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ALUNYA AND THE POLITICAL IDEOLOGY CATGIRLS Anonymous Comrade 08/15/2019 (Thu) 13:00:37 No. 929
Thread for Alunya and the catgirls, mostly so we don't flood /leftypol/'s OC thread at >>>/leftypol/8622

>Why a separate thread? It's OC it's ok to post there
Mostly because I feel pressured, when posting there, to post useful OC- OC that'll be useful for shitposting, or so on. And mostly I just want instead a space to be autistic and have fun. I don't want to always have to draw stuff about mocking the porkies, sometimes I might just want to draw Posadist Cat porn or a comic about Alunya being scared of horror movies. My "headcanons", if you will.

>So is this your thread for your own stuff?
No, feel free to use it too, I'll just probably mostly flood it with my own things since it seems I'm basically the only drawfag around here right now.

I'll start the thread with an image dump of various images I like, including lewds.

t. Paps
(711.39 KB 1267x1329 catlinweb.png)
>>56023 >>56032 >>56573 I've loved this thread and everything posted in it so much for so long, that I've actually ran out of ways of expressing it for each art-piece. Giving out some (you)s is all I've got, and it ain't much, but trust me when I say my cheeks hurt from smiling!
>>56601 If THIS isn't wholesome, I don't know what is.
(2.78 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr03.png)
(2.65 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr02.png)
(2.71 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr01.png)
To anyone who wants to post more political catgirl art on the main board (leftypol) i'd suggest you make a new thread since the last one hit the post limit and got bumplocked.
>>56714 This makes me desire to draw Revolutionary Citizen Grace with tri-colours!
>>56772 made one >>326378
(183.07 KB 723x1346 fenya stand.png)
(211.11 KB 902x739 fenya tech.png)
(200.32 KB 882x721 fenya his.png)
>>56905 I love her and her cute jester outfit, hope we get more interesting designs of her.
(2.16 MB 1200x900 Untitled81_20200305110114.png)
Just a little edit
(45.54 KB 587x974 image0.jpg)
>>56977 A little sketch
(103.47 KB 1674x1656 sketchi1.png)
(132.97 KB 1680x2324 sketchi2.png)
bored sketches
(2.41 MB 3225x3082 Monarchomachist!.png)
>>57105 Comrade Étienne... BACK TO THE BASTILLE!
>>57131 And I am out !
(3.66 MB 3000x1700 Artillery Crew Final.png)
Reposting from /leftytrash/.
(86.00 KB 969x672 image0.jpg)
(757.74 KB 1650x1152 IN THE STREETS.jpg)
>>57292 Original file
>>57335 rude
(564.99 KB 285x290 Nekomije.gif)
https://kirrys.tumblr.com/post/190956283755/happy-catgirl-i-am-trying-to-learn-opentoonz-and >Feb 21 Holy shit, Rachel is still drawing catgirls. Fuck, I miss her.
>>58475 BASED Rachel please come back we miss you
>>58475 this is very kute
>>58488 >>58475 You could just message her either on twitter or tumblr? Maybe ask her to just visit us for old times' sake, we don't necessarily have to ask her to stay or anything but just catching up with what she's been up to the last few years would be nice. I mean its not like she holds a grudge against us or anything, she left because partly because of the angry typing with radlibs on reddit and partly because of wanting to be known for something more than being a personal artist for a niche group of leftist Tuvan throatsinging enthusiasts.
>>58504 She has not posted on her political catgirl twitter for years and i dont have a tumblr.
>>58513 This doesn't have any new posts either but this is her personal twitter. https://twitter.com/kirryface?lang=en It might be that she's just neglected all other social media platforms besides tumblr or she made a new account that I don't know of and simply forgot to delete this one.
>>58475 oh wow wonder if she's got another means of contact like, wish she'd get back to twitter or something just because I don't wanna go to tumblr just to DM her
We should name the Makhnovist cat Hulia. After Huliaipolie, Makno's city of birth.
Just downloaded all images ITT. Thanks for your work drawanon
(891.84 KB 900x1500 Post-Stalinism Catgirl.png)
Reposting from /leftytrash/ for archival reasons.
>>60713 Can you please upload a zip?
(67.00 KB 842x1191 nowords1.png)
here's something to entertain you guys add your own dialogue to this comic! you got any other ideas or thoughts on short comics on what the other girls are doing during confinement?
(55.19 KB 842x1191 gorbachev.jpg)
>>61860 I love this
btw nice comic.
Would anyone be interested in doing a Buddhist-Marxism cat? I'm not a drawer, but can give some advice on what they might look like
(43.01 KB 560x288 dx.jpg)
>>61854 I love it. Very cute, and contains recognizably very cat-like behaviour while also playing with very human things and emotions. And, you've managed to express everything with style and clarity in your drawings. It's a sign of skill from a comic artist to succeed in making text supplemental and optional, rather than essential. But surely you know this already, I'm just saying it to express my respect in a way everyone understands. Also, since inspiration often comes from personal experience... You have my sympathies.
>>61922 Get out, reactionary
>>61926 how is it reactionary to ask for wider representation of non-western leftists?
>>61963 it has shit all to do with the west or the east. there are multiple non-white catgirls, but buddhism is a reactionary religion from a feudal time.
>>61966 this is such a reactionary take. Buddhist Marxists used the language and culture of Buddhism to help make marxism and socialism understandable. christian language pervades much of the western marxist canon, but you don't realise because you're so deep inside it
>>61974 you sound like a pomo. yes I am aware of the presence of "christian language" in some Marxist texts, but if you think that it makes Marxism "christian" then you're a retard, and the same would go for any Buddhist metaphors used by Marxists to explain Marxism to Buddhists.
>>61976 you sound really reactionary. recognising the existence and the contribution of Buddhist/South East Asian marxists has nothing to do with spreading religion and everything to do with acknowledging the contribution and participation of non-Western marxisms to the canon. Buddhism is simply their cultural marker, like "West" is for someone like Karl Marx.
>>62000 >Religous belief is the same thing as customs Eat a cock t. chink
>>61922 pitch your design, use a dollmaker or something if needed
>>62000 >Buddhist/South East Asian marxists falsification! I love Uncle Ho and you know very well he was no Buddhist. >Buddhism is simply their cultural marker, like "West" is for someone like Karl Marx. YES, THIS IS WHY I THINK YOU SOUND LIKE A POMO.
>>61922 I'm a proponent of Buddhist ethics and I feel this is misguided. The Buddha should be represented in person if we are to represent Dharmic socialism. Like we do with Marx, Stirner, etc. On that note: the Buddha and Alunya together? That's a neat concept. >>61854 Awesome as always.
>>62009 >implying their not inextricably linked in most Eastern societies fuck off t. gook
>>62019 yeah i'm talking about Po Hla Gyi and Thakin Soe
(2.38 MB 1896x827 Screenshot_197.png)
>>62636 >Reverse bunnysuit Was not expecting to see this trend here, but fucking nice.
>>62636 Ohohoho, nice!
(3.33 MB 800x450 HeavyIsNice.gif)
>>62636 Not really my cup of tea in terms of kinks, but it still looks good regardless so props for that. Always glad to see the more rarely-used catgirls getting their time in the spotlight.
(19.77 KB 144x330 Alunya faggot cat.png)
Not my drawing, but still OC.
(2.55 MB 1944x938 Screenshot_202.png)
some more might end up over a few days here, few days there, doing all the girls might not depends on where the horny takes a man, really
>>62886 A C E ! Somehow I'm not the least surprised Valentina has zero shame and maximum confidence about this.
