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(9.91 KB 343x147 logh.jpg)
Legend of the Galactic Heroes おたく 10/17/2020 (Sat) 23:19:47 No. 4232
Have any of you guys ever seen this? What did you think with its messages related to democracy / authoritarianism and such?
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It was a really long time ago I watched it, but I remember thinking it did a good job with its depiction of a bourgeois state's corruption. It certainly isn't Marxist or even leftist though. I'm only really watching three shows this season so I may give this a rewatch.
I was pretty disappointed with this series when I finally finished it. It's mostly just a big wank off of Polybius's anacyclosis with weak character development. The whole thing felt like wasted potential.
I think we already have a LOTGH thread
>>4232 It is very good show, but from political-economic perspective it is very liberal, it is an ultimate reflection of the liberal view of politics. Watching this before i was marxists was pretty good. Watching it as marxists is somewhat tiresome.
Yang was the author's self-insert.
Would it kill you to put LOTGH or Legend of the Galactic Heroes in the OP so that the thread doesn't vanish if it goes below Page 1?
(24.62 KB 294x220 rudolf lotgh.jpg)
I think its view of history is warped, or at least it appears so. The relationship of the characters with their environment and the impact they have thereon seems to suggest that the show supports "great man theory". Some bloggers have written about that: Pro: https://medium.com/@ProjectRob/the-conservative-heart-of-legend-of-the-galactic-heroes-8d3d41d128fa Con: https://desperatetimes914496456.wordpress.com/2020/02/21/legend-of-the-galactic-heroes-too-critical-for-its-critics/ I find the notion that it supports GMT more believable; it is shoved in the viewer's face in moments like when Schoenkopf says that he wants to save Yang because "history would be boring without him", which implies that history wouldn't be moving if Yang was dead. Although it isn't necessarily related, the fact that what appears to be a semi-feudal autocracy had coexisted with a bourgeois democracy for ~150 years is telling - it suggests that governments, economic structures, and culture are alien to the material conditions that exist and the level of technology & science. This is obviously anti-marxist.
>>4276 That's ironic considering that LOGH was inspired in part by Romance of the Three Kingdoms and it is stated at one point in Three Kingdoms that heroes only arise during times of chaos. One of the characters even laments that in a peaceful age he would be nothing more than a mid level bureaucrat.
>>4276 The Narration supports great man theory, one of the spiels the narrator tells you like 4 times says "history is the collection of the actions of great men", that's why the show is named that, the title itself is a play on this. However the claim that it supports it and it is reactionary are two different ones, the guy in the other article is right. Mainly, in that the show does seem to imply that history as told by the narrator is warped, and that Reinhard is not necessarily a conservative. mostly, it seems the actual ideology of the show is somewhere between liberal and dengeist (a progressive figure that abolishes the aristocracy makes economic reform, and creates a progressive authoritarian regime in a Japanese show just reeks of dengeist to me). What I think would be more interesting to think about is this, if the show implies the narrator is telling you his version, then from that version, what would be the actual story of the world? Now that's a real story worthy of being written
>>4289 On that topic, some of the most prominent protagonist characters in RoTK lose the war in the end, and there's even one that gets killed off by his artisans after he works them too hard.
More thicc LOLIS could improve it for the otaku masses.
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