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(604.80 KB 900x1500 Quest Thread Banner.png)
Black Lagoon: Freelancer - A /GET/ Exclusive Quest Thread Gomrad Spurdo#HTmBuh 04/19/2020 (Sun) 20:17:23 No. 73353
Roanapur... Not exactly where you imagined to find yourself when you were still a bright-eyed pioneer whose greatest aspiration in life was to become a cosmonaut and sail the stars on a spaceship built of hopes and dreams. Fate dealt the Soviet people a shitty hand unfortunately and so here you are, a freelance mercenary looking for work in one of the most crime-infested cities in South-East Asia. You were tipped off by an associate that there would be plenty of work here for people with few morals, and with the shit that you've had to deal with since the union's collapse your moral compass was one of the few things that became obsolete in the new cut-throat environment that the populations of the former SSRs found themselves in. Many of your friends could not adapt to the new conditions and died either by their own hand or as a result of the increasing amount of violent street crime. You yourself almost got killed in an ethnic turf war that sparked up between a bunch of youth gangs. Turns out that in the lawless and chaotic environment, where human life becomes a dirt cheap commodity, people would do pretty much anything for food to fill their stomach with or drugs and alcohol to forget about how shitty life had become. You used almost all of your remaining savings to get aboard the first ship out of the coastal town that you lived in at the time just to get away from all of it. At the time, you didn't really care about what the end destination was as long as it took you away from the land that you once proudly called home. After working odd-jobs here and there including as a triggerman for the Hong Kong Triad, you eventually had enough cash to get some proper gear and a cabin on a passenger boat headed for the modern-day promised land of pirates, gun runners, drug traffickers and all sorts of other ne'er-do-wells. Having arrived here now, with all of your belongings at hand and nothing more than a handful of Yankee dollars to your name... What is your first step to making something out of yourself in this... city of the damned...? >Check that I still have all my stuff and I didn't forget anything onboard the boat >Light up a cigar to celebrate my new life >Asking for directions to the nearest bunkhouse from a local >Looking for the nearest watering hole, the trip has made me thirsty >Looking for a local gun store, while I still have a good supply of spare ammo left it's probably not gonna last in a prolonged gunfight >Sitting down and writing a new entry into my diary >Something else...(Write-in)
>>73353 >Check that I still have all my stuff and I didn't forget anything onboard the boat Gotta make sure that I have everything in this criminal city. Keep habits of security. Also I look a little hot in my hat, sweater, and all my gear in southeast Asia.
>>73353 Seconding checking that you still have all your stuff
>>73353 >Sitting down and writing a new entry into my diary This is the cute thing to do
>>73374 >>73376 You pat yourself down to make sure that you still actually have everything and didn't accidentally leave anything important inside the cabin that you stayed in onboard the ship during its sail here. After taking inventory, nothing seems to be missing. The briefcase holding your spare clothes among other essentials is still next to you on the pier, your wallet is inside your breast pocket, all the weapons are in their respective spots and what little belongings remain are inside of your other pockets. All in all, you're good to go, maybe with the exception of your clothes which are currently cooking you alive. Mental inventory <On-person: >Type 56 AK >S&W Model 36 >3x 30-round 7.62x39 steel mags (full) >24x loose .38 Special rounds >A wristwatch >A pack of cigars >A hip-flask >A utility flashlight >A pocket knife >A cell phone <In briefcase >Personal hygiene kit >A towel >A set of brass knuckles >A set of spare clothes >A set of maintenance tools >Diary >Writing supplies >Passport (Russian Federation) >Old CPSU membership card <In wallet >An old driver's license >250$ After finishing the check-up of your belongings, the next thing on your mind is... >Lighting up a cigar to celebrate my new life >Asking for directions to the nearest bunkhouse from a local >Looking for the nearest watering hole, the trip has made me thirsty and standing around in the sun isn't helping >Looking for a local gun store, while I still have a good supply of spare ammo left it's probably not gonna last in a prolonged gunfight >Sitting down and writing a new entry into my diary >Something else...(Write-in)
>>73389 >Looking for the nearest watering hole, the trip has made me thirsty and standing around in the sun isn't helping All the fun stuff happens at the bar.
(5.37 KB 150x115 proxy-image.jpg)
drink water
(1.01 MB 754x543 b6.png)
>>73392 why not. Let's try to get know some the locals and what kind of issues they're having. Want to try to get a feel for this strange city. im imagining this place to be something like singapore with its multi lingual and multi ethnic history but scuffier. so maybe kuala lampur or jakarta. >>73393 yes
>>73392 >>73393 >>73403 After both asking around from the few locals who could understand your broken English and looking around yourself, you find out that most nearby bars are closed around midday except for one place which seems to be open almost round the clock. Yellow Flag is what they called it, supposedly a place that got its name from to the fact that it was founded by a deserter from the ARVN during the latter half of the war in Vietnam. Most of the people who you met advised you against visiting it due to the fact that it was frequented by criminals of the kind that would shoot anyone who ticked them the wrong way. The bar itself had apparently also been shot up like fifteen times since its founding, somehow still managing to rise from the ashes at the end of each shootout. >If its the only place that's open then that's where I'm heading, I've had to deal with worse than a couple drunk crooks. >Doesn't seem like a place worth checking out if it really gets shot up that frequently, I prefer to have my body remain bullet-free. >Surely it wouldn't hurt to at least go scout out the exterior even if I don't head inside? I can always return to it later or find another pub that's open later in the evening in the meantime. >On second thought, I'm fine with what's left in my hip-flask. >I'll find something else to do... (Write-in)
>>73440 Ask around if anyone has a lighter to smoke a cigar to clear your mind up
>>73444 nice trips. we can ask for a smoke. I guess we can head to the bar unless we meet some interesting locals on the way there to guide us elsewhere afterwards
>>73440 let's go scouting
(1011.65 KB 500x281 thots.gif)
(719.48 KB 853x480 Yellowflag.png)
>>73444 (cheka'd) >>73466 >>73507 Apparently there's a lot of smokers around this city, because finding someone to lend a light for your cigar turns out wasn't all that hard. After asking some dockworkers on a break for some assistance by pointing to the cigar in your mouth they smiled and seemed to immediately understand what you wanted. You muttered them a word of thanks after taking the first of many relaxing drags of your cancer stick before promptly heading off to find this mysterious "Yellowflag" place. You don't really have an address to work with, the only thing in terms of directions you have is "its in the bad part of town." Bad part of town would usually be kind of subjective, but in this city? Its like night and day when it comes to the different faces that the city represents to the outside world. Despite its reputation among criminals and law enforcement it still apparently has a thriving tourism industry and the "clean" side is pretty easily distinguishable from the dirty underbelly. The clean side for example probably doesn't have brothels operating openly and there's no run-down buildings filled with drugs and shady characters of all stripes. Even though its daytime, while walking through the dirty you keep a hand close to your quick-draw holster at all times, carrying a weapon openly is a good deterrent for any would be robbers and the local cops don't even really seem to care either beyond staring. Eventually when you're on the cusp of giving up due to all the "closed"-signs you see on the doorways of various pubs, you eventually see one which has a set of sturdy looking doors and a surprisingly pleasing exterior to it. The word "Yellowflag" is plastered clearly on the neon sign. Looking through the window, you can see there's only a few patrons sitting at the tables at this hour and the owner of the place seems to be standing around at the counter while cleaning off some shot glasses, his expression one of utter boredom. The unifying feature about all the tables that are occupied besides drinks is the fact that everyone has their gun out in the open as if they're expecting a fight at any moment. The building itself is a few stories high so the building probably holds more business operations than just the bar itself. Having found what you were looking for, the place is now looking mighty inviting to you especially with the selection of drinks that the place has on display. Is it enough to make you want to check inside in person though? >Looks peaceful enough, the rumors about the place were probably greatly exaggerated. I'll head right in. >Nah this ain't it chief, I'll go find myself a place to stay in for now. Other places are gonna open up in the evening anyway. >The corner store that I saw nearby probably has bottled water and something to eat. Drinking booze while dehydrated and malnourished ain't healthy. >There is something else I wanna do first... (Write-in)
>>73511 >Looks peaceful enough, the rumors about the place were probably greatly exaggerated. I'll head right in. Now I would normally go to the corner store and not drink in the day but I'm a freelance mercenary. I go into the bar with intention of making friends or at least acquaintances. Perhaps there are some ex-soviet buddies lying around. I'll have to be careful about what I say unless I spark a fight or accidentally trip myself into trap.
>>73511 >Looks peaceful enough, the rumors about the place were probably greatly exaggerated. I'll head right in. Head right in, but if possible have a seat at the nearest exit
(88.27 KB 340x189 Bao.png)
>>73519 >>73569 Shrugging your shoulders, you suppose there's no harm in getting to know the locals and establishing contacts. Pushing the doors open, everyone inside (including the bartender) briefly turn to look towards you. They seem to be sizing you up, possibly to see if you're someone who can be pushed around or not. You look around from behind your sunglasses right back at them, not in the least bit intimidated by what looks to mostly be a bunch of small-time crooks before confidently walking towards the bar counter. "New face, huh? What'll it be?" The bartender asks from you, glancing at you in a disinterested manner. He clearly doesn't think much of you. Having finished wiping the glass he has now gone back to reading a newspaper. Looking him over, you're guessing this guy is Bao, the owner of this "establishment". The people who told you about this place may have somewhat offhandedly mentioned that he's a guy you should get to know if you needed information about the underworld of the city. >Order a drink (specify what you're ordering) >Ask him for info about job opportunities >Ask him about the city >Ask him if he runs any other businesses besides the bar >Ask/do something else... (write-in)
>>73576 Order a drink (vodka) while trying to incite small talk, maybe ask him about his day or his family
>>73577 seconded. to be specific, ask him about his job.
>>73576 Buy drink,
>>73576 order a drink but make it strawberry milk before small talk
(85.18 KB 1387x702 1493915764178.jpg)
>>73577 order a drink (vodka) . second bear's actions.
but manly men drink strawberry milk and don't give a fuck assert dominance drink strawberry milk
(10.15 KB 340x192 Bao.jpg)
>>73635 >>73626 >>73625 >>73577 >>73644 >>73656 "A shot of Stolichnaya." You say, your Slavic accent seeping through your voice no matter how much you try to suppress it. He seems to stiffen in his movement for a bit as he turns to look towards you curiously before shaking his head and reaching for the top of the shelf, retrieving a red-labelled bottle filled with a familiar clear liquid. As he poured you a glass you take this time to retrieve your revolver from its quick-draw holster and place it on top of the counter similarly to the other patrons. "That will be two dollars." Bao says as he places the shot glass in front of you. You dig your wallet out of its place inside your breastpocket and hand the man a couple 1$ bills. Taking the shot in one go, you shudder and shake your head. The drink burns nicely as it descends down towards your stomach. "Slow day I take it?" You ask him, attempting to coax some small talk out of the other man. "Very funny smartass, most people are out working during this time." He responds back, his eyebrow twitching slightly in annoyance. "What brings you to town anyway? You look quite packed in terms of firepower." He says, pointing out the obvious. "Work mostly, I'm looking for job opportunities and I was told that you were a man that can give me some info regarding that." He frowns at your words, running a hand through his hair before sighing heavily. "Look buddy, I don't know who told you that but the deal is that I don't just give info like that away freely." He says with no small hint of frustration in his voice, possibly because of your blunt delivery. "Well, name your price then?" You respond, eagerly slamming your hand against the counter. "Look, since you seem so eager to prove yourself and already have enough gear to arm a whole squad of VCs how about this; I'll give you a simple job, do that and I'll consider getting you in contact with some people who might have further work for you. Sound fair?" He says, waving his hand around a bit to emphasize his words. Well, here's your first job offer. There's no real payment in it beyond a vague possibility of further employment and you have no idea what the job is about but its still work. >"I'll take the job, just give me the details." >"This smells fishy, no thanks." >"(Write-in)"
(432.38 KB 1080x1198 nWtUguq.jpg)
>>73682 Seems p clear that we should take the job. Im curious to what job it is.
>>73682 Order another shot and tell him its a deal and to give hime the details
(20.01 KB 300x450 Bao 2.jpg)
Heading to sleep now, I'll be back in the morning to check up on the vote tally. >>73687 >>73729 "You have my attention, give me the details..." You say as you place another set of bills onto the counter. "...And maybe a scond shot while you're at it." "I think you might want to be sober for this job." Bao replied in a deadpan tone as he ignored the money. Taking the hint you lean forward a bit more, listening intently on what the man has to say. "Here's the deal, usually when people try to leave without paying their tab I give them a new asshole through shotgun surgery. But there is this one particular prick who came in with his group of fuckboys one evening, drank at least a couple hundred dollars' worth of booze before I figured they'd had enough and needed to pay. Unfortunately another group of jackasses decided to start a fight, which I needed to put down and the former being the slimeballs that they are used the chaos to slip out without paying." "Uh-huh, following you so far, what's my part in this?" You quip in, rubbing your chin in thought. "Repo work is beneath the standards of most mercs in town, but since you so conveniently offered your services I want you to be my Repo guy in this case. Go shake those fuckers for every penny they drank at my expense. I don't care if you have to take the clothes off their back or harvest their organs, one way or another I want my money back." Bao finished his briefing with a snarl, emphasizing his last point with a slam of his fist against the counter. After waiting for him to calm down a moment you ask the question that is still hot on your mind. "I might need a name, face and place so I know what to look for?" In response Bao simply slides a slip of paper with a list with all three of those things. "Return here when you're done, in the meantime I suggest you get a move on, I don't know how long this intel is gonna be valid. You say your goodbyes, collect your things and, head out through the door back onto the street with the paper in your hand. You now know the details of the job and have the necessary information to start your search of the target. What is your next course of action? >I'll ask one of the locals if they have an idea on where the address is located. >I'm not in a hurry, I have time to visit some other places while I look for this guy. (Specify which places you wish to visit) >I should do a check-up on my gear before I head in to potential gunfight. >I'll... (Write-in)
(202.98 KB 303x227 c3.png)
>>73780 Thanks bro doing this. >I should do a check-up on my gear before I head in to potential gunfight. Dont wanna be left out in ammo. Do a check up and then go out to ask some locals where the address is. Although I dont want to kill them if I dont have to. Perhaps theres a different way
>>73796 I second this. We need to check to see if we have enough ammo, incase anything happens.
