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Welcome to /GET/, a congregation of everything that's wrong with humanity.

(11.86 KB 200x182 leftytrash.jpg)
/leftytrash/ 2.0 Anonymous Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 23:53:30 No. 102302
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc. A banbot I'm working on accidentally baleeted the original, I'm sorry about that.
>>119761 no, it's supposedly thailand now spamming places that are on their shitlist
>>119759 booo, Peridot belongs with Steven
>>119762 >>119763 What? Why? >China, Thailand Is it for the protest and shit going down over there or something?
What do you think about the loud challenge? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUDyOLjgLho
>>119764 They ain’t even fused yet! Amethyst has more of a chance than Peridot
>>119752 everything is just so laggy and the connection to the server keeps timing out
(551.71 KB 475x750 skeleton union.png)
good morning comrades, and glory to our struggle against the Thai monarchy!
found mouse it's hiding in the couch wont come out what do
>>119770 if you have like a 2 liter bottle you can cut it open right where the bend starts, then take off the part you cut off and fill the inside of the bottle with food and then invert the part you cut off and put it back in the bottle, sealing it with glue or tape. this is a pretty good non-lethal trap which lets you just catch them in the bottle and release them somewhere else so you don't have to deal with the blood or guts of a mouse trap.
>>119771 i don't want to kill it so i guess a trap sounds good though i'll have to set it up and wait for her to braven up and actually come out, which is doubtful
also how does the bottle trap the mouse inside? do i have to sit by and watch? and then try to quickly grab and turn it so she wont escape?
>>119773 I think mice are diurnal, which means they tend to be most active in the morning and evening. otherwise its nocturnal, active mostly at night, but only a few species of mice are truly nocturnal. so as long as you clear out from the room it is hiding in for a good 10 minutes or so during those time periods, it will probably come out to try and forage food and hopefully fall for the trap.
>>119774 its simple, when the bottle is standing upright, just make a ramp up into the bottle. mice are used to being able to climb most surfaces easily, but they cannot really climb plastic very well, so they will go into the bottle expecting being able to climb out, but can't and end up getting stuck. there is also a way to make a similar-ish trap out of just gluing some stuff together here if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjsBV25Z5rU it may be a bit simpler to use
>>119776 hmm, can't really set something like this up, i suck at crafting and don't have hot glue having some kind of ramp would be better but i don't know what to use, will figure it out i guess thanks
>>119770 give cheese and befriend
>>119778 i put a mix of raisins and nuts in the bottle and hope that it smells enough
(121.09 KB 1080x1350 1603033890621.jpg)
"Haha, silly boys ;P"
(129.44 KB 1316x1574 a62d3abe84130b60836a47fa3d80ccc6.jpg)
>>119780 Damn that's T H I C C!
made poached eggs and a bell pepper, onions, bacon, and cheese hash brown stirfry
(412.96 KB 400x414 1457983171732.gif)
>>119782 sounds delish. I just ate some tost with decaf cofi.
>>119780 Woah mama, those are some big milkers
>>119737 Damn, I imagine you'd look very cute and sexy in that dress
was looking at hentai and came up on an unfamiliar tag called "corporhagia" regretted googling it but at least it saved me the trauma of reading that douijin and encoutering that disgusting graphic sex mood gone i hate this we'll get 'em next time boys
Im playing TNO as burgundy and trying to win / turn france into a horrific brutalist dystopia etc but no matter what i do every legions loyalty just starts cratering with no hope of recovery once the focus tree to investigate and eventually dissolve them appears. Then they revolt i lose like 200pp 20 stability etc and the get likw 100 fucking units against my life 30 SS divisions
>>119789 I am pretty sure that the Nazis and Burgundians always inevitably collapse, Burgundy is just trying to induce nuclear war before they do and Germany is just trying to stave it off for as long as they can
(3.12 MB 1602969841616.webm)
>>119792 I don't know how to feel about it. Horny or terrified?
We bak yet?
Test >>119793 Yes
(189.42 KB 1280x975 the universe falling apart.png)
damn thai monarchists
>>119792 I wish I could like people who aren't twink-like. It's so limiting. Also, I wish I could find VAGINAs erotic. Like as a hole, sure nice, but as an erotic object, there's literally nothing there. Sighs...
>>119792 "Oh, so you're straight and only like GENETIC women? Go ahead, fuck the musclegirl!"
