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(86.56 KB 385x371 1594525847172.jpg)
Anime hot takes おたく 07/25/2020 (Sat) 04:29:55 No. 2037
Just give me your anime hot takes. I don't care if they're retarded.
most fighting shonen fucking sucks and I do NOT mean "I don't like it" I mean it is genuinely shit and a lot of people don't enjoy them but just watch to not be "left out" socially, or as a kind of cargo cult to try and relive their childhood back when their taste wasn't developed even an inch to realize how fucking awful fighting shonen actually is.
>>2038 Eh 10 years ago I would disagree, but the past decade of spammed 1-2 season garbage shonen has ruined it for me. Naruto was the last anime to even fucking try and even that wasn't always good and Boruto straight up fucks that over.
Fullmetal alchemist is incredibly boring and childish.
>>2038 >most I'm actually curious as to what you'd consider to be good fighting shonen. Oldschool stuff like OG Dragon Ball or Yu Yu Hakusho? Higher end budget stuff done by Gainax or whoever? Stuff with actually good fight choreography? Honestly, even though I indulge in the genre from time to time, I'd happily throw it all under the bus as far as objective quality goes, it's fully a guilty pleasure for me. I mean, some of it is definitely well drawn/animated, but more in regards to everything else.
>>2046 Holy fuck this. Finally. I never found it to be interesting (the king Bradley thing just made me roll my eyes), but you can't say shit because instantly fans start saying >NOOOO HOW CAN YOU SAY DATTT!?!!!!
>>2047 Not that anon, just some input: TBH Dragon Ball was never well choreographed. It had some good fights, (the tournaments were decent) but it stopped trying a lot of times and after Super-Saiyan was introduced most fights became repetitive "ooh ah, hah!" shit.
(103.68 KB 1024x768 kazuma-kun.jpg)
>>2047 Not that poster, but S-Cry-Ed is to me a good example of a shonen fighting animu that tells a complete story and then ends. It's angsty as heck and has some pretty loathsome female characters but it's my guilty pleasure. Just watched it again for the like the eighth time this week.
Eva - trash FLCL - trash Gurren Lagann - trash When I see "Gainax", I tune out.
>>2052 Oooh damn that is a downright thermonuclear take. >>2051 S-Cryed is fun but it took a while for me to get into it. Ironically it helped inspire Highschool DxD.
>>2052 based.
There is no historical materialist anime, so they're all trash.
>>2058 >if something isn't historically material its trash LOL no.
>>2058 How the fuck do you make historically materialist fiction?
>>2060 You can but it has to be drastically realistic or at least apply dialectical materialism to the world built. AN example of the former is the soviet film The Communist, another is Officers and Mirror for a Hero. Those are all blatantly realistic. A less realistic one is harder to find, since you would have to account for humanity developing differently with the presence of factors that our reality does not have (like magic perhaps).
>>2037 eva sucks
>>2049 I can't get through any of it. I tried watching both the anime series multiple times and I always lose interest befoer the half way point. I manage to get through much trashier shit without much issue, but FMA just feels like a drag to watch. Maybe I could just burn through the manga real quick to see what the big deal is.
>>2100 What I hate the most about it is how anything remotely related to trade, alchemy, crossbreeding or experimentation is filled with the simply ebin comments about "equivalent exchange ecksdee" or "edwaaaard"
Madoka Magica is massively over-rated
(133.05 KB 716x615 1587502684697.jpg)
>>2105 Madoka is actually AOTD.
Evangelion is a good show but 90% of the fans think its deep for the wrong reasons.
>>2109 true >>2105 true Most anime is trash. Some kids anime, such as tengen toppa, death note, etc are good but aren't "works of art" people make them up to be. They're entertaining but that's it. Ghost in the Shell movie and season 1 and 2 and cowboy bebop are the GOAT.
Ignoring the abysmal art style and awful first episode the second series of Gunslinger Girl is superior to the first.
>>2110 I think the above average shonen anime is the greatest work of art ever comes from the audience being primarily made up of people that have not read or watched much beyond pure low effort entertainment. If you have little of quality to compare against then an above average anime is going to seem like a masterpiece compared to the SoL anime and marvel films you usually watch.
>>2111 Ugh, I couldn't get through the attrocious change of art style.
>>2111 Lol, I actually dropped the second series like half way through the first episode. I should give it another chance since that season was a long ass time ago.
End of Evangelion should have had the Misato theme play
Dunno how much of a hot take this is but Kill la Kill is extremely annoying, couldn't make it past the third episode.
>>2134 A lot of its best parts are largely lost in translation (such as the title being a double entendre in Japanese).
(33.90 KB 540x460 Naruto lesson.jpg)
Hot Take: Naruto is actually good but most fillers and the forced gags (needed for runtime) caused a drop in quality over-all and long-running time meant the story got out of hand. The reason it REALLY gets a bad rep is retarded wankers who created the whole Narutard meme (see >>>/hobby/12466 for an example of such idiots) that created a knee-jerk reaction of irrationally hating on the series out of spite. >Inb4 NOooooo! ITS SHITIIT!! I'm not saying Naruto is some masterpiece. Far from it, as a fan I can say it's flawed for sure, BUT it tells a good story, has good animation and artstyle for the most part and has consistent thoughtful themes that I appreciated. It was a fun show with an upbeat character and interesting meanings beneath its simplistic surface.
>>2047 Honestly I wrote "most" only because there must be something worthwhile in there due to the sheer number of works pumped out, however out of all the ones I've watched (and remember) I can assure you they're all really bad: >dragon ball, z and gt >naruto and shippuden >hxh >jojo >hnk >boboboubo boubobo >fma >rave master >kinnikuman second generation >rurouni kenshin though this one is a guilty pleasure for me despite the rampant liberalism that permeates it Also a shit ton of mecha series including most gundam and macross but idk if these count as fighting shonen. They should, probably.
>>2143 Oh and some one piece, this one was the king of awful.
>>2110 >death note is good holy shit i'm shitting my pants laughing
>>2149 not them, but death note's second opening and ending have a special place in my heart; maximum the hormone is great: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av36710638/ https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Pt41197iw/
>>2143 what are your thoughts on yu yu hakusho
>>2117 I almost did the same, the first episode managed to completely miss the point of the series and turn into generic action. Then the second episode suddenly shifts back to what it was but less episodic and also following the viewpoint of the antagonists which makes it thematically more poignant. No fucking clue what they were thinking with the first episode though.