>>73780 >>I'll ask one of the locals if they have an idea on where the address is located. specifically, if possible, get a taxi and ask to get near the address to scout out the neighbourhood
(292.71 KB 996x1500 Gear.jpg)
>>73796 >>73980 >>74095 You look around for a quiet spot to perform the check up in, finding it in the form of a dirty and smelly alleyway next to a strip club after you drive the junkies currently hanging out in it with a few unkind words emphasized with pointing the barrel of your gun at them. Counting down what you have, you still have those three magazines for your AK fully loaded in their pouches on the chest rig, the one that's currently loaded in the gun is also full judging from the weight and the fact that it hasn't seen much use recently. The revolver you made sure had a full cylinder of ammo before you took it with you to the bar and counting down the loose ammo you have with you in the smaller pouches of your rig you can tell you have enough munitions for four full reloads. If there's less than a dozen chickenshit crooks up against you, you're pretty sure you can handle them with what you have, otherwise you might have to bring out the knuckledusters. After checking the ammo situation you figure that a quick clean-up wouldn't hurt either so you take out the magazine, clear the chamber, take the cleaning rod from its spot under the barrel of the Type 56, stick a rag onto it and cover that in gun oil from your maintenance kit. A few good strokes later your gun's innards are well lubed and ready for action. Once you're done with the maintenance work, you put everything away and head out to find one of the local "taxi equivalents." Why taxi equivalents? Well, let's just say regular car-based taxis aren't really popular around here. Instead the locals have these roofed, three-wheeled bikes called tuk-tuks that they use to get around pretty much everywhere and which have space in the back for both passengers and cargo. Spotting a parking lot full of these while walking out of the alley, you figure that there's probably at least one driver there that has an idea on where the address you got is located at. A little negotiation about the price with one of the drivers who knows the place you're headed to gets you to your destination for 7$. He drives you to the street corner where the target is, pointing you towards the building in question saying with clear nervousness in his voice that he "can't take you no further, it isn't safe." You can see what he means from the fact that there's rows upon rows of run-down buildings on each side of the road, with groups of thugs armed with various kinds of tools of violence ranging from pipes to crude locally produced copycat guns, hanging around outside of them. You thank the driver for getting you this far and get off the ride, the small vehicle taking off almost as soon as you step off. Well, you're here now and there's no backing down from the job even if you wanted to. How do you wish to handle this? >I'll keep a hand close to my holster, and walk calmly towards the target building while keeping an eye on my surroundings >I'll go talk to some of the locals before heading for the target, maybe one of them is desperate enough for money to act as my meat shield for when things inevitably go south >I'll look for a ladder and take to the rooftops to minimize contact with other people >I'll try something else... (Write-in)
>>74107 Talk to the locals and try and see if they have any useful info that will help with the current objective.
>>74107 >7$ lol >>74255 yes. I would ask the locals what info can be know about these guys. I would ask in a casual way to see if these guys are important to the community. I shouldn't let them know I'm here to play repo.
(119.08 KB 1200x800 Insect Fighting.jpg)
>>74255 >>74258 >>74272 Putting your game face on, you begin walking towards one of the groups that is currently squatting on the sidewalk and watching... something, while clearly cheering. When you get closer you can see what they are all cheering at. Apparently there's a pair of bugs duking it out inside a small makeshift ring consisting of a hole in the pavement that's been lined with planks and a single log that's acting as the platform for the bugs to fight on top of. Everyone of the spectators, with the exception of the one who looks to be the host of the ring, seems to be watching the fight between the two beetles with great anticipation and waving around handfuls of cash while shouting at their chosen fighter. None of them seem to really be interested in you or what you have to say at the moment, too distracted by what's going on inside the ring. >I don't wanna stick around for too long, I'll try to get their attention in a non-violent manner. (describe how) >I have time, I'll wait for the fight to over and the betting money to be distributed before I ask them anything. >I'll fire a couple rounds into the air with my 56, that'll get their attention. >Let's try something different... (Write-in)
(1.07 MB 747x543 b5.png)
>>74296 >Let's try something different... (Write-in) Is there any another locals that might look friendly that can help us? Otherwise I can wait for the fight to end and ask someone about the address
(358.98 KB 1300x856 cigarette.jpg)
>>74319 Looking around at another group of around seven people across the street, you see that they are more heavily armed and seem to be looking at you warily while keeping their distance. You're not quite sure if talking to them is a wise idea considering they might just try to overwhelm you with their numbers and mug you. Then again, that might just be your paranoia talking and they're just a form of local community watch. A third group that was hanging around nearby previously seems to have already moved on, either heading inside one of the buildings or to another part of the district. Only thing that's left of their presence is a bunch of cigarette butts.
(213.46 KB 1973x1330 gj5y65i663s41.jpg)
>>74331 I dont like how I have guns just hanging off me. It makes me more intimidating than I need too. I dont trust the heavily armed group too. I'll look for the betmaker of this fight ring and bet a token amount in the mean time. Continue on with this >I have time, I'll wait for the fight to over and the betting money to be distributed before I ask them anything.
(23.83 KB 604x545 7ae.jpg)
>>74374 I'll wait for more voots and write what happens next in the morning. For now I must sleep.
>>74331 Find a wall to lean against, ideally beside, but not in a corner, where no one can sneak up on me, and wait for the bug fight to end, then chat with the locals
Ded quest is ded
(50.83 KB 640x491 2a7.jpg)
>>75345 It's not ded, just haven't been in the mood to run it in recent days due to what's been going on. I'll write the next scenario later today.
(27.81 KB 640x362 1435416729389.jpg)
Couldn't find anything good to work as a picture ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ >>74442 >>74374 You figure that your target's probably not gonna exactly disappear anywhere so you decide to lean against a wall of a nearby building as you wait for the insect fight to come to its conclusion. Eventually one of the beetles apparently manages to do something to its opponent that causes it to lose and end the fight, leading to even louder cheering mixed with some disgruntled groans from the audience as money begins switching hands. When all is said and done, they seem to finally notice that you have been standing there all this time. No weapon in hand but still visibly armed. >I'll try to break the ice with something witty (Write-in what you want to say) >Let's put on a cool face and say nothing, they're bound to initiate contact any moment now >Tap the revolver in the holster in a menacing manner and straight up ask where the building matching the target address is >This requires a different approach... (Write-in)
>>75800 Find the most desperate looking piece of shit in the crowd and offer him drug money for information, but make sure not to give the game away, just get a sense for who's who on this street $10 is worth the world to a Heroin Junkie
>>75804 second this.
>>75804 This but more
>>75815 How much more are we talking about? Remember that the amount of cash you have is finite before you can find a job that actually pays.
>>75817 Oh no I didn't mean anything just wanted to say that I agreed with the post above
>>75817 not 10$ too much. 3$ max. this is southeast asia
(187.69 KB 1884x1413 Dosh.jpg)
>>75820 Oh, okay then. >>75822 Sorry, but you've been overruled by the majority. >>75804 >>75813 >>75815 With a steady movement of your hand you fish a set of 1$ bills out of your wallet totaling to 10$. Your flashing of such a large amount of cash to seems to cause their eyes to almost instantly light up with barely-disguised greed. "Anyone whose interested in making some quick cash and who can point me to the location of one Burin Pibul will get this all for themselves." You say as your eyes scan the group for the most poor and desperate-looking ones to whom money like this would probably mean the world. Eventually one of them, a frail looking fella with graying hair and a few missing teeth eagerly pushes past everyone else and begins pointing eagerly towards one of the buildings from across the street that seems to still be in a respectably good condition in comparison to the ones around it. You can't understand a word that his eagerly yapping mouth spills out, but the intent is clear. What do you do? >His instructions seem clear enough. I'll give the man his money before heading to my target, he's earned it for his assistance. >I better look for someone whose capable of speaking a language you can understand instead. This intel may not be solid. >I'll shove the old fuck out of the way and put money back into my pocket before walking away towards my destination, I got what I needed from the locals. >Hmm... (Write-in)
>>75827 We should decide how we're handling the targets before going any further, if we're being nice we should take the old guy with us, half now, half later after we've confirmed the target If we're just skipping straight to multiple murder we need someone who speaks something we can, we need someone who can tell us where they are, what floor they're on, and ideally how many there are an room layout
>>75827 Give him the money and get Karma™ points.
>>75827 >I better look for someone whose capable of speaking a language you can understand instead. This intel may not be solid.
>>75835 >>75837 >>75860 >1 vote for taking the old guy with you and paying him half and half >1 for just paying him in full >1 for looking for someone who can speak something other than the local language I think I'll wait for a tie-breaker before writing the next scenario. How long that takes is up to you guys I'm afraid.
>>75877 Fine, I change my vote,>>75835 Find someone who speaks english and get some good info
(1009.97 KB 498x199 English.gif)
For the sake of transparency, if anyone's wondering how the outcomes of these decisions are being determined: Its just a bunch of hidden d20 dice rolls on my part that I try to interpret into coherent events. >>75882 "English blyat, do any of you speak it?!" You say with frustration as you push the old man to the side as gently as you can. They are quite taken aback by your aggressive tone of voice. You wait for a while, but nobody seems to step up. Either none of them can actually understand you or if they do they are too afraid to speak up in fear of what you might do. Maybe you can still salvage this situation, but its looking worse by the minute. What do you do? >I shove the slip of paper with the details into their faces and point towards the building in a questioning manner >I ignore their stares and walk away towards the building that I was pointed to previously, they clearly aren't of any further use in this case >I'll defuse the situation by making it rain with the stack of 1$ bills and let my audience fight eachother over them as I slip away >This whole job is starting to tick me off, I pull out my revolver and ask the same question again louder this time. >Maybe I should try something else...(Write-in)
>>75932 Every second on this street is another second we're drawing attention, another second that the one of groups of armed guys on the street might decide to come over in Throw the bills on the floor and head in the general direction the old smackhead was pointing in
>>75932 fuck worst outcome. we should have been nicer. >I shove the slip of paper with the details into their faces and point towards the building in a questioning manner going to take chances of this one >>75944 i refuse to spend money and it makes me a target for robbery if i show i have too much money.
>>75952 I have a Kalashnikov, a revolver and a movie villian accent, I'm not getting mugged, I might get shot in the back of the head fucking about on the street though
>>75944 >>75952 >>75956 Fuck, this is getting confusing. Are there two or three people voting rn because if its the former then we need a tie-breaker. Eitherway I'll check back in tomorrow to write the next scenario when you fellas have come to some sort of consensus on your choice, rn though I need the sleeps.
>>75960 I am posts 1 and 3 you've replied to, I was responding to the other anon Are we not allowed to do that? I think there's only 2 people voting atm
(38.54 KB 720x644 26b.png)
>>75968 >Are we not allowed to do that? Oh you are most certainly allowed to do that, I'm not saying you can't have debate about the choice you're all making. It would be nice to be able to more easily tell people apart though so maybe use like flags or something? It'll help me tell whose who and not get confused about which post is the same guy arguing the case for a vote they made earlier and which is a case of another separate person agreeing with that post and voting for it.
>>76237 >I'll defuse the situation by making it rain with the stack of 1$ bills and let my audience fight eachother over them as I slip away I'll vote for this one too as >>75956 makes sense to me.
i guess i'd have given the money to the old guy but making it rain works too i suppose and get out i should have kept voting more, you guys navigated this into a dangerous direction, tsk tsk tsk
>>76268 >>76270 >>75956 >>75952 >>75944 You figure that the only way to get out of the situation at this point is to just provide a quick distraction. What a good distraction in this case would have been is a question your future self will surely ask, but in this moment three specific words are the top ones on your mind. Make. It. Rain. And so you do, throwing the handful of dollars you had on display into the air, not even waiting for the surprised locals to start picking them up before "slipping away from the scene." In other words, you break into an all-out sprint towards the building you were pointed towards previously not caring how ridiculous you look like at the moment, the only thought on your anxious mind being to get away from the scene. Due to the fact that you're in such a hurry to get away, you become tunnel-visioned and fail to notice the pothole in the pavement ahead of you, tripping on it, losing balance and flying right towards the door of the target building. Adrenaline courses through your veins as you seem to fly through the air in slow-motion, your mind working at overdrive trying to come up with a solution to the predicament you find yourself in during the split second that you spend mid-air. In the end... >I must protect my beautiful face >I try draw my gun and shoot the lock off the door so that the momentum carries me inside the building >I yell a string of profanities while using my head as a battering ram to smash the door off its rusted hinges >I do something completely different... (Write-in)
>>76273 Can you start publishing the result of the dice roll? This seems like a hard 5 on D20 to me Anyway CHICKS DIG SCARS >I yell a string of profanities while using my head as a battering ram to smash the door off its rusted hinges
>>76273 i find myself agreeing with >>76275 profanities yes
(3.48 KB 166x274 RollForImpact.png)
>>76275 >>76276 >Can you start publishing the result of the dice roll? Sure, I'll take a screenshot of the roller for each outcome from now on. Sorry to any Russian speakers if I butcher your language. "Stuk stuk ublyudki! grebanyy nalogovik zdes'!" (Knock knock motherfuckers! The fucking taxman is here!) You yell in a spontaneous moment of genius as your head is assaulted by a splitting pain when it collides with the fragile wooden door that snaps in half from the impact area. Besides a slight headache, you don't seem to be worse for wear surprisingly enough and after getting up while rubbing the top of your head you take stock of the situation. You are now inside an entrance hall to what looks to have been some kind of repair shop in the past but little remains in terms of furniture inside of it and the only thing giving away its past role is the variety of old car posters on the wall. Unfortunately you don't have time to check the place out further for now, your explosive entrance seems to have alerted the occupants of the building to your presence and you can hear rapid footsteps closing in on your location from the room next door. >I draw my gun and shoot the first asshole that comes through the doorway >I hide away and wait until someone comes into the room then attempt to quietly take them out >I'll try the diplomatic approach. (Specify how you want to handle this) >This situation requires a different approach... (Write-in)
>>76278 >I'll try the diplomatic approach. (Specify how you want to handle this) Drop on to your knee, Point your AK at the doorway and shout out what you're here for If they don't respond quickly or don't respond well shoot through the walls
>>76278 Try to talk your way out of it
>>76285 second this
>>76278 be diplomatic but on guard make sure the gun is ready to go
>>76278 I have never heard a Russian use the expression стук стук, or anything like it, but I'll let it slide because that's frickin hilarious I'm in favor of >>76285 also.
