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(139.02 KB 725x770 ARMSLAVE_Rk-92.png)
/m/ おたく 05/08/2020 (Fri) 16:46:19 No. 855
This is a red-blooded Soviet mech. Say something nice about it!
>>2987 /based/
>>3159 Indeed, that's how we know he's a giant hack.
(43.34 KB 320x464 5854-1469498235.jpg)
what is it about this man that inspires such animosity in zoomers
>>3163 >make decent setting >make decent anti-war story >characters persist against overwhelming odds and despair PSYCHIC TEENAGERS
(111.02 KB 850x1200 kkhaqfqcib931.jpg)
>>3165 >PSYCHIC TEENAGERS This is the best part of the show, yes.
>>3167 Wasted opportunity. He could have made Lala based on Lakshmi Sahgal, she served in the Japaneses backed Indian National Army, fighting against the allied forces in WWII, after the war she joined the CPI. The story could explore the tension between collaborating with a fascist invader and fighting against colonialism for national liberation. Assuming, of course, that global south countries UC0079 were still subjects of the EF government, later UC Gundam works seem to imply that this was the case. No need to make Lala some psychic child prostitute exploited for her power. Instead, for example, Zeon could be exploiting oppressed locals as troops to boost their numbers and offering national self determination after the war in exchange.
(1.16 MB 292x323 confused.gif)
>>3183 >he should have made an entirely different show with a way more serious and explicit political/historical focus than would have ever been allowed on a telivision anime in the 70s with a shortened runtime and 20 minute episodes Are you a retard as well as a psued? Are you even aware of the historical precedent that 0079 set for anime? Are you aware Tomino literally invented the genre of mecha being weapons for actual war rather than just toy commercials for kids with plots attached? That he was 10 years ahead of his time? Do you realise this is an anime board and you are talking about a robot anime from the 70s? The absolute fuck is wrong with zoomers.
>>3184 >The absolute fuck is wrong with zoomers. capitalism
>>3183 >Assuming, of course, that global south countries UC0079 were still subjects of the EF government, later UC Gundam works seem to imply that this was the case. yeah, they are still subjected to western imperialism, ZZ has a story arc about this too.
>>3184 to be fair 0079 is the most political explicit gundam, they later loose all the nuances, ZZ brought some stuff back like >>3188 but it got lost later on, modern stuff like 00 have made up countries and the protagonists work for a "benevolent private company" called Celestial Being, it's very cringe and it's a shame because the first five minutes were pretty promosing from this pov, I still have to watch IBO tho, I hope modern gundam can still offer something.
>>3189 and with "benevolent" I mean like they pursue peace and that's just it, it was not to suggest anyting shady, just pure liberal idealism.
>>3189 Gundam has interesting politics but its just window dressing much like the mecha and fights. Its always been about interpersonal conflict between the characters. Amuro's growth as a soldier and an adult. Bright dealing with being the newb captain of a ship full of children. Kai taking shit seriously. Char obsessing over his rivalry and losing sight of his revenge etc etc. What's misunderstood about tomino shows (and I feel his success at this varies wildly) is the characters move inspite of the plot. Not the other way around. >is the most political explicit gundam I guess I agree but its really just that one hitler line you're thinking of, isn't it? I always thought the background politics in zeta were way more interesting. Seeing the corrupt federation fall to a fascist coup is pretty interesting compared to allies v. nazis but in space. Also yeah thats what I've heard about 00. I don't really care about gundam without tomino personally. It's his franchise whether they publish fanfiction like Unicorn or not. I'd rather watch one of the several takahashi shows I've yet to watch if I want more mecha shit.
