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(108.70 KB 913x1199 ETQpO4PXgAEyulK.jpg)
Corona-chan pic dump Anonymous Comrade 03/25/2020 (Wed) 19:20:11 No. 62389
I need all the Corona-chans. Dump em.
>>62396 I love you corona-chan
Why is Corona-chan dressed like a 19th century Manchu woman? The virus didn't originate anywhere near Manchu cultural homelands
>>62497 it was designed by some westoid who must have been thinking, "hmm chinky ching chong china virus from china where they're all peasants with dumb hairdos and haven't changed clothes since the ching chong dynasty"
>>62497 "hmm, how do i design ching chong woman? oh right! i'll just put a ching chong dress on her!"
>>62497 Create us a corona-chan of accurate proportions.
I need moar. Corona-chan just got Boris. Glory to our lovely virus.
(1.14 MB 863x727 CoronachanSupervillain.png)
(1.47 MB 3804x2676 1580491258052.png)
(8.70 KB 201x251 dtcfghj.jpg)
(64.33 KB 740x369 mmexport1582020905020.jpg)
Nobody remember her
>>62389 i hate this virus but goddamn it that pit glance. Fuck coronachan
(659.61 KB 700x800 ES_IDIgXkAQ3QDS.png)
Keep going.
>>65172 this shouldn't make me laugh and it's so dumb, but holy shit.
(161.89 KB 1024x675 corona chan miss worldwide.jpg)
(59.94 KB 546x1024 corona chan rat.jpg)
(102.75 KB 562x1300 corona chan tinder.jpg)
>>62500 >>62504 I'm sorry, would you have preferred she wore a white tshirt that said 'China' on it, would that have been more creative? Jesus wept
>>66880 Hot shit
>>66880 Fantastic.
>>66880 damn son
(83.32 KB 513x658 1585693376561.png)
(257.23 KB 1191x1684 1583643673135.jpg)
OP here. Comrades keep it going. We have a lovely virus chan flexing on the world. Be safe. Keep finding good pics of Corona-chan.
(254.88 KB 600x853 coronachan(tm).jpg)
>>62497 >>65824 leaked early design draft for OrganicMeme(TM)
(1.31 MB 1586063190717.webm)
(37.58 KB 680x523 1586063475742.jpg)
(728.83 KB 1483x1500 1586063305797.png)
(1.54 MB 480x264 thonk-heating.gif)
>>66880 Just rewatched this after the initial visual onslaught of some IGer's softcore music video. I'm now noticing an odd meme that has been catching on that's visible in this clip from the 0:33-0:35 mark (the flashing story-board images are less than 1 second on the screen each), that being construing China as not only tricking the world, but also that the WHO are somehow on China's payroll and that they were tricking the public about the dangers of the virus (the opposite appeared to be the case for me following the early announcements of WHO and their directives).
>>68143 Basically I'm asking if anyone was able to track where the narrative that WHO is China's puppet originated from in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak.
>>68168 Next to nobody recognises Taiwan.
(102.63 KB 569x802 cia eyebrows.jpg)
(253.11 KB 732x401 looking good.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1832x3525 america lied 14 Jan.jpg)
>>68144 The narrative was mainly pushed post fact since late Feb and early March by the U.S. government and loyal MAGA tards to deflect responsibility away from the U.S. after visibly failing to prepare for any kind of potential pandemic, not just failing to heed to earlier warnings, when previously spending most of the time calling the virus divine punishment for China. They push a few bold lies and dishonest talkingpoints to assert the WHO was playing it down and even covered up things, rationalized with some asspull "China saving face" conspiracy and thats why America was wholly unprepared, Trump was playing it down, Trump kept insisting that dems are just trying to hurt his great economy and stocks, Trump allowed millions of American tourists to march in and out of Asia and Trump allowed millions of American teens and tourists to gather on the beaches until March, while China was already in full quarantine mode in January. Simultaniously Trump "actually" knew it was a pandemic all the time and tried everything to contain it, but just didnt want to create panic, so he played down and covered up things for the greater good and thats a good thing.