Reposting a thermonuclear take from leftypol There's more theory in a single episode of K-On! than in the entire collected works of Marx, Engels and Lenin.
>>2155 I'd love to see an effort post on this, whether it masquerades as serious or not.
>>2155 boring and stale joke >>2156 lurk more
>>2157 >boring and stale no u
>>2142 I generally agree, and I think it's still far better than the other two of the Big Three. But Kishimoto really lost the plot near the end. Total asspull of a resolution.
>>2151 Not that poster, but it was an interesting premise that gets pissed away some ten episodes in when it turns into a Dragonball clone.
>>2160 >Total asspull of a resolution. Do you mean Kaguya or the whole Madara Ten-Tails Uchiha bullshit in general? I think Kaguya was an ass-pull BUT it could have worked with some prior hints. Like most fans I think that Naruto's best moment was at the Pain arc and the whole Madara-Obito bait n switch was dumb as fuck (despite being ironically predicted by some fans literally months before Obito was even revealed.
Angel's Egg is over-rated as hell I don't care about how people talk about "le themes" or whatever, it just bores me TBH. The concept itself isn't bad and the artstyle and animation is interesting, but to me personally SOMETHING was lacking, some kind of life within it was not there. It's hard to put into words exactly.
>>2163 Kaguya and the sage coming at just the right time to give our hero superpowers for nothing.
>>2164 >over-rated I think most haven't even seen Angel's Egg and most that do just get confused by the time it's over.
>>2166 I watched it, and just felt mildly depressed and annoyed at the end. As in I (sort of) understood the themes but it was so 'meh' to me I couldn't appreciate the ideas fully, and usually I like this kind of strange art-house content when its made by such talented people.
>>2165 The sage was mentioned enough so that his character was of interest, but frankly the decision that "lets split le SoSP power) was asinine IMO. Honestly The Pain Arc should have ended with Nagato offering his eyes to Naruto after he dies reviving everyone to keep them safe and give Naruto the power to stop Madara (and would be a good parallel to Itachi giving Sasuke his Mangekyou for the EMS). The whole Rinnegan evolved from Sharingan (but not really) is also annoying as fuck (especially given that most of the Rinnegan Paths aren't used by Madara, Obito or Sasuke. The SoSP power doesn't have a definitive difference to Sage Mode except that its got more power labeled as "divine" which is a fun power-wank for crackfics but clashes with the powerscaling.
>>2152 Well, that's enough to convince me. Downloading both seasons now for a rewatch.
>>2134 I really enjoyed the first cour, but the pacing of the second cour really killed it for me. I should probably rewatch it to make sure it was the show and not just some shit I was dealing with when it was airing.
Flat chest is best.
(225.40 KB 640x400 k-on raid-on.png)
Moe slice of life literally ruined anime. A ton of talent is wasted on ultra softcore porn of 11 year old school girls. They're all the fucking same thing, and 20 new ones come out every year. Every time I try watching one I just get bored as shit and feel like I'm wasting time watching a fictional life even more boring than my own. There's literally millions of dollars and hundreds of gallons of dead, liquefied dinosaurs spent into showing a near still image of an anime girl on a TV washing dishes going "nya" for 20 minutes.
>>2203 Fucking this. People love K-On and other stuff, but frankly, outside of 1-2 seasons and some AMV content, this shit gets boring and cancerous as fuck. The reason Japanese seem to like it is (I think) they don't experience anything really positive in school, so they instead pretend to, through anime.
>>2203 >>2204 There have been some good SoL anime, but I do agree they were way overproduced. I don't know why you would complain now though. They stopped making a dozen SoL a season to do isekai instead a while back.
>>2206 They haven't stopped, Isekai is just more popularly spread right now
>>2203 SoL didn't ruin anime. Modern anime is a product of production committees and their finance schemes.
Blue Birds is the most over-rated Naruto opening. Size of the Moon is way better.
>>2203 I kinda enjoyed the Bocchi anime but after reading the manga it feels like there's no point to it at all other than cuteness. Also Bocchi is not lonely at all so the title is also misleading.
(87.94 KB 1280x720 kyubey.jpg)
Kyubey was an eco-fascist
Here's a hot-take for this chan: Leftist "weebs" who over-analyze anime and shit themselves over a show not being politically correct or treating X-social problem properly are losers who need to get a life and either enjoy things as they are, or make something better. An example Mo-Black from the reddit community: Mo-Black is a self-centered liberal idiot who can't stop talking or writing like a trashy teenage white-girl while reviewing shows. Or rather reading into things from shows that aren't trying to be deep or meaningful at all in regards to the themes being bitched about. And because they can't separate real life politics from the literal imaginary fantasy of anime, they end up bitching about how anyone who tells them to get a life and stop, is just "le dirtbag left". Just an example of one of their "brilliant" paragraphs from a PUBLISHED article on Medium.com: So a long time ago there was a witch named the Witch of Envy. Get it? Envy? Like the Seven Deadly Sins? I know what the Seven Deadly Sins are. That makes me smart. I’m smart because I can reference the most popular book in human history. Please acknowledge my brilliance. She has a real name too that I could go look up but no, fuck you actually. Okay fine it was Satella. And Emilia sometimes goes by Satella even though she maintains she’s not the Witch of Envy. And the wiki says Satella and the Witch of Envy are like, separate. But also the same person. But not really. See, they have different Witch Factors. What’s a Witch Factor? Well it’s a mystical power that, once absorbed into yourself, can manifest into an Authority. There are seven Authorities in total, one for each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Only the Pride Authority remains vacant as of oh my God who cares I’m bored already. https://medium.com/mos-home-for-treatises-and-hot-takes/bullshit-no-yuusha-vol-2-5-re-zero-doesnt-understand-racism-or-anything-else-eaaddb464a07 This amalgamation of schizophrenia is what it looks like if low-effort youtube movie reviews were written out. 1) it shows a literal lack of interest in understanding the media. If it is so boring and 'stoopid' then why are you bothering? Everyone knows that Re:Zero is garbage that just has a few fairly interesting concepts in it. Nobody looks at the 'racist' themes and goes, "Yes, this is exactly how I view race issues". 2) When trying to criticize a show and explain something concisely, self-important fake self-deprecation, and mockery is a waste of time. State the main points concisely and stop fucking beating around the bush 3) comparing things to real life is a liberal cop-out that ignores the context of the series. The world Subaru is in, is not earth, it does not have "muh niggers and muh crackers" It has its own society, its own world-building and its own races and racism that is different and incomparable past the basic idea that "racism bad". This is like the idiocy where "muh Tolkien orcs represent blacks" which speaks more about the inherent racism of the liberals, than the supposed racism of Tolkien. Seriously I have seen MANY effort posts on leftypol, leftyweebpol, hobby and anime with much better coherence and criticism than this toxic mophead. FYI this is the same faggot who got butthurt because Konosuba is "chauvinistic". FFS, that's the fucking point. He's a perverted, narcissistic, asshole loser who has some good qualities, and is the "hero" of his show, and his entire gang of friends are in some way or form losers with some good qualities. This all has consequences too. His childish, "I'm going with Sylvia now, fuck you" got turned around on him when the Chimera woman, like a genuine chimera, turned out to be a futa and now he's fucked because he jumped into her arms like a perverted asshole. That's it. It is a subversion of typically heroic heroes or edgy heroes or smart heroes. He tries to imitate those qualities, but they turn out to be utter failures because that's not how it works and his abrasive attitude backfires often, its not deep or political, its simple subversion and gag-comedy. Nothing to interpret here except projections of liiberal illness.