>>3192 obviously the focus is on characters and the general anti-war message but 0079 setted all the political worldbuilding, it just not the hitler line or Zeon using the german iron cross and the rising sun as insigna but the portrayal of the federation as an imperialist power that exploits the space colonies, that are literal colonies of them, Amuro gets called privileged by Kai for being Canadian! also the darker portrayal of the ESFS begun in 0079, the behavior of their troops in Amuro's home town totally remembered what I read and know from my grandma of USA's military occupation in my region and I really felt that, so while Zeta does interesting stuff with the Titans (which was obviously a great development that I really liked) which I also find ahead of their times, I already say that aspect already laid out in 0079 and later flahsed out in Zeta and if I may go hard on Zeta, without even getting anywhere interesting because we get a stereotypical evil jupiter space man as the later villain of the series, stripping it out of every political tone it had by that point.
>>3197 You're right that part of the setting is that the earth is portrayed as the "elites" while the spacenoids were basically the poor pushed into colonies to deal with overpopulation. I actually always thought it was a mistep that the series didn't do more to show that Zeon was subverting a genuine want for liberation in the spacenoid population. You have a few lines from Sayla and Kai but that really isn't much. I recall Zeta doing more to layout the conflict between earth/spacenoids than 0079 did in its short runtime with Char criticizing the federation while fighting the explicitly bigoted titan faction as well as giving us a whole speach on his father and spacenoids etc. I really don't agree about the political complaints with Zeta. It is consistent in that the politics are mostly a contrivance for the character interactions from start to finish. That sciroco was a backstabbing ladder climber in the fascist faction doesn't really change that. Idk man maybe read some historical fiction like For Whom the Bell Tolls or something if you want your stories to have a really well developed political setting.
>>3198 yeah, ZZ did it at the end but it had more potential to work with, but again I'd say the concept is for sure laid out in 0079 too, first they tell you about the actual Zeon revolution by Ramba Ral's (but at that point you think it's just a fascist "revolution) but tthen you connect the dots about truths when you get to know about the Zabi's counter-revolution by Sayla's and Casval's confrontation at the Texas Colony. About Zeta, I think it peaked in both its political context and in the anime itself with the Dakar conference, I felt saddened when it got mostly all about Scirocco's personal ambitions and when basically everyone (even him) forgots that Quattro promised to stop hiding and being Char again, and in name too, but then he is still Lt. Quattro for anyone. TL;DR: I have my issues with the latter arc of Zeta and I find 0079 (the movies at least) more solid and offering every political themes fleshed out in the UC. PS: I'm really grateful for your raccomandation and I will check it for sure, thanks really.
(81.84 KB 640x360 Santiago.jpg)
Interesting post I read. Silurio1 [S] 7 points 10 days ago* Robotech (Macross, kinda), reached my country in 1987, during the worst year for human rights in Chile since 1975. It was aired in "Canal 13", a right wing corporate TV channel, one of the 4 we had. I was only 2 back then, but it was rerun a bunch of times. So I grew up with it. I quite liked it, even tho I didn't quite get the story or continuity, since I could only watch one or two from the 5 episodes aired every week. I even had the collectable album. Decades later I was watching "Do you remember love" when I read "Santiago" (the name of my city) in the Macross city cinema. So I paused, read and googled. It was the documentary, "Il pleut sur Santiago". "It rains over Santiago", a documentary about the 1973 coup by Pinochet. It still makes me tear up, to think that the makers of a beloved show from my childhood were thinking about us when making this movie, eleven years after the fact. That half a world away, they still in their hearts felt the need to denounce the atrocities my people were suffering.
(37.81 KB 340x878 Char_Aznable_One_Year_War.jpg)
Is Zeon the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany? How much did the cold war influence Mobile Suit Gundam 0079? I've heard people argue for both sides though the common argument is that they were Nazis. The previous answers I received before being told to take this here were the following >sieg zeon >heil zeon >that flag Zeon during OYW = Nazi Germany Neo Zeon = generic opportunistic fascists Neo Zeon under Char = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXSkaSkVBYA
I noticed in GunBuster Episode 5 there is a calendar for 2021 that has Van Halen on it... it's a little sad he didn't live to 2021.