>>119800 I could fuck her no problem. Well there's one. I think that my dick could get destroyed by her perineal muscles. Oh god, those legs could break me like a stick.
Holy bojangles, this ddos attack has made the site pretty much nonfunctional. We get it Thailand, you're mad, please cease. On a side note, I got my costume today! I'm gonna try it on once I shave my legs and such.
(159.67 KB 706x1131 Forgive me if I have my doubts.png)
>>119804 bitches aint letting me post pictures wtf
>>119800 gonna use this the next time I see a >her
(1.24 MB 1522x1100 8 get.png)
>>119798 What's the matter, bunkerchan? catgirl got your tongue?
>>119807 So it was you the whole time?
(2.66 MB 3408x2800 Gr01m.png)
>>119808 No comment.
>>119809 As satan's spiritually-chosen ambassador to bunkerchan, i shall be issuing a diplomatic objection to god for allowing the site to be DDOS'd.
(615.99 KB 1700x2048 u5DJfJxw.jpg large.jpg)
>>119810 G*d can't help you now.
(2.29 MB 2100x2100 Tania_Gun.png)
(56.81 KB 800x600 HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME.png)
Well, my costume doesn't fit at all. If you excuse me, I think I'll go cry in my room for a while over how hideous and fat I am
(165.43 KB 435x456 8jfh2.PNG)
>>119813 i'm sorry to hear, had similar experiences with costumes and things you'll find something cute for sure
(31.84 KB 640x361 My cakes will burn!.jpg)
>>119814 No I'm not, I'm fat and hideous, even my mom can clearly see that. My shoulders are giant and wonky I keep having hair grow everywhere and oh god I'm so fucking ugly. I feel like curling up in a ball, going to sleep, and not waking up. That would be ideal. Also this damn site isn't even posting shit correctly
(104.23 KB 112x112 620282622.gif)
>>119804 whats the costume?
(132.45 KB 850x850 Astolfo cosplay.jpg)
>>119818 This thingy As mentioned though, it doesn't fit at all
>>119819 why not this one?
(566.57 KB 1439x1081 Baka Drip.jpg)
>>119821 image didnt load
(39.35 KB 500x461 heavy.jpg)
>>119819 TFW i have an otaku friend who would look gourgeous in that costume. >>119813 >>119815 >>119817 Don't worry, be proud. Getting into shape is hard. I'm still working for the summer (if they open the beaches here kek, one can only dream) and is invigorating -the endorfines the body releases are more cheap than any stimulant- simply put, don't give up and keep track of your goals.
>>119817 this is pretty much unusable, might try posting on GETchan but nobody is there so i dunno what's going on with everyone i'll just watch whatever cytube they shitpost
before bunkerchan goes down again, gets some moderators on GETchan dot net
(405.13 KB 1250x1080 Le Juche.JPG)
>>119825 The .net isn't controlled by anyone here. It was a whole thing. Still gonna post over there, seems more stable
(22.25 KB 580x454 1553229471870.png)
>Had to cut my hair because of the heat >Look awful with short hair RIP in peace long hair, I'll await for you in the next fall/winter.
Are we back yet?
>>119827 >tfw winter is coming >mane flowing I AM READY
>>119827 get your mom to knit you a nice warm toque >>119829 omg i can't believe the simpsons would animate something so vile and repulsive, look at that hip thrust, all the pedophiles are jerking off to this
>>119830 Jelly tbh >>119831 >My mom >Knitting or sewing Lol
>>119831 Kek, it's from an old episode (from the 90's I think). But you're right, Lisa is dancing to suggestive music, to which Homer reprimends her for dancing to that. To only get distracted by the beautiful dancers on the Tv. https://youtu.be/AravxL7ojCA
>>119832 you can also do it yourself, it's pretty easy once you figure it out at least from what i remember, i already completely forgot
I get paid this week but at the cost of having to wake up early and my sleep schedule is too fucked up to do that without hiccups.