>>62886 >fitt
(104.00 KB 600x600 alunya thumbs up.png)
Seeing as this thread is nearly at 500 posts, I've made it cyclical to keep it going. Keep up the great work, comrades.
>>62886 can you smell the pussy wafting out of this image?
(84.79 KB 782x960 received_543354493272165.jpeg)
>>62956 Imagine the smell.
(137.74 KB 1076x598 sand.png)
>>62886 who the girl with the PENIS?
>>26950 Post dick
(464.18 KB 787x1000 berniecatblackpill.png)
(478.90 KB 898x725 alunya_knifecat.png)
h-hey guys, how's it going?
>>65180 is that catdrawgirl??
>>65180 Holy fuck. Where you been, girl? You missed it, we actually used the Fidel hats you designed a while back for GETchan's barfday last November: https://twitter.com/BunkerGET/status/1192732633572077569
>>65180 Omg you're back! We missed you! (You're my inspiration to start drawing though I'm not any good at it yet) I hope you and your family are doing well!
>>65181 yes hello >>65184 (this is King right?) This is so fucking cool!! Thank you for using them!!! The gift you gave me has an honored place in my living room for all to see btw. It is one of my most treasured possessions. when I am super depressed and I start thinking that my life has been a waste and I haven't accomplished anything, I look at it and it lifts me up. Thank you again. I had to take a break from politics for a little bit. I am not sure if I'll return to Twitter. (should I? opinions welcome.) But I have been lurking here and posting as anon occasionally for the past month or so. >>65187 Really?? That makes me so happy! I hope you keep at it, the rewards are vast for those who are persistent. Nobody is good at anything as soon as they start, anyway. >>65189 I'm not sure about being a savior haha. I had been waffling about coming back here for a million reasons, but I thought it would be fun to draw some catgirls or whatever and hang out here again. but I'm happy you guys still like me so I am glad I did. <3
>>65193 >I am not sure if I'll return to Twitter. (should I? opinions welcome.) I'm sure a lot of people who follow you would be happy you did. (Though I am permabanned now because I was too mean to Nazis). Won't it interfere with your career as an illustrator? How did it go anyway? Did it work out?
>>65193 >(this is King right?) Hai, Kingu desu. >This is so fucking cool!! Thank you for using them!!! Thank you for making them. >The gift you gave me has an honored place in my living room for all to see btw. It is one of my most treasured possessions. when I am super depressed and I start thinking that my life has been a waste and I haven't accomplished anything, I look at it and it lifts me up. Thank you again. Not quite a gift, but rather something you earned. It was all you, m8. But glad you're getting enjoyment out of it. It's always nice to see old friends come by and mention they still have their medals. >I had to take a break from politics for a little bit. I am not sure if I'll return to Twitter. (should I? opinions welcome.) Understandable, it's been rough recently. Return to Twitter only if you actually want to. It's still a cesspool, though, so be aware of that. >But I have been lurking here and posting as anon occasionally for the past month or so. Amazing we didn't even detect you. It's great to see you here, I don't think you've actually posted on /GET/ before, though we did know of your work.
(6.27 KB 224x225 vefd2sw.png)
>>65193 Hello! I'm what you would call a newfag, and came after you left leftypol. So to me, you were like a myth. Only heard about when reading about picg. So its kinda surreal to know that you're still around. Hows it going?
>>65193 Well I'll be welcome back once again. It has been years since I last heard anything from you. After the culture war with reddit defending you and the catgirls didn't think you wanted to come back. Due to heavy back lash. But that didnt stop us, we have even more new priginal cat girls the lastest being the Roulette cat girl. I love her design and if you want to get back into twitter do it. But going to warn you now the culture there has changed s lot so avoid being around the insufferable supposed twitter leftists they are nothing but trouble. I got ran off from twotter after beating up on a wasp nest when I was dealing with my own lets say issues. Hadn't really been browsing but I do have a new one under a different pseudonym.
>>65180 oh my god it's you i can't believe it i'm gonna cry
(28.87 KB 439x275 tomoko hat GET.JPG)
>>62955 it's a little late since i seem to have managed to not notice before but thank you king nii-sama >>65180 oh shit it happened for real? >>65184 i remember it well >>65193 >should I? yes >I have been lurking here and posting as anon occasionally for the past month or so oh uhm, if i ever insulted you or something, i probably meant it but sorry anyways, you're cool, i think, for now, i suppose
(105.38 KB 334x398 gochan girl cropped.png)
(713.79 KB 3000x1500 gochan girl go logo_downscaled.png)
Gochan-tan isn't technically a catgirl (she's a gophergirl) or directly ideology-related, but gochan has been semi-associated with GETchan almost from the beginning
>>65180 This better not be an April-fools! Oh, fuck it, whatever! No matter what this is, it's an great event which fits well with our ongoing renaissance! I'll take it and love it!
(94.93 KB 1200x900 bigby.jpg)
>>65291 that second one is by GY? i love that artists style, it's very cute, especially the faces
>>65180 Cute drawing. >>65189 Do not know this.
>>65180 >>65193 Cute and welcome back.
>>65180 So what does a blackpilled berniecrat do?
>>65421 Vote Blu no matter who
>>65429 I've seen a larger amount of Bernie supporters get blackpilled about participating in the elections and the democratic party than deciding to vote for Biden. Hopefully they realize that reform cannot be realistically achieved inside of a system controlled by people who don't want reform to happen.
>>65180 Welcome back. Hope everything is going good.
>>51387 leftybooru is dead and was locked by the booru.org adminstration. This is the new booru: https://leftypol.booru.org/
(285.14 KB 902x900 read.png)
>>65194 >Though I am permabanned now because I was too mean to Nazis That sounds about right. >Won't it interfere with your career as an illustrator? How did it go anyway? Did it work out? Didn't really like freelancing. I'm going to school full time for something unrelated now. But I can combine it with my art to make something cool, and maybe not have to work for anyone else again, I hope. >>65196 >It's still a cesspool, though Yeah I figured. Thanks for being a part of running things here. This is a comfy site. >>65197 Hi bear. :) I have seen you around. It goes well. I had fun drawing in your /edu/ mascot thread. >>65198 >even more new original cat girls the lastest being the Roulette cat girl I fucking love all of them but Fenya and Havanya especially. Honestly just overwhelmed by the talent that posts here, just makes me so happy. >>65207 Please don't cry anon! >>65238 Thanks Tomo poster. >>65301 I actually didn't even notice it was April Fools. The days are sort of bleeding into each other you know? >>65311 >>65394 Thank you! >>65577 Thanks anon. I honestly never expected such a warm welcome back "here". Maybe I just remembered the /pol/ trolls more than the people who were nice, but I certainly thought one or two people would tell me to fuck off or something lol. Happy to be proven wrong. I really miss going to class so it's nice to have some company during quarantine times. I will definitely be posting more art here!
>>65675 >I actually didn't even notice it was April Fools. Didn't PICG also get cancelled on April 1st? Gotta work on your timing, comrade, lel. >I honestly never expected such a warm welcome back "here". >Maybe I just remembered the /pol/ trolls more than the people who were nice, but I certainly thought one or two people would tell me to fuck off or something lol. Well to be fair, /GET/ is pretty different from /leftypol/. You were always liked here, even through all the Rodina stuff. It's nice to see you here, comrade.
>>65675 Well of course you whould be. What you did 3 years ago was inspire many people. While old leftypol anons defended tou and shitposted to hell on reddit others staryed drawing more. When you left us and left your project abandoned. Now three years later, here we are and I am sure there are still some old fags on leftypol right now that wouldn't mind seeing you again. I did see that bit you did with Hoxha catgirl the animation was so cute and really good. Something I wish I could do. But rh I am more of a writer than a drawer. Wanting to continue my studies in history and write political papers.
