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(105.19 KB 640x455 ofypCEcl.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 12/31/2019 (Tue) 01:00:10 No. 1753
One Piece is leftist
>>1819 They just like playing up bad stuff they don't get contextually because being a part of the "outrage" is fun. If you meme "One Piece is bad now" eventually it just becomes popular opinion. Anyways in regards to Oden, everyone's saying that he should've just called Roger or Whitebeard to help him with Kaidou. Forgetting multiple facts like how Roger is dead at this point and that Wano's Den Den Mushi only have the limited range of the island. Even the "Kaidou is a kidnapper" complaint is dumb when you consider he's a pirate through and through, pretty much a barbarian, and we've seen him all throughout the arc trying to brainwash people under him, so the narrative of "why isn't Kaidou just wrecking everything" they're spinning is objectively dumb.
>>1820 >being a part of the "outrage" is fun Part of it is also because HxH retards try to slide the thread on a consistent basis.
Oda is sick. Do you guys think he got the corona?
>>1822 He gets sick constantly. I hope not TBH, him dying like the author of HxH would make those faggots intolerable and leave One Piece to be truly an ever-ongoing series.
(461.74 KB 728x405 IqO71RQg.png)
>>1823 lets send some dialectic to Oda so that he gets better!
>>1824 I don't think politics posting is going to help him get better, if anything it'll stress him out more.
One Piece is obviously at least partially leftist which makes it hard for me to understand why JUMP allows it to be published. Maybe im just being autistic idk.
>>1826 anything that's critical of the status quo is fine by capitalists so long as they can make money off of it. I mean for fuck's sake they're making an american version of Parasite aren't they?
>>1826 >obviously at least partially leftist Its libertarian and about "muh freedomz" and abstract concepts of dream. While this is good it isn't very socialist and more liberal than anything pertaining to actual anti-capitalism.
>>1828 Its anarchist. Its against all forms of authority
(69.28 KB 214x265 ang.png)
Have some nice copy-pasta If you're not familiar of the story of the soon to be pirate king I'll fill you in. Basically this goofy ass kid named Luffy with crazy famous relatives eats an ass tasting fruit and becomes a rubber man. So this goofy rubber ass motherfucker saves a green haird dude that swings a sword in his GODDAMN MOUTH! This crazy fuck lifts like 20 thousand pound dumb bells and shit for hours. This is possible because they frequently dine on giant goddamn monsters. So they go off and find this chef that looks like 20 year old Gordon Ramsey and together they kick the shit out of this gay ass thug in Golden armor that thinks he's hot shit because he's the toughest guy in the area which is full of pussies. They then find a Pinocchio looking freak with a slingshot and bring him along after beating some faggots in catboy cosplays cause why the fuck not. They also recruit a talking reindeer that's half human cause he also ate an ass tasting fruit. Also he's a doctor cause why the fuck not? They also have a chick with regular tits to start but later on in the series they balloon up by three or four times the size. They beat up this gang dude that would fucking whip garaa from Naruto's ass in a sand fight. Then rubber man takes his bitch who ate another ass fruit that let's her have like however many of a body part she wants so boom wings made of a thousand hands eat that shit curse mark sauske with your two wrinkled bat hands. So after fighting a dude with lighting powers who thinks he's good and saving sand dudes bitch from some creepy ass dude and a bunch of assassin's that also end up eating ass fruits they make friends with a cyborg powered by Cola and perverted skeleton and fight some shadow weilding fat Dracula and a bunch of zombies. Then they save a mermaid slave from over privileged white people. Rubber dude then ends up on an Amazon island and the queen is totally into him because he doesn't give a shit about bitches. Then rubber guys brother dies in a fight between a giant golden dude that ate an ass fruit and about 50 other dudes that ate ass fruits and they got ice powers and light powers and earthquake punches and fucking black holes coming from a fat guy that later eats the earthquake power or some shit. Years later they reunite after being separated and go save more mermaids and then fight dragons and living poison on an island covered in fire and ice. Living poison thing that ate another ass fruit that makes it a lizard fish thing and rubber guy saves some drug addicted giant children from a guy with literal bad gas. Then rubber guy goes to win his dead brother's ass fruit in a roman coliseum style tournament and fight a guy that shoots strings from his fingers and makes this power so strong he almost kills a whole island with it. Then they go a jungle on top of a giant elephant and meet a bunch of athro fap material characters like a super over-sexualized bunny and a dog girl. Bunny girl and a lepord dude go with them to save young Gordon Ramsey from this old ass bitch that eats literal metric tonnes of sweets a day and has an army of warriors that were everyday things imbued with pieces of souls sucked from the people that live there. It's their where a shark man with crazy ass water bending joins them. Now they're in samurai land.
Is jinbei a feudalist?
>>1832 In relation to the Merman king, yes. In relation to over-all world government, no.
>>1753 O relly?? Name one pro communist episode???
>>1803 ok incel
(249.52 KB 800x1175 one_piece_979_16.jpg)
Final page of the most recent chapter honestly strikes me in the eels. Haven't had that happen with One Piece for a while. Spoilering for newfags
>>1753 >One Piece is leftist <A crew of libertarians travel the world, executing their personal justice and fighting a globalist government while propping up kingdoms, even against Revolutionaries, who support the king if he's good.
