy to do it now, since I'm going to sleep and am on my phone.
>>2964 On a more germane note, how does one square the belief that propaganda affects behaviour and that video games and similar things don't affect behaviour? The recent shooter themed games have been demonstrated to promote revisionist mongering about the Soviets after all.
>>3082 Sex crimes might be underreported in Japan, too.
Someone has to drag Rafiq here so that he could settle this with his sheer ML autism once and for all, once again. Also, stop the bigotry towards the Japs and the trannies, the topic doesn't require it to be productive.
>>3085 >this based >>3086 >also this Society in Japan is very rigid at times, so any domestic abuse is hidden from outside view because it is seen as dishonorable to have others know. t.knowjapanesepeople https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/11/16/national/crime-legal/sex-crimes-japan-still-significantly-underreported-justice-ministry-survey-finds/ >>3088 >bigotry <saying honest truths is bigotry Japanese are very self-repressed. It's well known on this board that the culture itself is highly reactionary despite its advanced HDI. >trannies Literally 2 posts outside of this one and yours talk about "muh trannies" and only refer to them in passing. There is no bigotry in saying that they aren't the norm when they aren't... it's why they're labeled a minority, yeah?
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What about shotas?
So when are we removing this board?
>>3085 It is not that they might not affect behavior, but there is no evidence of this being negative or more pronounced than any other sort of media. Of course, propaganda aims to spread disinformation, depictions of sex or violence in games do not aim to spread disinformation. Violence is portrayed as violence, and sex as sex, whether exaggerated or not. The alternative would be censorship. I, for one, like free expression of the arts. If someone wants to make a lolicon manga, or a violent game, then this is good. It is an outlet for creativity.
>>3074 >hurr I get to decide what art is and isn't BTW, media is just a form of conveying information. Art can be anything. Loli is art. https://exhentai.org/g/662154/d5c164c9b6/ This one is definitely a work of art.
>>3100 >posting sadpanda <being this retarded the sheer irony >Art can be anything <Muh art is subjective PoMoism Go back to reddit >media is just a form of conveying information Information in media is almost never neutral you idiot, it does not exist in a vacuum and has an effect on viewers you dumbass
>>2961 What is happening in GETchan? The url is acting weird.
Did Stalin approve of taking more than one partner? Was inc*st legal in the USSR?


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