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Anonymous Comrade 04/23/2020 (Thu) 16:36:34 No. 75193
This is the only good Chairman Mao
No balls futa are shit
>>75193 I remember an unironic post on /eftyotakupol explaining how futabu and its "plots" have communist messages in it.
(11.18 KB 225x225 descarga (53).jpeg)
>>86748 >ballsfag Easily the worst among futachads. kinda like how lactationfags are the worst titfags
(883.71 KB 800x1200 bec.png)
>>86748 Chad opinion . Balls are essential
>>86821 But why would you want a dick with no balls That's like a pussy with no clit
>>86826 >>86829 They still have balls but they’re inside them, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to cum
>>86917 iirc trans girls who get operations to remove the ballz and nothing else can still cum though
>>87104 >>86917 Almost all of the volume of your load comes from the seminal vesicle. Barely anything comes from the testes.
>>87104 How can they cum if they don't have PENIS?
>>87359 They're for stepping on
>>87359 sperm needs a cooler place than the rest of the body to develop
(199.12 KB 1722x547 wolbachia forced feminization.jpg)
>>87359 As a place to store pee. Also wolbachia bacteria can turn them into ovaries so you can make babies if you are a wasp.
>>87494 Cool, now we know why /pol/ is full of sissies
Am I gay if I like futa? and if so then why I don't feel attracted to actual men or even trans women
>>88370 Futa is gay but that's good.
>>88371 >Futa is gay [for hetero men] No it's not, it's bi-curious, if not merely just heteroflexible. >srs yes
post irl futa
(669.03 KB 638x1599 futa faggot.jpg)
>>90246 >Sep 12, 2019 Has there been a follow-up to this? Was this successful? Pretty interesting. Will I be alive for communism and futas? I will fight for that possibility.
>>90246 trans aint futas
>>90392 trans can be futas
>>90401 only if they aint born male
>>90406 Pretty sure the reverse will be possible eventually too. So yeah, trans can indeed be futas. This is a trans porn thread now
>>90411 Come on, man. You can't post that and not post the source
(364.13 KB 1079x1525 43.png)
>>90411 fuck it, one struggle im futrans gang now
>>91069 that bitch looks pretty white to me
(4.76 KB 111x113 welcome.jpg)
>>91069 that was mad funny
>>91158 They're asian, but they might as well be white because race isn't real.
Communism is the only thing that can make futa girls a reality
Futa is based
>>94421 cursed
>>94420 Anyone here has piercings on their PENIS/coochie? Shit looks painful af
>>94428 I was considering getting some. i doubt it's painful after the initial piercing and the gradual healing process though.
>>86812 How can you post something like this and not elaborate further?
>>88370 >>88371 This has been studied and it turns out futa is the most heterosexual thing to be attracted to, in terms of correlation. The reason for this is that it's a "super-normal stimulus" that combines the arousing features of a woman and the visual of an erect PENIS, which is thought to cause somethng like a "sympathy boner" to ensure that if there's an opportunity to fuck you get ready (kind of like how yawning spreads). Gay men tend to be attracted to FtM or cuntboys for similar sorts of reasons - it's a man but with genitals to match yours.
Futa is based
>>90411 >trans = futa /d/ says fuck you
(91.42 KB 585x768 Golden Baby Senko.jpg)
>>100366 Bruh...
>>100431 Seethe
>>100681 I mean it is rather poorly done
>>100681 >>100431 >>100771 the 3 ones in a row... spooky shite
>>100885 Sorry a computer error made me post that 3 times in a row.
>>100897 >>100885 Spoopy shit
(51.81 KB 300x238 silly.png)
>yesterday 52 posts <today 50 Okay people’s champions has your bot been fucking around again? I've seen several threads where the posts have been drastically cut down.
>>102790 Janñies """""""""""accidentally"""""""""""" delete people's entire posts ocasionally
>>102796 Yeah sure, en masse... accidentally. Fucking assholes.
>>102790 Oh yeah, those were all mine. Sorry about that. I was pissed at coons.
>>102870 On that matter who keeps deleting the posts about idpol? Didn't we already go over this shit? Or is calling someone a stormfag enough to get a post deleted now?
(253.65 KB 1200x1600 1597074555519.jpg)
>Small village worships a guardian spirit who takes the form of a woman >She uses her power to protect the village from evil and to ensure prosperous harvests and trade >Her magic comes at a cost: they must send her their most beautiful boy to become her lover >She has the appearance of a beautiful woman, the kind that any man could only dream of, but between her legs lies a betrayal of her true otherworldly nature >A large, feline PENIS covered in numerous sharp, backwards-facing barbs >It looks like more of an instrument of torture than love >She says that only a boy with a pure soul untainted by sin can ensure her lovemaking without suffering injury >Each year the village picks a candidate, one they believe to have a truely pure heart, but each year he returns bleeding and in need of medical attention >This cycle has repeated for more than a century >While the guardian does derive a bit of sadistic satisfaction from punishing sinners, her heart yearns for the day her true Mate is finally delivered to her >She can't wait for the day she hears his voice cry out in sweet agony as her cock finally rips out of him without a single drop of blood
>>107810 what a story, mark
>>107810 Does Futa Alunya have a spiky PENIS?
