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(127.89 KB 1683x481 The issue regarding loli.PNG)
Anonymous Comrade 09/04/2020 (Fri) 00:44:02 No. 112143
Remember when Highschoolers in hentai and Lolis were all accepted among Leftists, now everyone seems to act like it never has happened outside of these spaces, with anyone who mentions it on twitter, or any leftist areas on the internet that is filled with young people from twitter gets falsely accused of being a rl pedo and somehow cannot tell the difference between a fucking drawing of a highschooler and real life. It When the fuck has leftism become so cringe, it was only a few years ago when we had revolutionary porn of catgirl high-schoolers and now we are accused of being irl peds by people who don't even know what the fuck anarchism, communism etc even is. Even worse is the use of such a label for fantasy is actually apart of the problem as a fictional image has been proven by sources such as to have nothing relating to any real life crime. Yet we spend more time infighting over dumb shit like this than fighting the capitalists. Kinda sad because leftist discourse has been taken over by stupid shit like this, I remember when even great representatives like bat'ko and (arguably) vaush who then allowed a bunch of oversensitive discord 4chan staff members to silence anyone they find "problematic" Oh and even worse is we have a bunch of authoritarian janies who ban people for "trolling" just because a thread disagrees with their oppinion. bldf.org/2012/07/danish-report-discredits-link-between-cartoons-and-child-sex-abuse/
>>112143 So, uh, why is this specifically being pushed now? It's such a nothingburger issue to be stuck on regardless of which argument of the fence you stand on, especially if you consider that most actual perpetrators of child sexual abuse are not going to be very bothered by the criminalization of drawn cartoon porn.
>>112149 I agree with you. That's what I am asking... Why is it such a serious problem to people? This is happening much more on lefty spaces
>>112143 >Remember when Highschoolers in hentai and Lolis were all accepted among Leftists because we were younger? I don't know
>>112143 >Muh Danish report <muh pedos are good!!! Ok liberal
It's four factors having a unified effect. First there is a desire for moral virtue. This is populism, as in the current age the people on both the right and the left want governments to be tougher on crime. Manufacturing crime to be cracked down on or even a perception of crime that is being cracked down on is a guaranteed way for politicians to gain people's support. It's always happening in society, and with laws on sexual abuse and child abuse broadening their scope vastly and the punishments becoming harsher, this means it's ripe for picking as the holy grail of populists. "Think of the children!" is something the masses swallow every time. They want their children to be safe, including from imaginary threats. Second, from the masses themselves there is brainwashing through bullying. If an artist draws loli, they will be bullied on social media. The smaller the artist, the more likely bullying them into renouncing their loli-lewding ways is to be successful. Once an artist gives in to the bullying, it's a silent success story: the anti-loli crowd will not make noise about it because they want it to be seen as you said, the left never tolerating it. Those who ignore the bullies and continue to draw loli get suspended from Twitter by mass reports. Big artists used to be able to protest it, maybe even get their account back, but now I believe it's explicitly against Twitter's rules to post loli drawings or to "defend child abuse". I'm not sure which site it was, but it added as a rule that posting sexual drawings of characters that "look or are said to be under 18" is against the rules and subject to banning and "if necessary" reporting to the authorities. Many sites interpretatively add this kind of a rule to show they're "dedicated to fight child abuse", because countries are changing their laws to make loli drawings illegal. Why is it becoming a pandemic now? Because the people who push for this change have all the time they want thanks to corona. They can now pick targets and bully them in an orchestrated manner, and they have the support of most site admins due to changing laws and a desire for moral virtue. Each "victory", an artist or anybody who renounces loli drawing even silently, sends ripples through their community. Anyone asking why they no longer draw or post or support it risks getting "outed as a pedophile". From their perspective, getting you to argue "these drawings