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(185.97 KB 1000x1000 zapata.jpg)
Why is there no anime about the Mexican revolution!? おたく 10/16/2020 (Fri) 21:38:04 No. 4207
I mean, just imagine that shit. You have a cast of unique and unforgettable characters with their own unique personalities. >Emiliano Zapata >Pancho Villa >Porfirio Diaz >Felix Diaz >Victoriano Huerta >Madero >Obregon >Carannza >Reyes >Orozco >The US Ambassador who orchestrated the Ten Tragic days >countless more generals and noteworthy people You have several phases of the revolution which are all characterized by insane betrayals and twists that can be turned into their own story arcs and seasons >Don Diaz v. Madero, Orozco, Villa, Zapata >Madero v. Reyes, Felix Diaz, Orozco, Villa, Zapata >The coup of Madero by Reyes and Felix Diaz with Huerta betraying Madero and taking over forcing a Huerta v. Carranza, Villa, Zapata >Huerta defeat causes Villa and Zapata to fight with Diaz and Blanquet against Carranza >Victorious Carranza v. his old friend Obregon and Zapata who is assassinated culminating in an overall victory for Obregon who is then killed after his presidency The Mexican Revolution is the perfect premise for an anime. It has literally everything a creator could want. Action, drama, the potential for effective allegory and metaphor, sick characters, beautiful and varied settings, politics, war, every social and economic stratum is relevant and can be explored, the story is already laid out for writers to play around with, etc etc etc. I think, if it were to be made, Zapata should be the main protagonist since he's probably the most interesting being the principled underdog freedom fighter who was the only one actually fighting for substantial revolutionary change. That being said, it shouldn't exclusively be from his perspective. It should be one of those shows that dedicate large chunks of time to focusing on other main or secondary characters so we can really understand every side of the conflict, allowing twists and betrayals to hit harder. It'd need to be really long-form cause the revolution was like 10 years long and some pretext would be needed prior to the revolution since it's important to understand the role Don Diaz played in creating the conditions for the revolution to start. To me this seems like the perfect show idea and idk why no one has bothered making it yet. Japs need to get a studio on this shit asap. If not the Japs, burgers can pull an Avatar the Last Airbender or Castlevania type beat and just make it themselves.
pancho villa was based
>>4208 More based than Zapata?
Now I’m curious, have they made a telenovela about it? It sounds interesting and I feel like something had to be made, it’s too interesting not to do something
>>4207 It would be awesome TBH, but revolutions and communism taken seriously is not a typical anime topic TBH. Besides, to do it justice, we'd have to do the same level of cultural study as Pixar did for Coco, which is a veritable mountain of cultural work.
(181.32 KB 500x1817 Dia Del Muerta.jpg)
>>4211 >>4212 Pic related (sorta)
>>4216 Lol, I hte this kind of "cultural apropiation" shit. Well, about the mexican revolution. I remember a mexican movie about it. A soldier in the army of Zapata, who narrates even his death, to only later become a member of the PRI party and get obsenely rich. I was thinking it was an adaptation of "the death of Artemio Cruz" but I guess it's a genre in historicl mexican movies.
>>4216 >Creator of El Tigre Holy fucking shit I remember that B A S E D
>>4216 It's annoying when they call it "sugar skulls" though. The modern interpretation of catrinas too but that's also a thing here in Mexico. So divorced from its original meaning, but oh well.


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