(3.98 KB 166x274 NegotiationRoll.png)
(529.09 KB 1200x673 56.png)
>>76285 >>76298 >>76301 >>76308 >>76314 Retrieving your Type-56 from its place on your back, you take a knee in front of the doorway, extend the spike bayonet from its holding lug and aim towards the direction your targets are coming from. Taking a moment to think of something to say you eventually open your mouth to shout at the ones coming at you. "This doesn't have to end violently, Bao only wants the money you owe him not your lives!" You say, raising your voice just enough for them to hear you over their own movement. There is a moment of silence before you see one of them peak around the corner before pulling his head back in visible fright as he sees you point the rifle at his face. "W-we don't have any money, b-boss took all of it with him when he ditched us! Please, have mercy we're unarmed!" A young man's voice chokes back at you, sounding like he's on the verge of crying His tone of voice would indicate that the guy talking to you is scared out of his wits. Either he is a good actor lying to save his skin or he's genuinely fearing for his life because he knows he can't take you on. Either way, the question still remains on how do you wish to deal with him and anyone that's with him on the other side? >Bao told me to get what's he's owed by any means necessary, if these guys don't have anything at hand then their insides will surely be worth something once I peel those out of their corpses. >These small timers are not worth the effort or the bullets, I tell them to fuck off and leave this place behind. >They are clearly lying pieces of shit, I close in slowly while keeping my aim steady and eyes peeled for surprises >Maybe... (Write-in)
>>76318 >Maybe... make them come out one by one hands out, lying down away from each other, then direct one guy to tie up the other ones, check on how properly they're tied up, take care of the last one, pat them down to see if they got anything on them that can be dangerous to you or any valuables, then loot the place before untying one of them and let him unty the rest only after you left the place
>>76328 seems smart second this. rob this place lol
>>76328 3rd vote for this Make them come out to you one at a time, restrain them, loot the place, get some info
(5.73 KB 218x576 NegotiationRoll2.png)
>>76328 >>76329 >>76331 >>76333 "Come out one at a time! Hands where I can see them, no funny business or I'm busting your kneecaps before I gut you like a bunch of fucking pigs!" You shout, lacing your voice with as much threat as you can muster. The "men" on the other side gradually trickle out with their hands extended towards the roof, from where you direct them to face towards the nearby wall with their backs towards you. None of them look like they are even past their teens yet, then again you were never good at judging people by age. "You, tie up your buddies over there." You order one of them once you're certain all of them have come out. He looks at you in confusion. "With what?" Oh yeah, you don't exactly have anything on hand with you to use as bindings. Well shit, now what? >Put the rifle back onto your shoulder, take out the revolver and tap them down one by one with your free hand while keeping the revolver trained on the target. >Well, they are already lined up nicely against the wall. Let loose with the 56 till they've all dropped dead. >Tell them to stay put while you look around for rope >Knock them out one by one with the butt of your rifle before patting them down >Improvise, adapt, overcome... (Write-in)
>>76338 uuuh yeah uhm.... ok, i got it make one of the boys... slowly take off his shirt and uhm... rip it into stripes that can be used for tying up, and then back to the original plan, yes
>>76338 How many are there?
>>76351 You mentally count around... 1, 2... 5 men boys in total.
>>76338 >>76344 Order him to take everyone's shoe laces and tie their hands behind their backs using them. Then get them on the ground on their faces and tie the last man up yourself
>>76366 shoelaces if available in quantity needed is acceptable too, i suppose also tell them they're gonna be fine if they don't do anything stupid reassuring them a little should calm them down enough to not get any ideas that they have to struggle or something
(160.38 KB 1289x1389 mfw.jpg)
(6.23 KB 218x576 nat1.png)
>>76344 >>76366 You are about to order the odd one out to take everyone's shoelaces to use as makeshift bindings, but notice that most of them don't have shoes and the one who has them has sandals instead of anything with laces. Additionally, the idea of taking one of their shirts doesn't seem like such a hot idea either after you take a better look at them. You like to think you have a decent idea on the quality of someone's clothing due to your past work experience. And these guys? Their clothes were probably bought off the street from some guy selling cheap counterfeits trying to pass as famous brands. They are already torn in many places and will probably not make for good bindings.
>>76379 alright, then >Put the rifle back onto your shoulder, take out the revolver and tap them down one by one with your free hand while keeping the revolver trained on the target.
>>76379 Don't have time for being nice anymore, get them on the floor, hands on their heads, and interrogate them Once we're done a good hard stamp on the back of the head should keep them under long enough for us to search the place, if they die, eh, we tried
(56.94 KB 664x662 06b.jpg)
>>76382 >>76385 Looks like we're gonna need some more voots.
>>76382 i voot for this
>>76392 You sigh with annoyance at all the setbacks that have come so far before motioning for the last guy to face against the wall as well. He hesitates at first but your glare silences any protests, plus you're the guy with the gun so what's he gonna do right? You quickly switch to your revolver, check that its loaded and point it towards the first guy's head as you start to tap him down and see what he has on him. The only things he seems to have on his person at the moment is a mostly empty wallet (meaning there's everything except money there), an unopened back of cigarettes and a set of matches. While you're about to finish and move onto the next guy you catch movement in the corner of your eye. Luckily you have enough time to train your weapon on to the shape of your assailant as he attempts to lunge at you. Time seems to once again slow around you as you feel your heart pound rapidly in your chest. He is almost on you and you don't have much time to decide, what do you do? >I shoot his legs out from underneath him >I aim for center mass >I blow a hole in his ugly face >I don't shoot him, I'll... (Write-in)
>>76407 >I blow a hole in his ugly face works the best under pressure and shoot twice as well
>>76410 (me) oh woops i meant to aim for center mass. changing
>>76407 Center mass
>>76407 torso time! get those internal organs mane
>>76407 >I don't shoot him, I'll >try to block and give him an ass whooping no need to fire off a gun, that might attract the armed guys outside and what can a kiddo in lumpen do to me anyways? as a big bad muscle guy i can probably grab and lift him with one arm and juggle all 5 of them
This is why you put people on their faces mang, searching 101
>>76417 agreed, that was the plan at first but with the whole tie up fiasco i forgot that they're not on the ground whoops
(7.42 KB 218x576 Shots.png)
>>76411 >>76413 >>76414 >>76416 >>76417 Two loud bangs sound out as you fire your revolver twice in quick succession, both of the shots land on your target's center mass as he crumples to the floor with a thump. You hear him weakly cough up blood for a moment before going still as the blood pool beneath him expands and stains the floor "Anyone else wanna try their luck? Huh?!" You shout in anger, killing kids isn't what you signed up for. Plus bullets aren't cheap. The rest of the search goes uneventfully beyond some mumblings from your hostages calling you a murderer, such complaints are quickly shut down with a smack to the head. You don't find much beyond junk like used needles or token amounts of the local currency Loot gained: >2x used needles >350 Balis >2 boxes of matches >A sample bag of heroin >A cheap lighter >3 packs of cigarettes >A brass necklace >A half-eaten candy bar They don't seem to have anything else on their person and you don't really have a reason to keep them around so now you have to decide what you're gonna do with the rest of these brats before you can begin to search the rest of the building. >I'll give each of them a new breathing hole through the back of their neck, I don't want them coming back to get revenge for their dead friend. >I tell them to run away as fast as they can without looking back before I change my mind about killing them as well >I give them the choice to try and take me on in a fair fight or run away >I tell them to take their friend's body away and bury it somewhere. >I knock them out with a good smack to the back of their heads >I'll do something else... (Write-in)
>>76430 On the ground, on their faces, interrogate the one that spoke english earlier (assuming he's not now approaching room temperature) If he's a little bitch start working our way up one of his friends, starting with the ankles
>>76430 what a shitty loot >>76432 do this
(8.08 KB 218x576 IntimidationRoll2.png)
>>76432 >>76433 "On the ground! Now!" You shout and the authority in your tone is clear, they know you mean business as they get face down onto the floor. You grab the one that you spoke with earlier by the hair, the teen now even more scared for his life than before as tears freely run down from his eyelids. "Right then, I'm gonna ask you some questions and I want you to answer them with the truth and nothing but the truth. Do you understand me?" "Y-yes!" He says in a high-pitched tone of voice clearly panicked, if he wasn't scared for his life earlier then he sure is now. "Oh yeah, and if I don't like your answer I'm gonna start pulling disappearance acts on your friends' kneecaps. Just a heads-up." You say in a quiet but no less threatening whisper. >"First question..." (write-in what you wish to ask him)
(121.12 KB 750x452 jgEEWc4.jpg)
>>76438 uhh ask him again if they have any money
>>76438 I ask him where the main guy is, the one that took all their money Also, I ask him if there's anything of actual worth in this shithole, any drugs or whatever
>>76445 this one also look at the boy and consider your actions of using excessive force, make it haunt me for the rest of the games run
>>76458 >make it haunt me for the rest of the games run agreed there should be consequences for killing unless we can do it stealthily
>>76444 >>76445 "First question, where the fuck is all of the money?" You ask, pushing your revolver's still warm barrel harder against the boy's head. "I told you! There's nothing left here, boss took everything except pocket change with him when he jumped ship!" "I find that hard to believe." You respond back. "IT IS THE FUCKING TRUTH I SWEAR ON MY MOTHER'S GRAVE!" He yells at you, his tone a mixture of both fear and frustration. You can clearly see that he's telling the truth, he wouldn't be so ballsy otherwise in the face of death. "Okay, next question. Do you have any idea where he went?" "No, we woke up this morning after shooting up some dope last night and found that he had disappeared with all of our stuff." He says, his tone now a lot hoarser from yelling at you. The prick marks in his arms would indicate that he does this kind of thing quite often from the looks of it too. "Okay one more for now. Is there anything else that's worth money in this place. You better answer this one correctly cause if you don't I might have to grab a kidney or two from you to compensate." He gulps nervously at the obvious threat. "I-I had a personal stash of stuff hidden inside one of the walls... I can show it to you if you want." >I take him up on his offer >I thank him for the info and pull the trigger >I have some more questions (write-in what you wish to ask) >I'll do something else.
(7.31 KB 218x576 Interrogation Roll.png)
>>76468 Where would the big guy gone? Does he have a favourite bar or dealer or whatever, any actual friends? Also, tell him to tell you where the drugs are, if it sounds true, send the rest of his friends on their merry way and tell him to take you to the drugs WHERE'S JOKER
(60.56 KB 500x606 oKHCheN.jpg)
>>76473 second this
(7.49 KB 218x576 A bunch of rolls.png)
I'm going to sleep now, enjoy your moral dilemma in the meantime. >>76473 >>76479 "You've got my interest, tell me more. Where is this stash located at?" "In the basement, where we used to store our supplies. There's a bunch of loose bricks there that can be taken off to reveal the hidden compartment." Sounds plausible enough for you, something like that is certainly a good example of hiding things in plain sight. "Okay, you've earned your friends their freedom. Go on, tell em to get out of here and take the corpse with them." You say dismissively, having gotten what you wanted. He hesitates for a bit before he says something to the other kids, they seem like they want to argue with him but whatever he shouts at the them afterwards causes them to seize further complaining. Furthermore, you observe quietly as they take the dead guy's body with them, dragging it across the dirty floor and leaving a trail of blood in their wake. "Alright, get a move on. I wanna see this stash of yours first hand." You say as you poke the boy in the back with the revolver, urging him to move forward. As you both walk around inside the building, you get a sense of familiarity about it all. You can't really nail down what it is though beyond a vague feeling of deja vu. On the way to your destination you ask him further questions about his former boss, such as whether he has any idea on where the guy might have gone, did he have any regular contacts or places he liked to visit. Unfortunately all he could remember is that the boss used to have some dealings with one of the cartels in the past. Beyond that he didn't have any regular watering holes or other such places that he visited, he seemed to be a man constantly on the move and him jumping ship now seemed to only be more evidence for that. Eventually the two of you go down into the basement area through a creaky wooden staircase that sounds like it might collapse under you if you step on it wrong. Once you're down in the basement its so dark that you have to fish out your flashlight to see in front of you. "There, that's the spot!" He says out of the blue as he jogs over to a small discolored spot along the wall and starts removing the bricks from it. As you shine the flashlight on it, your eyes light up as well. Its a jackpot, piles upon piles of white paper parcels and plastic bags. "I managed to amass this over time by taking small amounts from each delivery that we did for him. Figured something like this might happen some day and I'd need something that can be easily turned to cash." He says, his tone strangely nostalgic for whatever reason. If you were to find a buyer for these, there is easily enough money to be made here to both get Bao his money and give you a sizeable increase in savings, hell you could probably buy yourself an apartment or a cheap house with how much there is. On the other hand though, you've already basically taken everything from these kids including the life of one of their friends. You could be charitable and just take enough to pay the tab and leave them the rest to do with as they wish. In the end, it is up to you to decide. >Greed is good, and I'm feeling really greedy right now >I'll just take what I need, they need the income these can bring more than I do. >We'll split it fifty-fifty >There's another solution to this... (Write-in)
>>76516 >Greed is Good Tell him to back up against the wall and inspect the shit, then throw him a single bag of something and tell him to fuck off
>>76516 >I'll just take what I need, they need the income these can bring more than I do. maybe a little more as a bonus to ourselves. enough to cover one month of expenses in food, supplies, whatever
>>76516 only what we need for the job i also want to tell him i'm sorry for his friend, and he should be careful with playing hero against a man with a gun as a lesson from that
(3.68 KB 166x274 Streetwise Roll nr2.png)
>>76519 >>76522 >>76548 You quickly inspect the pile to see what specifically is in it, noting that there's various kinds of drugs in it, some more exotic than others but mostly its just your standard fare like heroin, coke, weed and various kinds of psychedelics. You don't really care much for using them yourself, you already had to deal with addicts in your life in the past and you figured that that wasn't what you wanted to become no matter what shit life threw at you. That doesn't mean you didn't deal in drugs though or know what kind of price they could fetch on the street. Fetching a few of the packages whose contents were clearly labelled, you figured that they would count for enough in cash that you'd be able to get Bao what he was owed. Maybe a couple extra for yourself so you could afford to take it easy for the next month or so and not have to worry about basic shit like food. Sure, you could take more, maybe even buy something nice with it like a new gun or some hired muscle to act as backup on future jobs. But that wasn't the kind of guy you were. "Keep the rest, Bao only wants what he's owed. Besides, you and your friends could probably use the money from these more than me." You say dismissively as you stuff the packages into your briefcase, snapping it close once you've got everything you need. He looks at you with a dumbfounded expression as you walk past him, clearly not having expected you to be in such a charitable mood after threatening repeatedly pointing a gun at him and threatening to kill or maim him and his friends if you didn't get what you wanted. You don't wait for him to give you a proper response as you head towards the staircase, only stopping just short of climbing to look at him once more, your eyes hidden behind your signature sunglasses. "Sorry about killing that buddy of yours by the way, I honestly didn't mean for that to happen. People tend to get themselves killed when they try to be a hero and charge a guy with a gun while they themselves are unarmed..." You say, about to turn away and head up the stairs before feeling a pull at your sleeve. "Please wait... you never told us your name." "And why do you need to know that exactly?" "I want to know the name of the man that took Trin's life, so I know how to address you when I'm strong enough to take you on." >"My name is not important, I'm just a guy who does a job." >"I am..." (Write-in a nickname for yourself) >"Name's Stanislav Konstantinovich Zhirenkov. Remember that name." >"I don't give out names to dead men." I say as I put a bullet through his skull.