are legal" is a victory because they want to change those laws, and you're giving them evidence that they "need to be changed". They sign petitions and get governments to make such drawings illegal, and like when laws regarding CP are changed, the new laws are retroactively enforced. Remember when real erotica under 18 was made illegal? Did law enforcement care if someone had bought a magazine or video when they were still legal? Of course not, because this isn't a legal battle and has never been. You couldn't argue "I had this magazine years before the law was changed", you had to throw it away or you were at risk of prison. This created a black market for such magazines and videos, which operated on the streets for years until law enforcement had raided the supply of such magazines and made arrests on those who bought them. They remain in private possession, continue to be sold in the black market and sometimes even out in the open online. It will be the same with drawings, considering one big difference. It's much easier to draw a high school girl posing nude than to find a high school girl to pose nude and photograph. This is doubled with porn, tripled with fetishes... Lewd drawings shouldn't be on the same spectrum as erotic photography, and erotic photography as in such magazines shouldn't be on the same spectrum as CP. But, like such erotic photography came to universally be seen as on the same spectrum as CP, so will lewd drawings. Third, connected to both the above is the left's desire to show that we are better than the right. It gets more visible as we are losing the battle for the masses globally, so often we lose another talking point to the right and the masses latch onto it as a right-wing issue even if it is not. We want to appeal to the masses, so we then latch onto the same populist talking points used by the right but approaching from a left-wing side. On this topic, it's an issue of "moral virtue" for both the left and right: for the right because they consider it morally wrong and for the left because we see ourselves as having to be morally superior to the right. Fourth, the left is regressing. The term "regressive left" is a meme but there's a degree of truth to it, however relevant to this topic is only that there is an increase in nostalgia for previous leftist movements instead of looking forward. We look at history and think what could have been if only a revolution had succeeded or if a socialist country had remained socialist and progressed from there instead of under capitalism. This isn't harmful by itself but if we start to think that we should reject modern progress in socialism, it creates the situation where solutions are sought from elsewhere or from the past almost religiously. Looking at the laws of other or past socialist countries for guidance instead of thinking for yourself is no different from looking for rules in religious texts for guidance. With time people become less patient, attention spans get shorter, and no one wants to think for themselves. Even on the left. We have to think for ourselves and encourage others to do the same, and not just refer to books for them to read. They probably will not read them, and even if they do, more likely they will adopt ideas and talking points without even thinking why they want to adopt them. It's easier to repeat a quote or tell someone to read something than to say it in your own words, but the idea that something is only worthwhile if it was said by someone "important" should not belong on the left. Marx wasn't born the father of modern socialism, he grew up to become the Marx the world came to know.
>>116195 >If you're against loli, it's because you have short attention spans and populism. <Being for "muh erotica" is totally leftist and not libertarian bullshit <Muh regressive left What a diatribe of bullshit.
>>112143 boo hoo bitch nigga times change get over it no sympathy
>>116202 >>If you're against loli, it's because you have short attention spans and populism. Is your reading comprehension this bad or was it a joke? If not a joke, those were separate points, not a cause and effect. >demonstrating exactly my point about thinking of politics like religion Why do you want to repress people's sexuality? The origin of sexual repression is entirely in religion, its purpose is for those in power to control people by the fear of the afterlife and through shame. >>116203 Times don't just change by themselves, people change them. I'd like to point out, saying "get over it" is exactly what voters of fascists say to us and even use the same argument about times changing as if this is something that happens by itself.
