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GETchan Sings "Communism Lives On!" Anonymous Comrade 04/25/2020 (Sat) 20:16:48 No. 76422
Hello my fellow fa/GET/s, due to recent events you most likely already have heard about, we planned to make a commemorative song. But since we were asked by him to do a "GETchan Sings" the plan changed. Anyways, now let's get into the whole "Singing" stuff; Check out Official /r/anime Sings Recording Tutorial before recording please https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dun6NFHrvqHSA3II1qOy4sA5sRBQjGrbJcweMmYAe3s/edit# >inb4 Reddit Hey, they've been doing it this way and it works. FAQ u; How do I send the audio? Well, there are two ways you can first, by posting it here. If you don't want everyone to hear you, send me an email at [email protected] When will you edit the audios together? Well, I would like to have the first version the 27th, but it utlimately depend on when I get the audios. I'll keep accepting more of them even afther monday tho, so feel free to send me yours even if you're late to the party! what audio do I use as a basis? see file attached Do I need to add my reddit username and email as the tutorial says? Yes, I also need your credit card number and your adress btw What are the lyrics? Lyrics: A chan that was built through the will of the people, The place where the red revolution began! Our foes fates were sealed when they took arms against us, United and mighty, our Soviet chan! Joined ever in our unity, Led by Iara's purity! We shall not halt 'til we glimpse the red dawn! Long live our King who keeps us free, Long may we guard our liberty! Through our great chan, communism lives on! Oppressed by the tyrants, our GET threads were dying, Yet great Steven Magnet used this as his tool! And don't forget King who embraced communism, From that moment forward the people would rule! Joined ever in our unity, Led by Iara's purity! We shall not halt 'til we glimpse the red dawn! Long live our King who keeps us free, Long may we guard our liberty! Through our great chan, communism lives on! We fight for the rights of the everyday user, No tyrants will ever escape from our wrath! And through our existence we will keep on fighting, A glorious ideal will illumine our path! Joined ever in our unity, Led by Iara's purity! We shall not halt 'til we glimpse the red dawn! Long live our King who keeps us free, Long may we guard our liberty! Through our great chan, communism lives on! See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UecXvGM2IYc for an example I know many of you are very shy, but I would greatly appreciate your participation. The more we are, the less our shitty voices will be noticed! Thanks in advance for everyone who decides to participate
just letting you know, I will be contributing!
not even just shy, i can't sing for shit but i look forward to what you're gonna make of others contributions
>>76545 https://youtu.be/1iw7UuVZA8Q >>76555 Me neither, that's where the fun part is
I will also try contributing, prepare for broken English
>>76422 i can sing so i'll see if I can help out! o7 comrades
Thanks to the ones who have participated, but more are still needed. Please comrades!
(804.83 KB 960x704 NOPE SNAILMONNY.png)
How many people remember who Iara was?
y'all cowards don't even post voice https://voca.ro/fTwvjjcgQOJ
>>84539 Not me, I wasn't arround in the beggining >>84769 based
>>84812 i think the earliest i would have interacted with iara was mid to late 2013. 7 and a half years ago. yikes.
>>76422 Can I still participate? I'd been wanting to, but honestly I was too lazy to open the thread and kept postponing it
>>85554 Yup, I still need more entries so feel free to record yours
I want to contribute but my singing voice is shit and I don’t have a mic.
>>85871 Do you have an android phone? you can use it as a mic for your pc https://youtu.be/A6YjdYbu_zc
(51.27 KB 270x270 1103849_full.png)
I want a song.
>>86513 Sing first and then I'll think about it
the more i listen to my own voice the more i cringe
(102.05 KB 635x576 1491947625907.jpg)
Forget it here we go, heres my first attempt, sorry about the volume had to keep it down, due to other people in the house. I might make another one, but i'll probably have to go outside for it. https://vocaroo.com/oq4uCdxctUY God, is this what i sound like to other people
>>86824 Thanks comrade
Here's my entry. I kinda screwed up the pitch at the start since I couldn't figure out whether I wanted to sing high or low. Oh well.
>>87049 not bad not bad
(291.35 KB 1079x813 17367381.jpg)
>>86824 heres a second take, tried to do a more deeper tone. sound kinda like homer simpson a bit. https://voca.ro/kdpnHAgyxbT little out of breath trying to keep up with the tune and taking breaths between lines.
>>87370 If you want to audacity allows you to pause the recording and to start recording at the same point you left it. Anyways, good shit comrade
Will submit a take later tonight after some practice I think. Any tips for a good recording comrades?
I mentioned that I suck at singing, but if you want, I might be able to play an instrumental track on acoustic guitar or put together some digital tracks.
>>89095 Please check the link, there are many tips there >>89168 Sounds cool!
>>89175 I also have a trumpet, but I haven't played that in years. I could still try though, I guess if you give me some sheet music.
>>89239 Oh wonderful! Feel free to do so >I guess if you give me some sheet music. Don't have one, but the song is the USSR anthem instrumental so I guess it won't be that hard to find one
So are we going to try reconstruct the instruments also? I can probably make some shitty sounding horns with a synth, but won't sound as good as any actual brass players here. I can also do drums.
https://musescore.com/david_charlier/national-anthem-of-the-ussr Also sheet music for the theory fags out there
Not the best quality but u can stop stalking me now, get recording comrades! https://voca.ro/dt4hnhgpQkZ
(519.10 KB 567x661 le happy marxchant.png)
>>89968 >u can stop stalking me now never
are you accepting instruments? i can play the song on balalaika if you want
>>91976 Oh yeah, you might wanna talk with moo (namefags) and Zeke (lunachan flag) since they are also planing to use instruments
>instruments yeah I was thinking about this. We could change it up a little, modernising the beat, since we are an Internet forum. Or I could record some fairly typical orchestra type drums, idk really
>>92372 Sounds great, I'll try to remind everyone else who wanted to play instruments to talk with you but if they don't reply we can do this
>>92441 Could you post the current mix of all the voices singing so I can try and layer it up with some instruments friend?
did you make the song yet?
>>94769 Tomorrow I'll finish editing them all together and then I'll send it to moo and hopefully we'll have the first version out soon
>>94794 okay, thanks my anon
>>84769 >that last bit lmao >>86824 cute :3 >>87049 Better. >>87370 :DDD >>89968 v nice
Due to er... Technical difficulties It will take a couple of days longer
>>76422 ngl r/anime is pretty good at singing in general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upgzlR8N66M
HERE IT IS COMRADES, FINALLY both in video format and audio, enjoy!
>>99858 audio
>>99858 embarrassing
>>99858 lmao this is beyond scuffed congratulations
>>99858 this is seriously bad good job everyone!
>>99859 >>99858 This isn't the final version right? r-right???
(15.94 KB 714x763 1084882.png)
>>99858 That was nice
>>99858 This was fucking beautiful comrades, I hope to see this being sang in Washington when the revolution comes.
>>100022 I still accept submissions!
>>99858 Glorious, laughed tears of joy the first time
>>100142 Not him but I'm glad you're still open to submissions. It's just that I'd been too busy and it turns out my microphone is shit so I'm trying to fix it
>>101059 I'll be waiting for your submission :::DDDD
(54.08 KB fart.mp3)
"The Song of Our Future"
>>86824 qt :)
i couldn't get a decent take so enjoy this https://voca.ro/bm3WFZlvazj
it would be nice if we could get an actual version that would surpass the one from 2016, but this one is unacceptable.


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