>>107905 Kek, now that is a question. Would someone make an Alunya edit of >>107810 ?
>>107905 ...Maybe.
(217.85 KB 2048x2048 2319ca81dbeb6ada3a0f1b774802ee7e.jpg)
Given /GET/'s affinity for dick, its rather weird this thred has so little in it.
>>108281 I only love dick when it's attached to a woman
This made me laugh
(309.92 KB 350x500 cover.png)
Newhalfs are superior to full package futa aesthetically. >>94421 I would fuck Alyssa. >>90442 I always find it annoying how in newhalf comics artists love to emphasize that the newhalfs are actually "men". I end up fapping without English translations just because of that, it's enough to kill my boner. Can we get some female newhalfs please?
>>110502 (Not to mention it's unironically transphobic if they are supposed to be trans)
>>110502 >Newhalfs weirdest term for trans i've heard
>>110567 In hentai it means they have a dick and doesn't necessarily imply transitioning or them being trans (though they typically are both trans and transitioning). For example there is a nukige where a bourgeois bio woman uses advanced surgery to get her VAGINA replaced with a dick and balls, she has transitioned in the primary sexual characteristic sense but is not trans. Likewise in magical realm fantasy settings, like CoC, you have beings who are simply born physically like that making them neither trans nor transitioning. Both cases would be referred to as newhalfs by hentai fans in Japan I'm sure.
>>110571 >For example there is a nukige where a bourgeois bio woman uses advanced surgery to get her VAGINA replaced with a dick and balls That's actually technically possible nowadays, it's just that no one has attempted it yet.
>>110277 Based Chichi
(155.07 KB 960x1291 bffbdb.jpeg)
>>110277 The follow up is also hilarious
>>111736 >spoiler failed wtf?
futafags up
>>108089 DO IT!
(1.60 MB 1000x1250 futa morty.png)
>>114355 holy shit i hate this picture so much
>>114355 FUKKEN SAVED for future otaku-spotting
>>114355 this is repulsive
>>114475 That's the point
>>114363 Yep, and already reposted in anime
>>110502 sauce?
>>110502 >>117802 ngl I need the sauce too homie
(268.04 KB 909x672 poison sauce.png)
>>110502 >I always find it annoying how in newhalf comics artists love to emphasize that the newhalfs are actually "men" <tfw that one super prolific mangaka who draws a shitton of newhalf stuff resorts to this as well >>110571 >For example there is a nukige where a bourgeois bio woman uses advanced surgery to get her VAGINA replaced with a dick and balls, she has transitioned in the primary sexual characteristic sense but is not trans. lol, that character gave the VNDB community a lot of trouble. I think that's the only time I've ever seen a "reverse newhalf for purely aesthetic reasons". >>117802 >>117865 When something looks Japanese use SauceNAO anons
>>100885 >filename iirc I first saw that drawing in the Wikipedia article for "Autofellatio" did someone seriously upload that to paheal with the Max Stirner tag?? lmao
>>117893 and what if it looks comic like even western?
>>117997 Then I have to use reverse image search on Google or Tineye. When that fails, I search for the source site with any names mentioned in the pic and terms that seem related to the image. If that doesn't work either I can only ask for the source.
>>118205 what's the best site for western stuff and otaku stuff? especially what's the biggest ever for both
>>118418 >>118205 I want a good site with tons of H and has good tags
>>120109 my dream Doujinshi is GRANDmother lesbian
>>75193 you're a pedophile
>>110502 >Newhalfs are superior to full package futa aesthetically. Explain.
>>120231 seconding this, explain please
>>110502 >Newhalfs What the fuck is that?
>>121223 New Halfs is essentially another way of saying shemale or dickgirl or ladyboy, referring to their 'new' half of the body.
>>121339 okay but what does that have to do with a sexy mature lesbian mommy milf going down on a young sweet innocent girl
>>121396 There is a shitty popular meme that was picked up by hentai wherein Poison (the character portrayed) is a Newhalf and her personality is basically a dominant slut.
>>122092 I think we just want a lesbian mommy milf going down a young sweet innocent girl cmon send it through
Lately I've been trying to figure out what my orientation is. For most of my life I've only been into girls, but as I've gotten older, I've become more and more turned on by trans women (that still have dicks), and also really effeminate femboys that pass as girls, yet I'd never see myself having a relationship with a guy; more of a sexual thing. I guess it makes me pan, but I dunno.
>>123196 You've just been exposed to a hypersexual environment filled with hormones and normalized commodification of sex to the point where the brain gets bored and seeks sexual gratification in newer weirder ways, with shemales and traps being basically the new hot thing in porn. Basically stop consuming pornography and just fap with your imagination, then you'll know whether you're bisexual or straight or gay or whatever.
>>122710 yeah I kinda want this tbh
>>122092 Poison is canonically hermaphrodite tho
>>122710 dream hentai if you know any send it rn or just name it I'm dying for some
>>122710 based
>>124163 No she isn't. Capcom staff have swung back and forth between her being a post-op and pre-op transgender but a hermaphrodite she is not.
>>120110 same here bud
someone has to find this, it will be our goal >>124675 >>124225 >>124213 >>122710 >>124110 >>121396 >>120110
>>124749 I agree comrade
>>86821 lactation is based wtf
>>120110 I want this really bad now


no cookies?