(17.08 KB 229x276 1533404970372.jpg)
>>119835 > just think of the money and do it, slut butt >>119833 that's actually amazing
(115.43 KB 844x1125 CR-K2.jpg)
>>119834 I tried doing that early this year, it was pretty fun even if it isn't the best thing ever, but I give up on it since I can fix my clothes for shit, mabe I'll try again some other time when I can. >Pic related a little comrade I made to keep me company
i freed the mouse thank you mr wobbly, you saved the mouse she even got a free meal out of it all, let's hope she wont become one
>>119838 Post pic of ms.mouse
(929.14 KB 857x734 mouse enjoying some nut.PNG)
(994.41 KB 498x280 18388391.gif)
>>119838 nice time to celebrate
the rapist from my "family" recovered from covid but his wife who he used to beat is in severe condition fuck this piece of shit planet no justice no power to take matters into my own hands no karma for the bad people i feel sick in my stomach
I don't understand why /pol/yps are so obsessed with "purity" and avoiding regeneracy. My older bro is always railing against even casual drug use and seems to have this weird almost religious Puritan worldview towards any kind of hedonistic release. I've never done drugs but I find it insane that somehow even ONE toke will turn you into some kind of reprobate. I dunno if he has some trauma with this or whatever, but I've known junkies and shit and while they're not productive people in any sense even in extreme cases they're still human. I've also known lots of people who smoke and drink and shit and are still well adjusted and reasonably successful. More well adjusted than the clearly Mexican dude whose room is plastered with anime crap from /a/ and a bunch of Nazi model kits and memorabilia. Dysfunctional families reach a whole new level of clown when you have two imageboard users living in the same house, lel cannot wait to be free of this misery >>119843 yeah as I get older the more I'm convinced this planet is literally actually some kind of hell
>>119840 Cute, you should adopt her.
(3.36 MB 1920x1080 world communism 1.png)
(3.06 MB 1920x1080 world communism 2.png)
did someone order world communism? sidenote, the new DLC is literally just focus trees lmao
>>119850 i kinda would've liked that, seeing it chomp down on the almond without a care while i carried it outside was very cute, but besides not having a place set up and already having cats that were waiting for it to show itself to have a snack, i think it'll do better living outdoors and being able to move maybe i'll leave some almonds lying around to keep it well fed for the winter
>>119838 >>119840 also nice
>>119852 adopting wild animals usually isn't the best idea, unlike domesticated mice they aren't used to being in confined spaces, so you couldn't have it live in a cage or anything like that.
Well AI dungeon has just gone totally porky and is now forcing you to make an account of which they are just openly saying they will share your email address and the shit you type into the game to private individuals and companies. Any other good games that can fill this void?
>>119855 I've been enjoying the latest beta build of project zomboid, though its not really like AI dungeon
>>119855 i actually got a bit tired of the ai becoming dissatisfying so i ended up just writing on my own basically just written out fantasies about what i can get myself off to, same thing as in AI dungeon but entirely self made and then i delete it
>>119849 Communists will turn hell into heaven That is my belief
Trumps retweeting this mega church pastor and in turn getting like 100,000 likes whose saying shit like >"Like jesus was for Israel!, Trump is OUR WAY, OUR TRUTH, OUR LIGHT!"
if I have to solve another motorcycle captcha I'm going to do the great purge v2
>>119857 What sort of fantasies are these?
(22.97 KB 405x250 srs.jpg)
Writing a isekai story in AI Dungeon where the protagonist is sent into a fantasy world that functions on porn logic, AMA. >>119855 Sauce plz? Moreso on the latter part. The account thing I knew about already, it was done a while back already in response to DDOS attacks from anonymous quest accounts that kept bringing the servers down and denying access to the game for everybody.
>>119813 Well shit, that sucks to hear my friend >>119817 Well fuck, you gonna be ok? There anything you can do about your hair growth at least? >>119840 Cute
>>119851 Based, what mod?
>>119852 That sounds good, be careful that your cats don't eat her tho, one never knows with those little vermins.
>>119865 Flag what? Don't say deez nuts
(538.64 KB 1068x759 Lurking Peridot.png)
Stop lurking bimbo or I'll whoop you
(7.81 KB 246x278 325.jpg)
>>119871 Stop lurking and contribute something to the discussion.
>>119873 >>119874 Cant stop lurking, too sad
Site seems to be working again
(5.31 KB 336x286 fce.png)
>>119875 What's making you sad?
>>119874 Can I contribute my Benis :DDDD XD
>>119875 How does lurking change sadness Site so slow it will makes me feel depressed lol
I want to try eating gazpacho How would it taste than tomato soup
(249.15 KB 640x372 I suppose it's a living.png)
>>119877 My costume finally arrived but I'm too fat and hideous to fit in it. >>119879 It doesn't, but if I talk I'll likely feel sadder.
>>119881 Did ya order it the size you thought you were and it came back smaller that you thought?
