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(86.56 KB 385x371 1594525847172.jpg)
Anime hot takes おたく 07/25/2020 (Sat) 04:29:55 No. 2037
Just give me your anime hot takes. I don't care if they're retarded.
Naruto is shit DBZ is shit (Dragon Ball was based) Bleach is shit Attack on Titan is shit Full Metal Alchemist is shit Death Note is shit Blue Exorcist is shit Cowboy Bebop is overrated
>>3260 Seems like a perfectly normal take for an oldfag.
>>3260 Nice copy-pasta
>>2231 Any "leftist" who obsesses over weebshit is a massive faggot and should not be taken seriously.
>>3470 >this exactly
>>2231 >Everyone knows that Re:Zero is garbage Objectively incorrect and cringe take the rest is fine.
This is probably orthodoxy at this point, but: original Dragon Ball was a perfectly enjoyable and quirky adventure with colorful characters and decent humor. Z was just screaming and power level autism and even within the realm of shonen holding it as some sort of masterpiece should immediately invite ridicule.
>>3751 Well to be honest I don't think anyone claims there is some great intentional depth to DBZ but it certainly is fun for many people. DBZA is just great. >>3543 I mean the anime is comparable to SAO in how much it squanders its own potential. >>3090 Heh, reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jItEnE8VFA
>>3751 Z was fun up to Frieza and a decent series finale if you cut out the filler. Everything afterwards is stupid though. t. someone that watched both shows on TV as they came out
(583.43 KB 860x970 Genos punch Sonic.png)
I personally hate 90% of yaoi 1) Because I'm not gay 2) Because most writers make it the most contrived fujoshi shite ever 3) Because its always done obscenely All that said an interesting doujin is Victory by Ellen Chain for One Punch Man, depicting Genos and Speed o' Sound Sonic https://e-hentai.org/g/1213230/a2bafbeb15/
cbr.com and its anime articles are 90% garbage written by idiots who either have not seen the anime they're talking about or have a shallow understanding of them. An example of this idiocy is https://www.cbr.com/naruto-strongest-women-ranked/ Rin Nohara is ranked higher than Ino Yamanaka because she was briefly a host to the 3-tailed beast. Meanwhile Yugao isn't even on the list despite being an Anbu with sill. Tenten is also ignored despite being a more notable appearance than even "Muh Ubermaki" Kushina. If we're really going for obscure/filler powerful women, the fucking all-women's ninja village was a clear demonstration of strength as well. Or what about Tayuya? Her abilities were pretty kickass. But no Kushina Uzumaki and Rin Nohara are the ones on the list, despite the latter having no actual feats onscreen or otherwise, and the former being a late-ass add-on character with few feats outside of her OP asspulled Kekkei Genkai. Ironically CBR seems to be worst with Naruto the other Big Threed Shonen anime while newer shonene like Black Clover and BnHA is not as shittily covered.
>>2039 Most Naruto Part I fillers weren't all that bad. Some of the comedic ones like the Ostrich one was shitty, but small arcs after the Sasuke Retrieval canon were fairly fun and let side characters shine more, while remaining within the theme of the show. It also presented Sakura as someone other than an abusive cunt.
If the Uchiha were such hot shit, why didn't Kabuto revive clan members during the war... or those of the Hyuuga, or other such big clans. The psychological damage would probably be quite effective.
>>3766 >I personally hate 90% of yaoi I don't think this is a hot take though. Everybody knows the few good yaoi shows and manga are only the exception. But I'll occasionally watch/read some of that garbage (original, not doujins), in the way you would occasionally eat an entire bag of chips or a burger, and feel disgusted with yourself. Or just go straight for the porn. >1) Because I'm not gay <still reads it Interesting, I'd never heard of a straight guy who liked that stuff. >2) Because most writers make it the most contrived fujoshi shite ever >3) Because its always done obscenely Of course I don't disagree, but could you give some examples? Just for laughs >>3751 Hot take: the Buu saga is fun. >>2848 Hot take: I don't give a shit about its quality or fans, I just like the characters. Actually, I think a million teenagers liking it is actually useful for them (particularly burgers since they tend to be so ignorant) to get introduced to world history and other cultures, with the drawback that they're getting a cutesy, whitewashed and extremely simplified interpretation of events, but fanworks could potentially help them learn more (and in fact there's many examples of this, though the most "serious" are usually of the edgy kind). Aside from that, the series is basically the same as any other "funny history told through anthropomorphized countries" comic/video and the fans are basically the same as any other annoying fandom of 14-year-olds, and just as easy to avoid/tolerate IMO. Actually, I didn't know it had gotten so big, until a couple days ago I was reminded of its existence. I thought its peak was 10 years ago and would never be that popular again.