(16.17 KB 680x378 27d.jpg)
>leftypol and leftpol united again >No more polyps >GETchan and leftypol on one site >Draw girl is back >Old bo abdicated no more anarchism bans Now all we need is for batko to renounce his radliby ways and the picture is complete
(16.25 KB 814x294 'GET' empire NOW.png)
>>65697 Also bring Iara and Steven back from the dead and the /GET/-/leftypol/ synthesis will be complete.
>>65697 That is asking way too much Batko I have to say is a lost cause. When you drink that twitter kool aid you are done. As much as I would like to see Batko back, I just cant see it. There is hope of course so lets wait and see. Free intergalactic community of preservation of alien life Secretary of intergalactic affairs Posadist Comrade of Earth
(171.54 KB 900x900 Aamukahvi.png)
>>65675 >I actually didn't even notice it was April Fools. I think you also cancelled the comic originally on that year's April 1st and everyone thought you were just joking before it soon dawned on people that you were actually serious when no updates came afterwards. Please don't do that again. >I will definitely be posting more art here Looking forward to it! Since I'm studying to be a graphics artist myself one of the most important things I've learned is how to give and receive criticism. Even though I might not be as experienced of an artist as you (you've probably had more time and enthusiasm to git gud), I can certainly give you feedback should you want any. >>65697 >Now all we need is for batko to renounce his radliby ways and the picture is complete How would we go about doing that though? My understanding is that he's completely drank the kool aid of the radlib twatterleft crowd and isn't really interested in being associated with us anymore. >>65699 Also bring Iara and Steven back from the dead Not really versed in older /GET/ lore so can someone explain what happened to them? All I know is that Steven is the inspiration for Rodina's design, that he's a Swede and that he was an admin of GETchan before stepping down some time during the early 2010s.
>>65697 the rationalwiki page for leftypol/8chan makes me cringe
(925.69 KB 3243x1094 HAPPY_lefty_noises.png)
>>65675 Hi, Ms.CatLadyDrawWoman! I'm one of the new drawanons that found this site recently (I made Havanya and Emilianaya). I just want to say thank you for your work on PICG and beyond. Said board culture that you expanded upon through your work is honestly what pushed me to visit this site and later contribute to it. I'm thankful that you are back and I wish you well. t.Drawanon.
>>66234 Nice.
>>66299 Thanks, Éti'!
I've just remarked that there's no specific spoiler image for /roulette/ and neither for /GET/. If any of our beloved drawfag feel like it they could make one for those boards.
>>66963 /GET/’s has the nine-ball star on it, which is a GETchan symbol that is often used to represent the board as a whole. That seems pretty specific to me.
(601.98 KB 1046x1131 alunyastickersabot1web.png)
(527.37 KB 870x1081 alunyastickersabot2web.png)
bigass res, for printing purposes (warning, something like 8000 pixels tall https://papadripopoulos.me/comm/alunyastickersabot1big.png https://papadripopoulos.me/comm/alunyastickersabot2big.png was commissioned to make these for use as stickers, feel free to use it however you want, print around, have fun
>>67348 This is beautifully made! Great work!
(216.49 KB 641x800 syndicat.png)
(950.19 KB 687x1000 rosa.png)
Hey guys... does anyone remember anything about Syndicalist cat? I don't remember her name or nationality and it's not on my hard drive anywhere. I thought perhaps someone said she should be Spanish, or maybe Italian. Anyway I wanted to draw her in something and wasn't sure what you guys would think for this one so I wanted to ask you all where she should be from: https://www.strawpoll.me/19715946 Also here is a non-catgirl Rosa I drew awhile ago and wanted to post somewhere >>65703 >>65685 Fuck you guys are right that was April Fools LOL I'm awful. >>65703 Have you posted art here before? >>65685 Yeah I do still feel bad about the Rodina stuff. It is one of the reasons I was sheepish about coming here. I was too flippant back then. Please forgive past-me. :( >>65692 Thank you so much for those kind words! Writing is very powerful, I wish you the best in your studies and political writing, Posadism anon. >>66234 I'm floored every single time I come to this site and see your work that I could have inspired you to draw here. You're phenomenal and so talented. Thank you for posting your work for us and I love that drawing!!! >>67348 That's amazing, the coloring is so detailed and pretty!!!
>>67766 >Yeah I do still feel bad about the Rodina stuff. It is one of the reasons I was sheepish about coming here. I was too flippant back then. Please forgive past-me. :( That’s ancient history by now, comrade. I think the medal you were sent pretty much signified the end of that whole ordeal and /GET/’s desire to move past it. The “change your mascot/her name” thread spam is long gone and I doubt any here hold a grudge over that. It’s honestly really nice to see you here. Keep being awesome, comrade.
(907.51 KB 1000x900 Menacing Approach.png)
(8.85 MB 3264x5000 Yusuf Popelin.png)
(3.47 MB Rifle Bolting.mp4)
>>67766 >Have you posted art here before? You mean in this thread or just in the community generally? If its in thread exclusively, then >>57272 and >>60725 are examples of my work. Pics related are examples of other stuff I've made in the last half a year or so both for schoolwork and shitposting purposes if you're looking for a more general idea. I've been a /leftytrash regular almost since the beginning and moved in to /GET/ with the rest of the gang as a result of that when time for the migration came.
(52.75 KB 540x540 1574815711369.jpg)
>>65697 >e-celebs >circlejerking e-celebs this is why we cant have nice things
>>67766 Of course it will be a while before I can get any of my papers out. I been having domething on the back burner for a while and that is finishing a novel that I tried writing back in high school but never had gotten the chance to finish. I also need to finish writing my first paper and get it through some proofreading. See if I cant get into contact with the fourth international posadist. If so then I hope that we can bring the meme posadism into reality again. Though sometimes its fun to shitpost about posadism here in the bunker. But it was an actual serious political contender in South America and throughout the Caribbean islands. I feel it newds a new and modern interpretation and of course reflecting of the crises of the modern age. Which is ehat I hope to do. If I need too I will take charge and run in office, even if it means dealing with the shitty two party gang. Like others I will lead if I am needed and hopefully get things changed for the betterment of all. I wish for you to continue your passions and dont let money or heavy criticisms of your work discourage you. For I believe you have a lot greatness ahead of you. As I hope you continue to spread joy inspiring new artists and of course having fun. These are just one simple anon's words of wisdom.
>>67787 His videos brought in a ton of users
(635.57 KB 2591x377 Illustration2.png)
>>67766 glad to see you stick around a bit, that's a good Rosa. You've moved to the artist dream of just drawing for fun, not a job? >does anyone remember anything about Syndicalist cat? I don't remember her name or nationality and it's not on my hard drive anywhere Recently had to look around to find that stuff so as to fit the new chart I'm doing. IIRC only thing I found was her name was Cindy, because syndicalism, and that she was a teacher in your school setting. I've got her marked here as Cyndi Jordan, but odds are I added the Jordan myself. Otherwise I think there's nothing, she was never used much beyond me doodling her a couple times since I liked her design. >>67397 >>67399 >>67766 >That's amazing, the coloring is so detailed and pretty!!! Thank you, praise the person who paid me to do it though, odds are otherwise you'd have something much simpler and sketchier lol anyways here, you guys might find some interest in this or not. Did a big file recently within the context of me doodling and imagining stories mixing the catgirls with other public domain characters and board-tans and so on, where I just roughly doodled a bunch of them to use as reference futurely in terms of proportions. Here's a bunch of the catgirls, also with loose sketches of alternate outfits
>>67801 >Domovina Pls no, you're gonna start the war again. Cool stuff otherwise.