>>76779 >"I don't give out names to dead men." I say as I put a bullet through his skull. dont say anything and just shoot quickly. clearly a liability. sneak out of the ghetto afterwards
>>76779 >"I don't give out names to dead men." I say as I put a bullet through his skull. Cheeky fucker, nip this in the bud now before he becomes a problem and take the rest of the drugs
>>76782 >>76783 why that blood thirst? >"I am Nobody." a little (lot) cheesy but eh... i want that angry typing, please let it evolve
>>76787 not just blood thirst. it's clear that this guy is going to kill us later on in the story and we would kill him later on so it's best to just end it here
>>76787 Nah sorry, I've seen this film, he comes back at the end with a machinegun, blows our brains out and gets the girl He dies now
(3.41 KB 166x274 Yet Another Bunch of Rolls.png)
(3.68 KB 166x274 HitRoll.png)
>>76782 >>76783 >>76787 "Sorry kid." You say as you turn your gun back around towards his face. He doesn't even have enough time to even scream, only widen his eyes in surprise before the revolver in front of him barks one last time and ends his life. "I don't give out names to dead men." You watch with a cold sense of detachment as his body falls backwards, a bloody hole right in the middle of his forehead where the bullet impacted. Walking over to the body, you stare at the all to familiar blank expression on it for a moment before leaning down and closing his eyelids. "Well, guess you won't need these anymore then." You say as you walk back over to cache of drugs. With him out of the picture you doubt the rest of the kids will have the guts to come back and get these drugs, especially since they won't know where they are. In a sense, if you don't take them someone else will no doubt eventually find them and take them instead. If one looks at the situation from a pragmatical lense, its only logical for you to take as much of it as you can before the next guy does. Once you've stuffed as much of the drugs into your briefcase as you can, you start putting the rest of them into various parts of your clothing, until you feel like you're bursting from all the weight you are carrying despite the fact that outwardly you don't look much different. Loot gained (this includes the ones you took previously): >1x Unlabelled Drug Parcels >10x Parcels Labelled "Marijuana" >8x Parcels Labelled "Cocaine" >1x Parcels Labelled "Amphetamines" >5x Parcels Labelled "Heroin" >5x Parcels Labelled "Psychedelics" Est. Value: Specific amount unknown but probably in the thousands. With everything stuffed to the brim you calmly walk out of the basement, beginning your search for whatever constituted as backdoor in the building. Once you find that in the form of a clearly labelled exit sign, you peek outside to see whether the coast is clear. The only thing that you really see that could be an obstacle is the group of bum-looking fellas huddled around the exit of the back-alley the door leads to. >I look for another way out of the backalley >Nope, not going through here, I turn back and leave through the front of the building >I walk confidently past the bums, they're most likely harmless >There's always another option... (Write-in)
>>76795 >I walk confidently past the bums, they're most likely harmless
>>76795 We should reload our revolver before we do anything else, it's half empty, and fold back up our bayonet >There's always another option... (Write-in) Check the front of the building as well to see if anyone's coming to investigate
Gonna need more voots before we can continue. >>76798 Before you decide to go anywhere you quietly close the door and flip the revolver's cylinder off to the side and empty the contents of the chambers into the palm of your hand. Once you've pocketed the empty casings and loaded in fresh ones in their place alongside the unused old ones, you grip the sling of the rifle and remove it from its place on your back. You figure that taking the time to fold the bayonet back underneath the barrel so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb or get stuck on anything around you is probably wise at this point when you're trying to keep a low profile.
>>76795 >There's always another option... (Write-in) ask the bums for info and toss the a penny each.
>>77243 seconding, if this fails try using the drugs as a bribe
>>77251 seconding the seconding
(13.54 KB 300x419 6f8.jpg)
(3.61 KB 166x274 Happenings.png)
>>77243 >>77251 >>77383 >When you wake up to see all the new voots Wow! I certainly didn't expect this to be the case when I went to sleep last night. Thanks a lot for contributing fellas! You figure that with the amount of drugs you have, throwing some money around wouldn't hurt if it helps you out when dealing with locals. So you take a handful of pennies from your wallet's coin compartment with the intent of giving them to the bums in exchange for their co-operation. As you close in on them you hear one of them mumble something as he lifts his head up, seemingly awoken from his sleep. His skin turns out to be of quite a fair complexion as you find out when he turns to look at you. "Pozhaluysta, vy mozhete dat' neskol'ko monet?" (Please, can you give a few coins?) He says to you, his voice dry and hoarse as he lifts an empty cup towards you. What luck, it seems you have come across a fellow countryman from the looks of it. You're not sure why he spoke Russian specifically, but it might be that he doesn't know any other languages. But that raises just more questions, such as how he ended up here? >I hug him and give him warm greetings, he's clearly going through some hard times and could use the comfort of being able to understand what the other person is saying. >He doesn't really deserve my pity, I came here to get some info so that's what I'm gonna do. I throw the money into the cup and ask away. (Write-in what you wish to ask him) >Goddamn parasite should go get a job instead of leeching of from working people like me, I throw the pennies at his face before grabbing him by the collar and interrogating him (Ditto) >There's something else I could do... (Write-in)
>>77411 >There's something else I could do... (Write-in) So what, I land in a new city, blow away two guys in a random shitty building, find a year's wages worth of drugs, AND one of my countrymen happens to be lounging around outside, and speaks to me in my own language immediately despite having no indication I'm russian? Bit too spooky if you ask me, slip him a few dollars and book it, I'll lose this asshole then walk for a bit till I know I've not been followed then make my way to the good part of town
>>77414 This but more
>>77414 ehh sure. this one
>>77414 this one but not "booking it", don't wanna run and have some drugs slip, not sure how securely we tuck it all in
(3.55 KB 166x274 Nat1again.png)
(62.16 KB 1500x900 Map.png)
>>77444 You rolled pretty well on hiding the drugs on your person, I'd say they aren't really at risk of falling off unless someone begins patting you down or you damage them in a way that causes the parcels to spill their contents. >>77414 >>77441 >>77442 The paranoid part of your mind is screaming that this guy is suspicious as hell and you should get away from him as fast as possible, for all you know he might well be some kind of spook sent to arrest you or someone with a grudge serious enough to track you all the way here. Either way, you're not particularly keen to find out. Your own self-preservation takes precedence over everything else including curiosity, so you simply toss the coins into his cup as you pass him and keep going without saying another word. "Spasibo, brat, blagoslovi tebya." (Thank you brother, god bless you.) He says after you, you simply wave your hand after him as you jump over the other bums still seemingly at sleep and exit the alley. ...Once you're outside of it though, you find a pair of cops nearby leaning against a patrol car and chatting about something over local fast food. They both look to be quite young, possibly rookies that only recently joined the local force. You have a gun in hand, they seem to be distracted by their conversation for now but that could change at any moment. If they aren't the corrupt type they might try to arrest you for carrying a gun openly, and that is before they find the drugs and the bodies. You better make a decision fast before they spot you and you're forced to act. >I try to sneak away to the next street corner without being noticed. >I continue to book it without caring if anyone notices, the unsettling vibe the weird guy is giving is way too strong and I need to get as far away from it as possible. >They made the mistake of being unarmed and being cops, I attempt to shoot them both and steal their ride. >I go and ask the two officers if I can hitch a ride, trying to bullshit them by pretending that I'm lost. >I go back into the alleyway and wait until the cops leave. >Well... (Write-in)
>>77448 >I try to sneak away to the next street corner without being noticed. Stick the gun back in its holster and try to act as casual as you can with an assault rifle and a few kilos of smack taped to your chest
>>77448 >I go back into the alleyway and wait until the cops leave. ask one of the bums to distract the cops. ask him to strike a conversation with them
>>77448 >I go back into the alleyway and wait until the cops leave. We're not gonna sneak past the cops they are like 5 meters away, we have 2 guns with us and look extremely suspicious. What are cops doing in this part of town anyway?
>>77448 >>I go back into the alleyway and wait until the cops leave. i can only see this going terribly wrong, so i'm curious where this will get us
>>77454 >>77461 >>77451 Why worry about the cops? looking at them, they're just eating in their car, they've either pulled up here randomly to eat and don't know anythings wrong, or they heard shots, or someone reported shits, and they've pulled up outside the scene of a shooting and decided to eat lunch instead of investigating They don't give a shit about us
(3.46 KB 166x274 StealthNat20.png)
Nat 20 on a stealth check, fuckin nice. >>77450 >>77451 >>77454 >>77461 >>77464 You slip back into the security of the alleyway almost instantly after you realize that you have a whole lot of incriminating evidence on your person and that being in the alleyway with the bums is a lot safer than out in the open no matter how weird the situation might get. You can feel the eyes of your fellow countryman follow your every move though you're not really paying attention due to your own eyes being glued to the street next to you. You strain your hearing as you listen for the movements of the police, waiting for that familiar noise of a car engine being started and the screeching of tires. A minute ticks by, then another. Sweat begins to run down the side of your head nervously as you wait for something to shatter the calm. Eventually after more than ten minutes of standing absolutely still, you hear the cops slam the doors of their car shut and soon after they drive off. Before you can let off a breath of relief though, you feel a hand gently land on your shoulder. "Bud' spokoyen, brat. Ya ne prichinyu vam vreda." (Be calm, brother. I don't mean you any harm.) The voice of your countryman again speaks out, calmly. >This guy just violated my personal space, I punch them in the face reflexively >I ask him how he knows I'm Russian. >I push his hand away and leave without another word, I'm not spending a second longer in this alleyway now that the cops are gone. >A different solution is required... (Write-in)
>>77473 >I ask him how he knows I'm Russian. keep a distance from him and ask what he wants too
>>77473 >I ask him how he knows I'm Russian. One hand on my gun, one hand on my junk
(3.54 KB 166x274 HumanPerception.png)
(46.62 KB 852x480 crying rn.jpg)
>>77474 >>77483 You take a quick step forward and push his hand away, another going towards your gun in preparation if he tries something nasty. "Kak ty uznal, chto ya russkiy?" (How did you know I was Russian?) You hiss at him. His eyes widen in surprise as you say your first words to him. He continues to stare at you for a while before you can see tears gradually form in his tired eyes. "Nakonets, posle vsekh etikh let..." (Finally, after all these years...) He says, collapsing on his feet angry typingtically as he very nearly begins to bawl his eyes out. "Nakonets, ya nashel kogo-to, kto ponimayet, chto ya govoryu!" (Finally, I have found someone who understands what I am saying!) It would seem, judging from his reaction, that he hadn't actually expected you to be a Russian speaker at all. He was simply unable to communicate in any other language and he simply greeted you like he did everyone else in the only way he knew how. You're not really sure how to proceed forward, he clearly is in a very fragile state of mind right now and your actions could tick him off further and draw attention to the both of you. >I'll wait for him to finish his emotional outburst and then continue conversing with him further (Write-in what about) >I leave the sorry sack of shit behind, he's clearly not worth my time no matter his nationality. >I try to awkwardly comfort him, he's clearly in a lot of emotional pain right now. >What to do, what to do... (Write-in)
>>77520 I smell main plot >I'll wait for him to finish his emotional outburst and then continue conversing with him further (Write-in what about) How did he get here, why is he here, and how the fuck does he not speak Thai or something in Southern Thailand
>>77521 seconded, would normally go with comforting him, but we just killed 2 kids, would be a bit out of character i guess
(513.00 B 16x11 5845cd430b2a3b54fdbaecf8.png)
>>77521 yea this
(3.59 KB 166x274 SomeMoreRolls.png)
I figure that since there's no other people besides these two in the conversation right now I might as well write them exclusively in English so I don't have to fiddle with Google Translate all the time. Also if some of what happens don't make no sense, just pass it off as anime logic or me trying to force plot on you. >>77521 >>77522 >>77523 About a quarter of an hour goes by as the man seems to let out years of pent up misery in one go while you just squat next to him impatiently waiting for a chance to continue to talk with him. While waiting, you begin to wonder why the other guys haven't woken up yet from all the noise this guy is making. You figure that they might just be so blackout drunk that they couldn't wake up even if a nuke went off. Eventually your fellow countryman gets up off the ground, wiping his still somewhat moist eyes before looking at you with a newfound sense of purpose. "I apologize for that, it's just that I've been so lonely, not being able to properly talk to anyone for years has made me lose it a bit." He says to you after clearing his throat. "I can tell..." You begin, still not entirely sure how to proceed. "So umm... how did an old bastard like you end up in a city like this?" He laughs a bit, a genuine heartfelt laughter of a merry old man. "That is umm.. a bit of a long story..." He rubs the back of his head. "Well, out with it then. I don't have all day." You reply, scrunching your brow in barely hidden annoyance. "Well, after things back in the motherland went to shit I got caught up in some money troubles..." He begins saying the last part in a quieter voice. "The people who I was most indebted to said I could work off my debt onboard a cargoship owned by a friend of theirs." "And I take it wasn't as simple as that?" You had an idea that this was going about as well as you imagined. "No, turns out that this 'friend' of theirs was a human trafficker and I was outright sold to slavery." He says, clenching his hand to a fist in anger. "Thailand's pretty far away from Russia even by ship. So how exactly did you end up here?" "Oh, that's easy. I escaped." He delivers with a deadpan voice. "You... escaped?" You ask, raising an eyebrow inquisitively. "Yeah, when they docked their ship for cargo deliveries in this city I took the first chance I got to slip away." He explains with a shrug. "How did you avoid being caught? I don't believe they just let you get away that easily considering you were technically merchandise to be sold." "Oh, well they got into a fight with what I think was one of the local crimelords at the time, I ran away in the chaos when everyone was too busy shooting eachother." Well that explains how he got here, but not why he has failed to learn the language if he's supposedly been here for years. "Alright, but I got one more question." "Shoot." "How the hell are you not able to speak anything besides Russian?" To answer to that, he turns around, lifts his cap and points towards a part of his head that seems to have some visible scarring in it. "I'm not really sure, but I have a few theories. One being that the local pigs beat me within an inch of my life, caving in my skull and damaging the parts of my brain responsible for memory and learning new things." He says as his arm suddenly begins twitching. "It seems to have also caused me to have these involuntary muscle spasms every once in a while." Well, you got some answers. Some or even all of what the man said could be complete bullshit and he's just making it all up as he goes but if he's not a threat to you does it really even matter? >I might as well ask him what sort of practical skills he has now that I've gotten him talking. >I tell him that I have places to be and say my goodbyes >I ask him if he'd like to come with me, he likely knows the local area better than me and I could use a guide. >I'd like to do something else... (Write-in)
>>77533 >I ask him if he'd like to come with me, he likely knows the local area better than me and I could use a guide. We've got a pet! Bring him along, see what he knows, he might come in handy, especially as he probably knows where to find a buyer for our product
>>77535 This but ...err more!
>>77533 >I ask him if he'd like to come with me, he likely knows the local area better than me and I could use a guide.