>>2208 I didn't say they stopped completely. I said they stopped making a dozen new SoL anime a season. There is nothing wrong with a two or three a season when we generally get a couple dozen shows to choose between.
>>2230 Kyubey isn't really bothered about ecology, just slowing down the heat death and getting energy. He's a cosmic horror alien in disguise, the destruction of Earth is acceptable because it meets his energy quota slightly faster.
>>2232 all moe SoL anime is pedoshit and anyone who watches it should be put on a list
>>2231 >PUBLISHED article on Medium.com Thats like saying a published article on blogspot, medium is a blogging platform that hides the fact its a blog so that readers will think that the article they are reading is actually important and not just the equivalent to an article on bigjugslover.blogspot.com. Not that I disagree with the rest.
>>2234 Based
>>2235 I know Medium is a glorified blogspot, but it is a glorified blogspot that gets regular attention from all sorts of people.
anime is embarrassingly awful and i have no idea why i keep checking my rss feed hoping for something good to come out, just for me to immediately drop it in episode 1 please help
>>2237 Its just the way you used the word published as if it means anything on a blogging platform.
>>2243 anime is embarrassingly awful because you watch shitty anime, because you are a shitty person.
>>2234 no u
>>2100 Try watching the 2003 version. It still might not meet your expectations but I found it so much more thematically engaging
>>2134 It was really fun watching it with /a/ while it was airing.
>>2251 no it's because there are like 10 anime worth watching + some movies and the rest is garbage, you just like to consume shit
>>2252 t. nonce
>>2255 What anime do you like?
Cardcaptor Sakura > Sailor Moon
>>2267 Nanoha > Cardcraptor
>>2271 You can't drop a take like that without explanation. Elaborate!
>>2203 Moe slice-of-life didn't ruin anime any more than the CGI-fest action blockbuster ruined cinema or the dystopian YA novel ruined literature. Every commerical medium produces trash that exists solely to satisfy our basic emotional needs and if it is successful it eventually gets replicated until we have the most uncreative, uninteresting variation possible. SoL isn't even the only example within anime, it's just one for a particular demographic. The good shit is always diamonds in the rough.
>>2267 This is not even that hot of a take. It's more objective fact.
>>2255 There is a lot more than ten worth watching. Not that you will get any good recommendations from most of the retards that watch it.
Manga is way, way, way better than anime and will remain that way until some magical technology is invented that minimizes anime production costs/labor-intensiveness. Too many things you can't do, say, or show in anime (including leftism) because of what it costs to produce and therefore the business interests involved.
Zetsubou-sensei is alright but it should have been more black comedy and less typical homeroom hijinks.
>>2255 >you just like to consume shit no u, and then complain anime is shit.
>>2255 There are enough good shows from the past and in the present for your entire life. Unless you do nothing but spend all days 24h watching anime. In that case quality of animes isn't really your first problem.
>>2293 Same for visual novels.
>>2291 If theres one thing I've learned from spending so long in various anime communities its that most avid anime watchers have utterly shit taste, doubly so if they watch seasonals.
>>2293 >>2297 This is true. I can count on one hand the anime adaptations I've seen that were better than the manga/VN they were based on.
>>2298 It's because they are new fans that have yet to burn out on seasonal shit. I watch maybe one or two shows each season. I just don't have the energy to watch every new piece of garbage even if they are fun talk about.
>>2298 You keep bitching about how shit everyone's taste is, but I have yet to see list examples of good anime. Lay them down, nigga.
>>2301 I'm a different guy to the other one bitching about how shit all anime is. Theres plenty of good anime out there. >>2300 I found the fun to talk about it wore off when I found myself forcing myself to watch slop quickly so I could feel part of the discussion.
>>2110 > good but aren't "works of art" Every anime is a work of art, even the shit ones. That's how art works.
>>2308 No, that's exactly NOT how art works. THis is the kind of PoMo bullshit that makes modern art-schools worthless "everything called art is art, even when its literal shit on canvas!" There are objective metrics that an art-form is measured that determined whether it is actual art, or just an attempt, or just a shoddy parody.
>>2308 >>2309 Language is use, faggots. You have to be extremely autistic to actually have this argument instead of acknowledging that the term "art" is used as both a catchall term for creative human expression and a qualifier of value ("so good it's art"). So don't start this shit and go back to talking about how much you want to mating press the Evangelion girls.
>>2311 Fuck off, you're borderline incoherence is in no way or form a good argument >mating press evangelion girls Ok Mogudan, now go to the Eva thread.
>>2311 I mean from the context the usage was in the second form of a qualifier of quality and value.
>>2293 Don’t know about that but I prefer manga cuz I think it’s more accessible, faster to read and has great art. Whereas with anime there’s shit like openings, endings, filler dialogue, annoying voices, terrible animation etc
>>2324 Openings and Endings are one of the best things about anime though
>>2324 Filler episodes can be good sometimes.
>>2325 For most anime that's where the best animation will be.
>>2325 They're just there to sell CD's. Most of them are the usual annoying Japanese woman singing in ultra high pitch
nobody here actualy likes anime and we just pretend to like it to look cool on internet forums.
the welcome to the nhk anime fucking sucks. its like 90% filler episodes that dont go anywhere and usually are just one off characters that you never see again basically saying to satou "yknow... being a hikikomori is bad/you shouldnt kill yourself." the other 10% is somewhat interesting stuff taken from the novel, which was way more interesting and emotional and actually felt like a nuanced depiction of characters rather than a bunch of events happening for no reason with random morals sprinkled in
>>2333 Worst take on the thread by far; liking anime never makes you look cool no matter where you are.
