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Anonymous Comrade 09/26/2020 (Sat) 00:43:46 No. 114928
*abolishes the commodity form with market socialism* Heh... nothin personnel tankie
"I like markets" - Vaush, after being asked about his ideal socialist society.
>>114928 Vaush is getting roasted by leftists everywhere, even plebbit
>>115333 I got nice trips lol
(7.81 KB 300x168 ridenwbiden.jpg)
This man owned you TANKIES epic style. What you gonna do now??
>>117030 pull out my peepeecopter and shoot a long rope and swing away in defeat To be continued...
Does Vaush have the biggest brain on the internet?
isn't this the guy that said child porn is epic
>>117369 Not particularly He just said that consumption of CP isn't *as* bad as it taken to be because there is unethical consumption under capitalism to begin with, be it CP or tshirts
>abolishing the commodity form >Market socialism Choose 1
>>117411 That's the joke
>>117411 Yea get owned fucking red fascist
>>117404 Of all the ways you could have defended this position, the main man picks one of the dumbest ones. Astounding. >>117411 Contradictions are fascist, fascist.
(6.88 MB vaushcia.mp4)
>>117030 There is so much fucking proof that this fat FUCK is a glowie. Just LOOK at that shit. Even Jacobin says that without Bernie the dems suck and everyone should only try to put pressure on Biden, but they don't out and out ENDORSE Biden. When you're further right than Jacobin, a limp wristed socdem publication, and call yourself a socialist to confuse people, you're a glowie. simple.
>>117952 You know I used to think he was too stupid to be a glowie, but I've learned anyone can be a glowie.
>>118217 You don't have to be smart to be a glowie, just useful to aiding the glowie COINTEL operation
>>117952 what proof?
Vaush is pretty based, I don't agree with him on everything and sometimes cringe at some of his arguments but absolute uniformity of ideology is never possible. You can't deny he's doing good, he's converting reactionaries out of their bullshit. I haven't talked to him myself so I don't know how he is in person, but he seems chill and at least he knows his stuff and where he stands.
>>118227 >Liberal Meaingless buzzword >Votes Biden Okay so? Didn't Jack Reed argue for voting for the lesser of two evils too? >Russiagate He says they may have interfered he is nowhere near the level as mainstream democrats tho, painting this as him believing in russiagate is a stretch >Source needes on putin being a fascist Anon this video... >acusses Vaush of stanning pelosi He dosen't >Vaush is a pedo Has no relation to him being a lib >Tankies call everyone feds like nazis They do, he is not saying they are as bad >Marx wanted the true values of liberalism He is just parroting Chomsky here >vaush says fuck non americans as a joke This video is so shit lmao
>>118347 >Bring back the pedos Not relevent to him being a liberal >Makes an obvious joke Jesus >Thinks defunding the police is a bad slogan Okay? Moat libs are against the idea entirely >He thinks Fasciat being stopped by the FBI I guess they should just act without consequence huh >he gives a broadly fine defintion of DOTP Jesus this is broing >Bans a candy-ass tankie for saying anarkiddy Oh no! What a loss :( >Vaush likes pomo but Wolff dosen't Lmao if you prestented vaush with this there is a 0%chance he would call wolff a nazbol because that would be insane
>>118227 >Starts quoting a random Book with no relation and says "Vaush agrees with this" What an awful retarded video! This made me 10x as sympathetic to Vaush if this was loterally the best you could come up with
(1.62 MB okglowie.mp4)
>>118361 >When you have no argument just call them a glowie
>>117369 No his main point was that it's hypocritical for society to condemn child porn for its exploitative nature while allowing other forms of child exploitation to persist. However, he worded it in the dumbest way possible so it sounds like he's arguing for it to be allowed.
>>118408 When your "defense" is based around saying retarded liberal American shit like >Putin is a fascist >The FBI should defend against political extremists >Vote for Biden >Believing (however faintly) in "Russigate" etc. then you're not a socialist and never were and should just go back to >>>reddit
>>118536 >Putin is a Fascist He is incredibly reactionary >FBI stopping white supremasicts is bad I am fine with it >Vote for Biden So? It is not an endorsement of Biden >Russiagate Saying "Russia probably had some involement but not nearly as much as the msm would have you think" isn't that liberal
>>117544 >Of all the ways you could have defended this position, the main man picks one of the dumbest ones. Astounding. He's litteraly autistic, no really he's got autism.
>>118544 >Putin is ultrareactionary And yet Russia has a stronger Communist Party and political presence than pretty much any other western nation >bro just trust the FBI why won't you just trust the fbi just trust them bro they'll only target white supremacists fuck off retard >VOTING IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT If you shut the fuck up and never encourage anyone else to make the same choice sure but this fat glowie has been shilling constantly for Biden >NOOOO RUSSIAGATE IS REAL The whole thing is a hoax invented by Hillary and the DNC and perpetuated by dem-sympathizing agents in the national security apparatus and mainstream media holy fuck how stupid are you? Their "evidence" was like 5 facebook ads that no one saw and which were certainty not effective enough to change anyone's mind. kys liberal


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