Maybe it's just me, but Gunbuster is a very under-rated show from what I've seen. As in people list it as a good anime, but only in passing, with little to say about it. For me, I have a hard time putting into words its impact on me. The small flaws of the compact OVA are irrelevant to the major details that really resonated. That bitter-sweet ending of the last episode made me feel a want to shed a tear for real, and I had a strange ache in my heart, that only worsened the more I thought about the idea of knowing that everyone you've ever known has been gone for 12 millenia... While NGE is in many ways Anno's most prominent work, in a less depressive and edgy regard, Gunbuster has given me similar self-reflection and simple but deep feelings in even less time.
(94.38 KB 640x400 ZJFCCCP.png)
>>876 >>874 Is Jung Freud /ourmuse/?
>>2918 Same anon, here I finished it and enjoyed it quite a bit more than I did earlier. My criticisms of Fa/Puru still stand, but after a certain story beat, I think Puru became a better character. Everything on Earth was thoroughly enjoyable, especially the Dublin arc Wish I had more closure on Kamille but I am satisfied enough with what was shown
(2.80 MB 1024x576 1546640589407.webm)
I'm kinda in the mood to moan about *pr*s*ng again. Would that be cool here?
>>4935 >*pr*s*ng What the heck is that?
(675.48 KB 1615x1215 XbMC0a.jpg)
>>4943 Y'know. The sequel.
>>4952 Ohhhh ok, jeez, I thought it was some code word or some shit. Yeah, go ahead, talk about that shitshow all you like, I'll even join in, it's on topic for sure.
>>4935 Even though technically the physics of Pacific Rim aren't totally correct, (this is mecha so that's not the biggest concern) The way it was animated and shot made you really FEEL the gargantuan motions of those robots and the impacts against flesh and bone. The plot and acting were cheesy but it fit the genre and I really enjoyed it. The sequel was shit, and the only good part was some cool robots and monsters, which is barely anything in a whole bucket of idiocy. It really lacks the same feel of the first film (probably cause Del Toro wasn't involved).
>>4964 >>4935 Just to add, my only complaint about Pacific Rim is that Cherno Alpha got torn apart so easily and didn't even use it's huge nuclear flamethrowers or seriously damage Otachi.
(2.28 MB 500x208 #1.gif)
(8.98 MB 736x416 #2.gif)
(2.93 MB 480x199 #3.gif)
(2.88 MB 530x220 #4.gif)
I guess the reason I still think about Uprising is because of the tiny bits of good (animation & design wise) it had which only encourages me to think up of a better sequel while still keeping the bits I like. I haven't even seen it again, beginning to end, since it came out so my memory might fail me. Anyway, I think the VR simulation scuffle is a good scene to work through my thoughts. At your own risk: https://youtu.be/qrMn80ARkoE >lighting - gif #1 So, yeah, Onibaba actually looks great here under broad daylight. The other kaiju do too, for the most part. I'd say this is by far the most positive thing Uprising managed to achieve. The warm light is perfectly contrasted with shadows dark enough to obscure some of the kaiju's details. I'm no artist but I think strong shadows are important to sell not only how "real" it looks, but also the scale. On the other hand, the jaegers look kinda iffy. The main jaegers tend to be overly glossy and look washed out under harsher light. Titan Redeemer looks good though in the 3rd gif. I think the warmer light helps. There were also some lighting changes between the first trailer and final product that I might get to in another post. >the big problem, or, 2fast 0furious - gif #2 The next thing to notice after how nice the crab looks is just how quickly this otherwise good shot moved to the next. Compare that to the original which lingers, inviting us to appreciate and digest what is on screen. Also note how the glancing morning star immediately cuts to Titan closing in without any moment in between. There are other king crimson cuts like this which just ruins the flow. It's not simply that "they move faster". Everything is faster. The more stylised camera would actually be interesting to see if not for the fact that it's combined with the already faster movement, quicker shots and snappier cuts which btw also likes to cut to conn-pod scenes which are almost, if not equally, as long as the now shorter snippets of combat in between thanks to the faster speed. In contrast, the first film had them sandwiched between longer scenes of fighting, there's less empty