(222.19 KB 3000x1800 Battle Layout.png)
(3.61 KB 166x274 Rollin.png)
Now that this guy has become an actual named character and officially your sidekick, I may have to actually make some artwork for him. >>77535 >>77538 >>77551 "Feel free to come with me if you've got nothing better to do, I could use someone with more knowledge of the area." You say as you turn around to leave. "Ah, yes of course." He says as he begins walking alongside you. "I mean, my options at this point really are to take a leap of faith with you or continue to sleep on the streets till some crazy fucker stabs me to death one night or the cops finish what they started." "What's your name by the way?" You ask, realizing that you haven't really had a chance to really even do the most basic of introductions either way. "Georgiy, you?" He says, offering his hand. "Stanislav, I'd say its a pleasure but I like being honest more." You say taking the offered appendage and shaking it. He chuckles at your little joke as you cross the road and continue down the street. "If we take a couple turns after this we should be able to get to the less shitty part of town." He explains as you come to yet another intersection, passing by buildings filled poor people of all stripes, including one apartment building that has a few locals playing cards outside of it, all of them armed of course because of course they are. "Before we do though..." You say as you drag him to a quiet alley before showing him the contents of your briefcase. "Any chance you might know a buyer for these?" "Nope, sorry. I only drink booze. Never had to deal with drugs." He answers while rubbing his chin. "Well, I know these are worth a lot of money so I need to find a buyer for them. Thought you might have some contacts." "What part of 'I don't know how to speak anything besides Russian' did you not understand? I don't have any contacts in this city. Period." "Oh, yeah." You say, now rather embarrassed as you close the briefcase and you continue walking. When you're walking you soon have a feeling like you're being followed but you don't really notice anyone behind you and keep on following Georgiy's directions. As you're both talking about yourselves and what you used to do before you ended up here, you find out that your new comrade used to be a craftsman and spent his youth years apprenticed to a gunsmith that taught him everything he knew about making and modifying them. He didn't have the materials or tools to make any guns in Roanapur, but if you gave him a workshop and some metal he could likely improve whatever you have and then some. Before you could continue your conversation further though, you realize after turning the last corner that the way in front of you was sort of... occupied. There was a group of about five men, similar to the ones that you saw earlier before you entered the building where the brats were. And it seemed like they were waiting for you as well. "Well well boys, looks like we got ourselves a couple strays." A male voice speaking in heavily accented English sounds off as three more appear behind you. Some of them have guns but they are clearly confident enough in their numbers to act as intimidation that the ones that have them haven't pointed them at you yet. The rest look to be armed with various tools of hurt such as baseball bats, hammers or switchblades. >Draw out your own gun and fire (choose targets) >Jump over the fence to your right and into the alleyway, hoping to whatever higher power there is that they don't hit you >Try to talk your way out of this (Write-in how) >There's another way to do this... (Write-in)
(1.93 KB 60x49 1588014838094(1).png)
>>77553 >Jump over the fence to your right and into the alleyway, hoping to whatever higher power there is that they don't hit you too many targets at this moment. hand georgiy a gun too
>>77553 >Jump over the fence to your right and into the alleyway, hoping to whatever higher power there is that they don't hit you We need to get our new party member packing and get some cover Guess we'll find out now if we're on John Woo rules or realistic rules
(3.56 KB 166x274 Pre-Combat Rolls.png)
You're actually on a mixture of D20 and Monday Night Firefight rules, I've even made a CP2020 character sheet in the background for our progatonist. >>77556 >>77558 "Syuda!" (Here!) You shout as you begin climbing over the fence. "Ya pryamo za toboy!" (I'm right behind you!) Georgiy replies as he jumps after you. Apparently your targets are either slow on the draw or their shitty cottage industry-produced guns have jammed because your escape over the fence goes without any issue. Whichever it is, you count your lucky stars that it happened now. Once both you and Georgiy are on the other side, you break into full sprint down the alleyway while the street thugs on your backs try to follow after you. "Zdes' vy pomnite, kak ispol'zovat' odin iz nikh, verno?" (Here, you remember how to use one of these, right?) You say to Georgiy as you take cover behind some dumpsters, removing the AK from your back and throwing it to Georgiy along with a spare mag. "Da, oni zastavili menya vzyat' odnu iz nikh obratno v shkolu!" (Yeah, they made me take one of these apart back in school!) He answers, taking the gun into his hands and flicking the safety off like a trained professional. >There's a large door behind us that looks to be locked, I could look into breaking it open while Georgiy covers me >We'll pick them off one by one while they try to approach or jump over the fence >Let's hide and wait for them to come over to us so they'll be trapped when we open fire. >Another solution maybe...? (Write-in)
(221.71 KB 3000x1800 Battle Layout.png)
>>77572 Forgot updated layout.
>>77572 Why tf did we give the street slav the AK? Anyway >Let's hide and wait for them to come over to us so they'll be trapped when we open fire.
>>77572 >There's a large door behind us that looks to be locked, I could look into breaking it open while Georgiy covers me
Gonna need some more voots to proceed since we're kinda tied rn. Hopefully one comes in during the night so I can begin writing the next part first thing tomorrow morning. >>77584 Because everyone knows that an AK no matter the variant is so simple of a weapon to operate even a child can learn how to use one and every man learned how to use at least one version of AK in the Soviet Army during their conscription. Also if he's bad at aiming the weapon will compensate for it by having more ammo. At least, that's how I imagine Stanislav would justify giving it away over the revolver. Nobody specified which weapon you wanted to give to Georgiy, just that you wanted to give him one. :^)
>>77589 Well played Gomrad, well played
>>77553 >"Oh, yeah." You say, now rather embarrassed as you close the briefcase and you continue walking. lmao, i saw it coming but was too late for last vote i wanted him to tag along anyways, just would've pointed it out, at least this time i'm not the dummy >>77572 lmao, comedic escape, glorious >>77589 love the reasoning alright, my vote >There's a large door behind us that looks to be locked, I could look into breaking it open while Georgiy covers me i heard it's better to keep on the move where possible, being held down to one position is bad, they know where we are so we're not gonna trap them, it's a narrow alley and one more armed person they might even know their way around and not move up through the expected way but what do i know just hope this goes well enough
(3.52 KB 166x274 Mid-Combat Rolls.png)
>>77635 >>77585 >>77584 "Prikroy menya, ya predostavlyu nam vykhod!" (Cover me, I'll provide us an exit!) You shout to Georgiy. "Ponimayu!" (Understood!) He responds and provides suppressive fire before you begin sprinting towards the door. Once you're there you take a look at the padlock holding the sliding door closed, from the looks of it, it'll lead to some sort of warehouse that could potentially provide you with a flanking position on the gangsters pinning you down. How to get through though? You don't exactly have a key or anything but looking at it right now if you whack it hard enough the metal might break. Key word being "might", if its sturdy enough whatever you bash it with might just break instead. Looking back, Georgiy seems to be holding the enemies back for now, one of them who attempted to get behind you is already on the ground bleeding when he tried to climb the fence with his weapon lying next to him. >I try to use one of the items that I have as a makeshift lockpick (specify which one) >Attempt to bash the lock with my revolver till either of them breaks >I use pure muscle power to pry apart and break the lock with my bare hands >I attempt to shoot the lock >This isn't gonna work, I give up and link back up with Georgiy >There is always another solution... (write-in)
>>77815 >This isn't gonna work, I give up and link back up with Georgiy
>>77815 What items do we have in hand?
>>77815 >This isn't gonna work, I give up and link back up with Georgiy fuck this. shooting it or prying it with our hands wont work. Also describe the situation with one (?) melee guy coming in from the left alleyway
>>77815 Mental inventory <On-person: >Type 56 AK >S&W Model 36 >3x 30-round 7.62x39 steel mags (full) >24x loose .38 Special rounds >A wristwatch >A pack of cigars >A hip-flask >A utility flashlight >A pocket knife >A cell phone <In briefcase >Personal hygiene kit >A towel >A set of brass knuckles >A set of spare clothes >A set of maintenance tools i have no idea what to do so i vote ... go back go georgiy
>>77815 How's the padlock keeping the door closed? Either way, my vote is for shooting it down.
(50.45 KB 1000x1000 padlock.jpg)
(233.40 KB 3000x1800 Battle Layout.png)
>>77835 Check previous posts, initial inventory is like one of the first few and any additions are in subsequent posts which have loot lists. >>77856 See pic related. Its attached to a pair of buckles, one of them screwed to the door and the other to the wall next to it. >>77851 This should be updated to something like: <On-person: >S&W Model 36 >2x 30-round 7.62x39 steel mags (full) >21x loose 38. Special rounds >A wristwatch >A pack of cigars >A hip-flask >A utility flashlight >A pocket knife >A cell phone >A whole bunch of drugs >A cheap lighter >A brass necklace >2x Boxes of matches <In briefcase >Personal hygiene kit >3x packs of cigarettes >A towel >A set of brass knuckles >A set of spare clothes >A set of maintenance tools >A whole bunch of drugs >A Diary >A set of writing supplies >Passport (Russian Federation) >Old CPSU membership card <In wallet >An old driver's license >231$ >350 Balis I left out some of the trash that Stanislav would probably not find any purpose for carrying such as the needles and the half-eaten candybar. >>77846 Georgiy shot that guy dead during last round of combat, he's not a threat anymore. See updated map. >>77821 "Vozvrashchat'sya uzhe?" (Come back already?) Georgiy jokes as you slide back into cover behind the dumpster. "Na puti byl zamok." (There was a lock in the way.) You respond back as you peek over the dumpster to see if anyone else is trying to climb over the fence. For your efforts you nearly get your head blown off, ducking just in time as a bullet from the leading gangster's handgun passes over your heads. "Nu chto teper'?" (So now what?) Georgiy asks you while keeping an eye on his side. Indeed, what is the next step of your master plan? >(No pre-made choices this time, write-in how you wish to attempt getting out of the sticky situation)
>>77867 Georgiy lays down covering fire and I spring my way up to the bosses position, get in close and get both of them with the revolver
>>77867 try to push the dumpster towards the boss while staying behind it using it as cover to close the distance and get an advantage with your pistol while georgiy holds position
>>77875 yea. if this is too hard, >>77873 then this option. make for suppressing fire until we get close enough to jump on boss and flank the other group
(3.56 KB 166x274 Mid-Combat Rolls 2.png)
(233.14 KB 3000x1800 Battle Layout.png)
Sorry for taking so long with this, was busy doing other stuff like shitposting on /leftytrash/ and going to sauna. >>77873 >>77875 >>77878 "YA postarayus', chtoby poluchit' blizhe i vynimayut rebyata na etoy storone, day mne nemnogo prikryvayushchego ognya!" (I'll try to get in closer and take out the guys on this side, give me some covering fire!) You shout your plan to Georgiy. "Da!" He yells back, giving you a thumbs up. While he covers you, you try your hardest to push the dumpster forward with all the strength that your shortstacked body has. Unfortunately, despite multiple attempts the container full of garbage never seems to budge more than a few centimeters at a time, hardly the rate you need to really keep pushing with the way Georgiy is expending his ammunition. "Peregruzochnyy!" (Reloading!) He yells out as he picks up the magazine that you threw him earlier and uses it to replace the spent one, seizing fire for just long enough that the enemy has time to jump over the fence and begin their approach on his position. Soon the roles have switched and its Georgiy who is being forced to stay behind the cover of his dumpster as two of the armed thugs pin him down with fire from their crude firearms. >What should I do... think damnit! (Continue writing-in)
>>77931 Get around the corner and roll on the guys now pushing Georgiy's position, he can join in once we've got their attention
>>77933 this situation is fucked up anyways, gotta take chances now
(635.79 KB 1743x1229 1567254993920.jpg)
>>77933 i vote for this too.
(3.54 KB 166x274 Stunt Rolls.png)
(13.46 MB 720x405 Bullettime.gif)
(242.50 KB 3000x1800 Battle Layout.png)
Sorry for neglecting you all again! >>77933 >>78045 >>78717 Realizing that Georgiy is gonna get overwhelmed if you don't act, you head back towards his position, ducking down to dodge the lead gangster's shots coming in from behind you before leaping through the air. Adrenaline is pumping through your veins once more as you aim your revolver mid air, surprising the front-most thug and hitting him square in the face with the first shot. The next one goes down as well but he doesn't seem like he's out for good since the blood splatter that comes as a result of your shot connecting erupts from the side of his torso instead of the middle and he is now simply incapacitated by the pain. The third shot goes wide completely, passing harmlessly over the gunman's head and only giving him a moment's pause from switching his weapon's magazine as he looks at you sailing through the air. The last one hits the second gunman squarely in the chest and he's down for the count as well. All in all you got two dead targets, one incapacitated and one unharmed one with a gun by the time your trip through the air comes to an end as you make a perfect landing behind the dumpster that Georgiy's hiding behind, managing to get up for one last shot before the last gunman has a chance to finish reloading his gun. Unfortunately you only manage to nick him in the cheek with the last shot, and while he stumbles back a bit and swears quite a bit in obvious pain he looks pissed more so than incapacitated. >Better, but we're still not out of the woods yet... (Write-in your next step)
>>78752 So we're on Woo Rules then Georgy keeps their heads down while we keep an eye on the long alley and bomb back up,then rush down the last guys at the end of the short alley and get onto the street Once we've capped the two we're pushing we can sprint down to the street corner and flank the boss and his last man
(703.25 KB 1753x1236 1511535587100.jpg)
>>78752 Tell georgiy to poke a shot at the armed gunman in the north alley. if we are successful we can go around the corner
>>78771 this also if we make it let's loot the guns maybe georgy can give the AK back and pick up the dead guys gun
(556.80 KB 1024x1024 Georgiy.png)
(3.45 KB 166x274 Mid-Combat Rolls 3.png)
Made a portrait for Georgiy with some help from Artbreeder. >>78771 >>78774 WTF is this Samir 34 that you keep posting? All I could figure is that its some Turk's DBZ fanfiction. >>79088 "Derzhite golovy opushchennymi, ya poydu proveryu situatsiyu na moyey storone." (Keep your head down, I'll go check the situation on my side.) You calmly say as you head out of cover. Having finished reloading, the thug with the gun attempts to take revenge on you nicking him and killing his buddies, unfortunately for him he isn't the greatest shot and you easily dodge whatever lead is sent your way. Once you're back behind your own dumpster you hear rustling near the fence and as you look up you see the remaining close-up combatant on your side attempting to climb up the fence. You quickly realize that it is a ruse though, as you spot the leader of the gang turning his gun your way, using the other guy as a distraction to get a better bead on you. You have only one bullet left in the chamber, what do you do? >I take cover >I try to shoot the gang leader >I try shooting the guy climbing the fence
>>79127 Take cover
>>79127 Take cover and reload, Georgiy is still loaded up. he can deal with melee boy
>>79127 Gonna go with takin' cover aswell
Take cover
>>79162 (and reload)
(3.48 KB 166x274 Mid Combat Rolls 4.png)
Nat 1 on reloading roll, oof. >>79154 >>79156 >>79160 You quickly pull your head down, and good thing you did since not a second later a bullet strikes the wall next to you, sending debris and ricochet flying into the air. "Prikroy moyu zadnitsu, peregruzochnyy!" (Cover my ass, reloading!) You yell out to Georgiy, in a quite a bit of hurry now. Snapping the near-empty revolver's chamber to the side and using the extractor to remove the bullets, you don't really care at the moment that you're throwing them to the ground. Loading the bullets one at a time in a stressful situation such as this is tedious as hell and you curse to yourself that you never got speed-loaders for the damn thing when you were out shopping last time. Just as you are about to finish loading your last round, your attention is caught by the sound of rapid footsteps and as you turn to look up towards the alleyway you notice that the melee combatant that was just climbing the fence is almost upon you with the machete in his hand raised to strike. Before you can so much as shit yourself in fear, the chatter of an AK sound off from behind you and the machete-wielder falls down with several new breathing holes on his person. "Spasiba, brat!" (Thank you, brother!) You shout to Georgiy, realizing that if he hadn't covered your ass you might have just gotten chopped to pieces. "Net problem, tovarishch." (No problem, comrade.) He says, giving you a mock salute before going back behind cover. With the close call behind you, there's only three more hostiles remaining. What is your next course of action? >Things are looking up it seems... (Write-in your next course of action)
(108.53 KB 750x750 edwcykbz6ho41.jpg)
>>79127 i use this thread to dump obscure, irrelevant memes from my large meme folder like samir 34. it's an abstract form of posting that most do not understand >>79173 i may be brainlet but which melee fighter is this. where did he come from
>>79187 >i may be brainlet but which melee fighter is this. where did he come from He's the one that came down from the west side. (aka. where you and Georgiy originally entered into the alley from and where the lead gangster still is.)
