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Anonymous 10/17/2019 (Thu) 02:42:22 No. 1432
What are some good communist anime?

I liked kemono friends a lot.
Having read the manga and seen the movie but not the anime, I'd argue that Battle Angel Alita is quite good when it comes to the display of class society.
Kill la kill was like directly based off of core leftist principles. >Ragyo/REVOCS = Capitalism >Life Fibers = Commodities
>>1452 This. Ending is kino too.
>>1459 Explain
>>1513 Based and Saiyan-pilled. Reminder that Freeza will make Cooler canon and fuse with him in Return of Z:amasu
Okay question about Little Witch Macadamia: is it leftist enough to actually go watch the show from the start? or did it just have like one themed episode with Akko striking and that's it
>>1671 It has some leftist themes but don't expect too much. It's still a good anime though. It has a nuanced critique of the Japanese school system, but I'm not sure how many people outside of Japan understood it.
(142.35 KB 640x911 gate-1.-.jpg)
>Join the JSDF and DIE for Japan >the bombing scene from Apocalypse Now is a good thing! Holy fucking LMAO not even those old school North Korean films are this blatant with their propaganda
(96.42 KB 956x1150 71h9rQGQPKL._AC_SL1150_.jpg)
>>1657 Homura might be best girl in the show but is worst girl and did everything wrong in the movie. Madoka Magica is one of my favorite shows of all time, I interpret it as an argument for the triumph of humanitarian ideals (Madoka, never sacrifice human life) over utilitarian ones (kyubey, human life is worth sacrificing). The movie kind of fucks all of that up.
>>1674 Lots of movie parts... also waifuism is profitable.
Grave of the Fireflies isn’t really anticapitalist but it’s one of the best anti-war movies I’ve seen in terms of emotional weight and considering particularly American capitalist propaganda is heavily pro-war something that’s so emotionally effecting by revealing the horrors of war experienced without someone even needed to face a single soldier is pretty good and in opposition to the general propaganda sphere. Also interesting to have someone die specifically BECAUSE of individualism.
>>1445 Sankara is a byproduct of colonialism nigga doesn't make it bad
speaking of political anime can anybody tell me if boku no hero academia is some sort of cop propaganda? i don't want to start a whole thing here but i finished watching the first season and it was pretty boss but certain moments felt like subtle politics. like one of the moments the bad hand guy was talking about goverment thug and state violence repression or someshit. And the main strongman looks very american and has american state name attacks. feels like typical japanese politics in this anime. Does anybody know much about the creator of this anime and his leanings? What is the politics of the creator of My hero academa
>>1679 It's not unusual for capeshit to be pro-police/military. I personally don't think All Might having attacks based on American states is inherently fash. You might be interested in the spin off manga, Boku no Hero Academia Vigilantes. Apparently the author based the setting off of Watchmen but I can't really confirm that.
>>1680 I figured as much that he was just a westaboo. I really like All-might. I am at the arc of Vigilantes where the celebrity hero is revamping his image. I thought KnuckleDuster was like the batman of the bnha world.
(296.90 KB soviet-moon.mp4)
this one would be rad
>>1651 nah it is supposed to represent china. The capital of the country where the chimera ant arc took place is named after Beijing. Reminder that HXH was created back in the 90s
>>1654 >I have also yet to see any truly revolutionary actions of organized labour or political activism in recent years nor do I know any Japanese figures, thinkers or philosophers that hold Marxist, Socialist, Anarchist or Communist views. There haven't been any truly revolutionary actions anywhere in the first world for a very long time - Japan does not stand out in this way. I would also say that you not knowing of any Japanese far-left figures speaks more to your ignorance than on any real absence, considering the Japanese Communist Party has 300,000 members, dwarfing the DSA and all other left-wing or communist parties and organisations in the US combined - in a country a third of the size. By that metric alone, Japan has a much greater left-wing presence than the US. Also, to frame the Meiji restoration as simply "the emperor retaking his throne" is again completely ignorant, and doesn't at all address why that event was significant - namely Japan becoming the first modern military-fiscal state in Asia, as well as an industrial power. I would also say that the post-war period in Japan was as defining for the contemporary culture, if not more so, than the Meiji restoration.