dialogue and the conn-pods are actually interesting to look at! See the Knifehead webm for example. >>4935 >weight - gif #3 This is such a cool little moment it honestly makes me sad. Why is this not the standard? Lighting and "physics" are on point. Inertia in action as Titan buckles and shakes when Onibaba intercepts the blow. There are probably other details like this in the movie if you look hard enough but they're still subdued by the above issues. Too few and far in between and are easily missed due to everything being faster and them being less prominent. I do feel like the animators were trying, but like the way they tried to establish scale, they ultimately failed to achieve the same sense of weight and scale that graced the setpieces of the first. The hits lack the punch you'd expect (that flaccid elbow rocket...) and jaegers even get thrown around like ragdolls a couple of times by normal sized kaiju. There's no longer any interest to focus on the working of pistons, locking of joints and shifting of plates which is completely antithethical to the original design philosophy. Where are the closeups of weapons and transformations? WHERE'S THE FUCKING LAUNCH SEQUENCE? >jaegers moving too organically - gif #4 Another factor that compounds the weight issue. Looking at the gif, the problem isn't really Titan's speed. It's how smooth it looks as it gingerly twists its hips to provide power to the weapon. There's always a bit of "weightlessness" before a hit connects, I think, but you'd expect at least some hint of mechanisms locking and shifting. Even if there were though, Uprising's editing style would just bury that detail. The jaegers almost look like they copy the pilots 1:1. This makes no sense inside and outside the context of the movie. Why would you animate/design jaegers to copy the pilot's every flinch, fumble or other useless and potentially harmful movements? Outside the story, the jaegers just end up moving too organically to give them that mechanical feel and weight the original jaegers had. There has always been some disconnect between the pilots and the jaegers themselves. Eliminating that is basically shooting yourself in the foot. >where's my kaiju fisticuffs? There's seemingly an aversion to any sort of drawn out close combat between kaiju and jaegers this time around. Maybe because it would be too "boring" or "repetitive"? So then what did we get with the 4v3 in Tokyo? Kaiju gets flattened repeatedly by buildings while jaeger runs away. Kaiju gets kicked repeatedly and runs away. Kaiju shoots spikes but gets shot at back and...runs away. There's barely any sense of danger until mega kaiju and by that point, jaegers are virtually useless so they just divebomb it. I get more of a rush just watching that 3rd gif. A perfectly usable kaiju team wasted. Shrikethorn harassing jaegers with its javelins before slinking in between buildings for cover. Hakuja using both it's digging and climbing skills to ensnare and suprise jaegers from below and above. Raijin is obviously a tank, handling two jaegers with its protective abilities wouldn't be a stretch. Remove mega kaiju since it's a useless gimmick and devote that time to these three. Just imagine. >sound design Alright, whatever happened here was downright cursed. Mechanical sounds are mostly superseded by digital ones. GRRRRRRR-Kshnk is now vrrrrrr beep boop. Especially the weapons, from swords popping out to missiles being launched. Seriously though, what's up with that new plasmacaster? Gipsy Danger's had that understated and satisfying dink which was perfectly complemented by the rippling and bubbling of vaporising flesh. The new one is literally just loud noise. That weird filter for the pilot helmets is dumb too. The weak selection of sfx brings the whole thing even further down. Weak looking hits sound even weaker. All that said, I think the kaiju roars are fine. Pacific Rim wasn't only a treat to look at, but to listen to as well. All those powerful and immersive sounds arranged meticulously which points our attention to specific things at specific times while not drowning each other out or the music. Maybe I'm not remembering correctly but I think there were parts in Uprising where the audio mixing is just bad, like sections where the music gets drowned out by the action, some of which I actually like after giving them a listen. I might have to check myself but, eh. I'm out of steam.
>>4981 This is an excellent effort-rant about that movie. I applaud this and will give it more attention when I've got the time.