>>2351 I read the manga and couldn't understand the hype.
>>2351 >>2355 Its Watamote if Watamote took itself too seriously while trying to imitate Serial Experiments Lain and failing utterly
>>2353 This. I didn't choose to be a cringey faggot that uses anime avatars and says uwu.
>>2396 you're not a cringy faggot anon don't say such things about yourself uwu
the recent style of anime art fucking sucks, it looks too samey for me
I would be very interested in a version of Berserk set in the 1920s-40s with Guts as a more a badass gun guy, hell they can still be mercs too
>>2405 That's actually a rather popular take m8
>>2403 Post an example. I haven't seen any recent, seasonal anime, but if you mean late digital-era anime; I do admit; anime done with cels do have an appeal which modern anime doesn't replicate. Although I always thought that the majority of analogue anime is worse at portraying vivid colours, so there are certain trade-offs. I can't say that the samey-ness of the art is a new problem.
>>2405 I'm not sure how you would adapt this, but if you keep the angle modern Guts was a child soldier and has been fighting all his life, it could be pulled off well. I'm not sure how you would pull off some of the other motifs though like the big weaponry and the magic though. You could easily put it in the context of the Vietnam war, or the Indochina Wars in general, since it took place in such a long time span.
>>2403 I don't think that is really a problem unique to recent times as there is a distinct look to different periods of anime where everything looked close to the same. If anything I think we have been seeing more unique styles if only because we are getting dozens of new anime a season instead of like 20 years ago when there were much fewer anime coming out.
(229.22 KB 412x600 1433244647284.jpg)
I prefer the balance between yaoi and bara. Masculine men with generally less musculature than bara stuff.
>>2203 >>2204 >>2234 Slice of Life anime has roots in Iyashikei which is a genre that emerged in the 1990s emphasizing a kind of "healing" or "relaxing" atmosphere. Yokohama Shopping Log is everyone's go-to example; something more recent might be Laid-Back Camp. Girls' Last Tour, too. I implore you all to give these a try.
Yaoi and Yuri fags are the most cancerous fucking weebs. 90% of this content is the most disgustingly shit, that seems to think that any friendship = cock/pussy lust.
>>2256 >People who like fluffy shows objectively want to fuck a human child because God speaks through my mind, anyone who disagrees with my vile alienated anger post is a pedophile too. Take your meds or at least go back to pol and give a hand. I hear they are getting close to finding the hidden thread that links George Soros to Epstein Island. Then they will realise billionaires are bad because they all molested an aryan youth. The socialist-fascism pipeline will link up thanks to you. What's one more Jewish butchering if it means the end of schizophrenics like yourself?
>>2411 I'd make a type of socialist All Might comic. His whole thing about beating the fuck out of villains would be much better served taking on society, as currently being a villain (criminals bad) in that world would be nightmarish because that 7 foot tall brick shit house would put you in the ground for robbing a chip shop.
>>2445 Most 'yurifags' don't even read yuri they just pseudo-ironically meme about it because the thought gets them hard. Actual yuri is generally written for women so doesn't appeal to these people. I assume a lot of the yaoifags are the same but with more of a fujo flavour.
Casually watching anime on a free streaming service like kissanime is fine.
>>2476 Given the amount of autism this opinion usually sparks on 8/leftypol/ its remarkable how little reaction there has been.
>>2477 The people panicking at kissanime's demise, demanding there be some kind of "archive" restored have already been ridiculed. At the end of the day, streaming is no proper substitute for torrents, xdcc, dc++, etc. They have only themselves to blame for not learning the ins and outs of media piracy.
>>2478 >Learning the ins and outs of piracy You mean going on nyaa and clicking the link for whatever you want to download?
>>2481 Believe it or not but I witnessed zoomers struggling to use qbittorrent on twitter last week; it was kinda sad but also endearing? Some of them didn't know private trackers existed either.
>>2482 How is that even possible, could they not wrap their heads around what a link was or something?
>>2482 Lmao we live in an age where if you don't know something you can just google it. What's the point of crying on twitter when the answer is 2 clicks away? I don't blame them for the private trackers part tho.
>>2478 >Kissanime's demise It's still up though kissanime.nz is working fine for me. >>2478 True, it's just I'm too lazy to bother downloading something I just want to view casually. If I wanted something that much I'd get a DVD version instead
>>2482 I remember back when qbit didn't exist, so people just pirated mu-torrent and then torrented everything else.
>>2485 It's extremely easy to download a torrent when you know where to get it.
>>2486 I thought it was always free? The big switch away from it was when one of the big corps bought it out.
>>2484 Private trackers are somewhat pointless now, public trackers have pretty much everything with a decent amount of seeders and good for torrenting VPNs are so cheap now that the reduced risk of getting a letter from your ISP is hardly a selling point anymore considering how much of a hassle it is to get in and stay in a good private tracker.
>>2441 My hot take is that the term iyashikei (like "moeshit") is a practically meaningless descriptor, and what it does indicate is largely artistically illegitimate. There's a reason you never see Jiro Taniguchi stuff pop up in these discussions, and it's not because it's any lesser to these mediocrities you mentioned. Girls Last Tour and other tkmiz works are ONLY interesting in light of the author's pathology. And YKK is just pure shit. A pleb's misshapen, hazy impression of what an Artistic Work is like. They're content with limited movement and action as long as a cute girl is depicted somewhere, but put even something relatively accessible like a Tarkovsky film in front of them and they'll be crying and screaming in minutes from the lack of stimulation. Utter trash, utter trash.
>>2488 >It's extremely easy to download a torrent when you know where to get it Yeah, but the you have to wait 6 some days for a torrent to download and be off the computer so it'll allow it to download in the predicted time. Would be easier to just order it and wait a month or so for it to come in while you can use the internet for something like Online Jobs.
>>2500 What is the author's pathology?
>>2486 People were using a variety of free torrent applications before qbittorrent. utorrent was the big one before it went to shit. >>2515 I haven't had a torrent take that long in 15 years. The anime torrents on nyaa are well seeded enough that shouldn't be an issue at all. If you have the bandwidth for streaming anime then you should be able to download at reasonable speeds too.