(3.17 MB 7016x9921 edu.png)
(282.17 KB 1052x1488 eduweb.png)
>>67862 My position of the "war" is that both Rodinas exist and just happen to have the same name, that "Domovina" is just a middle name, and that as far as I'm personally concerned the catgirl one has Rodina as a surname, not a personal name; anyone else want to start angry typing over that, I invite them to visit me so I can cough on them :P
>>67766 Very cute and nice drawing !
>>67870 "Domovina" is the name people kept spamming threads here to try and pressure us to rename Rodina to (on top of the threads trying to get us to change our mascot to the "superior" PICG Rodina). Besides those threads just generally being annoying, I think they had a profound effect on Druže and they're probably part of the reason why he started to post less and less, instead focusing on the YouTube channel, and eventually disappeared altogether. I remember he once even complained about screencaps of people claiming to be the creator of Rodina and giving support for the name change. It doesn't bring back good memories. Using that name is just going to reopen old wounds, it's best that we move past that awful era of GETchan's history.
>>67863 Nice, nice!
(98.11 KB 557x1062 Screenshot_219.png)
>>68292 Is it bad that i laughed at the picture ?
>>68302 Nah, all corporatists can go fuck themselves.
>>68302 in case it needs to be clear, that was the intention lol in the leftypol thread someone just replied it's edgy and I'm worried the cartoon X eyes and literal quoting of celine dion isn't conveying enough that it's a shitpost
(22.67 KB 604x994 Rubette.png)
>>68292 RIP Berniecat indeed. I do like shitposts though they're entertaining and fun. (Here's a girl drawing.)
(1.12 MB 2550x3300 cabunker.png)
>>68292 F Also forgot to post this here earlier.
>>68302 We all laughed anon. We all laughed.
(372.98 KB 988x1586 notebook_chaff.png)
>>63030 titocat, seems to enjoy whats happening
>>68683 forgot to mention, she got hella thicc
>>68633 I like it! It's so cute
>>68292 Could Berniecat get so disillusioned with the democratic party that she becomes DSAcat? Show her watching breadtube or something? Maybe she hangs out with syndicalist cat to find an alternative to capitalism.
>>69255 shouldn't we just have a general socdem cat? maybe Venezuelan?
>>69278 Having a venezuelan socdem cat would be nice. You could have her be good friends with cuban socialism cat. I was trying to think of what would happen to Berniecat, though. Her just giving up isn't exactly the most wholesome timeline.
>>69255 sad thing about the reality of things, way too many are "sucking it up" and want to, again, vote for the "lesser evil" and take the biden endorsement by sanders sadly, western socdems cannot really portrayed all that positively
(140.79 KB 838x1280 доброе утро.jpg)
>>69698 Based on based (it's based all the way down) and Board-culturepilled
(770.80 KB 1988x3113 wexit.png)
Introducing Abby the Wexit cat! (shitpost, not canon)
(26.81 KB 570x1500 Domovina.png)
>>67891 The one word that can turn the two brotherly boards against each other.
>>69940 her two favorite hobbies are building pipelines and kicking the shit out of first nations.
>>69940 just had to look that up how incredibly dumb lol
(718.72 KB 2896x2896 20200412_162716.jpg)
black panther party cat ft saoirse. she doesn't have a name yet :(
>>70047 Her and IRA cat are cute together. They can bond over their love of guns and revolution.
>>69940 based and tory-pilled
>>70047 gonna be fun, sillhouette-wise, getting the afro and the ears both easily recognisable >>69940 tough shit she's canon now like how nekomije was just a shitpost and is now canon porn of her before next friday
>>69698 Amazing! So cute!
>>61819 Thanks
(2.08 MB 1754x2480 Tanya_dom_señorita.png)
Here is some original Tania lewd art. t.Drawanon
(4.41 MB 3456x4608 IMG_20200416_113526.jpg)
I had this terrible idea waking up I may clean this up, maybe not
>>71872 0/10 Not enough sniffles
(1017.75 KB 1685x1943 IMG_20200416_114811.jpg)
>>71874 there you go
(576.45 KB 700x1297 cgpage40.png)
(308.77 KB 700x1147 cgpage41.png)
(217.93 KB 700x848 cgpage42.png)
>>71872 There is a Zizek cat who lives with Alunya
(348.47 KB 700x1292 cgpage43.png)
(405.95 KB 700x1499 cgpage44.png)
>>71878 Noice
>>71879 Kek, I forgot about that
>>71884 i remember it, this was the reason for the first noticable incel outcry we had on the board back then
(278.45 KB 654x677 winnie.jpg)
Can we get a Gus Hall or Henry Winston Cat?
(14.13 KB 191x164 Wankers Unite.jpg)
>>54551 Mutualist looking chubby, getting that sorta Mei/Velma vibe >that is frumpy on the outside, e x t r a t h i c c but not bbw (or maybe idgaf I love mono-belly tummies so ymmv) ... moar
>>56032 First (top left) captures the essence most imo. Wouldn't mind conducting a wild cat strike on that pussy and sabotaging that ass tbh
>>61854 Getting French/Belgium vibes
(3.30 MB 5096x2215 @HardKoba - Commission sheet.png)
Hey everyone, drawanon here. I finally made a Twitter and email for taking commissions. If anyone is still interested you can DM me through my new Twitter @HardKoba or send me an email at [email protected]
>>62886 I want the fat cats to sit on me
>>72797 yes YES YEEEEESSSS
>>72809 Presumably primitivism? >>72797 >breast expansion Awesome :3
>>72809 It's an example piece I made to try and get D&D character commissions. No real deep thinking behind it, just a glowing tree and a one small boi.
(127.98 KB 220x186 Attention.gif)
>>72797 >Tomboys >MILFs >Breast & Ass Expansion
>>72797 FUCK Looks like it'll be noodles for dinner next paycheck
(174.52 KB 1687x1488 TY27lvK.jpg)
>>72797 uwu what's this? >commission draft from Drawanon...
>>72797(me) Drawanon here, Just as a heads-up, if you're interested in a commission, please email me instead of DMing through Twitter (i'm having issues with it at the moment.) Said email address is: [email protected]
(38.03 KB 592x458 who did dis.jpg)
>>73187 Which one of you did this to Drawanon?
>>73188 I fucked up and tried using Tor to access my Twitter, it got scared with the IP hopping and now it wants my phone number :( t.Drawnon
(331.79 KB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds1.jpg)
(852.34 KB 2622x1929 maoist_akko.png)
>>73189 Yeah like that is rule something of Tor don't login in anywhere. But I do like your art I might request your commissions. I might want to get myself a custom catgirl made to be my avatar.
>>73865 God damn, bless you drawfags. You candy-asss keep this place alive.
>>73189 It always wants your phone number even if you use a static ip
(360.91 KB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds2.jpg)
(288.53 KB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds3.jpg)
(362.87 KB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds4.jpg)
>>73865 here's the remaining draft panels.
(437.92 KB 2409x2127 kitty_titty_draft_panels.jpg)
(275.27 KB 2054x2480 sensitive.jpg)
>>73865 And here's a full view plus extra.