>>119882 It says on the thing that it's extra large. I can barely so much as wiggle into it, much less close the zippers
(31.07 KB 515x329 79c.jpg)
>>119883 Can you post pics of the costume itself? I'm actually interested to see it now.
>>119863 Read the privacy policy it makes you do when you register an account
>>119885 I've already read it before, didn't find anything that wasn't already done by pretty much any other game service I use. Not saying its justified, just that its kind of unavoidable in the current day where large scale data collection is the norm. In this case there's also no real alternative in existence for something like AI Dungeon since its still such an experimental and niche thing.
(126.18 KB 768x978 Hipster Peridot.png)
>>119884 In a bit, gimme some time to wake up a little
(38.65 KB 472x472 d1a.jpg)
Checking these trips.
(178.11 KB 612x435 EfnUQSUU8AIqXxh.png)
>>119857 based, I adlib porn stories in my mind to get off too. As much as I try to add variation, I find myself returning to the same things. I guess my fetishes have settled.
(29.08 KB 800x600 Mega baka.png)
>>119889 binch Anyways, good news is that I'm now officially a cultist. So that's pretty cool.
>>119888 Check, check’d, chikkity checked >>119889 No >>119891 What does it entail?
(134.60 KB 746x1072 hey, it's a living.png)
>>119892 Not a whole lot, other than now I have more of an excuse to work on void meditation. Oficially, it means that I'm now actually part of the group, albeit at the lowest level, but I'm working through the tier 2 stuff, after which hopefully I'll get cool merchandise. Or something.
Is it safe?
>>119895 It's never safe, Homestar, danger lurks everywhere.
>>119896 Aww man, this blows.
(191.27 KB 539x535 Love a bat.png)
>>119895 Perhaps
(55.16 KB 820x593 Hey Stinkoman.png)
>>119898 Is it not Love A Bat[pony] Day everyday?
>>119898 Can't stop here. Bat country.
(64.93 KB 329x427 shower.png)
>>119900 Not bat country, batPONY country. Don't you wanna pet the batponies?
>>119901 they have batpony rabies. Have you ever seen a man infected by batpony rabies? nasty stuff.
>>119893 Hopefully you can rise up them ranks >>119895 Yo, Zeke, ya got any updates on the whole .net situation
>>119903 .net situation?
>>119904 GETchan.net
>>119891 the chuthutlu chads accepted you? hey you know put in a good word for me with the thing
(3.12 MB 1920x1080 1.png)
(3.33 MB 1920x1080 2.png)
(3.34 MB 1920x1080 3.png)
>>119905 Oh, to be honest I've had some IRL issues so I haven't been super focused on GETchan.net stuff.
gimmie the gimmie the gimmie the pussy b0ss remember whenever everybody said this? yeah me neither but seriously give me the bpussy pl0x
>>119908 M’kay, just wondering >>119911 a
>>119912 bare pussy
internet is a spooky place. my dad has been looking at yt videos of people converting vans into campers, with beds, electricity, etc. I'm on my laptop, which I never even use in the house, i'm at waves coffee right now. yt reccing me a camper van conversion video right now. internet is a spooky place.
>>119862 self insert stuff with tomoko, sometimes with inflation elements, and stuff with yugo it's pretty bad written but i enjoy myself >>119867 when i released the mouse i had my cats locked up inside, nowadays they only steal something like a sock or some cloth they find lying around instead of hunting, i'm glad for that >>119889 please come back
>>119891 Based >>119893 Interesting, hope you'll get to the higher ranks of the cult >>119898 W-what kind of bat loving? Which country? >>119919 Did you give the Mouse a name?
(10.70 MB 1602469595285.webm)
>>119924 >>119925 >>119926 >>119927 We did it r/GETdit
Take my upvote
>>119922 Thanks for the words of encouragement. Sadly, I have yet to find a date for Halloween ;-;
>>119930 >Thanks for the words of encouragement. You're welcome my friend >Sadly, I have yet to find a date for Halloween ;-; Why not ask one of your fellow cult members?
>>119930 >Date Why? Is this like Christmas where countries outside the Americas use the time as an excuse to fuck? How many other holidays are like this? >>119928 Nope, my achievement, It is my achievement now, my property.
>>119932 I've tried, I dont think any of them are very close to me. >>119934 No, it's just because I'm a lonely fuck and want some pussy or dick or somebody to have pancakes with idk
>>119937 Wait, don't you live somewhere in north america?
(58.28 KB 952x839 Awooooo.png)
>>119938 east coast, near DC, yeah why? You wanna be my date?