>>116205 >Is your reading comprehension this bad or was it a joke Neither, I made a chop-shop summary of your diatribe because while you did not say this outright, point comes down to essentially the same mental gymnastics >thinking of politics like religion Uh no, socio-economic theory based on dialectics is not "politics is religion". Read a fucking book MFW. Face it, you got BTFO in the loli shitposting thread so you're here to post your "great discovery" about how it's totally "le prudes" messing with people's fun and not, general consensus and the fact that lolishit has no roots in actual communist thought unless you're a Foucaltist (pedo) >exactly what voters of fascists say to us and even use the same argument about times changing as if this is something that happens by itself. Godwin's Law is such a convenient fallacy. Typical libertarian tactic
>>116217 >I made a chop-shop summary of your diatribe You didn't, you made it sound like I was linking arguments in a cause and effect scenario when I wasn't. >Read a fucking book MFW. Are you intentionally demonstrating such behavior as I outlined in my post? >socio-economic theory based on dialectics That has no relevance to sexual expression, only to the production of sexual content which can be in a non-capitalistic way. There is no reason to restrict sexual expression except moral reasons from religion. >you got BTFO in the loli shitposting thread I don't know what loli shitposting thread you're referring to, but I haven't posted in any such recently. I posted in this thread now because an artist I followed on Twitter had his account suspended after he didn't give in to the bullying. >lolishit has no roots in actual communist thought Maybe by your definition I'm not a communist? You may be upset that ancoms find worth in Marx and may think that anarchism isn't socialism, but it is unless it's ancap and if you knew one thing about ancoms: we hate ancap as much as you. But, there is inherently nothing in communism except Leninism and posterior that rejects lolishit. It's very telling you say this: >general consensus Does that remind you of anything in Christianity and Islam? Consensus for disallowing things is not the same as consensus for allowing things. I know if you're an authoritarian communist, you may have the opposite priority on these but, if you're arguing non-authoritarian communists aren't communists, you sound silly to everyone execept authcoms and "red scared" masses. >Godwin's Law This isn't Godwin's Law, it's what happens every time a right-wing politician is elected. Word for word it was said by Trump voters countless times: "times change, get over it". Same in other countries, it's said by right-wingers every time a country goes farther to the right. They frame it as the "silent majority" and the "human nature" that the right will win. They believe it's "destined" to happen. If you still think Trump and such aren't really fascist enough to be called it, you should still see the point. I suppose thinking ancoms and authcoms can unite against the right is too idealistic. We have extensive common ground at the deepest ideological layer but maybe it's not enough. Even so, can't we agree at least that we are not each other's enemies?
>>116205 GET OVER IT CUNT TIMES CHANGE you're so fucking cringe
>>116299 By the way, are the same spoilering standards about lewdness applied for loli drawings as adult photos? Or is it that any sexualizable drawings of underage-looking characters must be spoilered, such as a skirt blown up by wind to reveal panties even without nudity? >>116314 I'm done if you don't have a counterargument except "times change". I'll just repeat that times don't change by themselves, and changes like this are not for the better from any perspective except one derived from religious morality. If you want to cling to religious morality, you're free to do so but there's nothing leftist about it. There's nothing inherently right-wing about it either but, maybe, ask yourself why you want to cling to it.
>>116318 I'd say just use common sense with lewd images.
the problem is leftypolacks are just /pol/acks brainless screeching moralfags no matter the amount of facts and ideological clearity, they will just screech "pedo" while suck off Stalin who actually fucked a 13 year old while explaining that away unironic nazbol tier retards, the only thing that penetrates their thick skulls is a bullet
>>116318 what is this obsession with trying to force your fetishes and leftism and together? improving the material conditions of the workers worldwide matters a million times more than your bougie causes about not being able to talk about benises and bagina online in i suggest you get over yourself and stop pulling the tired old moralist strawman since i haven't made the cases for that even once. hyper exaggerating your "persecution complex" and comparing people who don't care about this issue to crypto fascism is completely infantile
