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Welcome to /GET/, a congregation of everything that's wrong with humanity.

(116.84 KB 810x1440 image.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 10/09/2020 (Fri) 22:43:44 No. 117631
Forced feminization of fascists is the solution to the fascist problem. Fascists should be forced to become subservient traps and made to service BCC (big communist cock)
>>117631 Would be so hot to fuck a white feminized converted fascist Fuck
(131.49 KB 1000x1333 98.jpg)
(180.58 KB 1024x864 a53Ns1x.jpg)
(50.34 KB 565x564 1542334306931.jpg)
>>117632 >tfw you almost lived this dream but fumbled it at the last moment
(202.43 KB 1841x548 8kun post femdom political.jpg)
>>117631 there exist other means
(342.10 KB 500x500 1598783939729.png)
>>117645 >same >there's a parallel universe where you (and me) never took the Marx pill and became F(orced) F(eminization) F(acists) for the pleasure of serving Chad socialists
(59.42 KB 640x920 pic.jpg)
>>117631 Captured fascists are to be sorted based on size and physique. Stronger, harder, more masculine fascists are bulls and sent down to work in the mines. Tinier, softer uwu fascists are force feminized and softened up and made purty with hormones and surgeries. They will live alongside us as house fash, where we will feed them smoothies and small cakes, and fuck them to our every whim.
>>117725 >yeschad.
(3.38 MB 1080x8449 Nazi BF.jpg)
(13.78 KB 369x300 huh'ed.png)
(432.10 KB 220x220 ok bye.gif)
>>117756 Bruh why did I read this entire thing and did it make me hard (i am not even gay lol)
>>117631 what if my peepee isnt big?
(65.03 KB 750x804 IMG_20200302_012034.jpg)
>>117781 it still counts
>>117924 based
(157.15 KB 1322x422 Freik homosexuals.PNG)
>>118506 The rabbit hole goes deeper than I thought
(41.93 KB 567x424 original.jpg)
>>117756 This is amazing tbh.
>>117631 >Forced feminization of fascists So, you want to make them into obedient cucks, like you?
>>118576 how are they the cucks if theyre the ones doing the cucking
(75.12 KB 500x410 IMG_4521.JPG)
>be me >visiting a fash infested site >some fucking idiot always talks shit in my post replies >"Libertarian" [Read embarassed Fash] >He's a femboy qnd he's P cute >start talking shit in his Dm's >Regular agression turns to sexual aggression >He's a total bottom >Says he might come visit me on his cross country slut quest >Leave site out of boredom >Come back a couple months later and message him >Tells me to fuck off since he's now taken >Get banned from website for doxxing him for fun Oh Danny Boy, did you ever get that dog to fuck you, oh Danny boy? Also nice warhammer figurines lol
>>117780 i think i got some news for u mr gay man
>>119013 >"why are you telling me this? I don't give a fuck!" Ascended and Clearpilled sister
(72.32 KB 816x979 Go-go-gaget helicopter!.png)
>>118985 Should have broken into his house, tied him up, and made him your femboy bitch
(195.11 KB 1080x1147 1602790432562.jpg)
I need this sweater fucking rn
i'm gonna våldtäkt all of you
(20.42 KB 618x410 dead.jpg)
(75.71 KB 575x1022 elvenlove 0.jpg)
They are already doing it anyway. Check out /cuteboys/ on 8kun, there you can see a newfound german couple of hilarious femboys that claim to have found each other on some nazbol discord. Now their on PH under elvenlove with onlyfans, patreon and everything.
>>119170 i have that fucking sweater
>>120172 link i need to consooom
>>120208 i got it over instagram contact corporateguest
>>119284 >nazbol traps uh based department?
>>117756 ayo Bataille!?
first i hit the estrogen, then i hit my wife
>>123332 if i had gotten that /GET/ i would've been very happy today
(204.59 KB 1080x1145 1602283314597.jpg)
>>125508 that image isn't really applicable here
>>119170 i am wearing that sweater rn
Wait...fashy femboys/trans girls already exist and they’re fucking everywhere on /tttt/ and discord servers...