>>119939 Dunno. We could prolly just get in touch online off-bunkerchan tho lol
>tfw horny but committed self to 3 weeks of no porn also how to deal with voooter dad, for whom non voooters "deserve trump"
>>119934 Where I live is just an excuse to get drunk and party, of course that you can get laid too. Like, the amerikkkan influence only extends to 3 upper and middle class moms getting their children to get candies, while the mayoriry of teens or young adults go to have a blast, costume or not. Some years ago there were drunken riots even in my town kek
>>119943 Saying that 'Murica deserve Trump and it's a simpton of decadence. Plus, if you are going for 4D chessmoves, just agree or be glad to pop some jokes. My father and I are always doing jokes about me joining the socdem party he was part in his youth.
(25.62 KB 480x480 Receiving adequate memes.jpg)
>>119942 Fair enough, I just wanna do stuff >>119943 Oh god, oh fuck, I'm, I'm gonna...I'm VOOOOOOOOTING
>>119946 Lol ill do a disposable email you can contact me at later then we can throw all the opsec in the trash by you adding me on botnet social media for convenience :)
>>119943 Ain’t a leaf? >>119939 Wow, you live near DC cause I sure don’t lol
(132.69 KB 1000x1000 Classy like Carl Sagan.png)
>>119948 Well either that or you can just add me on discord sometime soon. If you wanna meet up and eat pancakes that's just a bonus.
>>119945 I have said that america deserves trump, actually i'd go so far to say that we all (as nations closely tied to america) deserve trump because we've propped up their shit with only the faintest ocasional critique that's far to fucking little, far too fucking late. All the $first world$ imperialist nations deserve trump, and whatever will come to pass. we've made our beds, now there's no choice but to sleep in it. I will say, at least my dad has moved somewhat further left overall. I guess my reason not to vote is that I don't want to legitimize any of the mainstream parties, and the only good thing imo to do, is to explicitly not vote, and rather plaster up anti-capitalist anti-imperialist, pro-internationalist propaganda everywhere. Only I hardly have the balls/motivation as it is, to do things that I supposedly enjoy doing, let alone becoming a political activist.
>>119953 Xi should watch the cartoon Himegoto, because it accurately describes how the contradictions of capitalism lead to trapification of the poor, which is communism.
(235.87 KB 604x488 eggman.png)
>>119953 >>119956 Of course he writes for the Atlantic
(34.69 KB 556x701 1585233339979.jpg)
I saw some Qboomers here for the first time yesterday.
(1.27 MB 1024x7883 Sexbot 1.png)
(1.64 MB 1024x9249 Sexbot 2.png)
(824.62 KB 1024x4829 Sexbot 3.png)
(1020.13 KB 1024x6549 Sexbot 4.png)
(1.35 MB 1024x4615 Sexbot 5.png)
>>119958 Based. I missed that.
(40.54 KB 412x600 Ekn7I3RXUAYF-g9.jpg)
>>119955 Checked, quality television.
GET on >>>/GET/ in about 36 or 35 posts.
>>119960 Cyoas are pretty great :)
>>119964 We're in the final countdown!
(358.25 KB 2048x1152 bokxc8sjlds51.jpg)
>>119950 email me lol
(139.56 KB 567x496 1540766221988.png)
>wake up >no pain sweet, this is gonna be a good one
>no lag >no captcha based
(47.97 KB 28x28 1x (3).gif)
>>119972 not familiar with the context of the vid but thats quite the funky beat
>>119974 It's psy/goa trance which originated from a guy named goa gil and his friends in the goa province of india.
(186.23 KB 640x360 un tan.mp4)
>Literally dozens of ideas for video games, books, and comics that I will never make spread out amongst numerous Google Docs Wish I could do something with them but I'm only just starting to flex my creative muscles again with writing micro stories Perhaps my greatest fear is that I will die and all my thoughts will be stricken from the world forever Oh well I suppose they weren't that unique anyway Also I don't care what /leftypol/ says I ain't supporting the Thai monarchy
>>119977 Put it in your will for those docs to be made public on death then son
so much for no pain fuck >>119977 doing stuff is always the hardest part hope you can focus on the things you want the most and get there by practice i just really want to keep learning how to draw but i'm not good on my own this sucks...
>>119977 whats going on in leftypol, did they concede to the thai ddoser's?
>>119980 nah. I mean, how do you concede to ddoser's?