>>116336 I literally said religious moralism is not inherently left-wing or right-wing, therefore by default anti-moralism is neither. Things like this should not be a political issue, I never argued loli drawings are leftist. They are not fucking political but it is a fact the left used to be more tolerant of them than the right. You are the only one trying to force a cause and effect where it is not, trying to force politics onto lewd drawings. OP and I both only point out that most leftists were not and should not be against lewd drawings or other such. But, like I said, if you're Leninist or posterior then it's nothing new to be against it, but then admit your reason is moralism. You can admit moralism as a "valid reason" if you're such a leftist. Like OP said it is suddenly happening that more leftists are fighting against loli drawings. It isn't a conspiracy theory to say it's moralism, the people sending threats to artists admit to having moralistic motives. They talk about how wrong it is, how disgusting it is, and so on. This is moralism derived from religion, even if it isn't argued by religious people. No other reasons exist. Try to tell me one other reason, repeating "times change" is not one and neither is "there is nothing leftist about fetishes". Obviously there is nothing leftist about fetishes because they are not a political issue, that is the point! Yet, many leftists, even a minority of ancoms, turn against them. OP wondered why, I explained why to the best of my ability. Then you come in with a shit take like "times change". I don't have a persecution complex, it's a fact loli drawing artists are being bullied on social media, having accounts suspended after changed rules on such content, and so on. It's a fact laws are being changed to make it illegal. There is actual persecution. I doubt my country will make it illegal in the foreseeable future but I want at the basic level everyone to have the same rights I have. I'd prefer if we have a socialist revolution before we have a fascist revolution, but many leftists are blindly working with fascists for moralistic causes. I'm not comparing this to crypto fascism, I'm pointing out using religious moralistic rhetoric against loli drawings and other sexual expression is what fascists do. If you rather side with fascists than ancoms, it's your choice but it will probably end badly. Clearly you care about this issue because you're so against it. Don't pretend to not care about it, it's just sad. If you want to impose new legal and societal restrictions according to your morality, then say so. Don't claim you "don't care" about being in favor of such restrictions, just like I don't claim to not care about being against such restrictions. I'm very much against restrictions like this, first because I want people to be free about who they are and second because they derive from religious moralism I believe should not belong in leftism. This is why I'm passionate about it. I also jerk off to lewd pictures of anime girls and sometimes draw such pictures.
(332.22 KB 1374x725 miyazaki lolicon.jpg)
>>112143 >That Hayao Miyazaki part.
Is this one of those raid post?
>>116351 Oh boo fucking hoo First help the communist cause by actually doing something instead of woke scolding leftists on an imageboard This is fussy shit that has no use now. You can have your debates about fetishes after we have won.
Seems really weird both liberals and conservatives and even leftists around the same time all started doing this. Who is responsible?
>>116372 >Miyazaki <second hand anecdotes and a misleading excerpt that ignores that in high-school he was barely 2-3 years the characters senior and that wouldn't be counted as actual pedophilia.
>>116351 >there are no arguments but moral ones LOL nice cognitive dissonance there in your repetitive diatribe.
>>116296 Bla bla bla Muh loli isn't bad!!! What boring mental gymnastics. Stay mad over nitpicks and denial.
>>116372 I never seen his animations, but what I'm reading, his "love" for animated little girls is probably just admiration + deep respect for them. It's similar with my "love" for Bart after watching "Bart get's an F", I remember after seeing the episode I wanted to tutor him, give him a head pat, and see him succeed in life. Never feeling a sexual interest for him once, even if he was reworked as a female character.
>>120055 Hilarious post, no counter argument except, "You should feel bad!!!!!!", kill yourself class traitor
>>120073 >No counter argument LOL there is an entire thread on /anime where you got BTFO, and which is why you made this thread you assblasted candy-ass >class traitor <being socialist is when you get your cummies from the drawn depictions of children! LOL ok liberal
>>120126 >i can't read ok /pol/ack
>>120148 how is that anon a poltard? because he disagrees with you on fetishes?
>>120160 because he disagrees based on his social spooks that you find in /pol/acks, alongside his disability to read and the attentionspan of a schizophrenic autist that is shitflinging on the chase of a high by in his head only winning arguments by screeching pedo at everything that moves
>>120173 That logic's wrong Anon's beliefs are also found in normies. Ergo according to your logic poltards would be normies. Which we know is false because poltards are anything but normal.
(417.09 KB 1246x724 normalfag.png)
>>120190 >Ergo according to your logic poltards would be normies. Which we know is false because poltards are anything but normal. /pol/yps are the biggest bunch of normalfags the imageboards have seen, they brought their IRL political trash until they ruined the very concept of imageboards on the western internet.
>>120366 <this screencap diatribe is totally rtue >they brought their IRL political trash until they ruined the very concept of imageboards on the western internet. That's not an argument, that's an excuse, and a shoddy one. Fag used to mean cigarette or bundle of firewood-sticks, now it is almost universally used for gays Gay meant happy now it stands for homosexuals, so did normie homos ruin fag and gay? Words and their meanings evolve, and so do imageboards and the internet in general. The lolicon diatribe is pseudo-intellectual bullshit, End of story.


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