>>125557 Post examples.
(111.67 KB 445x503 1537639577514.jpg)
Wow ! This was my first real experience with Black Cock. it was right after my divorce. I was in my late twenties. I ran my ads as a crossdresser on a few dating sites and on Craigslist. I recieved a message on my AFF site from a member whos profile mame was BBCRicky. My interest was immediately peaked. His profile discribed him as a dominant black male 6'4" with a 10 inch thick cock. He was older in his late 40s, Interested in meeting petite submissive white sissys which fit me perfectly. I replied back and almost immediately he responded. He loved my pics and profile and said he had a motel room close to where I lived and to come by. I packed a bag with my makeup my sexiest new white lingerie, My new red vinyl mini skirt, my black vinyl jacket and of course my blonde curly wig. I got to the hotel, went inside and immediately headed to the bathroom where I freshly shaved and showered, dried off and. applied skin lotion, baby powder then did my makeup to perfection. I started dressing in the sexy lingerie first. I first applied my slutty glitter powder to my baby smooth, white ass, as well as around my lil hairless, sissy package and some down my thighs. I slid the new sheer white lace top stockings up my shapely feminine legs and attached them to my new extra lacy white satin garter belt and matcking thong panties. I heard Ricky call out to me in a very masculine deep voice to ask if i was ready. Its then that i realised this is real. not just me fantasizing. I was dressing up like a whore to entertain a very large black man who was just behind the bathroom door. waiting to make me his lil white bitch. I was willingly giving myself to him . To please him, to make him cum. What I was doing for Ricky, is the kind of thing i wished my wife would have done for me, but somehow, here I was putting on the sexiest outfit Ive ever seen!
I was no longer going to be a straight freshly seperated, single man. I was about to become a sexy sissy girl in every way I could. I was going to present myself to a total stranger who was going to do things to me that only a man does to a girl. I was going to do all the things I would have loved a woman to do for me, but instead I was going to be that woman. I finished with my dainty white bridal lingerie, lacing the cute bustier up and moved on to taking the new tags from a very short, shiny, red mini skirt and black short vinyl jacket that looked so slutty with the white lingerie under it and the garters peeking out from under the short skirt. You could totally see the little crease underneath my tiny white bubble butt. So sexy. I must say! I slipped my long curly blonde wig onto my head and finished by applying some purfume I had found in my bedroom that the X wife must have left. I looked in the mirror. My makeup looked great. My body and legs were so girly and along with my sexy small feet that were strapped into my new white 6 inch platform heeled stilettos. I looked beautiful I took a deep breath spit out my listerine. I applied a fresh coat of bright red lip stick and some super glossy lip gloss and proceeded to open the door to an experience i never thought id actually ever do. It all was about to change.
So I opened the door and entered the room. He was laying on the bed watching TV. as soon as he saw me his eyes opened wide with a grin usually reserved for girls on thier wedding night. I could see thru his pants. he got immediately hard it was the biggest bulge I have ever seen in a mans pants… he laid there playing with it. He motioned for me to climb onto the bed with me on my knees facing him. He sat up and placed his large hands around my waist and pulled me close to him. He slid his hands down on to my ass and squeezed gently. He looked me up and down and then he planted his lips on mine. At that moment. iI felt truly submissive and I had the urge to give myself to him as a girl would. I wanted to please him. I needed his approval. It was suddenly very important that I looked sexy to him,,, That I could make him happy like a girl would and sexually satisfy him enough that he wanted to blow his load inside me. I didn’t expect it but having sex with a hung Black man felt different. I was so much more excited then all the times before and a lil nervous too.
