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(255.74 KB 1125x646 Are you coding comrade.png)
Bunkerchan Catgirl VN Anonymous Comrade 10/13/2020 (Tue) 04:29:44 No. 118498
Hey comrades, I'm currently working on a person project Visual Novel about romancing some of the Political Catgirls in a secret commie bunker after a capiatlist nuclear war lead to a fascist world order. So far I know I'm including Alunya, Posadist Cat, and the Hoaxist bunker cat. As it's a project oriented for your enjoyment, what kind of things would you like to see included in the VN? What characters, features, ect? It's obviously going to be a lewd dating sim, because I played Katawa Shoujo. Also I'm making it with Ren'py, and it's my first project. Does anyone here have experience with the program?
Just throwing this out there but have checkers and maybe some others like baboon poster, sabocat and sakaist incel in there as comedic relief characters?
unbirthing ntr on all paths please
>>118500 don't forget hoochie minh barging in and ruining dialogues
>>118515 THIS!
>>118500 >>118515 If we're gonna do that, include Satannazi too. She's underappreciated in the list of leftypol weirdos
>>118517 >you will never know what it's like to have astral demons hit your g spot
(38.66 KB 415x520 ancom.png)
do you have a full image of the anarchist bury nice?
(342.72 KB 638x1173 image.png)
>>118580 Courtesy of Paps
make nazbol cat trash the bunker while insisting she's the only real ML around
>>118498 Hoaxist Bunker Cat X Alunya please
Posadist Cat × a dolphin
>>118785 Now I’m imagining Posadas cat in that one NASA experiment with the dolphin
>>118786 I am well aware of it. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/jun/08/the-dolphin-who-loved-me Why the dolphin is because Posadists apparently believed dolphins would be allies in the revolution.
wuss going on with the VN that contains Koba
(38.85 KB 640x360 gondola.jpg)
>>119058 We've sorta taken a break from it unofficially (in the sense that we didn't like straight-up announce that we're on a break, it just kinda gradually happened as people stopped posting about their progress), I don't know about the rest of the team but I'm personally too busy with schoolwork rn to be a producer and artist for the project. The dev channel on Element hasn't really been active in over a month now either. I really want to continue working on it but I find that I don't really have the time nor motivation to do so rn since it is after all's said and done, a free side project.
>>118502 >unbirthing Plz no. Autistic fetish....
Fuck off, commiecat shitposter!
>>119250 It's heavily Katwa Shoujo inspired. Expect love scenes to be along those lines. At the moment we have a couple of girls planned, but we could use more writers that share the actual ideology with them. Both to diversify how characters are written and to get a more realistic ideological feel for them. Right now for sure Nekomije, Valentina, Alunya, Stephanie, and Chloe are going to be included. Vlada, Nicola, Kathrine, Ye Mao, and either Leila or Emma are likley contenders to be included.
>>119265 You wont have much luck getting memeyist of ideologies so couldn't you also just base some characters by combing traits of actual people you can watch videos of for reference? It's not difficult to be more inspired than unbirthing. For example a fuck machine that works by a gunshot recoil. An AnPrim into fire play.
How’s it coming along?
>>122806 OP seems to have abandoned their thread.....or died of covid....


no cookies?