(189.26 KB 720x862 1551668869482.jpg)
>>79173 >>79188 lay some fire down in the north alley and then run up to finish off the melee and gunman.
>>79173 Georgiy covers, we close with and kill the gunman and melee guy at the end of the north alley We need to get out of this alleyway
(3.46 KB 166x274 Morale Rolls.png)
(244.32 KB 3000x1800 Battle Layout.png)
>>79194 >>79198 "U nas malo patronov, zastav' ikh schitat'." (We are running low on ammo, make them count.) You say as you toss the first of your last two magazines to Georgiy just in case he needs additional ammo, he catches it without issue. "Kakoy seychas plan?" (What's the plan now?) He says as he checks the ammo in his current magazine. "Ty ostan'sya i prikryvay menya, ya vydvigayus' vpered i vynimayu ikh." (You stay back and cover me, I push forward and take them out.) You lay out the details as you pick up the casings and the single unspent round before putting them away. "Tol'ko odinochnyye snimki, ya pochti uveren, chto oni uzhe blizki k razryvu s tem, skol'ko my uzhe ubili. Ne nuzhno tratit' patrony." (Single shots only, I'm pretty sure they're already close to breaking with how many we've already killed. No need to waste ammo.) As if on queue, you hear the one of the thugs scream out hysterically before breaking out into sprint, his voice gradually getting fainter as he gets farther away from the scene. The gunman that you scratched earlier with your bullet only glances at you venomously before he too runs away from the scene with a little helping of Georgiy's bullet landing on the part of wall next to his head. That only leaves the ring leader of the gang, from the looks of it he's still there, evident by the fact that his gun's barrel is still peeking from around the corner and you can hear his faint cursing even at this distance. >Just leave him, he's not worth the effort of chasing after. There's more interesting things to be found on the bodies >Let's finish this, we'll confront him head on and take him out. >The longer we stay here, the bigger the chance another gang that smells blood in the water shows up. Its best we leave this part of town as quickly as possible now that the path is open. >Another solution is always available... (Write-in)
>>79237 Leave by the north alley and roll around the corner onto the boss man, if he's gone, great, if he's not, he dies Take the fence one at a time though, one guy climbing one covering, just in case someone decides to come back or the last guy tries to attack us as we're climbing over
(697.60 KB 821x583 4902.png)
>>79237 >Let's finish this, we'll confront him head on and take him out. &also i see the urgency in moving quickly. Tell georgiy to take up cover on the left alley way. one man stays in the alleyways to prevent bossman to jump into the alleyway just like we did at the beginning.Then I go up the north alleyway, jump the fence, and go around the corner.
Ded thread is dead
>>83231 >>83030 Dw friends I asked gomrad about it and he might update it this weekend. Just be patient
(42.52 KB 600x400 ReadyAimFire.jpg)
(3.47 KB 166x274 Rolls.png)
And with the end of the workweek and the beginning of the weekend we triumphantly return! >>79239 >>79241 You decide that now is the time to take decisive action and quickly rush towards the fence, unfortunately for some reason your body seems to have slowly gotten weaker from the dehydration and continued malnourishment, topped with a small amount of alcohol and now without the adrenaline running through your veins you struggle to even get a proper grip, not to mention climb over the fence in front of you. As you fall flat on your ass when your grip loosens for the briefest moment, you turn to look back and see Georgiy's look of amusement at your failed climbing attempt. "Vam nuzhna pomoshch' s etim?" (Do you need some help with that?) He asked from you with a chuckle while continuing to keep an eye on the western alleyway. "Da, ne mogli by vy povysit' menya?" (Yeah, could you boost me?) You say as you dust yourself off. He nods and comes over after firing off a couple shots in the gang leader's direction. Once you're both ready, he kneels down and cups his hand to act as a makeshift platform for you. This time your attempt succeeds without issue and you manage to make the jump over the fence and onto the sidewalk. "Vy derzhite pereulok nakrytym, poka ya idu za ugol i zastrelit' yego v zadnitsu. Ladno?" (You keep the alleyway covered while I go around the corner and shoot him in the ass. Okay?) You explain your plan to him as quickly as you can. "Ponyal." (Understood.) He says before heading back into position while you begin heading down the street, constantly keeping your eyes moving as you do so. Once you get closer to the corner you can hear shots being exchanged back and forth. Its clear that the gangster's attention is now solely on Georgiy. Unfortunately, when you pop out from around the corner you find that your aim is being real shaky. Your arm feels like its made of lead and you can barely even stay on target as you put your finger on the trigger. When you eventually fire you completely miss your target, the bullet going past his head and into the wall next to it. The only effect this has is that he is now surprised by your sudden movement and looks to be ready to either fire back or make a run for his life. Fortunately for you he seems to value his own survival more so now that he's facing fire from two directions. He decides to take his chances with escaping and begins to turn run away in the opposite direction from you. Your hand is still shaky but you've got the bastard running with his back exposed, now's your chance to either watch him run away or attempt to finish him off for good. What is your decision? >I'll shoot the fucker dead center, if he still lives after that I'll be sure to blow his brains out. He's caused us enough trouble and I want payback. >I'll let him go this time, this pathetic excuse for a human being is not worth my bullets. May god help him if he tries to test me again though. >I'll do something else (Write-in)
>>83679 >I'll shoot the fucker dead center, if he still lives after that I'll be sure to blow his brains out. He's caused us enough trouble and I want payback. leave no survivors
>>83679 >I'll do something else (Write-in) cut his arms and remove one of his eyes, and tell him to tell everyone to not fuck with you and that if he fucks with you again you'll leave him blind
>>83679 Shoot him down, we killed his comrades, now is the time to finish him off
(3.54 KB 166x274 HitrollCenterMass.png)
>>83681 >>83685 >>83690 One shot is all it takes, you think to yourself as you take a deep breath, brace the barrel of your gun against the corner wall and aim right for the sprinting gangster's center mass. A single shot echoes through the empty street, a body falls to the ground with a tumble. "Vse chisto!" (All clear!) You yell to Georgiy as you reach the fence, waving towards him with your hand. He gives you a thumbs up in response. As you continue walking towards the corpse of the gang leader, you notice that he is still moving, crawling along the pavement trying to reach for his fallen weapon even as he's bleeding profusely from his chest and coughing up blood. Stepping on and crushing his hand underneath your boot, you listen with great satisfaction as he lets out a cry of pain. "Ah ah ah little gangster man, can't have you picking up your gun and shooting me." You say as you follow up with a kick to the man's face, observing as it connects with his jawline and dislocates it along with a few of his teeth. At this point he's crying like a little baby and begging for mercy, but you are way beyond that at this point. This fucker tried to rob you and your new friend, the only thing he deserves at this point is a drawn out execution. "All I wanted was to do my fucking job and cash out, but you bastards had to show up and try to shoot me. Now look at where that got you." You continue speaking as you crush his other hand with a stomp of your foot, listening to him gargle out in agony once more. "Your kind doesn't even deserve to lick the dirt underneath my booth, let alone live you are the lowest form of life on this fucking planet." You say as you stomp on the open wound on the man's back, at this point he can no longer even say anything so he simply moans pathetically. "But you are good for at least one thing..." Your words are emphasized by the fact that your weapon is now pointed in the man's face. "...and that is being a message to the rest of your kind that I am not to be fucked with." You finish as you pull the trigger and watch with morbid curiosity as the unnamed gangster's brains get blown out through the back before his head slumps forward. So the gang's finished and you're clear to move out, what now? >I'll relieve the dead guy of all his earthly belongings and then me and Georgiy are leaving this place behind for good. >I only pick up this guy's gun, it looks nice and shiny. >I don't have time to start looting around, somebody will have heard the shooting and will move in to investigate. >There's something else I could do... (Write-in)
>>83725 Relieve all the guy's belongings, but also see if there's anything valuable on the rest of the gang's bodies
(481.80 KB 830x583 123904.png)
>>83725 wait what kind of gun does he have also we have no time to loot all these gangsters. we have a load of drugs on ourselves and we have no interest in staying in the ghetto any longer. if we take anything, we loot for cash and dip
(52.20 KB 770x476 Gun.jpg)
I'll be waiting for more votes and checking in again tomorrow. >>83746 It looks to be a semi-automatic handgun of some kind. You can't make out any markings from this distance.
>>83764 >>83746 (me) eh might as well let georgiy do the looting. he needs a gun but he must hurry
>>83725 >I don't have time to start looting around, somebody will have heard the shooting and will move in to investigate. Fuck picking up guns off of some slum rat, we'll get a decent set of shorty carbines with the payday we've got coming, get out of here before someone else decides to have a go
>>83725 Just grab this guy's gun and go since you're right next to him anyways. No time to wait around.
(3.54 KB 166x274 Loot and Escape Rolls.png)
>>83905 >>83822 >>83746 >>83734 >>84096 Unfortunately the gun has slid too far away from your immediate grasp and you don't really have the time to be looting anything from your latest victim's body, you can already hear the sound of sirens blaring and closing in on your location. "My dolzhny dvigat'sya, seychas!" (We have to move, now!) You yell to Georgiy who has only just managed to climb over his side of the fence. "Ya zametil! Syuda!" (I noticed! This way!) He yells back and both of you forget about the bodies of the gang members as you begin sprinting away from the scene as fast as your tired legs can carry you. Once you're out of the neighborhood, both of you practically collapse against the nearest wall and begin greedily gasping for air. "Davayte ne budem delat' eto snova..." (Let's not do that again...) You say in-between heavy breaths, wiping the accumulated sweat from your forehead. "Soglasen, moi nogi ubivayut menya pryamo seychas." (I agree, my legs are killing me right now.) Georgiy responds, holding a hand to his chest, the other one still grasping the foregrip of his rifle in a vice-like grip. Now that you've managed to make a run for it and gotten to a better part of town, what are you up to next? The sun looks like its beginning its descent towards the horizon and a quick check on your wristwatch reveals that its already close to evening by now. (around 6pm) Multiple choices can be taken as long as you still have daytime left, some shops might close earlier than others so be mindful of that if you decide to visit many places in a row. >We go to Bao's place and turn in what we managed to retrieve from the youth criminals >We go and get something to eat and drink, I am close to fucking dropping from malnourishment and dehydration. >We'll go find a buyer for these drugs because I am not carrying them around any longer than is needed >We'll find a place that sells ammo and guns and replenish our supply >We'll try and find a place to lay low, like a bunkhouse or motel >We'll do something else (Write-in)
>>84102 >We go and get something to eat and drink, I am close to fucking dropping from malnourishment and dehydration. perhaps there are some food stalls on the street that we can get a quick bite
>>84102 >We go and get something to eat and drink, I am close to fucking dropping from malnourishment and dehydration. Snack tiem, then take a stock of what ammo we've still got
>>84104 >>84105 I agree, if we need to eat something or else we might pass out sure something happen out of nowhere that requires excess energy
>>84102 >>84104 >>84105 >>84113 We should grab some street food sure but we shouldn't sit down for a leisurely meal or something, we need to get off the street cause half the city is probably looking for us.
>>84102 Something to eat
>>84104 >>84105 >>84113 >>84119 "Poydem za yedoy, prezhde chem delat' chto-nibud', ya ne mogu dolgo podderzhivat' sebya adrenalinom i siloy voli." (Let's go get some food before we do anything else, I can't sustain myself on adrenaline and willpower alone for much longer.) You say, finally starting to recover a normal pace of breathing. "Ya mog by opredelenno poyti na vynos." (I could definitely go for takeaway.) Georgiy responds before patting his pocket embarrassingly. "U menya net deneg, khotya." (I don't have any money though.) "Ya uzhe dal tebe gorstku kopeyek, ispol'zuy ikh." (I already gave you a handful of pennies, use those.) You say with a hint of annoyance. "Ne bud' khalyavshchikom." (Don't be a freeloader.) "Penni ne prinesut mne mnogo, krome togo, ya spas tebya ot togo, chtoby tebya porezali, poka tebya poymali shtany s tvoim chlenom v ruke." (Pennies won't get me much, besides I saved you from getting chopped up while you were caught pants down with your dick in hand.) Georgiy responds angrily, emphasizing his point by invading your personal space and tapping his finger against your chest. "Mozhet byt', vy dolzhny pokazat' nekotoruyu priznatel'nost', kogda eto na samom dele opravdano." (Maybe you should show some appreciation when it is actually warranted.) Your first instinct would usually be the punch the person acting like he does, but you find that he does indeed have a point and that even at the cheapest establishment that the city has a couple dollars worth of pennies would probably not be enough for a full meal even if its just cheap takeaway. "Prekrasno to, no ya vybirayu, gde." (Fine then, but I choose where.) You say, receiving an acknowledging smile and from Georgiy as he shoulders the rifle in his hand. After wandering the streets for a while and spending about four dollars on a pair of large water bottles at a corner-store so at least one of you doesn't pass out, the two of you eventually arrive to a marketplace of sorts where some stalls are set up still serving up local street food even at such a late hour. There's several kinds of food being served here, each looking pretty tasty right about now when both of you have horribly growling stomachs, which one do you pick? >The deep-fry stand, I could go for some chicken right about now >The noodle stand, I'm curious if they make them any differently here in comparison to Hong Kong. >The seafood stand, I've always preferred the plentiful bounties of the sea >The hotdog stand, let's see what freedom tastes like >I'd rather look for a more reputable-looking establishment like a restaurant and sit down for a while, I don't want to get diarrhea because the locals don't understand what hygiene standards are >On second thought, I'm not hungry
>>84125 >noodles why are we being such a dick?