>>2534 Well, I don't have the bandwidth for streaming anime so that makes two of us. where do you live? in the middle of a city?
>>2500 >There's a reason you never see Jiro Taniguchi stuff pop up in these discussions, and it's not because it's any lesser to these mediocrities you mentioned. Yeah, it's because he's a gekiga artist and the licenses to manga in that genre have been split up across multiple indie publishers over the years, making him a "literally who?" for the vast majority of American readers. >but put even something relatively accessible like a Tarkovsky film in front of them and they'll be crying and screaming in minutes from the lack of stimulation. Cool, we're talking about animation here; not film. I'm not interested in arguing between the two. There is artistic "legitimacy" in limited animation. If you can't learn to appreciate that, then maybe this medium just isn't for you.
>>2535 Not them but I've lived in a semirural, midwestern town for most of my life. A decade ago I was torrenting seasonal anime within minutes on a 5Mbps connection. Since then I've "upgraded" to 15Mbps and still don't have much of a problem. Lately though I've been torrenting a lot of blu-ray rips of old ass anime so some downloads have indeed took a couple days to complete; this isn't helped by the lack of seeders. So I sympathize, but you just gotta have patience. The longest I've had to wait for a download to complete was three months and it was an archive of the the Japan Animator Expo, lol; another was Otaku no Video which took just under a month.
(5.50 KB 1148x30 Selection_844.png)
(5.26 KB 1118x21 Selection_843.png)
(5.68 KB 1112x27 Selection_834.png)
>>2538 Here's some of mine to give you perspective.
I don't know how you can foot the ISP bill with the stuff you're downloading.
>>2538 I live in suburb my connection speed is so slow that sometimes I have no internet at all, evn with clear access and boosters. A lot of dead-zones exist and ironically the 5G towers they put up nearby have made it worse, since the mobile connection seems to fuck with the local routers.
>>2541 >sage Fucking why did that happen to my post?
>>2539 It looks like you're having trouble connecting to seeders. There are potential solutions to that, you just have to google them. >>2540 AT&T waives data caps if you get their DirectTV bundle. I've been trying to get my housemates to switch us over to the independent fiber company that set up shop in town not too long ago, though. >>2541 That sucks; I try to do everything I can over a wired connection so I don't have to deal with the problems of wireless as much. Just get like a comically long ethernet cable and slink it through your house or some shit.
>>2515 For a 1gb anime episode it takes less than 5 min. >>2535 >I don't have the bandwidth for streaming anime More reasons to download. Holy fuck, I didn't know the internet was so bad in the USA. That's what you get for not living in the city I guess. Also >Having a data cap for your domestic connection.
(50.27 KB 500x365 average leftypol user.jpg)
>>2058 Ahem.
>>2546 How the fuck is that historical materialist?
>>2547 In the veil of not being individualistic, of not defining everything by one character, but by a huge cast who even in death leave a print in the personalities of the characters.Also Reinhart destroying the empire´s nobility, and constantly trying to rule for the people was very jacobinist mind you.So stop being a whiner and watch it, really the only good japanese cartoon out there, and i´ve seen close to 900 of these fucks, oh god i wasted like 10000 hours of my life in which I could´ve read theory goddamit
>>2037 1. You can enjoy loli anime without being a pedophile. 2. You can enjoy loli anime without wanting to be a loli. 3. Watching loli anime instead of watching short gag anime makes you a scrub, as well as any other genre. So you loli-loving autists still need to kill yourselves.
>>2355 the manga is p good in my opinion, except for the first 10 or so chapters because its slow and just introducing the characters. the novel is an amazing masterpiece, literally my favorite novel ever. both are p good, but the anime was p boring. i liked the last 4 episodes because it was from the novel and it was nice to see it adapted onto the screen, but also they rly crammed half the book into like an hour of tv so it left out some of the stuff i liked from it. also the ending was nice in the anime because it was actually happy compared to the manga and novel. but you should read the novel anyway,
>>2539 Why were they banned for this post?
>>2552 I didn't even know this place had mods.
>>2552 >>2553 I think its the username. they've been posting on /gulag/ and /leftypol/ and so somemod could of gotten assmad.
>>2550 >short, gag anime stfu and gtfo
>>2549 >oh god i wasted like 10000 hours of my life in which I could´ve read theory goddamit Why not compromise and read the novels instead? I hear they count as theory-fiction, :^)
>>2549 See watching LoGH made me stop watching most other anime because it made me think of how shit they all were in comparison. I'm amazed you managed to then watch 900 more.
>>2549 Nigga what the fuck, even people who like anime don't usually watch that many
>>2550 What counts as loli anime? The only show I like that might be described that way is Non Non Biyori.
>>2562 Actual mental illness.
>>2564 I guess where the focus is to elicit a feeling of moe from the audience due to loli characters. Wataten is a good example, but Kodomo no Jikan definitely counts.
>>2571 Non Non Biyori has moe and is about a group of young girls. I don't get any sexual or pedo vibes from it though like other shows. The feeling I get is more so nostalgia for my childhood.
>>2571 Kodom no Jikan is actually a very introspective anime on child psychology beyond its moé presentation. Like, the loli wants to fuck the MC, but it gives a reason grounded in her environment and mental development. It's pretty jarring if you come in with the expectation the show would only mindless fanservice. It's a great show in spite of subject, and that is no less thanks to the writing of Mari Okada.
>>2575 Oh, that's why KnJ is good. If it was just loli fanservice, people wouldn't still talk about it. The manga was a great read specifically because of that.