>>4722 >still read it I didn't know it was yaoi until I'd gotten through it, cause tagging is unreliable on e-hentai. I thought it was Rule 63. >Examples A bit hard, since I almost always click away as soon as I know something's yaoi, but a good example is Naruto-Sasuke shit, where half the time the latter fucks the former in his Sexy Jutsu before it dispels and ends up fucking him as a guy... usually as part of a plot to get Sasuke back from Orochimaru... with sex.
(629.55 KB 652x939 Seal Beastars.png)
>>4731 >>4722 Also another good example is Beastar's content. That shit has so much hilarious Yaoishit with Legoshi
(952.72 KB 320x320 1593180361189.gif)
Dragon Ball Z is actually pretty shitty compared to Dragon ball GT and Dragon ball and Dragon ball super is even worse. Dragon ball GT was actually really good.
(37.61 KB 178x120 good one.gif)
>>4741 >i trol u Heh.
>>4742 Go watch Dragon Ball and then watch Dragon Ball Z after that. DragonBall Z sucks. Dragon ball is a fun story about a group of misfits who go around collecting the magic dragon balls to fulfill their own selfish (yet ultimately interconnected) interests were the real lesson isn't what they get from the Dragon Balls themselves but then fun and People they met along the way. That's the real lesson. Now watch DragonBallZ - >Oh no super powerful dude better just train in 1billion times gravity. >oh no the worlds gonna get blown up... Again It's boring. We only liked it as children because we didn't know any better and we liked the flashing colors.
>>4743 We both know the part you have to justify is "GT was actually really good"
>>4748 It was. GT attempted to return to the adventurous roots of dragon ball while still mixing the battle shonen elements of GT. It was not as good as dragon ball, but, better than dragon ball Z and Super and was over all bretty good.
(185.76 KB 1201x663 1483479857549.png)
>>4741 Anybody who likes GT and shits on canon DB should be sent to the fucking gulags permanently >>4743 >>4751 t.lying revisionist scum Only the first saga of GT was the adventure stuff Everything that you whine about Z and Super was what eventually GT became and carried out even worse.
>>2125 Someone ought to make an edit of that.
>>2267 Blasphemy.
>>2037 fuck naruto fuck clannad fuck SAO fuck boku no hero death note was meh gintama isnt funny steins gate is good but doesnt deserve the hype same for fullmetal alchemist (this is probably where you lost me kek) watched anohana till the end and it was boring af more of a personal thing, but why do people watch sports animes, i think they are boring af...
>>4931 Ippo is pretty good but kind of loses steam when he becomes too strong.
>>4936 ive seen some of it, i can get why people like it but... the genre is just not my thing i guess
>>4931 you can't shit on fullmetal alchemist and not nominate your version of good work. go on I'm eagerly waiting
(520.92 KB 1280x720 portada_moriarty-4.jpg)
>>2037 Is James P. Moriarty- dare I say- /our/guy? Yes. >removes the corrupt nobility >seeks to destroy the class system >uses the higher status he aquired to help people of lower class >is intellectual yet not afraid to use violence to deal justice
>>2546 Reinhard was a true revolutionary. Yang was a stupid revisionist republican.
>>4969 hunter x hunter is my favorite shounen so far
Explaining Detective Conan Syndrome An interesting explanation I read Detective Conan is one of the most popular manga in Japan and it's been around since like 1994. It's a mystery series that has an overarching plot (easily the most interesting part of it) and did start out having actual cause and effect and logical observant characters but as the story went on it became more and more... phoned in? The Japanese fans are tasteless clowns (these are the same people who hated Gohan and who loved Sasuke so much) that only care about the "murder of the week" stuff (*) and that's all Aoyama writes about. Every time the plot looks like it might go somewhere he goes back to random murder mystery with no plot relevance #8012 or he adds yet another character to the already ridiculously bloated cast (even after 1000 chapters and after the author has gone on hiatuses for health reasons and was supposedly going to kick the plot into overdrive he obviously didn't). Once upon a time the characters all got adequate focus but now if they appear at all it's probably just for that one 3 chapter arc and who knows when you'll see them again (someone else somewhere else on the internet said it better than me but just look at Haibara's relevance as the manga goes on). And no matter how much it looks like the plot will actually move along don't get your hopes up because Aoyama will find a way to maintain the status quo. *that's fine when there's like 900 chapters left to read and you're binge reading it all but when you're reading it week to week you realize it's the same cookie cutter stuff every time One Piece is honestly the same song and dance. The first 100 chapters are the best written in the entire manga and it was still great to varying extents up through Amazon Lily** (Impel Down and Marineford are fun but they do irrevocably change the nature of the series, especially with Oda's perpetual need to one-up himself). At the start of the series characters feel more real and they all had focus but as the series goes on they become little if anything more than catchphrases. Characters either never grow or they revert backwards after achieving character growth. Fights used to be drawn out and fully shown and now perspectives shift all the time and only Luffy's fights are ever shown. In both mangas the best character (Shiho Miyano and Robin Nico) is totally wasted and the main plot never makes any progress. Remember when they were about to ask Reyleigh about the Void Century and Luffy shut that down because Oda wanted to milk the manga forever (when the manga was already close to 600 chapters in and probably longer than Dragon Ball's entire run)? ...Yeah. **Water 7 / Enies Lobby made what was a unique adventure series (seriously go look up how many actual adventure anime/manga there are they're rare) into a much more generic power level based shonen battle gauntlet, set the precedent for the "cheetah on a treadmill" sort of pacing and solidified Sanji (previously one of the coolest characters) into a joke character. But it also had stuff like Usopp leaving the crew which you'll never see again. Thriller Bark was the last time One Piece felt like old One Piece and is the last time you ever see the Strawhats fight together as a crew. Haki (particularly Armament Haki) ruined One Piece. I would argue that Franky and Brook were superfluous additions to the crew that cluttered the manga, that the crew should never have split up in the first place and that Ace and Sabo are worthless superfluous characters but no one asked. Whole Cake Arc was surprisingly good after the previous few arcs at least until Big Mom started chasing them and the Reverie (all five seconds of it we saw) was the best most interesting thing anyone had seen in the manga for years but Wano killed One Piece once and for all.