(158.06 KB 1500x1500 bracer_phoenix.jpg)
(280.18 KB 1000x1297 titan_redeemer.jpg)
(426.33 KB 1920x802 guardian_bravo.jpg)
(122.98 KB 1500x1500 obsidian_fury.jpg)
>>4982 I feel like I could add a bit more but, eh. It's always been hard for me to describe what makes the "Jaeger" look, what with all the variety coming from different generations and places. But if there's a word I'd choose, it'd be: Solid. Made to take, and give, beatings. There's a wonderful marriage of curved and flat surfaces in most of them. Even Cherno, which can be described as taped-together boxes, has its prominent cooling tower ushanka and incinerator tubes. In the strangest way, I feel it also helps with the sense of scale since one can't help but think: "Damn, that thing is so huge there's bound to be both kinds of shapes all over it," if that makes any sense. There are a few designs in Uprising that I either like or at least think can be easily improved. I'll start with... >Bracer Phoenix This falls into the latter. The image of the HG plamo from that particular angle with some more basically sums up what it could've been. Instead of the short, pudgy thing it actually is, the flattering angle turns it into a tall and imposing wall. The changes would be: >shorter pauldrons so the edges would be more flush with the upper arm, also to ease up on the downward slope >slightly thinner (less wide) chest >thicker, longer abdomen/waist that doesn't look like it's going to snap >also maybe lose the chicken legs for straighter ones. maybe longer or just an overall size increase so it wouldn't be dwarfed. With it's visor, collar and thick forearms, I think it looks a bit like a heavier, more armoured cousin of Gipsy. It manages to attain some of the look without being as blatant a successor as Avenger. Perhaps there's some potential in that? There's also an unused concept of a third chest gun that links with the other two as a minigun. Utilising this would've solidified its image as an unyielding mobile artillery platform that turns to rocket-boosted knuckler dusters when things get too hot. I'm tempted to imagine a drawn-out, long-range engagement between Shrikethorn and the improved BP. One, a skirmisher that pellets the jaegers before quickly finding cover while the other, a striding blaze of cannons and missiles. >Titan Redeemer The more I look, the more I like it. This concept art and the Onibaba gif in particular. The broad yet smooth shoulders are strangely pleasing and create a unique silhouette. I much prefer Titan's way of having prominent shoulders compared to BP's. It's like there's a thing going on with them in Uprising, huh? The panels at the top of the head look kind of like slicked back hair or dreads, and the conn-pod reminds me more of a face statue or mask rather than some sort of helmet. With its signature flail, the entire thing makes me think of a golem or mythical statue given life. Bionicle? Shame it's only a background jaeger. If we were to take the BP-as-full-armour-gipsy route, I'd like to see Titan as a main. >Guardian Bravo I can't hate this guy. I can see why one would call it generic or boring, but the feeling I get is "old-school", and not even old-school jaeger but old-school mecha. The colours and those thingies that peek from the back remind me especially of Robot Jox. There's a real heroic sense to it's design. The weakest areas I'd say are the midsection and parts of the shoulders and forearms that stick way too up and out. The best parts are definitely its legs and stompy feet. I don't like the whips though. Doesn't seem like anything that could kill a kaiju. Personally, I think hand-held weapons don't really fit jaegers. Partly due to their size, but also I feel that they don't really click aesthetically. Hard to explain. Jaegers mesh better with integrated and transforming weapons, like Gipsy's plasmacaster, Striker's chest missiles and CT's saws. Also, no chance of dropping them. >Obsidian Fury Best design and probably best thing to come out of Uprising, by far. I love this thing as much as the originals. Tall, lean and sleek as hell. Very humanoid and smooth all over with futuristic linings on its surface. Colder and more arrogant than Striker could hope to be. I don't know what more to say. Really, there are more words I can dedicate on how unfortunate this design with incredible potential had to be wasted on Uprising. Seriously, even without Del Toro's directing, Obsidian should have been the main villain from beginning to end. I feel it could've easily been some sort of top of the line, next-gen super mecha (mark vii?) that gets jaegerjacked instead of Newt's secret project. Its design would work as both a menacing villain and a representation of how far J-tech has come. The whole package gives it the impression of ruthless efficiency and cunning. It would be a foil to the kaiju's honest brutality and a sign of the precursors' true intelligence. An agent of disruption and sabotage, later acting as shepherd and steward to the newly arrived kaiju. Now that would've been something.