I finally made my way on top of him and started kissing down his neck and chest to his belly button when I got to his pants I unbuckled them. unzipped them, reached into his tighty whiteys and pulled out his enormous hard cock i grabbed the bottle of baby oil and applied all over his cock, balls and crotch. It was amazing! Me dressed like a slut in bed with this massive black man.Holding his huge,, black cock iwith both my hands. Massaging it for his maximum pleasue. It felt so right! Twisting my small sissy hands up an down and all around his well oiled shaft in a very sensual fluid motion gave me such a empowerd rush. I coulld feel his monster cock pulse under my grip and the moans he was making made me feel like I finally found my true purpose in life. I knew what I was doing was the thing that was going to make me the happiest in life! After curressing his big beautiful cock for what seemed like hours. I looked up at my man smilwd and gently kissed the tip and softly took his cock inside my warm wet mouth. It filled my mouth completely! The urge to take it down as far as I could was to great so I immediately impaled myself on his long and overly thick unit. As much as I tryed to stuff it all down my throat I only managed to take it about 2/3s deep. I was gagging to the point of puking but something made me keep trying to go deeper. He tasted wonderful his tight balls smelled deliciously musky. I never thought the taste of a mans dick and balls would tirn me on like it did!! At that point I needed to nibble and taste him all over. Licking bbetween his balls and thigh… running my tounge over in in his asshole..DAMN! I never felt so excited from sex in my life. I always enjoyed being orally pleased by a girl, but now I was gaining more pleasure from giving it then from receiveing it! At that moment I realized I was feeling the emotions a girl would feel when she gives herself to a beautiful black man she really likes! For some reason sex with him took on a whole new meaning to me! As if I suddenly realized that this is who I was supposed to be my whole life! Like my time as a man was a mistake.. Getting fucked by a Large, well hung, Black Man felt perfect now.. I was truly glad that I was a Sissy at that moment and being in the strong arms of a Black man I just met actually felt incredibly comfortable and not at all strange or awkward like I expected it to be! He was starting to get very turned on by my kissing and nibbling. He aggressively grabbed my arms and rolled me off him and on to my back. Where he proceded to lay on top of my. I felt tiny and helpless under his muscular body.As his cock slid down in between my soft white smooth thighs I felt my legs willfully begin to spread apart for him and my tiny lil ass puckered in excitment. His massive cock slid down the crack of my ass and rested on my opening. .Our lips and tongues met softly pressing and moving against each others I got butterflies like I the girl I was becoming . In the heat of true passion our bodies meshed together! I surrendered to his weight pressing down on top of me As he pushed into me I could feel my ass stretch open and his cock filled me deeper with every thrust. Somehow my ass took him completely inside of me. I felt so full like I needed to push it out of me but he kept pushing deeper inside of my sissy hole. I squealed in a high pitch I never knew was possible from me. He continued to make out with me and our tounges danced in each others mouths. He lifted me off the bed with one hand cupping my ass and pulled me up against him like i weighed nothing.. He Rode me like a horse in perfect stride. My legs instinctivly wrapped around him. He increased the pace of his fucking and laid me on the bed under him. Grabbing my stocking and stiletto clad ankles he pinned them all the way back and spread my legs wide . He looked down at me and proceeded to pummel my lil ass till I shook and shuttered. I was cumming from him being inside me and the excitement of losing my masculinity to my black lover! At that moment a thought rushed into my head… That I was gladly giving myself to my new Black Master and lover and letting him do WHATEVER he wished to pleasurw himself.i I needed him to feminize me into his perfect obedient and submissive sissy slut!! It just came to me that this was the right thing for me to do. Accept my role as a sissy gurl and leave my life as a male behind.. I now wanted to be a girl, Fall in love and give myself to a Big Cocked Black man who wants me as much as I want him. Maybe even the man that was burying his swollen cock inside me as I speak!I wanna be a mans fuck toy a woman in everyway I can for him! We got together quite often after our first time together and still talk to him. I kinda hope he sees this post because Id like to let him know how I feel about him and hope he might feel strongly about me in the same way. The one thing I know for sure is that this Sissy needs BBC to worship and love and will do whatever it takes to make it happen,
>>117756 Wtf I'm also straight as fuck but this shit doing it for me. Any more?
What would Lenin say of this?


no cookies?