(174.37 KB 1657x2131 bunker_mom.jpg)
(18.44 KB 590x300 sweet jesus.jpg)
(750.00 KB 680x458 69d.png)
>>73865 Akko, in that episode of Little Witch Academia, was a communist icon. She was recruited to be a part of the forces of reaction, by the heads of Luna Nova, against the working class fairies. After learning about the reason why the fairies were protesting against their conditions, she immediately supports their cause and is willing to fight for them against the members of her former class.
>>74417 Indeed and called out Diana as an bourgeois aristocrat. Akko is a true comrade and this was actually my wall paper for my computer for a long ass time.
>>74417 >>74425 Can someone make a similar wallpaper image using:>>73865
(207.93 KB 1766x1412 EXPANDED_Productive_Forces.jpg)
(615.49 KB 1988x1610 Comrade Akko (3).png)
>>74429 Close enough?
(72.02 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>74493 fucking epic
>>74510 is it suppose to be two different reds or am i seeing it wrong
(283.87 KB 965x1024 1580648987294.jpg)
Hello where are the catgirl yuri??? :DDDDDDD
>>74571 Our resident Akko namefag is Maoist Gang
(27.83 KB 600x638 that_fetish.jpg)
>>74566 >Hello where are the catgirl yuri Soon comrade, soon... The question is, which two? Or more?
>>74460 Well I'm about to EXPAND my DICK to this fam >>74599 Check'd and iktfb >it'll never exist irl ;_;
>>77057 deez nut goteem
(260.33 KB 976x976 engles_lady.png)
(2.25 MB 5626x4959 ayyy_lmounds1.png)
(150.67 KB 500x376 baby shocked.png)
>>77071 >>77072 gib milkies
>>77071 holy based
>>77071 naisu
>>77208 Dunno if its because I'm stupid and blind, but I cannot find that twitter account when I search it up ;w;
>>78114 It got locked automatically and he didn't manage to get it back, iirc
>>78114 If want a commission, please use the email address listed there. Said email is: [email protected]
>>78151 What payment methods do you take?
>>78151 Just bite the bullet and enter your mobile phone number tbh. The likelihood it will leak is tiny. Buy a prepaid burner number if you don't want to use your real one. Twitter is just annoying.
(2.44 MB 1560x1849 latam_sketches.png)
>>78210 PayPal. >>78265 It's the same on every social media site or any of the major email providers, they all want your mobile number so they can catalogue you and sell all your data accordingly.
>>78643 Stylish and stylized.
>>78737 Like through the mail? I would advise against that since a lot of postmen just take the money outright. I don't have a lot of experience with cheques and stuff plus the mail systems as a whole are fucked right now due to the virus. If you're worried about security, unless you're trying to tax avoid or something I wouldn't worry about it. Your call though.
(57.25 KB 496x548 and so on.JPG)
important edit coming through
>>78879 uwu~
(2.25 MB 5626x4959 ayyy_lmounds1.png)
(1.87 MB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds2.png)
remembering these rare alunyas today
>>79090 Don't let your dreams be dreams >[email protected]
phoarr is the /leftypol/ thread meant to be ded
>>79195 New thread for leftypol: >>>/leftypol/479303
(66.79 KB 724x965 kitty_goes_pig_hunting.jpg)
(1.82 MB 4012x2480 SRA_Alunya_WE_KEEP_US_SAFE.png)
(1.85 MB 4012x2480 SRA_Alunya_UNDER_NO_PRETEXT.png)
>>47713 She was originally flat-chested.
>>79528 love the first one, did you do it?
>>79832 That was Etienne.
>>79850 >>79832 Yes yes that is me ! Hello :^)
(1.55 MB 2480x3508 smooch.png)
>>80089 So in terms of art having been produced, this is like the third ship for Alunya, no? Cute
>>80384 Have you been keeping count? Anyway, the catgirls can be shipped with anyone, anytime. Everyone's interpretation is valid (except for right-wingers. Fuck them).
(701.42 KB 947x1341 romancing alunya.png)
>>80430 >Have you been keeping count? Ignoring Uncle /pol/ or Porky from Porked images, more because even if I didn't ignore them I wouldn't count them quite as "ships" so much as just "porn", yeah. In the sense of "recurring pairings", IE there's multiple art of it, it's Vivian James, Rodina (the cat), and now Tanya
>>80454 >pic Ebin. Really, really ebin.
>>80454 Alunya looking like a real SNACC though. And Rodina's looking dapper too!
>>80454 The sneakers with the dress give off such tomboy energy and I love it!!
>>80454 just drew this for a gag but now man Starting to think how could I make it so I could actually take this concept and do a 20pg lewd comic out of it
(4.72 MB 5624x4960 ayyy_lmounds3.png)
>>79859 Le bon style franco-belge
>>80454 >>80771 u r both v talented an we r lucky to has u both :)
How many cybernetics catgirls have there been already?
>>80922 We have Transhumanism cat, but no cybernetic socialism cat yet.
>>80899 I like the style and there must be a balance from all the Manga !
>>81294 >>81297 That's a smol bottle... Wait a minutes...
(2.09 MB 2480x3508 maoist_cat_poster_rough_draft.png)
(2.37 MB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds4.png)
(2.41 MB 2180x1929 4_panels.png)
Posadist cat BE Sequence: FINISHED!
>>82411 ebin :---DD
(208.09 KB 1440x1440 smugkitty.png)
>>82411 Neat
>>81530 absolutely based
>>82411 This coloration. Dat line work. The clean and smooth patterns. Very nice drawanon.
>>65697 >>65703 >>65700 I mean all i did was say "hey maybe me being edgy half the fucking time is bad, and maybe anti-idpol isn't that great". I don't know why you all decided to have a fucking meltdown over it. Coincidentally, howdy drawgirl, good to see you back.
>>82723 If you are truly who say you are. I'd like to say thank you for introducing me to this site: my new home.
(48.15 KB 724x965 image0 1.40.27 PM.jpg)
Max Stirminator
>>82984 v cool and nice I like the hand, it's well done
>>82984 >That stirminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not be spooked, ever.
>>82723 People like to have strong opinions on things they don't really know a lot about, try not to think about it a lot. not to be rude to the posters who wrote those posts, I know all of them and they are cool guys (RIP king) Anyways, thanks for those vids, they made discover this place.
>>82984 >Your spooks. Give them to me.
>>82984 That's fucking awesome. Good work
>>82984 stylé
>>83575 So cute!
>>83649 But its apple juice though. Still a cute picture though >>83575
>>83575 Bring your daughter to the bar day. Cute.
(63.20 KB 724x965 Make her face RED.jpg)
Was bored. Here is some more Cat x Grace.
>>83825 Why are you drawing counterrevolutionary art?
>>83844 Apparently love and the peaceful transformation of the individual into a lover for communism is counterrevolutionary, isn't that right Agent Anon?
>>83846 Grace should be executed and nothing else. No remorse.
>>83847 Her losing all power whilst being alive is much more pain and full of horror than simple death.
(264.72 KB 512x512 alunya-cheeky.gif)
>>83848 >Her losing all power whilst being alive is much more pain Okay, sure, I give you that. Then I request Grace to be in sexual bondage for the next drawing with Alunya.
>>83851 Conservative.
>>83852 How ?
(143.22 KB 281x349 mfw3.png)
>>83686 Whoops. Must be blind or something. >>83825 Now this is some Alunya X Grace artwork I can get behind!
>>83825 c-cute desu
(280.62 KB 900x1200 1546477790514.jpg)
>>83825 was hoping for something more like this
>>83981 DEAR LORD NO !
(48.98 KB 143x199 1563480182441.png)
>>84033 I want to see GET Rodina yuri.