>>119982 ha just making a funny
(157.58 KB 1136x852 58cd425e112f7043268b4ddd.jpeg)
>>119977 I feel ya
>>119972 Based China for liberating the Tibet from those feudal monks
>>119989 Tibet would be better off as a monastic-communal socialist society led by the maoist dalai lama tbh
>>119990 Well, nothing is perfect in this life
euro peein'
(365.27 KB 819x477 838.PNG)
i need music
>>119978 Maybe >>119979 Thank you I suppose we just need to keep practicing and honing our skills You'll get better, don't worry, just have to keep at it >>119980 Well I've seen some people saying we should support the monarchy though to be fair there are plenty of posters opposed to the Thai government as well >>119987 I hope one day that I can see your finished game
>>119993 https://youtu.be/3mKJFrzBfOc A mix of some sayas Kjarkas- exitos inolvidables https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=-_oGcfww7qs Sayas are great.
Ain’t gonna be here for the GET, but here’s one more closer to that elusive 9
>>119994 i would love to keep at it but on my own i feel lost my sensei helped me a lot, even if it was frustrating being corrected and not always understanding at first but at least it kept me going alone it's so hard, i wish i had a teacher >>119995 thats cute music thanks
More music Mix Tinkus (traditional dance, represents or is a fight between villages or rivals for x reason) https://youtu.be/DBfK03aBmQM Mix Kalamarka (Based group, there are a mix of everything there, including Tobas)
(604.21 KB 720x480 um.png)
>>119998 I forgot the link https://youtu.be/zUunRuDw0Sw Plus some Llorando se fue/She left criying but with some japanese in the end. https://youtu.be/GoPBs1YrRuA That would be all for now. Take care!
>>119997 True, I suppose the most important thing really is to learn self-discipline, to look forward to that feeling of accomplishment once you've finished a task At least that's the way I've come to see it But yeah teaching yourself is hard, it's much easier to do in a structured setting But at least then you can go at your own pace I suppose
bought new headphones but it arrived very soon 2 days so have to quarantine it for 3 days so that i don't get infected by covid from the ears but... my mind is getting tempted help me
>>120005 Best thing I can recommend is to do something to keep your mind off it
So anyways here's Van Darkholme talking about sucking down a 12 inch cock https://youtu.be/L3LxF9YHi1A?t=469
>>120010 when dick sucking is just work it just doesn't make for an interesting story
>>120010 Why are low budget gay pornstars such oddly nice outgoing people?
>>119958 Here as in on bunkerchan or here as in where you live in the real world?
>>119999 >>120000 who is this girl eatin the sammich? also checked, nice job!
>>120009 I didn't know Mr. FUCK♂YOU was a streamer. Amazing. >>120015 in irl life.
>>120017 >In IRL life under what circumstances?
>>120019 Take a big guess.
(263.36 KB 512x512 1553215231801.gif)
>tfw no visual key bf REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>>120020 Family member? Some march as you were walking down the street?
>>120021 visual kei is dead ((( just like gyarus ((((( >>120023 trump supporters, yeah.
(650.60 KB 720x480 bus.png)
>>120016 That's Nanako Misonou, most likely.
>>119999 >Not posting loli smh
(151.76 KB 385x408 0005.png)
>>120026 This.
>>120024 >visual kei is dead Not in my heart
>>119956 >these imbeciles get overpaid to spew these takes
>>119985 >It's JOE >That uncle >From Georgia #Joementum2020
>>119727 found it :)
>>120033 prumprumprum
(94.86 KB 331x429 1b5.png)
>>119960 A more interesting way to play this would be to design a robot for someone else based on what you know (or think you know) about their preferences.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evilhat/thirsty-sword-lesbians Thought youse mob would like this ps. gender still no real, hrrrrmph
when people say "it's not real" they really just mean "i don't really get dialectic materialism"
(123.34 KB 798x751 hkSb.jpg)
Wtf Australia
>>120040 the time for austrialian hentai artists has finally come
>>120037 >another transbian project about witches and being quirkily gay yawn
>>120037 actual shitlib media is so fucking weird
>>120035 Honestly, I just wanted to see if I could post 5 pics on other boards lmao
>>120040 >country's campaign against anime huh? what's the reason behind it?