(335.02 KB 834x2048 dr li.jpeg)
>>68382 Don't forget the lies about them supposedly "silencing whistleblower doctors"
Stupid retarded design made by porn addicts who don't even know the origin of the virus and keep repeating to themselves "CHINA MADE THIS VIRUS I SWEAR" like a schizophrenic who hasn't taken his meds >>68679 >3rd image what? Literally not a single person is even saying that, China never fucking said anything negative about quarantines. IT'S THE FUCKING WEST WHICH IS REFUSING TO DO A QUARANTINE. THAT'S WHY THERE ARE SO MANY INFECTED
>>69064 Bootyblasted over Corona-chan's superior design. Unbelievable.
For me, it's Cure-chan.
I hope the vaccine campaign consists of cute vaccine-tans too
>>68638 >whistle blowing He is not a whistle blower. Whistle blower implies he tried to leak information. Thats just another American propanda lie. He shared a false report with personal contacts, but urged them to keep it for themself, but someone or someone listening in from the outside leaked it. He never tried to make it public. It was only frequented in public by the usual shills hoping to dig up and make up shit about China without knowing how serious this was after it leaked to the public.
>>69375 There is no vaccinetan, that's just Coronachan dressed in a nurses uniform
>>69064 shut up retard
>>69524 He's right, you disgusting coomer.
>>69515 Ackshully that's Ebola-chan
>>69677 Fine coronachan dressed in a doctor's uniform
>>69678 Probably holding a syringe
OP here. Corona-chan has cracked 2 million world wide. Keep dumping what you find.
(46.20 KB 311x340 C1.png)
(66.46 KB 311x340 C2.png)
(32.11 KB 311x340 C3.png)
To be honest I don't know how the original template works or what looks best so here's three versions of the same template. >>62497 It bothers me too, especially since Ebola-chan wears a generic nurse outfit, not clothes of a specific nationality.
>>71297 I hope this cunt fucks off
>>72821 Corona-chan just took out the oil industry today. She's still putting in work.
>>73795 Carona chan is an angel ♥️
>>73823 Nazi person. I'm gonna ask you to go get coofed on for the sake of the human race. Rumors say Corona-chan might have visited Kim Jong In personally. Need more information.
>>73905 Thought it was because of a surgery, not corona-virus
>>74088 It's American media reported but I'll wait for a better source.
>>74197 Even the south officially stated that it was bullshit
>>72821 >>62497 >it bothers me that the edgy mascot for a pandemic that will kill millions is also racially insensitive You're not wrong but this is kind of funny tbh.
nurses are considered sexy so is the "chinese dress" i don't think any westerner would recognize a wuhan specific garb and usually the "mao suit" isn't seen as sexy
>>68679 3rd pic is retarded, even the design is dumb >>69064 >Stupid retarded design made by porn addicts I agree, it's funny that they hate China so much that they can't stop drawing and jacking off to a sexy Chinese stereotype girl
OP here. Apparently we got a mutated form of corona-chan than what China had. Maybe a new opportunity for more pics.
Jesus fuck why does humanity compulsively personify everything as large-breasted women. Very sad.
>>85077 Same way they did with the bubonic plague personfying it. Bow in this day in age we want deadly mommy dom virus pictures.
>>85102 >Same way they did with the bubonic plague personfying it. Got any examples?
>>85108 Let me get a folder made and get you so.e examples. Basically on my phone.
>>85102 Great Freud fuel. Now we want to have sex with death.
>>85151 >>85102 The death drive and the sex drive have become intertwined and indistinguishable, etc
>>62397 Thank you Corona-chan but please stay out of my lungs!
I will deep throat corona-chan's benis so she doesn't infect anybody else. Don't worry broskis. Itz not ghey since it is for science
Corona-chan going for the 100k on the US today. Give her some love.
WAVE 2 OF CORONA-CHAN COMING THROUGH THE THE US VERY SOON. Post more pics. She has caused so much value for us. Show off your appreciation.
>>92093 You should have been aborted for being such a senseless retard
>>92743 You are on /GET/ chill out bruh. Best place to cut loose.
is it wrong that since I had covid-19 and it didn't do shit to me I think she's hotter?
Bump to save
>>93663 Yes and no. She's cranked up to 3 million cases today in the US. Jair getting the vibe check. >>99257 Thanks for saving the thread.
4 million. Cranking it up.
(527.60 KB 4096x2892 EUSmd3zUcAE-o11.jpeg)
(475.54 KB 4096x2892 EUSmd30UUAIFro0.jpeg)
(686.94 KB 4096x2892 EUSmd30U0AEi8aQ.jpeg)
this thread is proof that horseshoe theory is legit


no cookies?