(162.95 KB 496x378 1539826626559.png)
>>83981 This >>83849 (me)
>>83575 Very nice drawing DrawAnon, I like it. But this drawing gives me this images vibes >>51237 but in the opposite direction
Can't any of you /GET/ishists please do this?: >>83849
>>84809 Very cute! Though I realized something. Ètienne draws Grace a lot. Is Èti secretly a royalist? Do they want to bring back the French monarchy? They do love to watch that Neo-Feudalist youtuber, so they might be.
>>84811 >Ètienne draws Grace a lot. Is Èti secretly a royalist? Yes, this is very suspicious. Although, there was a guillotine pic.
(74.83 KB 600x842 forbidden.jpg)
>>84811 Well, I was the one who asked for the Grace image back at the /leftypol/ thread. I thought it would be fitting for the character.
>>84834 I’m v sure that was a different drawfriend >>84837 And they didn’t immediately send you to the guillotine? Sounds like a royalist to me
>>84811 > Ètienne draws Grace a lot. Is Èti secretly a royalist? Do they want to bring back the French monarchy? No. I just like the romance of cat and Grace. The drawing there was a request. > They do love to watch that Neo-Feudalist youtuber, so they might be. I AM that Youtuber. >>84834 I even made her into a revolutionary.
(671.89 KB 3160x2480 JUICYKA.png)
(844.40 KB 3160x2480 JUICYKA_ENG.png)
>>85423 no, you're based drawanon
>>85423 Very cute!
(808.85 KB 1982x3061 calunyap2.png)
(246.84 KB 891x1064 okretard.png)
>>85642 This is good stuff.
>>77071 Has someone got the original? This one is very cute btw
(23.47 KB 370x500 Dj8AEzVUYAE0PIG.jpg)
>>86210 original like the one engel sketched two hundred years ago?
>>86261 Yes! Thank you. It looks like a tatoo artist flash designs.
>>85642 this reminds me of one artists drawings that kinda made cute chibi like OCs
(3.13 MB 4500x3000 bastille_grace.jpg)
>>83825 Next time you're in the Bastille, you'll find yourself in an oubliette! These so-called comrades cannot touch the royal person, because that is against royal etiquette, a violation of royal protocol! >>83849 Grace is a natural superior. You will face the eternal yoke of royal monarchy. >>83981 Suppressing peasant revolts is a natural forte.
(866.22 KB 2056x3000 alunya1.png)
(1.03 MB 2152x2888 grace_1.png)
(2.56 MB 4500x3000 royal_forest_grace.jpg)
>>87438 >>87441 >>87443 I want them to have hot steamy and passionate lesbian sex.
Alunya exerting her revenge on Grace's pussy when?
>>87438 absolute monarchy depends on the ability of the monarch to balance the power of two classes: the big bourgeoisie and the feudal landowners. As the second class is today non-existent, a monarch whose power resides in the big bourgeoisie alone will be forced to give more and more of that power to a bourgeois parliament, see modern UK. the only other option would be to partially restore feudalism, a feat that is impossible in a modern globalized economy. no matter how much you want it to be the case, a Restoration in the year 2020 is an impossibility in both an economic and a political sense. tldr: even Neoliberalism Cat can cuck you, Grace, and that's pretty sad.
(97.36 KB 850x851 Christ-chan.jpg)
>>87459 >>87467 Idea for drawn anon. Alunya, drunk as heck, tries to take advantage of grace. Grace is kinda embarrased and undignified as alunya undresses her, but she has some curiosity as well, she is pretty much upholding a façade. Grace: You c-can't do this! I-I'm superior to you! Alunya reaches her hand to grace's pussy, completely ignoring here: I'm going to teach you things that christ-chan would never teach you...~~ Grace: Nooo... Sorry for horny-posting
>>87438 Grace will become the next Robespierre
>>87470 her comment doesn't make sense. outbreed gay people? do you not realize that homosexuality isn't heritable
>>87571 You haven't put into equation that she's stupid as fuck and probably hasn't figured out that herself.
>>87474 But that would Mean Grace did nothing wrong. Just as Robespierre did nothing wrong. Meaning Grace is a Class Traitor and will make a reign of Terror as the aristocrats deserved it.
>>87634 Yes Class traitor Grace is hot as hell.
>>87685 What would she look like then if you could illustrate this. I am interested in what would make her hot like operating a guillotine.
>>87733 The new revolutionary Grace (not specific to the French revolution) Cut shorter hair, the new revolutionary fashion for women ! A red sash around the waist, she is equally around the people now ! Brown 20th century men's fashion (look at some Maquis shit for inspiration) ! Shorts (I like shorts) and boots. Idk, just an idea.
>>87748 Seems interesting actually. I hope that gave you some inspiration to create.
>>87571 Homosexuality is heritable though (there is a genetic factor), which ironically means that christcucks oppressions of gays caused gay genes to propogate more than they would otherwise.
>>87875 There actually is an example of non-"straight" behavior in the animal kingdom which is beneficial to reproduction and causes genes to favor non-heterosexual behavior. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuttlefish#Reproduction >Cuttlefish start to actively mate at around five months of age. Male cuttlefish challenge one another for dominance and the best den during mating season. During this challenge, no direct contact is usually made. The animals threaten each other until one of them backs down and swims away. Eventually, the larger male cuttlefish mate with the females by grabbing them with their tentacles, turning the female so that the two animals are face-to-face, then using a specialized tentacle to insert sperm sacs into an opening near the female's mouth. As males can also use their funnels to flush others' sperm out of the female's pouch, the male then guards the female until she lays the eggs a few hours later.[33] After laying her cluster of eggs, the female cuttlefish secretes ink on them making them look very similar to gvåldtäkts. The egg case is produced through a complex capsule of the female accessory genital glands and the ink bag.[34] >On occasion, a large competitor arrives to threaten the male cuttlefish. In these instances, the male first attempts to intimidate the other male. If the competitor does not flee, the male eventually attacks it to force it away. The cuttlefish that can paralyze the other first, by forcing near its mouth, wins the fight and the female. Since typically four or five (and sometimes as many as 10) males are available for every female, this behavior is inevitable.[35] >Cuttlefish are indeterminate growers, so smaller cuttlefish always have a chance of finding a mate the next year when they are bigger.[36] Additionally, cuttlefish unable to win in a direct confrontation with a guard male have been observed employing several other tactics to acquire a mate. The most successful of these methods is camouflage; smaller cuttlefish use their camouflage abilities to disguise themselves as a female cuttlefish. Changing their body color, and even pretending to be holding an egg sack, disguised males are able to swim past the larger guard male and mate with the female.[35][37][38]
>>87886 Furthermore, there is a type of bacteria that some species of insects cannot reproduce without that forces them to become their own equivalent of transwomen. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolbachia >Several host species, such as those within the genus Trichogramma, are so dependent on sexual differentiation of Wolbachia that they are unable to reproduce effectively without the bacteria in their bodies, and some might even be unable to survive uninfected.[17] >One study on infected woodlice showed the broods of infected organisms had a higher proportion of females than their uninfected counterparts.[18] >Wolbachia, especially Wolbachia-caused cytoplasmic incompatibility, may be important in promoting speciation.[19][20][21] Wolbachia strains that distort the sex ratio may alter their host's pattern of sexual selection in nature,[22][23] and also engender strong selection to prevent their action, leading to some of the fastest examples of natural selection in natural populations.[24] >The male killing and feminization effects of Wolbachia infections can also lead to speciation in their hosts. For example, populations of the pill woodlouse, Armadillidium vulgare which are exposed to the feminizing effects of Wolbachia, have been known to lose their female-determining chromosome.[25] In these cases, only the presence of Wolbachia can cause an individual to develop into a female.[25] Cryptic species of ground wētā (Hemiandrus maculifrons complex) are host to different lineages of Wolbachia which might explain their speciation without ecological or geographical separation.[26][27]
>>80505 >The sneakers with the dress give off such tomboy energy and I love it!! Someone got inspiration from Greta!