(211.99 KB 1066x1500 Aachi Ssipak.jpg)
Before Parasite and Snowpiercer, S.Korea produced this anti-capitalist gem: Aachi & Ssipak > Somewhere in the future, mankind has depleted all energy and fuel sources, however they have somehow engineered a way to use human excrement as fuel. To reward production, the government hands out extremely addictive, popsicle-like "Juicybars" to citizens, which in turn also makes them constipated. Aachi and Ssipak are street hoodlums who struggle to survive by trading black market Juicybars. Through a chain of events involving their porn-director acquaintance Jimmy the Freak, they meet a porn star named Beautiful, who gets a pink ring inside her butt which makes her defecations rewarded by exceptional quantities of Juicybars. For that reason, Beautiful is also wanted by the violent blue mutants known as the Diaper Gang (led by the Diaper King), the police (most notably the cyborg police officer Geko), and others.
>>2492 Looks great. Reminds me of Dead Leaves (highly recommend).
(1.52 MB 827x1210 Gendo revolutionary.png)
This is a pretty funny one. Gendo Ikari is an overly enthusiastic NERV party leader with some rather leftist ideals. Of course the main part of the doujin is Asuka-Shinji stuff. https://nhentai.net/g/79021/
>>1432 >communist anime do you mean donghua?
Some Russians dedicated an entire website to analysing Ergo Proxy. http://ergoproxysum.russelldjones.ru
>>2512 Russian weebs don't like to do anything in half-measures apparently. http://model.otaku.ru/bma/index.htm
>>1452 >was gonna reply to this with "BASED" >realized it's my own fucking post Slow board?
>>2618 Lelouch is hilarious. I love how everybody except him is a retarded moralfag or a batshit crazy nazi genocidaire or both.
>>1667 Ending is Peak Idealism.
>>1679 I had stop watching/reading it. BnHA made that angry. Everyone gobbles up this shit with a smile on their face while I just couldn't stop thinking about how the society it describes is a dystopia for me. The state is not just privatized, but an integral part of the spectacle where everyone worhsips it. Even normal capeshit is not this bad. Superheroes there are always vigilanties or maybe part of some secret agencies. The latter is still somewhat excusable since in practice they are nothing like secret services IRL. But in this piece of trash heroes are literally superstar police officers. I hope that blue-haired guy with the hands on his face will murder every single hero. Especially thay faggot deku.
>>1677 Imagine setting an anti-war film during WW2.
>>2683 You do realize that is how anti-war films work best right? By displaying the horrific consequences of war? Idiot
>>2684 You can describe horrors of war all you want, but unless the character comes to the conclusion that the war was a massive waste and not worth participating in, it's not an anti-war film. Period. Dipshit.
>>2685 >hurr if the character doesn't exposit everything then that means he doesn't understand that war is bad dipshit!!! You're an absolute fucking idiot. There are countless anti-war films where the characters never state "war is bad" or "I hate what war does" etc. etc. because there is no fucking need, it is DEMONSTRATED. That is the entire point of visual media you fuckball. Look at the many Vietnam War films where the beastly nature of the conflict is shown... is that pro-war because the characters don't whine about how they hate fighting or some shit? Or is because you have the interpretive capacity of a worm and need it all spelled out for you? Then let me simplify this for you, double-dumbass, "A picture paints a thousand words" and a motion picture does even more.
>>2686 >there were never movies that depicted horrors of war while definitely being pro-war propaganda Since you have only enough mental capacity to spew insults, here's a video explaining everything in an understandable way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ChlJ1pdWlQ
>>2687 >movies that depicted horrors of war while definitely being pro-war propaganda <mental capacity to spew insults - poor attempts at Veiled ad hominum - ignoring the main point/nitpicking at insults - shifting goal-posts - no u Wow you really are a champ at mental gymnastics to pack so much fallacy in one smart-ass sentence. >smug posting of video <just watch this long video because I don't understand what I'm talking about Stellar argumentation... or that is to sarcastically say, you have none. Let me break it down WHY We start off with the initial reply >Imagine setting an anti-war film during WW2 There is nothing implying that the film is pro-war and no explanation as to why setting it in WW2 nullifies its anti-war themes. The only conclusion to be made is that setting a film with clear depiction of the worst of war is somehow bad. So then the goalpost is moved >describe horrors of war all you want, but unless the character comes to the conclusion that the war [is bad], it's not anti-war Which again is not an argument, because that is an essential part of the film even if it is not spoken. You see this in something like Platoon where different characters and their different attitudes to the war and killing are shown, with some who don't care, some who like it, but more often than not, people who hate it, but bury it under drugs, duty and survival. All of this is clearly