(3.02 MB 1200x862 Cover_545.png)
Bit of a rant on Fairy Tail Fairy Tail had a lot of good concepts and potential (and knew how to really build up hype*) but squanders it every time by using literal Plot Magic to beat otherwise unbeatable Hax abilities and never having a clear goal in mind. This also fucks up the story line as later arcs make the first ones have much different contexts. It's like the villain scaling problems of Naruto Shippuden but much, MUCH worse. *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOL9HFtBivI The Etherious Demons were hyped up beyond measure, but later Bloodman, who has the combined power of all Tartarus Demons and more, gets beat by Gajeel. The Macro curse alone can control people and objects yet is somehow not an instant hax despite it removing any need for excess power-battles when it can control almost anyone of similar power or weaker (mentally/physically) https://fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Macro Later August Vermillion-Dragneel is so overhaxed that his lack of Dragon Slayer magics and use against Acnologia is unbelievable pre Rift of Time. Later with the sequel 100 Century quest we get 5 Dragons supposedly as strong or stronger than Acnologia (with size and feats comparable to low-end Biju feats) yet somehow Acnologia never found them despite craving a fight to challenge him. https://fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Five_Dragon_Gods Or for that matter the wasted durability of Celestial Spirits https://fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Horologium Hell numerous times we're told that 'X' Magic is unbeatable and this assertion remains, despite the user being beaten. https://fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Arc_of_Embodiment God Slayers are also just brushed past like the whole God>Demon>Dragon tier-system doesn't exist. One of the few strong abilities that isn't straight hax is Heavenly Embodiment Magic https://fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Heavenly_Body_Magic The Manga is still bearable, but the anime does what One Piece does stretching out fights, screwing pacing and spamming gags and gag-faces (not to mention making many post-time-skip characters look like goofy exaggerations of themselves (which is why it was often and inaccurately called a ripoff of various works by Oda by some newbies). The problem is it tries to combine the work of Rave Master and other concepts And then Zeref's plans are just schizophrenic: I wanna revive my brother... Nah I want my own demons to kill me despite being much weaker... nah I wanna take over the world with infinite power... nah I wanna kill my revived brother... nah I wanna travel back in time and start again and fuck everyone else.... wait no I wanna help the future kill Acnologia... never mind back to the past it is. And in between all that shit we have the mess with Mavis. Just look at filler-tier writing for https://fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Eclipse_Gate arc And FFS there are magics that are reality warping and yet the significance is brushed aside. https://fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Last_Ages On the other hand I don't quite mind the quiet ending despite it being underwhelming. I let other weebs handle that issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66o_sqMkmzY https://archive.is/GQHae Ironically fanfiction tends to be better written and consistent than the original work unfortunately... and frankly it's a little depressing. TL;DR: Fairy Tail is a wasted fantasy that abandoned its original principles and suffered for it and retains popularity due to mastery of hype and cool flashy abilities, go for Rave Master instead and stop reading after the Tenrou Island Arc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rave_Master
>>2596 it's hard to end a series where the end goal isn't expressed in the beginning. For example One Piece, Naruto, and My Hero Academia. We know Luffy wants to find the One Piece and be king of the pirates, we know Naruto wants to be Hokage, and we know Deku wants to be the greatest hero. But with productions like Bleach and Fairy Tail, where a goal is never expressly stated, how and where does it end? It's really hard to end a show where a goal is never set for the main cast of characters.
>>2586 I have never seen people talk about it outside of "that one loli show." The connotation is kind of synonymous to Boku no Pico, so its merits are never given proper justice.
>>2603 Is the anime not mostly fanservice? I doubt most people who have heard of Kodomo no Jikan have read the manga.
>>2608 Are you asking because you haven't watched it yet?
>>2596 Fairy Tail seems to have a bit of thought put into the setting but fucked up it's plot, and I think the artstyle is kind kitsch
The Pain vs Kyuubi-Cloak Naruto fight is overhated and actually has good animation, that comes off as goofy because it over exaggerated the "puppet" effect and viscosity the Kyuubi chakra form.
(818.76 KB 1920x1020 i am become neckbeard supreme.png)
Hetalia Axis Powers and all related media is fucking garbage
>>2848 Is that really a hot take, though? Pretty much only fujoshits like that stuff, and I would have watched it if there was any history in it, but it's all surface level stuff. Honestly, who thought it had any value to begin with?
>>2849 Given that Hetalia is rather popular in both fanfiction, r34 and more, I'd say that it would a fairly hot take for a large number of people.
>>2849 >>2852 Furries have say much more coverage, yet hating their very existence is common, to give a comparison.
>>2852 Yeah, so just fujoshits. I don't think anyone ever praised it as more than schlicking material.
>>2858 >>2856 Eh... I guess... you're probably right, I just see it fucking everywhere and it's irritating.
90% of anime is trash but people who are pretentious about it are also trash.
>>2250 True... but this gets shared on communist subreddits and is also on youtube so a lot of people see this garbage.
I remember not recognizing a a Hetalia cosplay at a convention 10 years ago and the fujoshit going off on me. Because of that I swore to never look into or figure out what the hell Hetalia is.
>>2967 And this is why Eromanga Sensei is a masterpiece...of trash.
>>2978 Honestly, I've met nice fujoshi, but a lot of them are a stereotype. A lot of the stuff in yaoi porn is pretty scary, though. I wonder if this is what women feel when they watch lesbian porn aimed at men. I'm sure some of that stuff can't be comfortable.
>>3071 It's basically the same feeling if you put yourself in their place. Especially when you see stuff where it starts off with "I'm straight" "So is spaghetti before it's wet" pics/vids
>>2051 I thought I made S-Cry-Ed up in my head, because none of my friends have never heard of it.
>>2142 Orange ninja bad
>>3089 Yeah I thought so too. It was pretty weird >>3090 Good one
Killing Bites is garbage that uses it's cyberpunk setting to pretend to be deep, and not a literal dime-a-dozen competition anime with gore.
>>2596 >Acnologia never found them despite craving a fight to challenge him. Not to mention one of them killed itself accidentally by using Copy and releasing Zeref's death magic (which didn't have an affect on Acnologia).
Naruto is shit DBZ is shit (Dragon Ball was based) Bleach is shit Attack on Titan is shit Full Metal Alchemist is shit Death Note is shit Blue Exorcist is shit Cowboy Bebop is overrated
>>3260 Seems like a perfectly normal take for an oldfag.
>>3260 Nice copy-pasta
>>2231 Any "leftist" who obsesses over weebshit is a massive faggot and should not be taken seriously.
>>3470 >this exactly
>>2231 >Everyone knows that Re:Zero is garbage Objectively incorrect and cringe take the rest is fine.
This is probably orthodoxy at this point, but: original Dragon Ball was a perfectly enjoyable and quirky adventure with colorful characters and decent humor. Z was just screaming and power level autism and even within the realm of shonen holding it as some sort of masterpiece should immediately invite ridicule.
