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(528.07 KB 1118x1486 her face when.jpg)
ITT Big anime tiddies おたく 05/08/2020 (Fri) 03:54:19 No. 235
itt hueg fricken 2d oppai
(71.77 KB 500x685 oh OH NO.jpg)
>>236 based
(226.24 KB 850x922 1588812234957.jpg)
>>238 >>240 >>241 Why is button popping so lewd comrades? >tfw no button busting gf ;_;
(2.09 MB 600x400 forbidden.gif)
(158.05 KB 450x697 How big.jpg)
(438.84 KB 611x655 1588689232994.png)
(668.89 KB 288x480 1573454895239.gif)
(1.31 MB 600x600 1588754110341.gif)
(1.64 MB moo MOO.webm)
blessed thread
(1.60 MB mimimi.webm)
>>246 >>245 >>243 >>240 not anime >:I
(6.86 KB 201x251 no.jpg)
>>250 go make ur own poopoo dumper thread and stay go
>>252 >I WOLL KISS YOU :O u wouldn't dare...
>>256 >no mega milky gf why does nihon 2d taunt me so...
(346.79 KB 1830x1900 1588946197710.png)
Big Bobby Bump
>>259 >Shorthaired athletic Japanese brown childhood gf Fuckin yeeeeees
>>262 do u have 1 tho??
(38.36 KB 644x393 1522422044871.jpg)
>>248 Please respect Balak sir, since french anime > degenerate imperialist cheap japanese anime.
(192.29 KB 640x384 heavy life boobs.png)
>>247 Don't know why but something about MiMiMi makes me feel good
(789.26 KB 320x240 Darkness enlarge.gif)
Time to upgrade
>>269 ... bigger...
(93.54 KB 1280x1811 ED1PnMPU8AA5WKJ.jpg)
>>271 Gross
(1.67 MB 1086x1509 34bbea207894e97f.png)
(171.14 KB 848x1200 comfy kazuma pillows.jpg)
>>272 Fuck you
>>274 Move out and don't fuck your mother.
>>275 >Tall girls >MILFs <motherfucker No, fuck off
(136.65 KB 721x1024 1558867350567.jpg)
>>277 >ywn have a mini-giantess orc gf
(1.05 MB 1332x1074 80461296_p0.jpg)
(457.76 KB 690x1264 80745175_p0.jpg)
(324.95 KB 687x1027 81109137_p0.jpg)
(644.11 KB 1032x1457 80121599_p0.jpg)
(617.79 KB 831x1270 80062052_p0.jpg)
>>279 I don't know if it's ok to post porn
>>279 >>280 So long as the tiddies are big and it's spoilered I'm sure it's fine.
(2.28 MB 1504x2124 80959738_p0.png)
(5.69 MB 2507x3541 77702443_p0.png)
(3.65 MB 2507x3541 77064686_p1.png)
>>281 Nice, ok!
(5.44 MB 2507x3541 79483822_p0.png)
(2.22 MB 1253x1770 80475123_p0.png)
(6.43 MB 2507x3541 79939662_p0.png)
>>282 I apologize for the huge pictures and posting the same artist right now https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/711257
(1.12 MB 2507x1821 77516475_p0.png)
(8.14 MB 2507x3541 78026002_p0.png)
(6.20 MB 3541x2507 79076107_p0.png)
>>283 This is the last post, I promise! (For some reason a picture that I spoilered didn't show up as such so I'm posting them again)
>>284 This thread was made so you can dump your udderly disgusting animu girls, feel free to go on.
>>284 >oviposition hot
>>235 more tiddy
(88.59 KB 634x1032 waifu of colour.jpg)
>>283 >that first pic nice pits and tits
>>274 the dress is just gross brah. ugly ass fishnet thing
>>292 D-draw-senpai~ kinda reminded of this
(357.68 KB 667x1000 Suu and Kazuma.jpg)
butts, tiddies thigh and....
>>295 slime
>>296 The answer is dick
>>295 A different kind of 'Aqua' Eh?
>>297 >MILF slime futa not even non-canon TBH
>>300 Are those big?
>>301 Big enough for me.
>>304 Post whatever you jack off to so we can do armchair psychoanalysis of you
(899.23 KB 1280x1809 25.png.jpg)
(917.95 KB 1280x1837 17.png)
(335.20 KB 1280x1814 5.jpg)
>>305 ok. What does this tell you. BTW I'm not that anon.