>>120038 not getting into this here,I think you're wrong on historical materialist grounds, and if you want to disagree start a thread in >>>/edu/ For fucks sake cunt can't I even use self deprecating humour while giving youse mob a gift, >>120037 They're trans friendly >>120042 Check the final two stretch goals, they're rather interesting, what made me think youse mob would like it and an argument in favour of tomokofags position that gender is real in a dialectical materialist sense
>>120046 don't start shit then, mr. wrong
Are you fucking my asshole right now? This app finally gets an update and still no name field.
(178.11 KB 612x435 EfnUQSUU8AIqXxh.png)
best behaviour
(379.20 KB 788x1014 1572015089994.png)
>>120049 without you i'm in the worst moods everything is wrong i'll hole up until you come back
>>120050 whoops, flag now everbody knows hideri is my alter ego RIP
(299.76 KB 750x576 Sparkly.png)
(1.39 MB 1256x941 562z12.PNG)
off to organize irl comrades, see you soon
>>120059 bring me a sandvich when you return
>>120040 >Ban Encryption >Ban Unions >Almost allowed bussiness owners 2 votes >This You thik people would've learned there lessons with that liberal, Hitler, but they don't and now they reap what they sow. >>120045 To fight against "glorification of child sexual abuse". Because pixels are children apparently and the absence of ties of child abuse is a lie because lol.
>>120056 Mornin' Peridotposter >>120058 What's up Tomokoposter?
>>120040 I thought I hated Australia but now I know there's no word strong enough for the feeling. I dread the day my country hears about this. It's coming soon. In the first loli drawing court case the judge said basically "you are retarded, it falls under artistic freedom, end of discussion" but we now have courts ruled by morons who decided authoritarian unity instead of left unity. They're already illegally blocking Japanese sites, and you can't protest because it's illegal to use a proxy to access them... Anyone else this is connected to corona raising anti-Japanese sentiment, because people are morons and think it came from the Japanese?
>>120063 Oi. I'm mailing my costume off today. Keeping the wig though. What's up on your end?
(101.92 KB 820x593 chalk.png)
Good morning
>>120066 Dinner, Chicken liver with chips >Filename I mean, she could always lift up her dress or wear something that shows off her midriff
>>120067 Good morning, Homestar.
>>120063 i'm just upset with life why even wake up i just spend half an hour sketching, it looked like dogshit and deleted it all yugo left and i just want to drop and wake up only once he's back i hate myself and everything else >>120065 wait until they find out people draw porn of western cartoons, including the simpsons it's really just conservatives being assholes because they don't like something and can get away with shitting on others seriously people like that should just get a permaban on any imageboard as soon as they mouth off, it never stops at loli/shota and it sure as fuck isn't because of concern for real kids, these fucks prove how little they care with all the shit they pull
>>120070 no need to hate yourself, tomo-chan. yugo loves you, which means that are a loveable person.
>animaniacs i mean, never was a fan but could it be that this is kinda shit?
>>120065 lol, australia is such a shithole, conservatives are all for "small government" until something happens that they don't like. idk why Kangaland seems to lean so hard into such faggy moralism. >illegal to access with a proxy how can they tell it's you if you're using a proxy? or do i jut not understand computers. >>120070 simpsons porn always weirded me out, but even though I may not agree with fapping to it, I'll die to protect your right to fap to it. Thing is, as much as it enrages the hentai watchers, who the fuck is even gonna say anything against it publicly. most people aren't going to be willing to estrange themselves from friends and family by talking openly about porn. Stupid fucking australia.
>>120068 Yeah but I cant do that though cuz I'm currently too pudgy On the bright side I got some lavendar lotion, should help smooth my skin out a bit
>>120076 Fair enough, nothing that a bit of exercise can't help with >smooth my skin out a bit Hnngh
>>120076 Lol you paid attention when i mentioned lavender having estrogenic effects Now eat sweet potatoes, impossible burgers and flax seeds
Hats look cool on characters but are annoying to draw, why is that?