(334.66 KB 851x958 1592442780397.png)
Question, would Toku related discussion be appropriate in this thread or does it warrant a separate thread?
>>5158 toku is /m/; don't let anyone tell you otherwise
(31.82 KB 600x459 boatswords.jpg)
>>5087 >>4981 This really sums up how I feel about Uprising, especially how the Jaegers were less mechanical than the first. The first one had maybe more *roughness* attached to it that really did it for me. I might need to give it another shot though
(1.20 MB 1920x816 old_missiles.png)
(101.50 KB 1280x720 new_missiles.jpg)
(764.93 KB 1920x799 old_chainsaws.jpg)
(108.71 KB 1280x720 new_chainsaws.jpg)
(4.22 MB 349x196 new_chainsaws_animation.gif)
Are ya ready for more? So, a thing I don't really see other people talk about Uprising is the lighting change. I noticed the daylight scenes in the first trailer are not as bright as in the final product, with darker shadows and less glare. Some Sydney and Tokyo scenes in particular featured a warmer, yellowish glow rather than the harsher white glare seen in the release version. They seem to have been done away with by the second trailer. Even scenes that were otherwise unchanged like the kaiju group shot look slightly brighter from that point on. Whether these were placeholders/WIP and changes were already set or only made after the 1st trailer, I don't know. But in general, I think the changes only served for the worse. >comparison #1 - first missile barrage It really sucks that Obsidian got the short end of the stick again. The short time it had is also marred by this strange decision the change the, imo, already good lighting. Among other things, there's a clear decision to make its panel linings more obvious which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the final result ends up making Obsidian look either too glossy, too washed out or worse, both. I really like the impression you get from the old one. The highlighted areas are nowhere near the level of the revamp but still reveal bits of OF's surface detail. The shadows are dark, hiding the details and reducing most of its physique into a deep silhouette even under sunlight. This along with the lower glare, I feel, makes the orange lights dotting its form pop out more. It's a cool aesthetic for a villain. >comparison #2 - chainsaw reveal Obsidian also gets too glossy at times as I mentioned. It's actually worse in the ensuing fight, but it's already somewhat evident here. The old one acfually has a bit of gloss too, but manages to pull it off more convincingly. I think it's the general brightness increase, more obvious surface detail and mirror polish that don't really work together, making it look uncanny at times. Another thing is the changed animation which I feel made the moment weaker. But it's not only a visual issue. The cursed sound design means the saws pop out with those digital noises that really confuses my ears. In the original however, the more decisive gesture of pulling out both saws at the same time was also accompanied by a pretty solid SHNK. It might've been sfx added for the trailer, but it works.
>>5165 >comparison #3 - siberia This is also a multi-layered comparison since not only is the lighting different, but so is the location of the later half of Obsidian's final fight. I think both the old and new starts the same since both began with a heavier blizzard and a mountain in the background. After the chasm drop (first appeared in 2nd trailer) however, the new one transitions into a brighter, sun-lit sky and the old one's mountain is replaced with ice cliffs stretching into the horizon. Again, the change follows the "make it brighter" mentality. It's not as bad a change though for this particular moment. The rest of the fight is another matter. Still, I prefer the older iteration. The cloudy sky isn't as bright and a blue hue saturates the scene while white yet again dominates the new one. The mountain is not only more visually interesting, but I think also works better for a sense of scale. There's ice chunks scattered about which I'm not sure it'd work but again: scale and visually interesting. Am I crazy for thinking the more visible clouds help too? Which brings me to another thing lost from the first movie: the relationship between mood and weather. This version actually looks dire and gloomy even without the help of rain, the night or a blizzard. Obsidian still retains the "dark silhouette" quality in the old version, with the orange lights adding a bit of detail. Otherwise, both jaegers still have some reflective sheen without it being overdone. There's a neat moment where the sparks light up OF's surface detail for a split second which no longer happens with how bright the new one is. The bits of metal flying off look nice too and I have no idea why they're removed. Oh, and there's also Gipsy's searchlights barely shining through the air.
