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(1.82 MB 400x225 sakurako gives up on life.gif)
Anonymous Comrade 04/14/2020 (Tue) 21:28:12 No. 70781
>there is no /saku/ thread
(7.04 KB 259x194 oqksjnwdbhgv.jpg)
No, I'm still mad about the results of the Hunger Games >>69496
(55.02 KB 729x354 kuma_stare.png)
>>71185 >drive him to suicide. Were you there! I was comforting him, helping him on his last days of Earth, doing my best to make sure that he wouldn't do it. I couldn't stop him, but it was better that way than to be killed by some beast. He didn't want to partake in this disgusting system and I couldn't blame him. He killed himself knowing he would keep the mantle of Stalin high, while people like Saku were revisionist who would do whatever it took to get to the top. What did it lead. Did it lead to success. In the eyes of the people, it didn't.
>>71210 the fuck is this perspective
>>71210 cute
>>71234 Oh shit forgot that I did that. Yeah I deserve that, not for killing Hoaxa, but for reading Ayn Rand
>>70781 >tfw secret flowers still isn't done
>>75808 L-lewd!
(277.16 KB 500x601 sakurako angry.gif)
>>75818 LEWD!!
>>75818 are the situationist aiura edits still in circulation these days?
Noseless freaks.
>>78399 best grill
(370.09 KB 1280x1854 01.jpg)
I want to rub her breasts.
>>86314 The one and only!
>>75857 What a cuck
(127.17 KB 860x932 motivational sakurako.jpg)
(508.62 KB 1100x720 saku maid.png)
Page 9?!? Time to sweep ahead again!
>>94299 Bitch
(415.43 KB 607x850 Cover15.jpg)
https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/secret_flowers_ch15 Latest Secret Flowers. New arc now that Sakurako and Himawari got done having sex.
(283.59 KB 524x633 n.png)
(906.74 KB 1600x1828 1597334312131.jpg)
>>108579 double tsundere make for a great combo
Happy birthday Sakurako!!
(463.42 KB 827x1169 84206704_p0.jpg)
>>112601 Habi, Habi!!
>>75857 >Class traitor >Steal from a supermarket. Wut? I don't speak Japanese but I feel I am being trolled. Also, why I feel it was censored at some point with cutted scenes? some pantsu sneak-peek?
>>75828 >>75816 Huh? "not found" what was that?


no cookies?