>>85423 >>72797 Hey Drawanon, are you having trouble with your email provider? I emailed [email protected] but it bounced back.
>>87948 I don't think so? I haven't received any mail in almost a week, but I can access them just fine. Does anyone know of any problems like that with cock.li accounts? I just used them because they don't ask for a phone number and they're free. Maybe I can set up a Matrix.io/Riot account? What does everyone think?
>>88040 >Maybe I can set up a Matrix.io/Riot account? This seems like the better idea honestly
>>72797 >>88086 >>88040 >>87948 For anyone interested, I made a Riot account you can message me through: @hardkoba:whatisthematrix.com
(308.45 KB 1085x644 oldies.png)
(255.99 KB 704x798 franco_belg_alunya.png)
>>88558 Amazing !
>>88558 I love it. J'adore.
>>79528 The reddit angry typing was pretty funny thanks comrade
(167.15 KB 1049x925 plinkett.jpg)
(4.21 MB 4961x7016 maoist_cat_poster.png)
(880.40 KB 2100x2480 Alunya_AE.png)
>>89690 >Mein kampf >Friedman >Supreme kek
Would you smell Alunya's feet?
(22.79 KB 447x329 Wtf even.jpeg)
>>89727 lol I just like to read cringy writing about feet.
>>89728 >haha it's just a meme bro I swear
>>90788 nice kinda hard to read tho
(489.08 KB 1806x2622 cafr0.png)
>>94486 Who's this present for??
i really want a futa alunya pic. yall think her dick would be spiky? should i commission it?
>>87576 >>87571 she's a christcuck hillbilly retard, what did you expect?
(4.45 MB 2480x3508 burmesesocialism.png)
>>62017 Burmese socialism ideas
today's debate: can alunya say the n word ?
>>97001 Anybody can say the n word. The real question is, would she want to? And I would guess no.
>>97017 Black people have hoarded the n pass for far too long Redistribute
(356.10 KB 1080x1010 lenin but black.jpg)
>>97001 no, but Rodina does and thats because her dad is actually lenin
>>97001 She's a swarthy Mediterranean from the 1930s so she could say it. But she probably wouldn't.
>>97001 As a proud slav, I would get my Romani friend to give her n-word pass
>>94696 Make paps draw it He hates futa
>page 8 Bump
>>94696 >should i commission it? yes. *[email protected]*
>>100750 v nice
(31.33 KB 200x200 Alunya.gif)
I drew some Alunya as part of my pixel art training as well as some rudimentary animation.
>>100750 I like the third one. It would make bomb sticker alongside with this one
>having skill >not drawing porn you will never achieve your full potential this way
>>101416 >Implying I will ever achive my full potential in this outdated weak biological machine regardless of what I do [cries in non-cyborg]
>>79528 upload to booru
>>102384 leftypics.booru.org
(216.32 KB 729x1032 EdMsumoWAAUSiby.png)
>>103017 Very cute and lewd Alunya drawfriend
>>83849 >Then I request Grace to be in sexual bondage for the next drawing with Alunya Her worst nightmare: a limited monarchy
>>103017 >biting a lollipop don't do that, dumb cat
>>103097 Its clearly a power move
>>103097 Maybe she wanted to see how many licks it takes to get to the center and gave it to an owl, who proceeded to bite into it
(738.63 KB 1598x2480 wear a mask.png)
>>103618 >those stronk calves hnnng
(62.30 KB 380x454 Stickers are real.jpg)
>>103718 Lmao, those are some nice looking stickers. What are you gonna do with them?
>>103720 No clue, maybe sticker up some places and give some to comrades as regenerate as me?
>>103721 how much did that cost you?
>>103727 Bout 60 bucks for the whole pack
>>103728 damn that is 3 thick and high quality theory books
>>95493 the cheek leaves are fuckin CUTE
>>103718 vnice you should make a one with a red background too or just a black, white, and red version.
(821.18 KB 1536x2048 grace x alunya sketch.jpg)
>>105068 more of this, please.
>>105068 >>105757 this yuri is too soft. I need the hard stuff
(3.06 MB 4500x2480 YUGO_WG.png)
Yugo made me do it.
>>106163 based yugo
>>105821 >this yuri is too soft. I need the hard stuff Would it not disgrace our Grace?
>>106218 She's a counter-revolutionary, fuck her lmao.
>>106163 I like how it implies they or at least Alunya was going commando.
>>106912 You dont need panties when you have that thick bush protecting that hole from elements
>>107547 No. Futa Alunya would have a bumpy cock, like bigger penile papules except round and big.
>>107577 send me away~
>>107587 But it is awfully cold in Siberia. >>>/gulag/
(518.98 KB 1500x1091 Grace x Alunya yuri.png)
>>108834 I like where this is going
>>53319 >cock shot kek
This thread makes me wish I was good enough to learn to be a drawfag so I could draw my very own cute Alunya. Too bad I can't even draw a straight line without messing it up.
>>108987 Practice and you will get better unless you have parkinsons or something.
(111.58 KB 790x1267 Screenshot_7.jpg)
>>107773 Why are we letting her shiver?! Somebody help her!
>>109025 Gorgeous
(900.00 KB 2100x1500 gochan_chibi.png)
I desire more Gochan pics. Here's another one someone else made me (sorry I don't know who you are :( ). I'd draw some of my own but I have absolutely no drawing talent whatsoever, and with my eyes being the way they are right now it would look even worse.
>>108987 you don't have to get a straight line right at the first attempt, you keep doing one line over and over and over again until it is just right biggest part of drawing is doing help lines and fixing things with erasing a bunch, at least for beginners and also many pros from what i've seen you can do it easy
(89.59 KB 500x500 6brqwgl1pi441.png)
>>109049 >sorry I don't know who you are :( >
(54.75 KB 604x599 zizic.jpg)
I would like to request an L/ACC character wearing a sonic hat. I personally don't think it should be a catgirl because they don't seem to get memed as much as normal characters and I think L/Accelerationism has a lot of potential for that as reaction images and edits. Catgirls are cute and fun, and the stuff L/ACC revolves around is typically not. Of course if one of you decides to make it it will be your choice, but I myself want a fast boi (even if he was a cat(please make him a boy if you make him a cat)) R/ACC would be a shadow the hedgehog hat
Can someone post the images from the booru that were deleted pls pls pls bro
>>109545 >>109548 What images?
(3.90 MB 4608x3456 IMG_9306.JPG)
>>109425 I sketched a little something and came cup with this. Thoughts
>>103618 hey how can I order some custom art from you (for a political project)? do you have tweeter?
>>109799 send me an email with your commission request to: [email protected]
(801.84 KB 1080x1360 _200823_164540_058.jpg)
am artblocked and hate it. but i missed this baby
would anyone mind telling me who this is because she's been living rent free in my brain since i first saw her and i think i kind of love her.
>>111420 She doesn't have a name, as far as I recall, but she represents American revolutionary unionism, which manifested itself in the Battle of Blair Mountain, for example.
>>111420 Her name is Tanya and she represents the American labor Movement/what >>111503 said
>>111503 >>111524 thanks y'all :DD i want to cosplay as her
>>111604 pics when???
This deserves a bump.