>>84125 >The noodle stand, I'm curious if they make them any differently here in comparison to Hong Kong. ye why are we being rude
>>84134 Because you rolled a 2 on your first social roll.
>>84125 Deep fry stand
>>84136 it be like that
I'm writing this on my phone but I figure this would be trivial enough that there would be no need for rolls. As usual I'll check back in tomorrow for the results. >>84140 >>84135 >>84134 The noodle stand is the one that mainly catches your eye, and its for a good reason. The stuff that the local street cook has cooking up in his wok pan looks downright mouthwatering and you're eager to compare the local noodles to the ones you had in the past while working for the Triads. Once its your turn in line, the cook says something in the local dialect before looking at you expectedly. Working off the assumption that he's asking what you're ordering you raise two fingers and point towards the wok pan. He seems to hum in an understanding manner as he retrieves two cardboard takeaway boxes from a compartment underneath his stand before beginning to stuff them with the noodly goodness. Eventually he places the boxes down with their plastic utensils onto the counter before raising eight fingers and saying something again. You reluctantly hand over a single five and a trio of one dollar bills, he counts them before nodding towards you and waving his hand as if to shush you away. You give Georgiy his portion before continuing onwards, eating as you go while heading for your next destination... >Pick from any of the previously mentioned options
>>84148 >We go to Bao's place and turn in what we managed to retrieve from the youth criminals
>>84148 >We'll try and find a place to lay low, like a bunkhouse or motel
>>84148 >We go to Bao's place and turn in what we managed to retrieve from the youth criminals
>>84148 >We go to Bao's place and turn in what we managed to retrieve from the youth criminals
(7.48 KB 130x200 Bao 3.jpg)
I didn't know how much a single parcel would be worth so I actually just looked up the street prices of cocaine to figure out an estimate and found out that I way underestimated how much dough Stanislav and Georgiy would actually be making. >>84149 >>84150 >>84152 >>84304 Your wandering while eating and talking eventually leads you back to the Yellowflag and as you dispose of your trash in an orderly manner you turn your gaze to Georgiy who is looking at you expectantly. "Tak ty yeshche ne skazal mne, pochemu my prishli v eto mesto. Ne mogli by vy utochnit' detali, prezhde chem my voydem vnutr'?" (So you still haven't really told me why we came to this place. Mind filling me in on the details before we head inside?) He says skeptically as you pat yourself down to check that you indeed still have all the packages on you. "Eto prosto, my idem i sdayem produkty, i vladelets mesta dayet nam kontaktnuyu informatsiyu dlya novykh rabochikh mest." (It's simple, we go and turn in the products and the owner of the place gives us contact information for new jobs.) You explain as you check your ammo situation, counting fourteen loose rounds in addition to the full cylinder. "...I, vozmozhno, dazhe naydet pokupatelya dlya dopolnitel'nykh." (...And maybe even finds a buyer for the extra ones.) "Nu, ya polagayu, u menya net vybora, krome kak doveryat' tvoyemu, o, tak mudroye suzhdeniye." (Well, I suppose I have no choice but to trust your, oh so wise judgement.) Georgiy says sarcastically as he checks his own weapon's magazine, opting to replace it with the last fresh one he has on hand. "Kstati, u menya yest' odna polnaya i polupustaya zamena." (I've got one full and a half-empty replacement by the way.) As the both of you head in through the doors, you personally immediately notice that there's quite a few more patrons in the bar this time around than when you first showed your face here earlier during the day. Some of the patrons closest to the door briefly glance your way, but the fact that you're cowered in bits of caked and dried blood around your face, hands and feet quickly seems to make you pass whatever badass-ness test they had in mind for you. Bao doesn't immediately say anything either as you sit down on the front counter, Georgiy right behind you glancing around nervously. "Well? Out with it then. Since you're back here I assume the job's done?" Bao says to you with a hint of skepticism. In response, you place the briefcase onto the counter before unlocking it and showing to the barkeeper the contents. His eyes widen for a moment before his mouth twists into a satisfied smirk and he turns to look back towards you while closing the lid of the briefcase. "Looks like I underestimated you new guy, you certainly got the job done no problem." He says as he takes one of the parcels out, placing it underneath the bar counter before retrieving a cell phone in its place. "That phone has the contact details of someone whose expressed no small amount of interest in you after I mentioned your visit to them. I'd suggest not keeping them waiting." He explains to you as you close the lid of the briefcase again. "Oh yeah, and do bring the phone back once you're done." "Yeah yeah I get it." You respond back lazily before motioning for Georgiy to follow your lead as you head back outside to make the call. "Ya nichego ne ponyal iz togo, chto vy tol'ko chto skazali." (I understood nothing of what you just said.) He says to you once you're both out of the door. "On skazal mne pozvonit' po etomu telefonu dlya utochneniya detaley." (He told me to call on this phone for further details.) You respond back as you navigate the phone's menus till you find the contact book. "Tut nichego ne proiskhodit." (Here goes nothing.) As you place the phone next to your ear, listening nervously to the soft dooting before you hear someone pick it off at the other end. "Who is this?" A soft but cold feminine voice at the other end asks, nay demands from you. You notice the clear eastern accent present in her English, indicating that she's either Russian or at least from a region that speaks the language. What is your response to her? >"Stanislav Konstantinovich Zhirenkov." >"Moye imya ne vazhno, vazhno to, chto ya mogu sdelat' dlya vas." (My name is not important, what I can do for you is what's important.) >"You first miss." >"Bao sent me, that's all you need to know." >I'm better off saying... (Write-in)
>>84476 Moye imya ne vazhno, vazhno to, chto ya mogu sdelat' dlya vas
>>84476 >I'm better off saying... (Write-in) The man you left the phone with Bao for **If you don't want to write out the Russian you could just signify the different languages with a letter before the speech, i.e. R:
(38.54 KB 720x644 26b.png)
>>84490 Good idea, will keep in mind for future writings. I initially figured running things through the translator would make the dialogue more immersive but I suppose it has sort of become tedious at this point.
(8.11 KB 138x48 093.png)
>>84490 uhh this one.
(3.54 KB 166x274 Call Rolls.png)
>>84492 >>84490 >>84487 "The man you left the phone with Bao for." You say in a deadpan tone, like you are stating the most obvious thing in the world. Which to be fair is true to an extent. "Ah yes..." She says, you can almost hear the satisfied smirk in her voice. R: "I was more interested in your name, but I suppose I won't need it considering we will talk in person soon enough." R: "Will? I never realized I agreed to anything yet." You respond back, continuing the conversation in Russian both as courtesy and so Georgiy can understand what's being talked about. R: "Oh please, my understanding was that you were quite eager to take whatever job offers were available." The woman says, her tone quite amused. You can hear her take a long drag from a tobacco product of some kind, exhaling its end product before she continues. "Or am I wrong?" R: "Well, not really. I am indeed quite short on employment opportunities at the moment." You admit, sighing heavily as you listen and wait for response from the other end. About half a minute goes by as you wait for a response. R: "Are you outside the Yellowflag right now?" She asks, keeping her voice neutral. R: "Yeah, I mean I just got back from doing the job for Bao that got me in contact with you." You explain, wondering to yourself where she might be going with this line of questioning. R: "Good, my men will come pick you up in a few minutes. I look forward to meeting you... Mr. Zhirenkov." She says before hanging up on you, not even giving you a chance to be surprised at the utterance of your name. ...What the fuck? >I'll quickly go return Bao his phone and then we'll wait patiently for our escort to arrive, whatever form it may take >Let's leg the fuck out of here, I ain't taking any chances with anyone who knows my name beforehand, especially not with this creepy lady >I better ask Georgiy for his opinion >Maybe there's another solution...? (Write-in)
(181.78 KB 2550x3300 1519003400529.png)
>>84512 >I better ask Georgiy for his opinion
>>84513 >>84515 You figure that a decision like this shouldn't be taken hastily so you decide to consult your comrade-in-arms for a second opinion. R: "Well we have a potential job opportunity waiting for us, but it requires us to go blindly into a potential lion's den with a woman who seems to know me by name." You explain the situation to Georgiy as calmly as you can "What do you think? Should we take the offer?" He seems to ponder for a moment, seriously thinking on the question with the time the two of you have. R: "With just the two of us? I would advise against it even if we are armed." He begins, shaking his head. "If they know you by name they may potentially be old enemies that are out for blood and leading you into a trap. If there's more than a dozen of them and we have to shoot our way out of wherever they'll take us we're gonna run out of bullets really quickly." Well, he's said his piece. You don't know how much longer you have to decide so whatever you decide to do you better decide it now. >Pick from any of the previously mentioned options
>>84524 >Maybe there's another solution...? (Write-in) Go in and give Bao back his phone and ask him just who it is we're being hired by
>>84524 >>84676 Do this, but also, did we give Bao all the drugs in that case? If so I think it comes to a good amount over $250, hell even if we only gave him one parcel it does, so, we should probably confirm with him that we want him to sell them and we're not just giving it all to him. If we didn't give him all the stuff, then we should probably ask to stash it here before we get whisked away.
(205.95 KB 452x332 edb.png)
bumping this thread.
(27.19 KB 640x562 kuma_moesleep.jpg)
(3.54 KB 166x274 Socialization rolls.png)
(9.24 KB 200x261 Boris.jpg)
Damn, has it already been almost two months since I last touched this thing? Oh well, time to get back on track I suppose. >>84905 >>84676 R: "I'm gonna go head back in and give this back to Bao. Mind waiting here?" You say to Georgiy, shaking the phone in your hands for emphasis. R: "Not like I have anywhere to go." He states with a shrug as you head back through the doors. When you get back inside you notice that Bao seems to be arguing with someone over the landline phone before angrily ending the call and turning back to look towards you. "So, you done with your call?" He said as he reached his hand out over the counter, taking the phone as you hand it back to him. "Yes, your contact says that she's sending a car to pick us up." You say as you lean up against the counter slightly. "If you don't mind me asking, who is this lady anyway? She seems to be someone in a high enough position to send a car on a few minutes' notice willy nilly to pick up a couple nobodies." He leans in closer, looking both ways before whispering. "The one you just talked to was Miss Balalaika. Beyond that I can't tell you much else" Your intuition was correct then, she's Russian like you. But you don't have an organization or anything else to go off so she could be a member of the mafia or even the intelligence services with how secretive she's being. "While we wait for our ride though, can you take care of the extra load that's inside the case?" You ask and he just cocks his eyebrow at you questioningly. "Look, Russkie boy. I sell liquor not drugs..." He starts before you interrupt him. "C'mon man, I'm already carrying enough kilos on me to land me a life sentence in prison if I get caught. Can you at least hold onto the extras till we get back from wherever we're being taken?" He seems to ponder for a moment before shaking his head and placing the briefcase behind the counter. "Fine, but you owe me for this. I gotta keep up appearances and I'm not taking the heat if Chief Watsup decides to come in for a surprise visit." He says as he motions for you to empty your pockets. After a minute or so of doing so you have a small pile of contraband behind the counter where Bao stores them inside a hidden compartment behind a lock and key. "You saw nothing okay, and if you did I had nothing to do with it." He says as before getting back up, idly checking on the clock. "You should probably go now, your ride is no doubt arriving at any moment if it hasn't already." You nod and give the man your thanks before heading back outside. Just as you exit through the front door, you see a car pull up to the side of the road and go join back up with Georgiy who looks nervous as all hell about the situation. Well, no backing out from the situation now you suppose. "Mr Zhirenkov I take it?" A gravely voice says in a heavily accented English as its owner steps out of the car and looks at you. His face reminds you all too much of the veterans who came back from Afghanistan both physically and mentally scarred mixed in with a certain cold indifference typical to those that survived the immediate aftermath of the collapse. >"Yes that's me, and this is my associate Georgiy." >Nod in confirmation but say nothing else >"No I'm Vadim the King of Gopniks." >"What's with all the secrecy?" >"Nope, he's inside by the counter." >I'm better off saying/doing something else (write-in)
>>98030 >Nod in confirmation but say nothing else
>>98030 >"Yes that's me, and this is my associate Georgiy."
>>98057 I second this motion
>>98057 this
(31.26 KB 1024x576 Nightime view.jpg)
>>98057 >>98061 >>98064 >>98094 You nod your head to confirm his suspicions and he points his hand towards the backseat of the car. R: "Get in. Kapitan doesn't like to be kept waiting." He says to you in a tone that leaves no room for argument. "Is he also coming along?" You nod a second time. R: "Unfortunately we don't have space in the backseat, he will have to travel in the trunk." Georgiy sighs and accepts his fate as you both climb in to your respective spots. The seats of the car are nothing overtly comfortable but there's enough space for you and your escorts, them taking the front seats and both sides in the back with you stuck in the middle as the car drifts out of its parked spot. The ride is calm, but very much silent as you drive past districts that you've never been to before gradually moving towards the better part of the city. You gaze in awe as rows upon rows of hotels and other well-off businesses pass you by in all their night-time neon-lit glory until the car eventually slows down and turns towards one of them eventually arriving to a lot where a parking spot seems to be reserved just for you. R: "We're here." The man at the wheel with whom you spoke earlier says as you look over the opulent building in front of you. If this is what's awaiting you when you get into the big leagues? You probably wouldn't even mind working for these people. Once Georgiy is retrieved from the trunk (unharmed but very much grumpy about the ride), your escorts move into formation to flank you from both sides before taking you inside the building itself. The interior of the building feels welcoming with all of its warm colors and wooden furniture, but you don't have much time to admire it as you and your escorts get into an elevator, which quickly begins climbing towards the upper floors. Once you reach your end destination and step out of the cramped box the scarface turns around, his expression still blank but focused towards you. R: "Before we go any further, I need you and your associate to turn in your weapons. A safety precaution." You are outnumbered and probably outgunned as well, looking at who you're keeping company with. Disarmament on top of that doesn't seem like it would even be necessary for whoever their boss is not to mention detrimental to your chances of survival should things go south, but then again maybe agitating these guys by refusing to give up your heat might not be the best idea either. In the end, what do you do? >I'll stick to my guns thank you very much >Might as well give these people the benefit of the doubt and hand them over >I gotta ask if this is all really necessary >Another way is usually possible (write-in)
>>98100 >I'll stick to my guns thank you very much I don't trust them, they are acting way to shady. Best to be ready for anything. Plus, how rough can they be with us if we're so needed by their bosses
>>98100 >Another way is usually possible (write-in) We'll hand over our rifle but we'll keep our pistol, a nice compromise
(34.83 KB 680x467 11b.jpg)
I'll check back in again tomorrow morning to see if more voots have come in or someone's changed their vote to break the tie.
