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Cantwell News Anonymous Comrade 10/11/2020 (Sun) 13:46:47 No. 118069
Has anyone been following the case of the neonazi podcaster in the States, Christopher Cantwell? He's been found guilty of extortion and interstate threats. There's been a lot of coverage about it in the online journal "The Intercept": https://www.informant.news/p/snitches-cowards-and-liars It's hard to feel very sorry for him, when people get imprisoned for victimless crimes, the story is not without a certain amount of poignancy. <"I need to understand the problems of the entire world because if I dared to look inside of my god damned self, well that that would end with a fucking Glock in my mouth,” Cantwell said in a lengthy 2016 audio recording. “Am I the greatest person who ever lived or the fuckin’ stupid piece of shit who deserves a bullet in his skull? I’m not entirely certain from one moment to the next.” <We don’t know what goes on inside the heads of most neo-Nazis, what self doubt lies beneath the racist, misogynistic, gun-toting, race-war-preparing, hateful, alpha male bullshit. <With Cantwell, we have at least a glimpse. There were, in Cantwell’s mind, only two options: He was either “the greatest person who ever lived” or someone whose life had no value at all. <And in that sense, he is no different from anyone else who turns to the easy, black-and-white answers provided by the far right.
https://idontspeakgerman.libsyn.com/68-the-trial-of-christopher-cantwell-with-hilary-sargent <Christopher Cantwell, the 'Crying Nazi', was recently tried and convicted in a federal court in New Hampshire. As our regular listeners will know, we've been following Cantwell's fortunes for some time. In this episode, Daniel and Jack are joined by special guest, journalist and Cantwell expert Hilary Sargent, to talk about the trial, and the long, winding, bizarre, horrifying story of how we got here.


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