>>3751 Well to be honest I don't think anyone claims there is some great intentional depth to DBZ but it certainly is fun for many people. DBZA is just great. >>3543 I mean the anime is comparable to SAO in how much it squanders its own potential. >>3090 Heh, reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jItEnE8VFA
>>3751 Z was fun up to Frieza and a decent series finale if you cut out the filler. Everything afterwards is stupid though. t. someone that watched both shows on TV as they came out
(583.43 KB 860x970 Genos punch Sonic.png)
I personally hate 90% of yaoi 1) Because I'm not gay 2) Because most writers make it the most contrived fujoshi shite ever 3) Because its always done obscenely All that said an interesting doujin is Victory by Ellen Chain for One Punch Man, depicting Genos and Speed o' Sound Sonic https://e-hentai.org/g/1213230/a2bafbeb15/
cbr.com and its anime articles are 90% garbage written by idiots who either have not seen the anime they're talking about or have a shallow understanding of them. An example of this idiocy is https://www.cbr.com/naruto-strongest-women-ranked/ Rin Nohara is ranked higher than Ino Yamanaka because she was briefly a host to the 3-tailed beast. Meanwhile Yugao isn't even on the list despite being an Anbu with sill. Tenten is also ignored despite being a more notable appearance than even "Muh Ubermaki" Kushina. If we're really going for obscure/filler powerful women, the fucking all-women's ninja village was a clear demonstration of strength as well. Or what about Tayuya? Her abilities were pretty kickass. But no Kushina Uzumaki and Rin Nohara are the ones on the list, despite the latter having no actual feats onscreen or otherwise, and the former being a late-ass add-on character with few feats outside of her OP asspulled Kekkei Genkai. Ironically CBR seems to be worst with Naruto the other Big Threed Shonen anime while newer shonene like Black Clover and BnHA is not as shittily covered.
>>2039 Most Naruto Part I fillers weren't all that bad. Some of the comedic ones like the Ostrich one was shitty, but small arcs after the Sasuke Retrieval canon were fairly fun and let side characters shine more, while remaining within the theme of the show. It also presented Sakura as someone other than an abusive cunt.
If the Uchiha were such hot shit, why didn't Kabuto revive clan members during the war... or those of the Hyuuga, or other such big clans. The psychological damage would probably be quite effective.
>>3766 >I personally hate 90% of yaoi I don't think this is a hot take though. Everybody knows the few good yaoi shows and manga are only the exception. But I'll occasionally watch/read some of that garbage (original, not doujins), in the way you would occasionally eat an entire bag of chips or a burger, and feel disgusted with yourself. Or just go straight for the porn. >1) Because I'm not gay <still reads it Interesting, I'd never heard of a straight guy who liked that stuff. >2) Because most writers make it the most contrived fujoshi shite ever >3) Because its always done obscenely Of course I don't disagree, but could you give some examples? Just for laughs >>3751 Hot take: the Buu saga is fun. >>2848 Hot take: I don't give a shit about its quality or fans, I just like the characters. Actually, I think a million teenagers liking it is actually useful for them (particularly burgers since they tend to be so ignorant) to get introduced to world history and other cultures, with the drawback that they're getting a cutesy, whitewashed and extremely simplified interpretation of events, but fanworks could potentially help them learn more (and in fact there's many examples of this, though the most "serious" are usually of the edgy kind). Aside from that, the series is basically the same as any other "funny history told through anthropomorphized countries" comic/video and the fans are basically the same as any other annoying fandom of 14-year-olds, and just as easy to avoid/tolerate IMO. Actually, I didn't know it had gotten so big, until a couple days ago I was reminded of its existence. I thought its peak was 10 years ago and would never be that popular again.
>>4722 >still read it I didn't know it was yaoi until I'd gotten through it, cause tagging is unreliable on e-hentai. I thought it was Rule 63. >Examples A bit hard, since I almost always click away as soon as I know something's yaoi, but a good example is Naruto-Sasuke shit, where half the time the latter fucks the former in his Sexy Jutsu before it dispels and ends up fucking him as a guy... usually as part of a plot to get Sasuke back from Orochimaru... with sex.
(629.55 KB 652x939 Seal Beastars.png)
>>4731 >>4722 Also another good example is Beastar's content. That shit has so much hilarious Yaoishit with Legoshi
(952.72 KB 320x320 1593180361189.gif)
Dragon Ball Z is actually pretty shitty compared to Dragon ball GT and Dragon ball and Dragon ball super is even worse. Dragon ball GT was actually really good.
(37.61 KB 178x120 good one.gif)
>>4741 >i trol u Heh.
>>4742 Go watch Dragon Ball and then watch Dragon Ball Z after that. DragonBall Z sucks. Dragon ball is a fun story about a group of misfits who go around collecting the magic dragon balls to fulfill their own selfish (yet ultimately interconnected) interests were the real lesson isn't what they get from the Dragon Balls themselves but then fun and People they met along the way. That's the real lesson. Now watch DragonBallZ - >Oh no super powerful dude better just train in 1billion times gravity. >oh no the worlds gonna get blown up... Again It's boring. We only liked it as children because we didn't know any better and we liked the flashing colors.
>>4743 We both know the part you have to justify is "GT was actually really good"
>>4748 It was. GT attempted to return to the adventurous roots of dragon ball while still mixing the battle shonen elements of GT. It was not as good as dragon ball, but, better than dragon ball Z and Super and was over all bretty good.
(185.76 KB 1201x663 1483479857549.png)
>>4741 Anybody who likes GT and shits on canon DB should be sent to the fucking gulags permanently >>4743 >>4751 t.lying revisionist scum Only the first saga of GT was the adventure stuff Everything that you whine about Z and Super was what eventually GT became and carried out even worse.
>>2125 Someone ought to make an edit of that.
>>2267 Blasphemy.
>>2037 fuck naruto fuck clannad fuck SAO fuck boku no hero death note was meh gintama isnt funny steins gate is good but doesnt deserve the hype same for fullmetal alchemist (this is probably where you lost me kek) watched anohana till the end and it was boring af more of a personal thing, but why do people watch sports animes, i think they are boring af...
>>4931 Ippo is pretty good but kind of loses steam when he becomes too strong.
>>4936 ive seen some of it, i can get why people like it but... the genre is just not my thing i guess
>>4931 you can't shit on fullmetal alchemist and not nominate your version of good work. go on I'm eagerly waiting
(520.92 KB 1280x720 portada_moriarty-4.jpg)
>>2037 Is James P. Moriarty- dare I say- /our/guy? Yes. >removes the corrupt nobility >seeks to destroy the class system >uses the higher status he aquired to help people of lower class >is intellectual yet not afraid to use violence to deal justice
>>2546 Reinhard was a true revolutionary. Yang was a stupid revisionist republican.
