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(55.49 KB 333x402 run.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 02/19/2020 (Wed) 17:56:51 No. 53244
You can't purge me if I'm on page 10
(2.19 MB 1920x1070 laughing sluts(1).gif)
>He came back after escaping Lmao look at this loser
(77.41 KB 900x600 16h0kt1.jpg)
You sure about that Porky
>>53246 I just wanted to make the proles dance. Like good little monkeys. >>53247 You won't be so smug when I escape again. I already escaped last time, I will do it again.
Done serving your gulag time, porker?
(270.12 KB 800x1200 hungry.jpg)
need a snack?
(41.05 KB 500x487 kjb62uqaq3l21.jpg)
Allah doesn't love porkies
>>53332 Literally everyone hates Porkies, even other Porkies
>>53332 They are literally haram
>>54289 Why did you have to do this, I was almost on page 4
(646.58 KB 2100x1500 rodina_cumunism.png)
>>54294 Fuck you Porky
hey baby
not today porky
(1.96 MB 2100x2100 cawfee.png)
Where you going porky
Not so fast, porky.
Slipping away I see.
pursue comrades, pursue!
Can't let you do that porky.
*breathes on*
>>55471 why won't it let me lick her beautiful curvaceous skinny armpits
The purges continue.
I won't let you leave page 1, porky
(37.77 KB 480x853 image.jpg)
>>53244 Porky. Look at me. I've been laying days in wait for a chance to drag you back kicking and screaming, but you just keep running into everyone and getting easily caught. Pathetic. And fuck you. Don't feel safe, I will pounce on you eventually and likely ruin your best run yet in the process. Just you wait.
(81.79 KB 255x251 1470188726619.png)
>almost on page 3 proles be coping
+1 upvote.
(193.00 KB 493x547 demonic fort.png)
you will never leave this place, porky!
>>60267 >you will never leave >never Maybe not today, but one day you filthy commies will forget about me and I'll slip out thru page 9.
(98.13 KB 768x1036 jcdiabb.jpg)
>>60268 reported.
Porky is funny stealing untold millions. Or as the Stevin Miller band once said "Go on take the money and run" but we are on to you.
(961.71 KB 2100x1500 krab_transparent.png)
fuck you
(261.65 KB 400x546 1580564200144.png)
Page three, nice try. But you should work out, sneaking out slowly won't work. Especially not with that girth, fatso.
>>62643 >me >fat it's called being chubby.
You'll never get away, pig. We'll always drag you back to page 1 and expose you as the parasite you are.
(47.55 KB 375x644 1585401746159.jpg)
Hold up bud, looks like you've almost got to page 4. There's bad things out ahead, you better turn back riiiiiiiight here.
No escape.
You got the cheese touch
(17.90 MB so26w.mp4)
Not so fast, motherfucker.
(319.24 KB 2100x1500 Cumunism2.gif)
Not so fast, silly.
stop right there
(2.99 MB 355x201 lateral sluts.gif)
(8.98 KB 248x203 bruh.jpg)
Here we wait in page 1
There is no escape porky you are heew with us forever.
(117.12 KB 1280x720 NVA.jpg)
*Blocks your path* Halt Porky!
Look at that porky cope poont and laugh >>73634
>>73634 >"Local porky's escape plans foiled by border troops" Heh.
Hey porky where do you think you are going? You going to be here forever.
I have been slacking comrades, but i'll do better. I promise.
Eventually, this thread will be bumplocked and it will be impossible to prevent Porky from escaping. It is pointless to resist.
>>74619 Spotted the glowie, the people’s champions will merely make this shit cyclical when that happens. Ain't porky ever gonna be escaping from us after that.
>>76799 As always, the game as presented is rigged in Porky's favor. The revolutionary act in this situation is to simply delete the thread, thereby preventing it from ever reaching page 10 whilst also freeing us from this obligation Porky has imposed on us.
(65.93 KB 630x623 76993537.jpg)
>Page 3 Okay, outdoor period's over you have to go back inside now.
(394.72 KB 590x590 gloryhole.png)
And stay down there!
Hey Porky, did you enjoy your walk outside?
Bonjour !
>>80209 Salut étienne !
(104.83 KB 500x500 bump.png)
He sold? Bump it.
Could you fags stop bumping this shit thread. Porky obviously wants the bumps and is using reverse psychology to fool you comrades
>>86518 *extremely urkel voice* UHH... DID I DO THAT?
>>53247 Is that so. In that case, BUMP.
Porky~ Page three? Page. Three. Truly pathetic. I should beat you to death for this, don'tcha think? After all, your "efforts" are outright insulting to me. But, unlucky for you, there's more fun in keeping you alive. And I don't wanna discourage you from trying by promising you the escape of death. As disgustingly worthless as your attempts are, there's always the enjoyment of ruining them. So, are you gonna despair here and now, or are you saving it until after I've tenderized you halfway to death? Don't answer that. I don't care.
>>92829 Oh yes beat me UwU. Please step on me.
>>92832 Oh god please no.
not so quick Mr.Porky
Not today
(12.29 KB 470x351 aKjqRXZ_700b.jpg)
(2.14 MB 2100x1410 myao_purge!.png)
porky porky porky. you can't escape
Fucking developer of productive forces, come back here.
No escape
(90.59 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault-9.jpg)
Page 10 or 1, doesn't matter to me, you're getting smoked piggy!
(193.85 KB 1080x1350 1597211784852.jpg)
Page five? Better, but not good enough.
(112.23 KB 328x478 smuglenin.png)
Wow. You managed to get to page 7. Impressive.
>>111676 damn, that girl squats. check out that quad
>>111676 Page five is still not enough.
>>113305 Squats are praxis.
bump One of youse fag/GET/s People's Champions should probably make this thread cyclical
I've got you in my sights.
Not today, porkchop!


no cookies?