>>5165 >Are ya ready for more? Yes! Epice Uprising breakdowns are kino AF
>>5159 Cool beans, I guess I will start the toku train by shilling Kamen Rider Kuuga. Please folks, you can stream it for free and it is certified kino
>>4148 The amount of fanwank about CCA and Char's intentions in that movie easily drowns out the works of Marx and Engels in sheer quantity of text on the internet. I personally go with the suicide by cop + homo-rivalry theory. "Amuro I'm about to do something extremely wicked" and all that. About 0079, I don't think the cold war influenced much of it and imo it's like Tomino tried to do a straight WWII story but in space. Zeon is clearly the Axis meanwhile the EF is the allies, the soviet influence in the last one is more diluted but they included several memes like human (GM) wave attacks and the EFSF using red and gold as their color scheme. The neutral colonies like Side 7 were sort of analog to the colonial war torn countries like China but that's much much more diluted. >>4158 Do you agree with the analysis that Gunbuster is kinda a masturbatory japanazi fantasy? I remember somebody on /leftyweebpol/ posting this article about it and it really made me think: https://animekritik.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/imperialism-translation-gunbuster-introduction/
>>5175 >japanazi I really don't see how TBH. If anything the situation of Gunbuster's world is that of collectivization and elimination of capitalist extremities outside of some mild hobby-commodities (music, toys, clothes etc.). The story is that of self-sacrifice for a greater cause, with the ending being bittersweet as they survive but everyone and everything they knew, loved and hated are dead and gone The vague Okinawa references are just references to the Japanese recent past and does very little to project any ideas of nationalism. That's like saying a film with sets in Berlin and portraying the Reichstag is a Germanazi fantasy.
(1.28 MB 795x996 Be Invoked.png)
(1.95 MB 475x356 1603885387436.gif)
>>5175 >>5178 Epic blogpost guy is overreaching hard for the fun of it but anno was definitely influenced by growing up watching the animes of hardcore nationalists like leiji matsumoto and probably absorbing imperial japanese fetishism. I mean japan literally took over the world in gunbuster lol. Its hard to say gunbuster itself is nationalistic though since the time dialation and impossible odds and mecha wank are way more important than the setting which is barely relevant other than being a near future earth. (Plus anno apologised!) Its funny what an opposite to Leiji that Tomino seems to be on this front seeing as he is another big anime name that anno has sucked off throughout his career. In the anime+movie Ideon the bad guys are an almost rediculously overt parody of imperial japan eg. constantly referring to themselves as samurai, waxing about honor, war crimes out the wazoo, an entire episode where a commander forces his soldiers to kamikaze the enemy with promises of honor for their families only to pussy out when confronted with the enemy himself. Hell if not for Tomino constantly shitting on tribalism maybe young otaku anno would have grown up into an imperialist apologist like the attack on titan guy. On that note everyone should watch Ideon, its the best.
>>5216 >an imperialist apologist like the attack on titan guy I'm still not buying it, the theme of Attack on Titan seems to change every six months. The only constant seems to be the endless carnage.
>>5221 >the theme of Attack on Titan seems to change every six months I don't read/watch shonen. I'm referring to things the mangaka has said online about japan's occupation of korea.
>>5222 I wouldn't really categorize Attack on Titan as shonen.