>>98100 >I gotta ask if this is all really necessary
>>98109 I change my vote to this one
>>98109 Seconding
(3.55 KB 166x274 Persuasion Roll.png)
(1.68 MB 1447x2047 Balalaika.jpg)
>>98735 This doesn't look like a vote to me. >>98106 >>98109 >>98132 >>98696 >>98751 >>98787 You got a 5, that's a oof for me in terms of roll. You nod towards Georgiy and he hands the assault rifle over to the nearest of your escorts. When the man in front of you reaches out his palm to receive your revolver though you place your hand over it protectively. R: "Nope, I'm not going in without my piece." You announce with a shake of your head. The big man from earlier frowns and he narrows his eyes in clearly visible annoyance. R: "I don't think you understand the situation, when we say you need to turn in your weapons." He says, his words emphasized by a series of handguns being cocked and pointed towards your heads. "We mean ALL of your weapons." R: "Ugh, fine." You say as the the revolver is taken from you forcefully. R: "Thank you for your co-operation." He says, his weapon returning back to its holster as he pockets your sole remaining source of armament. "Now please, step inside we have kept the Kapitan waiting long enough." As the door opens in front of you, the smell of tobacco smoke immediately assaults your senses. Once you enter though, you see a sprawling office space with plenty of tasteful decorations, including a large mahogany desk laid out in the middle of it all. Behind it sits a woman, blonde and dressed up in a wine-colored business suit, even while she's sitting behind the desk you can tell that she's quite tall, certainly taller than you. While your escorts spread out across the room and close the door behind you, you are gradually starting to get nervous about the situation. The silence that descends as the woman takes a drag from the cigar hanging from the side of her mouth is making your heart pound faster and sweat to begin running down your neck. Eventually she decides that the two of you have been grilled enough and breaks the silence by dumping the leftovers of the cigar into an ashtray before leaning forward and letting you see her features properly. Her face is scarred, horribly so in fact. The most visible one being a burn mark that runs all the way from her eye and down to her neck. Not that it makes her look any less intimidating, quite the opposite. R: "So you are the man known as Stanislav Zhirenkov." She begins. "Peacemaker of Afghanistan" they used to call you back in the day, how times have changed." You stiffen at her words as memories you long thought buried begin to resurface. You did not need to be reminded of that right now. R: "Not to worry, we're not here to judge you. In fact I'd go as far as to say that a man of your talents could be of great use to us." She says as seats are brought up in front of the desk. "I am known by many names, but you may address me as Miss Balalaika. Please, sit down and let us discuss business." You take the offered seating without hesitation, if only to distract yourself from the ghosts of the past. Georgiy soon following your lead. R: "Your friend is not someone I know of, and I usually tend to think of myself as someone whose well informed about what's going on in my city." She says, a hint of curiosity in her tone as she looks towards the man next to you. R: "Name's Georgiy, ma'am." Your friend answers in a neutral tone. R: "And how did you end up in the city of the damned may I ask?" R: "I was brought here by human traffickers before escaping and living on the streets." He summarizes, leaving out a lot of the extra detail. R: "Most interesting." She says before turning back towards you. "Ah yes, as I was saying." Balalaika then retrieves a something from within her desk drawer and once you take a closer look you realize that its a manila folder, the front of it plastered with the face of a man that looks to be of southern heritage with his dark hair and tanned skin. R: "Since you said you wanted work, and given your reputation I know you to be a man experienced in delivering violent retribution through superior firepower my offer is this:" She explains as you carefully open up the folder and your eyes widen in surprise as you see the wad of cash laying on top. "Within the folder is information on a target I want to be taken out in a quiet manner, so it can't be tied to our organization along with half of the payment for his elimination." She takes a pause to light up another cigar as you look through the photos and the papers containing all the important details on the man. "I would normally send one of our regular hitmen to do the job, but you happened to appear at an opportune time when barely anyone here knows you so we have plausible deniability should you fail." She admits her reasoning to you. The deadpan look you give to her in response only seems to amuse her as a small smile tugs at her lips. "Oh don't give me that look, it is only sensible for me to take the most low risk option when one is presented to me on a silver platter in this brave new world." She says with a chuckle. "So, what do you say "comrade" Zhirenkov, do we have a deal?" Well, with the information you now have and the job offer in front of you... what do you do? >"I think me and Georgiy need to discuss this offer in private for a bit." >"Fine, we'll do it." >"No thanks, we'll find other job offers." >"I think we're gonna need a bit more incentive..." (specify what you want to request) >"Georgiy, what do you think?" >I better think of something else to say... (write-in)
>>98955 Need more information on the target, read the file, we'll ask questions once we're done reading
>>98955 Do >>98971 Then ask for an extra gun, more ammo, and directions to the closest store that supplies grenades if there's at least one other guy guarding him.
(192.39 KB 640x480 Gael Vera.png)
(3.56 KB 166x274 Persuasion Roll II.png)
>>98971 >>98987 >>99020 Bad rolls all around again, a four this time for negotiating extra gear. "Mind if we look through the details first?" You ask in as calm of a voice as you can muster. "By all means, wouldn't want you to head in blind. Do be quick about it though, I have meeting with another group scheduled after this." Balalaika gives her approval with a nod. Looking through the folder you find out a series of pictures taken of the target from various angles and situations, including one where he's carrying a heavy looking briefcase and shaking hands with another man whose face is too blurry for you to make out. The slip of paper with his profile written on it provides a name to go along with the face. Gael Vera. Apparently he's a lieutenant for one of the many cartels operating out of the city. The reason for him being targeted is because he's cutting in on the action of your employer in the drug trafficking scene, but because of the fragile peace established between the various criminal organizations of the city they can't openly assassinate the man without it escalating into open conflict. Vera never goes anywhere outside of the cartel's local compound without his three heavily armed bodyguards so getting close to the man does not seem like an easy task, but you've dealt with worse cases and back then you only had your revolver. From the observations of the people who produced the profile, you gather that Gael likes to frequent a certain noodle stand every time he's on his regular shakedown runs for protection money from the various businesses in the cartel's turf, a side note humorously noting that it might be the explanation for his... rounded physique. In terms of what sort of heat they're packing, the target himself carries a modified AKM along with a heavily decorated M1911 while his bodyguards seem to carry concealed semi-automatic handguns of various types that they rarely end up needing to pull out. Lastly a detail unrelated to the target himself is the note that tells you if collateral damage ends up happening during the mission, the clean-up costs and hush money is taken out of your paycheck. You convey all of this information to Georgiy in a hushed manner and his eyes gradually widen more and more until he eventually stares at you like a deer caught in the headlights. You pat him in the back to help calm him down, and he eventually gets over his initial surprise and schools his features once more. "What sort of gear are we provided for this?" You say as you close the folder with a snap. "First thing I'd imagine we'd need is an extra gun so one of us doesn't have to run into this with a mere revolver. Plus ammo for said weapon of course..." "I'm afraid you'll have to purchase your own gear, again as I mentioned we don't want this to be tied back to us and if you were seen using weapons from our armory it might raise suspicion." Balalaika says dismissively while exhaling a cloud of cigar smoke into your face, causing you to frown. "Feel free to use the money provided to you in the envelope though, its pocket change." "Can you at least point us towards a place that can supply us what we need?" You ask in between coughs as you waft the cigarette smoke away. "The church located at the edge of town, and on top of the hill here..." Balalaika says, pointing towards a spot on the map laid out on top of her desk. "Is the biggest supplier of armaments in the city, I'd suggest you ask around there. There's smaller gunshops all around the city but the church people have the largest variety up to and including vehicles." >Ask more questions (Specify what you wish to ask) >I think we've got everything we need. (Accept the job) >This doesn't seem like a job for us. (Decline the job) >Is there something else we can do? (Write-in)
(91.35 KB 454x640 69j8r3mv5dk21.jpg)
>>99073 >I think we've got everything we need. (Accept the job) lets do it
>>99073 >I think we've got everything we need. (Accept the job) Time to go shopping We should also figure out what to do with our lovely, lovely drugs
(40.13 KB 200x200 the negro.png)
(306.09 KB 1024x583 deadly gaze.png)
>>99076 >>99078 R: "I think that's all the information we needed." You say as you tuck the folder under your arm and reach your hand out. "We accept." R: "Glad to hear it," She responds and returns the handshake. "Boris will escort you and your associate out, have a good evening gentlemen." Once the two of you are led out of the office you spot the next group that was waiting outside, a negro man that looks like he came straight out of Vietnam with his rounded sunglasses and green flak vest and a bored looking woman who is leaning against the wall, idly nursing a cigarette as she glances towards you. The eye contact only lasts for a few seconds but in that small moment you know you're looking into the eyes of a hardened killer who would shoot you without a second thought given an excuse. The sightline between the two of you is cut as you reach the elevator and the doors close in front of you, causing you to release the breath you didn't even realize you were holding. The man apparently known as Boris hands the both of you back your weapons once you reach the parking lot, only staying around for a bit before turning to leave. R: "Kapitan is placing a lot of trust into you with this job, it would be best for your health to not betray this trust." He says, glancing at you over his shoulder one more time before heading back inside. Georgiy makes a quick check on the assault rifle to make sure it hasn't been tampered with before placing it back over his shoulder. R: "So, that was... something." He says after an awkward pause. "What now though? Its getting kinda late and since we have cash to burn now I sure don't feel like sleeping on the streets anymore." >"Me neither, let's go find a place to lay low." (Specify what kind of place you're looking to sleep in) >"The night is still young, I wanna see what this part of the town has to offer." >"Before we go anywhere let's get a taxi." >"We gotta save the money for gear, we can sleep in shifts if you're worried about being robbed." >Do something else (write-in)
>>99168 >"We gotta save the money for gear, we can sleep in shifts if you're worried about being robbed."
>>99168 Go back to Bao and ask him for a reccomendation on a safe enough place to hunker down, grab some food and some smokes on the way to wherever he reccomends
>>99221 this >>99222 check'd
(43.52 KB 438x796 acb.jpeg)
I guess I should revive this thread before it slides off. Bump for now but expect actual content soon.
>>99221 >>99222 >>99227 You rolled kinda average, but Georgiy rolled decently in streetwise so you have some shelter even while sleeping rough. R: "We gotta save the money for gear you know, this mission might just be tougher than we expect and I'd rather we be overprepped and live than have money to burn and be a corpse." You say, staring your partner in crime down in a manner that leaves no room for argument. "We can sleep in shifts if you're worried about being robbed." R: "And here I was hoping to actually lay my head down with some dignity tonight." Georgiy says with frustration but doesn't argue further, knowing that you hold all the cards in terms of money and language skills. "Oh well, I know a place close by that should be abandoned most of the time and will shield us from the elements, come." R: "Lead the way then." You respond with a shrug of your shoulders, placing the manila folder in your hands inside your shirt so it's out of sight before following the lead of the older man. After another half an hour of walking you eventually see a scrappy looking two-story apartment building with almost all of the doors busted in. Once you head inside one of the dorm rooms you notice that there's no furniture to speak of either, only a floormat and torn tapestry. R: "I don't know the history of this place, but my guess is that whoever was responsible for keeping it running gave up and never bothered to demolish it, so it simply stands here and slowly rots like a carcass." Georgiy says before suddenly stomping his boot on something with an accompanying muffled crunch. "Pests tend to congregate these kinds of places, so try not to leave too much of your skin exposed if you don't want to get bit and catch the fucking plague." Once he scvåldtäkts whatever he stepped on, you notice that it's a massive cockroach. You can feel your face scrunch up in silent disgust at the sight. R: "Noted." You say before you glance at your watch, mentally noting down the time to be around midnight as put your briefcase down on the floor. "We'll sleep in two shifts each, wake me when its my turn on watch, we move out at 8 sharp." You finish with a sigh while sitting next to it, leaning against the wall and closing your eyes. R: "Roger." Georgiy says as he squats down next to the broken doorway with his rifle leaning against the wall. "Sleep tight." During the first quarter of the night nothing happens, you sleep peacefully even if somewhat uncomfortably for about an hour and a half before Georgiy shakes you awake, notifies that it's your turn on the watch and hands you the rifle. As you see Georgiy disappear into what you assume passes for a bathroom in the apartment, soon followed by the sounds of snoring, you begin to ponder on how to pass the time under the moonlight shining down on you from the hole in the collapsed ceiling. >Explore the rest of the building (Specify how much time do you wish to spend doing this?) >Take out your diary and writing supplies and begin scribbling down your thoughts >Take out the folder on the target and begin forming a plan on how to take him down >Light yourself a smoke and begin pondering about where your life went so wrong >Use supplies in your personal hygiene kit to give your face a clean shave >I've got a better idea... (write-in)
>>104693 >>Take out the folder on the target and begin forming a plan on how to take him down
>>104699 this but more
Bumping so the thread doesn't slide off, false alarm to anyone who thought this was an update. :^)
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Bumpin' just in case I come back to this eventually.
(55.01 KB 600x428 Manila-Folder.jpg)
>>109082 >>105225 >>104979 >>104699 The thread lived, the thread lives, the thread will live! You begin to go through the folder once more, looking at the facts that are on the table regarding the job so you can begin to properly plan for the job. Your insights so far are: 1. The protection money collection happens within Vera's own little fiefdom of the overall cartel territory every Friday (Friday is two days from now) before the businesses close their doors. 2. When he's not out on the street either getting food/company or collecting the payments, Vera's hanging out in his personal mansion on the city's outskirts. This mansion is marked on the old map that came with the folder and acts as the local base of operations for the cartel. 3. Vera is paranoid to the max and doesn't go anywhere without a weapon and his bodyguards, including the brothel and the titty bar that his people operate. Which leaves you with a few options for now. 1. Purchase a long rifle or a marksman's rifle and take him out from a distance while he's outside of his base of operations. Georgiy will act as your spotter. 2. Get some suppressed weapons for yourself and Georgiy and ambush Vera when he's indoors in one of the local businesses either for leisure or the racket money 3. Get some proper body armor, heavy duty weaponry and explosives. Assault Vera's home directly with Georgiy once you got all of those and you know for sure he's inside of it. 4. Figure out Vera's daily path from the list of businesses that the cartel collects from and set up an "accident" for him >Pick option 1. >Pick option 2. >Pick option 3. >Pick option 4. >Spend some time coming up with another plan (write-in your own plan) >Don't decide on anything yet
>>119173 do option 1
>>119173 I want to say Option 4, as to not attract as much attention to you
>>119173 >Spend some time coming up with another plan (write-in your own plan) All of the above is overkill, we: >Get some decent generalist weapons, another Kalash, a good supply of ammo, webbing, and armour for ourselves (helmets first), and some explosives with any money we have left over >We spend the rest of the two days finding them most oppurtune site to kill the target, its a city, distances aren't going to be over 200m max, we can set up a site to watch for him as he shakes down one of his protection rackets and lay into him as he collects >Precision is over-rated, just slot the cunt, shoot him until he's not moving and too well ventilated to ever move again, then run away


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