anti-war, without exposition about "I conclude war is bad". Then you decide to fucking move the goalposts again >hurr a movie showing war horrors can be pro-war too!!! As if this was even up for debate at all? It has nothing to do with the initial post or its responses. I really suggest you rewatch the video that you sent, for one I can debate some of the points being made, but even that basic understanding and analysis by The Closer Look, shows a much better understanding than your schizophrenic crying (especially since the example of an anti-war film, Saving Private Ryan, is depicted in WW2, negating the statement of Post 1). However to further elaborate, the video uses a rather poor explanation for why American Sniper is pro-war. The idea that war is necessary sometimes or that a soldier can view his actions as right, is not Pro-war, it is neutral. Admitting that a film has grey themes but then trying to place it on either pro-war or anti-war with no neutral inbetween is contradictory. Moreover the entire thesis relies solely on American depictions of war and omits Soviet representation of war or even European ones. The best film about Stalingrad IMO is one made by German film-makers and follows a group of German soldiers and Soviet films like Come and See are terrifyingly anti-war. The whole "no matter what a war film can be seen as glamorous" is fucking bullshit, because a single film can only influence a viewer to a certain extent, for someone to see Full Metal Jacket and think "Oh yeah I wanna fight a war!" comes from militaristic and violence-glorifying culture of American pop-culture. It's a simple Base-Superstructure interaction. TL;DR Your argument is nonexistant and the video does more to prove my point than your own inane rambling.
>>2688 >American Sniper I forgot to elaborate. The movie is not pro-war, in the sense that it does not glorify war. A viewer may interpret it this way, but interpretation is individual and caused by the social environment a person lives in. What American Sniper is, is a pro-imperialist film, because it tries to justify invasions in the Middle East by riding on the human sympathy of a soldier's story. The difference is HOW this is depicted. In American Sniper, the soldier is glorified and portrayed as an all round patriotic, upstanding American citizen; a falsity. Full Metal Jacket does none of this, the recruits, volunteer or conscription are all a mess of gangly head-shaved youths who may or may not have patriotic feelings but are flawed humans that under actual duress of war (and even drill training) do not show life as the shining golden spectacle that we see in American Sniper. They're dirty, they act like pigs sometimes, their worst and best sides come out because its adapt or die. There is no glory, even in any depicted heroics, especially in a war like Vietnam because there isn't even the post-war conclusion that "hey I fought for my country's freedom" like those who fought the Nazis in WW-2 could be acknowledged for.
(309.83 KB 850x824 signal-2019-11-04-063751-1.png)
>Ctrl+F "Dororo" >0 Results
>>2683 One of the few war films generally regarded as anti-war in the Truffautian sense is Come and See which is a WW2 film.
>>2695 Then be the first one to post about it.
>>1528 i hope this gets made into a donghua it would better than like what 90% of the donghua rn
>>1679 thats why boku no hero was banned in china
>>3025 Seriously? Damn...
(45.79 KB 750x419 Uzaki.jpg)
Not communist but the funny thing is, the show does have good advice: - Social isolation is terrible for one's mental health. Go out and meet people, especially in college. - Along the same vein, constantly playing video games is unhealthy, and you may develop an addiction when coupled with the aforementioned isolation. - Better to have a few close friends that you spend quality time with than to have a 100 "friends" that you barely talk to in a month (looking at you, Komi-san). - Your HS accomplishments are basically worthless after graduation. Don't be the person who peaked in high school or suffer under capitalism. - If possible, try to find a part-time job somewhere anywhere. Some sort of working experience is needed in every career you wish to enter.
>>3105 >Social isolation is terrible for one's mental health. This is wrong. > If possible, try to find a part-time job somewhere anywhere. This is not just wrong, but harmful.
>>3108 >This is wrong <Being a Hikki NEET is fine!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_isolation >harmful <don't work, just LARP as an anti-working communist (liberal)! <Don't get a part time job so that you can learn how to survive and put away some money for hard times, just be a martyr for a cause that isn't unified or existing yet! Fuck off rich faggot. Not everyone can afford to be a middle-class leech and use that to fund their virtue signalling tantrums.
>>3116 Studying is a full time job. People who work part-time during it sabotage their own education.
>>3119 Studying is not a JOB. It is work, but it isn't paid and it is on you, especially under a capitalist system. Student loans won't pay themselves off just because you studied hard. Working part time isn't always possible, but it certainly is helpful.
Gurren Lagann
>kemono and fags Gay furry nigga shit


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