>>4969 hunter x hunter is my favorite shounen so far
Explaining Detective Conan Syndrome An interesting explanation I read Detective Conan is one of the most popular manga in Japan and it's been around since like 1994. It's a mystery series that has an overarching plot (easily the most interesting part of it) and did start out having actual cause and effect and logical observant characters but as the story went on it became more and more... phoned in? The Japanese fans are tasteless clowns (these are the same people who hated Gohan and who loved Sasuke so much) that only care about the "murder of the week" stuff (*) and that's all Aoyama writes about. Every time the plot looks like it might go somewhere he goes back to random murder mystery with no plot relevance #8012 or he adds yet another character to the already ridiculously bloated cast (even after 1000 chapters and after the author has gone on hiatuses for health reasons and was supposedly going to kick the plot into overdrive he obviously didn't). Once upon a time the characters all got adequate focus but now if they appear at all it's probably just for that one 3 chapter arc and who knows when you'll see them again (someone else somewhere else on the internet said it better than me but just look at Haibara's relevance as the manga goes on). And no matter how much it looks like the plot will actually move along don't get your hopes up because Aoyama will find a way to maintain the status quo. *that's fine when there's like 900 chapters left to read and you're binge reading it all but when you're reading it week to week you realize it's the same cookie cutter stuff every time One Piece is honestly the same song and dance. The first 100 chapters are the best written in the entire manga and it was still great to varying extents up through Amazon Lily** (Impel Down and Marineford are fun but they do irrevocably change the nature of the series, especially with Oda's perpetual need to one-up himself). At the start of the series characters feel more real and they all had focus but as the series goes on they become little if anything more than catchphrases. Characters either never grow or they revert backwards after achieving character growth. Fights used to be drawn out and fully shown and now perspectives shift all the time and only Luffy's fights are ever shown. In both mangas the best character (Shiho Miyano and Robin Nico) is totally wasted and the main plot never makes any progress. Remember when they were about to ask Reyleigh about the Void Century and Luffy shut that down because Oda wanted to milk the manga forever (when the manga was already close to 600 chapters in and probably longer than Dragon Ball's entire run)? ...Yeah. **Water 7 / Enies Lobby made what was a unique adventure series (seriously go look up how many actual adventure anime/manga there are they're rare) into a much more generic power level based shonen battle gauntlet, set the precedent for the "cheetah on a treadmill" sort of pacing and solidified Sanji (previously one of the coolest characters) into a joke character. But it also had stuff like Usopp leaving the crew which you'll never see again. Thriller Bark was the last time One Piece felt like old One Piece and is the last time you ever see the Strawhats fight together as a crew. Haki (particularly Armament Haki) ruined One Piece. I would argue that Franky and Brook were superfluous additions to the crew that cluttered the manga, that the crew should never have split up in the first place and that Ace and Sabo are worthless superfluous characters but no one asked. Whole Cake Arc was surprisingly good after the previous few arcs at least until Big Mom started chasing them and the Reverie (all five seconds of it we saw) was the best most interesting thing anyone had seen in the manga for years but Wano killed One Piece once and for all.
(25.41 KB 243x300 taste.jpeg)
This is my only anime hot take but every time I bring it up I get great debates over it: Yoshikage Kira should absolutely not have gotten sheer heart attack, Dio only got a stand from stealing a Jo-body, and it's very clear that one body = one stand Just because Kira changes his appearance up doesn't mean that he should get another fucking stand, this is the ONLY rule for stands that Araki actually sticks to but then he fucks it up be letting Kira get two.
>>5156 Shit take. Kira isn't the only one who gets multiple stands in Diamond is unbreakable. Jotaro gets the world, Koichi gets three acts, and the stray cat gains more abilities as it grows (controlling air, resurrecting itself in another form). Kira isn't the only one who breaks this magical rule of yours and that rule is shit anyways.
>>5186 >and Jojo is shit anyways FTFY
(1.35 MB 498x498 heckuwu.gif)
>>2037 I don't care if your retarded op <3
>>5187 Absolutely.
>>5188 How do you misread that so badly
(386.63 KB 1920x1080 spikey cock and atheism mascot.jpg)
Anime is discount animation. You can debate that the writing and plot is overall superior, but it might as well be a manga with more frames and voice acting.
>>5226 >spiky cock and atheism mascot.jp the fuck!? >discount animation depends on the show and scenes TBH. If you look at DBZ that's definitely true; with monotonous kick-punch sequences that only change in background. If you look at fight scenes in Naruto or HxH however there is a difference. For example the Kakashi and Obito fight is handicapped in the manga, while the anime makes it incredibly dynamic and well animated. Of course there is the fuck up with Pain vs 6-tails Naruto, but that's an outlier given the many good fights.
>>5226 Well they are using like 1/8th the resources your typical western cartoon is using and they have actual character designs to them that they have to move around instead of abstractions of people with bean heads. If you want to generalize of course, I love me some western cartoons when they are good but...most aren't good.
>>5228 >the fuck!? Well they censor the cat so I admit I'm guessing about the anatomically-correct cock. And the legged-fish is named Darwin. >>5238 True, although... >and they have actual character designs to them that they have to move around instead of abstractions of people with bean heads. This conversation may turn into a '90s cartoons' lecture very quickly. The 'bean head' phenomenon is mislabeled 'CalArts' style on /co/ and it's a shameful cancer. Western TV animation is well past its golden age.
>>5186 Koichi's evolving stand I don't see as multiple stands, it's just able to turn into different forms like King Crimson. Now Jotaro getting the world on the other hand I have no defense for.
>>5242 >Well they censor the cat so I admit I'm guessing about the anatomically-correct cock. And the legged-fish is named Darwin Ah, that makes sense.
Naruto is actually great until the last few arcs. After Sasuke vs Itachi the series went downhill fast.
>>5251 I thin shit went downhill after the 5-kage summit IMO. Pain Arc was fucking kino and between Jiraiya's final mission, Naruto's sage training, the Pain attack and the final confrontation of Nagato and Naruto, it was top-tier stuff.
>>5252 I can see that argument. My main problem with the Pain arc is the ending when Naruto beat Nagato with talk-no-jutsu, everything before that was quality.
>>5226 and without the shitty speedlines so all shounen get legitimized kek
Goblin Slayer is Leftist.
>>5254 People keep talking bout talk-no-jutsu like it's a bad thing and forget that Naruto never just talks, he beats the shit outta them first.


no cookies?