>>306 You either want to be fucked hard and humiliated or you want to fuck hard and humiliate, both speak for internal insecurity complexing on your subconsciously or consciously perceived inadequacies. On the other-hand you might be just straight up arrogant to a fault.
>>306 what >>307 said, plus a hint of gay.
(63.53 KB 724x1024 1576874016569.jpg)
(438.84 KB 611x655 1588689232994.png)
(133.56 KB 900x1200 1590129353660.jpg)
>>305 JUST freud my shit up fam
>>309 Serial killer but thankfully with weight issues.
>>310 Can't run if your too fat too move ;P
(1.14 MB 1415x1062 1591959787295.png)
>>312 >And the fat-fags arrived Go back to trash you abominable faggots
>>313 No.
>>313 >complaining rather than posting skinny busty chicks to counter them smh
>>315 I posted my busty chicks, you also did not post one. >>314 Yes fag
>>313 Aren't you sure this is just someone's fetish?
>>316 Remove her tanktop
>>318 L-lewd baka
What's up fellow boobheads
>>321 not much just wondering if I'll ever get a booby gf at this point i'd settle for a booby fwb for spooning, hugging, and hand holding fuck i'm so lonely and horney
>>321 wbu?
>>322 same. i swear to try and get a gf if the pandemic ends. no more hikineetdom. i must seize the means of milk truk >>323 very lonely.
(14.69 KB 320x253 cmere mang.jpg)
>>324 >i must seize the means of milk truk based and dairypilled. >very lonely. pic related.
>>265 Merci.
>>326 What did he mean by this?
>>327 Le breaste
(38.61 KB 716x477 le breaste.jpg)
>>328 first thing that came up on image search
(110.13 KB 600x600 disgust-001.jpg)
>>329 >3dpd
>>330 Yes. Cringed quads
>>325 Hugs x infinity
>>332 wagmi
(104.78 KB 900x1200 Ea8i0saU0AEPnty.jpg)
(106.91 KB 900x1200 EYssSVoUcAEOpia.jpg)
(55.40 KB 675x900 EYyaTBgUMAIcbGg.jpg)
(401.25 KB 1395x2038 milkers.jpg)
>>335 What waste of double-dubs
>>337 incorrect >>336 Mmm~
>>338 >correct FTFY
(3.41 MB 3400x6400 1593466528372.jpg)
(909.71 KB 2100x1410 bunker_ad.png)
(1.56 MB 2100x1410 bunker_ad2.png)
Someone posted these in the chapotard thread. Good material to invite people of culture to the site.
>>341 It's art like this that makes me thank that /a/ is not a listed board on Bunkerchan.
>>341 But this is a DFC board.
>>341 Not bad actually
>>341 fucking kek nice
(158.89 KB 850x1203 Mother Earth Chan.jpg)
The only based GET thread >>>/GET/67938
don't mind the armpit
>>1311 That's the best part.
>>1311 As long as it's not hairy its cool.
>>1319 >not liking the hair pedo faggot
>>1349 >pedo faggot Is everything you disagree with a pedo? You do realize that women shave right? Most of them grown.
>>1349 I like women who groom themselves, an ADULT thing to do. Just because /GET/ loli-faggots infest the DFC thread, does not make everyone here a lolicon pedophile.
>>1350 >>1356 > bu-but I like mature women... as long as they purposefully modify their appearance to match that of a prepubescent girl Sure thing buddy
>>1367 nigga how the fuck is shaving your armpits modification to match the appearance of a prepubescent girl? Some people just don't like hair that much, which is why men shave their pubes
>>1367 > modify their appearance to match that of a prepubescent girl Keeping a smooth and groomed appearance is an adult thing to do and is part of proper hygiene faggot. You can't even IMITATE a pre-pubescent girl's look with a woman with giant knockers and curvy body, its partly by "oppai loli" is a joke meme in Japan.
>>1374 >>1368 Keep making excuses, maybe one day you can convince yourself
>>1379 and maybe one day i'll have dimentia.
>>1379 Sure thing buddy, you ride that crippled high-horse all the way... surely someone thinks your rubbish is right.
C'mon titties
(2.14 MB 2894x4823 mogudan rei 1.jpg)
(118.24 KB 786x1121 preg rei.jpg)
>No Mogudan How?