(25.41 KB 243x300 taste.jpeg)
This is my only anime hot take but every time I bring it up I get great debates over it: Yoshikage Kira should absolutely not have gotten sheer heart attack, Dio only got a stand from stealing a Jo-body, and it's very clear that one body = one stand Just because Kira changes his appearance up doesn't mean that he should get another fucking stand, this is the ONLY rule for stands that Araki actually sticks to but then he fucks it up be letting Kira get two.
>>5156 Shit take. Kira isn't the only one who gets multiple stands in Diamond is unbreakable. Jotaro gets the world, Koichi gets three acts, and the stray cat gains more abilities as it grows (controlling air, resurrecting itself in another form). Kira isn't the only one who breaks this magical rule of yours and that rule is shit anyways.
>>5186 >and Jojo is shit anyways FTFY
(1.35 MB 498x498 heckuwu.gif)
>>2037 I don't care if your retarded op <3
>>5187 Absolutely.
>>5188 How do you misread that so badly
(386.63 KB 1920x1080 spikey cock and atheism mascot.jpg)
Anime is discount animation. You can debate that the writing and plot is overall superior, but it might as well be a manga with more frames and voice acting.
>>5226 >spiky cock and atheism mascot.jp the fuck!? >discount animation depends on the show and scenes TBH. If you look at DBZ that's definitely true; with monotonous kick-punch sequences that only change in background. If you look at fight scenes in Naruto or HxH however there is a difference. For example the Kakashi and Obito fight is handicapped in the manga, while the anime makes it incredibly dynamic and well animated. Of course there is the fuck up with Pain vs 6-tails Naruto, but that's an outlier given the many good fights.
>>5226 Well they are using like 1/8th the resources your typical western cartoon is using and they have actual character designs to them that they have to move around instead of abstractions of people with bean heads. If you want to generalize of course, I love me some western cartoons when they are good but...most aren't good.
>>5228 >the fuck!? Well they censor the cat so I admit I'm guessing about the anatomically-correct cock. And the legged-fish is named Darwin. >>5238 True, although... >and they have actual character designs to them that they have to move around instead of abstractions of people with bean heads. This conversation may turn into a '90s cartoons' lecture very quickly. The 'bean head' phenomenon is mislabeled 'CalArts' style on /co/ and it's a shameful cancer. Western TV animation is well past its golden age.
>>5186 Koichi's evolving stand I don't see as multiple stands, it's just able to turn into different forms like King Crimson. Now Jotaro getting the world on the other hand I have no defense for.
>>5242 >Well they censor the cat so I admit I'm guessing about the anatomically-correct cock. And the legged-fish is named Darwin Ah, that makes sense.
Naruto is actually great until the last few arcs. After Sasuke vs Itachi the series went downhill fast.
>>5251 I thin shit went downhill after the 5-kage summit IMO. Pain Arc was fucking kino and between Jiraiya's final mission, Naruto's sage training, the Pain attack and the final confrontation of Nagato and Naruto, it was top-tier stuff.
>>5252 I can see that argument. My main problem with the Pain arc is the ending when Naruto beat Nagato with talk-no-jutsu, everything before that was quality.
>>5226 and without the shitty speedlines so all shounen get legitimized kek
Goblin Slayer is Leftist.
>>5254 People keep talking bout talk-no-jutsu like it's a bad thing and forget that Naruto never just talks, he beats the shit outta them first.


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