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(23.62 KB 511x373 spurdo.png)
Anonymous Comrade 10/15/2020 (Thu) 16:35:18 No. 119107
So is this site worth a damn? I been on the prowl since zchan died.
(126.18 KB 768x978 Hipster Peridot.png)
Of course it is. Kinda. If you like a bunch of gay folks gaying up your threads, /GET/ is for you. If you like leftist aesthetics but dont wanna let go of your prejudice against femoids, /leftypol/ is also a good fit.
Front facing Spurdo disturbs me
(122.57 KB 273x345 amicus-ri.PNG)
>>119116 >If you like a bunch of gay folks gaying up your threads I think I could get used to that, actually >>119119 Spurdo is qt
>>119121 You gonna gay us up with your big muscly furriness?
(28.31 KB 470x427 ac9123a7.jpg)
>>119107 >>119121 >>119119 I have been summoned.
(429.21 KB 1080x1080 amicus-motivated.png)
>>119123 Bingo.
(25.62 KB 480x480 Receiving adequate memes.jpg)
>>119127 I am immediately satisfied Take me now, magic man
(248.13 KB 1004x1080 amicus-embarrassed.png)
>>119128 >Take me now, magic man What? But I thought Peridot was your waifu.
(14.39 KB 320x320 kawaii.jpg)
>>119132 Joker's Trick! I'm actually a feeeeeeeemoid (male), so now you have to have me as your waifu. Them's the rules.
(257.13 KB 1004x1080 amicus-talking.png)
>>119135 Sorry, but Amicus is my husbando.
>>119139 Unpoggers dude
(48.31 KB 574x603 angerycade.jpg)
>>119107 I miss zchan so fucking much why 4chan staff members whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
>>119168 What is this ZChan, I am from Ancient Greece
>>119168 What did the 4chan people’s champions have to do with zchan's death? Genuinely curious: I've no idea why it went down, I only know one day it was just dead. Do tell. >>119169 A cozy little imageboard that was set up earlier in the year, lasted a few months, and then died. >>119169
>>119214 jann*e is wordfiltered to 4chan staff member
(211.21 KB 200x150 6ee.gif)
>>119169 it's one of those hot new imageboards that pop up every so often but rarely last three years
(141.12 KB 1000x1000 amicus-fanart.jpg)
>>119336 Why the sage?


no cookies?