>>1904 >spoiler all the files except the SFW one <the system fucks it up What the fuck
(1.58 MB 1190x1684 64526123_p12.png)
(1.57 MB 1190x1684 64526123_p13.png)
(1.52 MB 1190x1684 64526123_p14.png)
(1.58 MB 1190x1684 64526123_p12.png)
>>1908 >>1909 I don't think that's how boobs work
>>1911 So do we all Ise
(90.04 KB 1023x776 maid sama.jpg)
>>1910 I could be... If you believe. If you're into bdsm or /d/ >>1911 I TRIED SO HARD AND GOT SO HAAARD BUT IN THE END I DIDN'T EVEN SUCKLE srs tho >tfwno giant tiddy gf >>1918 coom'd
>>1924 >pent up sexual frustration Better than fapping your dick off. >/d/ Ah yes the place of deviants >>tfwno giant tiddy gf I feel ya
all 2D oppai is flat
>>1924 >pic Any more like that?
>>1954 Flat if true.
>>1954 That doesn't make sense since unless you view something IRL or with 3D holograms, EVERYTHING is flat and 2D, including photos.
>>1988 >EVERYTHING is flat as it should be
>>2017 Your flat thread is back there.
If one does not know the appeal of big breasts, one has not seen them properly. Seen them bounce, swing and hang, like succulent fruit that makes one want to grab them and suck and stroke their beauty and the beautiful female they are attached to.
>>2034 based
>>2034 I can smell your repressed homosexuality from here.
>>2044 I can smell your projection from here
>>2120 she'll never be real
(120.16 KB 1080x1349 ice and rear.jpg)
>>2126 But she is
>>2126 Sadly, even if she was real (which thin women with big boobs do exist) she would be out of our league.
>>2130 As hot-blooded males one must try, try again and never give up.
>>2130 >she would be out of our league. blackpilled again...
>>2130 This hurts more than thinking she'll never be real tbh.
(296.19 KB 1080x1182 1591539094418.jpg)
(763.68 KB 827x1169 1595772267264.jpg)
(665.07 KB 1214x2000 EcEkuqBUMAABdUu.jpg)
>>2373 those would be big in irl 3d but in 2d those r smol
(189.67 KB 748x1008 78629218_p48.jpg)
(207.61 KB 756x1188 78629218_p47.jpg)
(273.33 KB 1200x890 78629218_p0.jpg)
we must go bigger
(631.81 KB 780x1000 75387583_p0.png)
(1.09 MB 738x1200 74933367_p0.png)
(1.16 MB 1920x1080 78924829_p0.jpg)
(124.25 KB 827x1170 82928992_p0.jpg)
(109.17 KB 724x1023 81297748_p0.jpg)
(1.69 MB 1447x2046 75177131_p0.png)
>>2378 Anything bigger than that is just disgusting.
>>2393 Wrong.
>>2392 >>2389 >you will never fug a girl with tiddies this big even if you lived three lifetimes feel fucking bad. Man.
>>235 big or small it doesnt matter, i just want to be loved for who i am
>>2436 Ok Issei
>>2389 sauce
(326.58 KB 500x600 Play with big sister.jpg)
(396.74 KB 1083x1512 bc7d1ce8b477ce28.jpeg)
>>254 My man Engels had hoes
(295.74 KB 516x728 EhREDRgUYAAfq57.jfif)
>>2773 I LOVE MILK
>>2773 I like this ship.
(482.92 KB 1280x1600 s-l1600 (1).jpg)
(277.71 KB 1317x1600 s-l1600.jpg)
(3.19 MB 1788x3240 Elf Tsunade.jpg)
(85.73 KB 750x1333 Tsunade.jpeg)
>No Tsunade shit thread
(5.88 MB 2480x3507 nico robin boa hancock.png)
>>2974 Or Nico Robin for that matter
What's the meme?
(335.63 KB 1629x1500 EgwN63QUwAAHJty.jpg)
(542.05 KB 2400x1045 Ehc-pgwVkAEo1Z6.png)
(91.23 KB 720x1300 EhuPxcbUwAEQuZB.jpg)
>>3095 It's the username of a CommunistOC maker on Furaffinity.
(646.07 KB 560x560 savetweetvid_Ej0oQlqX0AE5nHQ.gif)
(294.64 KB 1080x878 1601451899382.jpg)
(102.59 KB 516x886 EnELjKgXYAMQKn5.jpg)


no cookies?