(289.17 KB 640x640 1590529606577.png)
Can someone draw/edit alunya throwing up like pic relatted
>>112334 That cake is made of poo, isn't it?
(189.40 KB 1280x1556 Grace x Alunya new.jpg)
>>112462 Cute. The armband is the same type that the soviets had, right?
TIL Alunya and Porky våldtäkt porn exists. Just whose idea was it?
>>113286 >>113285 Some random artist on /b/ back in the 8chan days
>>113286 >>113290 I'll need some bleach to recover from this.
(2.26 MB 3136x3272 barf.jpg)
>>113431 This image has a demon in it
>>113431 God bless you anon
>>88088 >>88040 Hi I'm the editor of New Multitude magazine and I really want a catgirl picture for one of our banner, How can I contact you, or any other draw anon to make this happen? The twitter account you linked is down.
(47.86 KB 675x677 image.png)
(165.94 KB 1024x1024 hmmmmmmmm.png)
>>114773 Heyo my send me an email through [email protected] and we'll sort something out :) You can also contact through Element (Riot) on: @hardkoba:[email protected] (replace the @ in [email protected] with 'a'. The wordfilter fucks that word up.) or the the GET Element channel (/trashpile/)
(220.19 KB 1055x583 alunya katz.jpg)
>>114785 you made any headway on those other commissions yet by chance?
>>111494 nvm I did it myself
Thinking about making a dating sim with some of the catgirls. What should be the setting, what characters would be the focus, and who would the player be?
>>116956 Political catgirl school like that comic by Rachel
>>116956 >What should be the setting bunkerchan >what characters would be the focus alunya rodina leftcom cat (katherine) anarchist cat (nicola) leninist cat (vlada) posadism cat >who would the player be an anonymous comrade visiting bunkerchan
>>116956 >>116966 >>117052 Political catgirl school in an actual bunker after the nukes fell and mutated people, turning people into catgirls and porkies (and others probably). The purpose is to figure out how to rebuild once the radiation dies down and defeat the pork monsters. Protagonist is some random outsider who had been part of the porky slave army.
>>117055 You just want to be able to repopulate the world with posadism cat
You know what we really need? More drawings of Alunya with a schoolgirl uniform. That would be "poggers", as the kids say
>>117068 If anyone's gonna make this, draw her with a toast in her mouth and the /leftypol/ crest on her school jacket.
>>117078 Well yeah the logo on her blazer is obvious. Leftypol academy for shitposting and wizardry Honestly if I had drawing skills I’d make a whole series, but alas, I can barely trace to save my life
>>117066 But in that scenario posadaism cat would be BTFO if the ayys didn't swoop in and save people.
>>117108 Or maybe the aliens abduct her and the other cat girls for breeding experiments
>>117108 The ending will depend on which girl you wind up with.
>>118162 o shit thats my fetish
>>116956 Op here, probably gunna write most of Alunya's route first, shoulf she be Tsundere, tomboy gf esque, or something else?
>>118162 looks like it's that time again
>>118252 Why not a tsundere tomboy?
Where's my schoolgirl Alunya you cucks reeeeeeeeeeeeee
>>118274 Commission me to do it you lovely little goblin >>109944
>>118223 Being turned on by reproduction is the opposite of a fetish.
(91.22 KB 850x1191 Ejx2Rb_XsAAadmj.jpg)
>>121123 nice Makes me wonder shere she's going and what she's going to do.
(75.47 KB 1200x1200 essentialworker.jpg)
>>121123 need a tshirt like this
socdem catgirls? a-asking for a friend
havent been on a chan since leftypol got nuked. whats up with new catgirls? dont recognize them, so im not sure what ideology each represents
idea: councilcom wolfgirl >gets pissed whenever leninism groups her in with leftcom cat >has a thing for leninism, wont admit it dont know if theres already a councilcom, but heres my take
>>122699 >has a thing for leninism marxism-leninism, sorry. i should sleep
>>122749 Why is this Grace buddy-buddy with Alunya animation an ongoing thing? Catalan revolutionaries murdering royals and christians were some of the most notable things of the Spanish Revolution, as well as the economic lessons. Is this some ham-fisted attempt at a psyop?
Wow, thanks based people’s champions. You cleaned that filth off quite fast.
>>122699 I like this idea, and as you've outlined it would serve to be a bit read on the basics of the tendency. I'd say they have a thing for Leninism (starting communists parties in the time of Lenin), but not Marxist-Leninist (Stalinist). I am not aware of a single councilcom group that ever were even closely sympathetic to MLs.
(276.72 KB 1754x1240 Grace n Alunya 2.jpg)
(647.22 KB 1140x806 Grace transparent fixed.png)
>>122753 >You cleaned that filth off quite fast That was me. >Why is this Grace buddy-buddy with Alunya Your side started it.
(1.23 MB 1200x797 pepe-no-gods-no-masters.png)
>>122760 >Your side started it. I know this community enough to know that that's a bold-faced lie.
>>122755 Yeah, having a thing for Leninism does make more sense. She kinda likes Situcat, and she often barks at the Leninist strains of Marxism.
>>122764 in terms of councilcom wolf's design, we could base it on the general aesthetic of german socialist movements in the early 20th century, particularly the kapd. tossing ideas around for a name, perhaps katrin. also, she tends to have a bit of a hot temper. when it comes to her more general appearance, i was thinking: >white/grey hair >amber eyes, like most wolves >flat chest, makes up for it in the rear >fit, tall, but not bulky >dick
>>122851 Actually, I think there's already a Katherine, so probably not Katrin. From what I can tell, the KAPD logo was practically just a red circle. Perhaps we could go for stuff from the USPD, KPD or Spartacist League? I'm fairly hesitant on the second two. Anyone else have ideas for councilist wolf?
>>103017 Coomed, thank you
>>122988 >Coomed People's Champions, arrest this coomer!
(241.84 KB 1200x1687 halloween-taniarodina.png)
(2.43 MB 498x413 peace was never an option.gif)
>>122995 >arrest this coomer! cum get me
>>123228 is this tania dressed as an specific char or just a witch??
>>122881 any drawanons want to make councilist wolf?
(236.98 KB 1717x1533 self drawn alunya.jpg)
I tried something
>>123982 Sorry, but Alunya is Flat Gang.
What kinda drawing applications do Drawanons here use? I used OneNote for this one >>123982 and it was a pain in the ass...
>>123997 Late but kleki.com Free service, no premium and no ads
(261.24 KB 1717x1533 self drawn alunya UPDATE.jpg)
>>123982 reworked in Paint 3D (standard installed on windows), works surprisingly good.
>>123989 >Sorry, but Alunya is Flat Gang. Not any more friend...
>>123997 paint.NET nigga
>>121123 Love her
(180.26 KB 944x765 ALUNYA3 gaaast.png)
(137.19 KB 944x765 ALUNYA3.png)
>>124325 Based
>>65675 HOLY SHIT IS CATGIRL DRAWFRIEND! I was so worried about you, I thought mabe someone made you feel bad or something! SUPER stoked that you are back and still doing your amazing art!
>>124325 Big tiddy gang in the bunker get rekt flatties
(999.40 KB 1325x1563 Fire alunya edited .png)
There is no stopping me unless someone drops their lewds Flat alunya is no more
>>124418 carry on
>>124418 um based?
>>124418 How lewd is required?
>>124418 Nah, I want to see how this ends
>>124736 'bigger'
Eventually I'm gonna get a drawing tablet (probably within the next few months), so hopefully I'll be able to contribute to the commie catgirls, and even contribute some qt catbois.
>>124539 very lewd
>>124771 yeah, would be based


no cookies?