>>5223 Well I don't wanna be pedantic but it seems to be sold as a shonen. If its the gore thats confusing you then that Bleach show got pretty gorey too. Hell fotns was a shonen jump series back in the day iirc.
>>5223 On a side note, a single decently large mecha would basically turn the tide in Attack on Titan with ease. A basic Gundam would probably handle almost all but the armored and colossal titans.
(1015.22 KB 1920x816 old_siberia.png)
>>5169 Something I forgot to add. One of the bits I remember from Del Toro's commentary track is the idea of creating different levels of colour and light to create scale. I think it came up during Gipsy vs. Leatherback. That scene had the surface level be saturated with the warm orange of the dock lights and the night sky overhead in cooler blacks and blues. I think it's present in old Siberia too albeit in a subtler fashion. Most of the sunlight is focused on the cracks between clouds while the rest of the scene is enveloped by the shade. The release version is lit too well and evenly above and below to achieve this effect. I also love the streaks of reflected light on the ice surface in the old version. Not something we'd be able to appreciate in real time, but it does make for a pretty wallpaper. All in all, using proto-Siberia as a general lesson, we have: >placing quantifiable elements in background and foreground for scale >having different levels of colour/light for scale >purposeful usage of weather and lighting to create appropriate atmosphere Emphasis on the last one especially during the day.
>>5234 >creating different levels of colour and light to create scale We see this really well in the initial Gipsy-Danger vs Knifehead fight as well.
>>5216 Could I replace watching the series for the first movie "A contact"? I'm really short of time and Ideon has been on my watchlist for a literal decade lol.
>>5249 No, it's not like the Gundam 0079 movies. It compresses the story too much and you won't be able to make sense of the plot. Ideon is a bit padded in the middle, but you really need to watch the series to appreciate Be Invoked.
(1.21 MB 1920x794 old_pose.jpg)
(438.98 KB 1920x796 new_pose.jpg)
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(436.23 KB 1920x796 new_group.jpg)
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>>5234 >comparison #4 - the pose Yet again, warmer colours traded for more brightness. I'd say the new one still looks good. An example of how the bright white can work. I think the trick lies in making it glint and shine without making it glossy. The battle damage looks nice and adds another layer of detail. I love the old one though. The morning/evening look and gentler shade that doesn't completely obscure sets a strangely positive mood. Comfy, even. >comparison #5 - group shot Not exactly the most well-regarded moment in either case. But new the excessive filter just drowns out the other jaegers' colours and the highly reduced shadows make it that extra video gamey. I like how the original had Gipsy mostly shadowed. It's interesting at least. I also found an edit which further darkened it. >>5235 Can't understate how important the wonderfully done water effects are too. The waterline practically acts as a divider and the water physics add to the sense of scale similarly to how the movements of the jaegers do. The Knifehead fight is visually the most raw and dour. The only sources of light are Gipsy's searchlights and the occasional lightning under the midnight storm. There's no music for the first half either. Great tone setter. It really drives home that the common emotion when facing a kaiju is pants-shitting terror, even with a jaeger. Whatever bravado Raleigh had is gone by the time he's begging his brother to shoot it dead. The most "fun" the movie got was when Gipsy arrived in Hong Kong. The arenas brightened up considerably, first with the blues and oranges of Leatherback and then the neon lights of Otachi. The earlier double event moved up from Knifehead through the addition of distant lights from the background cityscape. The final battle is lit by searchlights, vents, the trench and Breach itself. Darker, but still colourful. Whatever one can moan about "night" or "rain", there are unique qualities within each scene. There is variety even with the thematic constant of darkness and water. A variety that is strangely missing in Uprising, given how much freedom it had. I don't feel there's much to celebrate about daylight when they end up being the same shade of noon and the setpieces themselves already suffering from other problems. Not a striking sunrise or sunset. Not even the gloomy, cloudy Siberia made it. The way I see it, the first film used the night as a means to play around with light. Is it not the point then, that the day should be an opportunity to experiment with darkness?


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