I'll admit when it has to come to the whole Alabasta it kind of makes me wonder if it was a lazy analogy for Iraq. I'm not sure if anyone's aware of it but when it comes to a lot of the buildings and city design specifically Alubarna was based off of Baghdad during the Abassid caliphate especially since both cities had a very round shape. The big thing that makes me wonder this though is basically the fact that the timing of the Alabasta arc happened around the early 2000s which was around the lead up to the Iraq war which to me seems awfully suspicious especially since in the story Crocodile is shown to be a Shichibukai who did have alliances with the World Governement and attempts to use said power to get rid of a country which looks vaguely like the Middle East until getting defeated by Luffy. I guess in a way the analogy though messy would work if one were to say Shichibukai were like Al-Qaeda in that they were funded originally to fuck with other pirates but ended up backfiring like it did when the US supported Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein against the Soviets only for Al-Qaeda to do 9/11 and Saddam Hussein to get in the way of the flow of oil which the US wanted. Also, I guess technically Alabasta did have actually a weapon of mass destruction if anyone wants to make a joke about it. I don't know this is probably a shitty analogy but I don't think Oda thought out the implications of the Alabasta arc.
>>1839 A decent analogy actually but I do concur that Oda was likely only vaguely referencing Middle Eastern conflict, rather than anything specific
More stuff on Dragon being a lose parody of Che that I only just now learned: his ship is the Wind Granma, named after the ship Grama, which carried Che, Castro, and the rest from Mexico to Cuba to overthrow the Batistas. Also, Dragon's favorite food is Bocaditos, a cuban slider-style sammich. There's no doubt in my mind that the revolutionary army aren't based off of the Cuban Revolution now.
>>1841 Well except the fact that the Revolutionaries (post timeskip) have stated their intent to remove the World Government and let the "good kings" rule their countries.
>>1841 This is just hobby-communism, like the author of Youjo Senki >>>/roulette/1501
Still don't understand how One Piece is a left-anarchist manga >>1843 >hobby-communism what do that be? your link is broken
>>1875 Hobby communists like history and the aesthetic of communism but aren't necessarily communists.
>>1875 Go to /anime/ catalog and search Youjo Senki the thread was made on roulette but its still there.
>>1779 The name is literally a portmanteau of Mary Antoinette and bourgeois.
So is Kaido's son actually son or a girl? Like the fuck is going on right now?
(248.08 KB 1061x1500 1594166169927.jpg)
>>2010 She is a girl who LA'RPS as Kozuki Oden
>>2098 Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. the translations were confusing as shit.
(358.84 KB 1396x2008 1594164650159.jpg)
>>2103 In the 4chan /a/ thread this is a popular topic for flamewars as of lately.
>>2104 Not unexpected. I don't go on /a/ anymore since those cancerous weebs have become as braindead as /co/ has.
I don't know why but Nico Robin's nose feels like one of the best designs in the series and its reduced look post-timeskip is a real shame. Her whole design pre-timeskip was just great in my opinion.
>>2343 not only do I miss it, but Oda now likes to use a similar rendering for people with regular noses when they face frontwards. It makes Robin look less unique, sucks. He also doesn't really connect Robin's nose with the bridge of her eyebrows anymore. She's been moe-ized. >>2010 >>2098 What's weird but kind of interesting to me is that Luffy respects Yamato's pronouns by calling him "mountain-guy".
>>2354 >pic filename Strangely enough the anime is actually not as bad as it was. It's still terribly paced and has some dumb shit, but its a marked improvement over shit we saw before.
>>2357 Dressrosa was the animes lowest point
>>2370 Dressrossa, actually (at least after you get through the first half of it) was a really good and captivating arch, in and of itself. But yeah, Jesus Christ, the anime just drags it on for EVER. I watched at least 30 episodes at x2 speed.
>>2371 Im talking about animation and filler wise. Most of the animation for that arc looked like a child drew it. Its a real shame because like you said it was a really good arc.
One Piece is better than MHA because One Piece is left anarchist while MHA endorses fascism. MHA is basically eugenics sky high but in anime format
You know what One Piece is? Bad.
>>2467 The media you eat up vaguely aligning with your political views doesn't make it better, overly ideologized consumerist dumbass.
Oda is a hack
>>2807 Ok, you're welcome to your opinion >>2808 This, fucking this. I know radlib "anarchists" who like One Piece over Bleach or Naruto, not because of narrative or story-telling merits, or characters, but because "it's anarchsit and so leftist!"... because ideology somehow makes something a better story.
>>2807 Underrated post.
>>4201 >posting this pseud shit <saging stay mad
>>4204 You don't know what pseud means or what sage is for, as expected of someone who unironically likes shonen garbage like Wan Piss.
>>4247 >saging because he doesn't want to get a reply <U-u don't know what sage ees!! You are a pseud, your denial does nothing to prove otherwise. >unironically like <Hurr if you enjoy something for silly fun ur stoopid >Wan Piss For someone supposedly 'above' "muh shonen", you sure get assblasted over it and people who enjoy it. STAY MAD wannabe hipster
>>4255 sage isn't a downvote, reddito


no cookies?