>>120070 >wait until they find out people draw porn of western cartoons, including the simpsons They wouldn't care because it's American, my country is big cucks for the US but becoming very anti-Japanese. I suspect Australia is the same, they want anti-Japanese sanctions but can't justify it so they paint Japan as devils for the sheep masses. It's an old tactic right from the nationalist playbook. >it's really just conservatives being assholes because they don't like something and can get away with shitting on others Yes, true. Anyone who call themselves progressive but want censorship of art or obscenity laws or such are useful idiots for conservatives at best, or conservatives in the closet at worst. >it never stops at loli/shota and it sure as fuck isn't because of concern for real kids, these fucks prove how little they care with all the shit they pull This is also true. What they want is to more strictly punish their opponents for less than they get punished for more. For non-conservatives it is very obvious that raping a child is worse than fapping to a photograph of a child and that fapping to a photograph of a child is worse than fapping to a drawing of a child... but for the conservative mind, these things are the opposite. It's all about control, and the idea that "once you put one toe in the water, you may as well dive in the deep end". That all crimes are equal, and everything "immoral" must be a crime. Then they can make an argument from immorality as an excuse: >"your honour, I was led astray from the path of morality and law by lewd drawings of fictional characters... I could not control myself, and so I am not to blame for raping a child... instead the artist who drew those lewd drawings of underage fictional characters is to blame" Sadly this argument often works, because people are idiots. I'm glad in my country it's not yet like this with drawings, but punishments for CP are harder than for child våldtäkt. Punishments for several våldtäkts can be lesser than for one våldtäkt. Punishments for raping a child are lesser than for raping an adult. It's all because in the conservative mind, "once you put one toe in the water, you may as well dive in the deep end" and they see "honour" in committing several crimes. It's awful, they really don't care about children like you also say. They want to stop children from having a carefree childhood, so why should they be believed when they say they want to "protect children" by banning lewd drawings of underage fictional characters? They shouldn't, and it's only a matter of time before every country passes the same laws on this because it's easy. It's so much easier to ban drawings, than to catch actual child predators and save actual children from abusers. >>120075 >conservatives are all for "small government" until something happens that they don't like Yes, exactly. It's the same on every issue. >how can they tell it's you if you're using a proxy? I'm not sure how it works, but that isn't what the problem is. The problem is, if you wanted to protest against illegal blockings with evidence that sites are blocked illegally (the only legal reasons to block sites are if they contain CP or pro-terrorism) you'd be exposing yourself as a proxy user accessing blocked sites. Using a proxy itself isn't illegal here, but it is explicitly illegal to access blocked sites with a proxy. So to protest against illegal blocks, you have to expose yourself as breaking the law. Of course they can't arrest you for accessing illegally blocked sites with a proxy because the sites don't actually contain anything illegal, but for most people a warning like "this site is blocked for CP/terrorism and attempting to circumvent the block is illegal and will lead to prosecution" is instant NOPE NOPE NOPE and clearing history as if it does something.
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I have returned with a smoked sausage sandwich
(245.68 KB 1480x1280 1535264660372.jpg)
>>120083 is it good?
(24.43 KB 150x284 hsr-snufkin3.png)
>>120069 Good morning/afternoon, what's new? >>120080 How are hats annoying to draw?
>>120083 Noice
(149.33 KB 600x600 misha29.jpg)
>>120083 how'd it go? >>120067 >>120085 Morning' Zeke
>>120085 listening to communist black metal. :)
>>120077 >>120079 My mom kept insisting it doesn’t do anything. At any rate, I’d love some impossible burgers
(53.27 KB 672x575 haphap.png)
>>120087 How's it going? >>120088 Noice.
(398.77 KB 640x360 adolf.mp4)
(109.25 KB 768x419 1.png)
(53.05 KB 905x724 2.png)
(52.89 KB 967x758 3.png)
>>120095 The fuck?
>>120084 It was indeed good >>120087 It's hard running a multi-tendency group but we negotiated our way into mutual cooperation on a few things in the near-future, we've coalesced different groups of people into sections which will handle the prep for the upcoming events and then we will initiate them sequentially to the best of our ability, but if we run short on time we can split our efforts again. First on the plate is a little orientation of Latin American leftism for some socdem DSA types so they know their allies and enemies going forwards so they don't get as easily co-opted by the feds.
>>120098 wheat friend!
>>120100 we were worrying about your well being a few days ago, good to see you still kicking if nothing else. I'm just winding down after a day of politicing.
>>120101 Aw, you spoke about me :>
>>120098 how is it going? here's a fun french song that I found a while ago https://youtu.be/n3zLP21va4s
>>120098 Étienne, our friend, how you been doing?
>>120091 It’s been going fine. Was watching some Spanish politics with some /ref/ bros in the morning >>120097 Sounds interesting >>120100 Wheat! It’s been a while since you’ve been around. How’s it going with ya
>>120103 Cool >>120104 >>120105 Very tired.
>>120070 >i just spend half an hour sketching, it looked like dogshit and deleted it all STOP DELETING SKETCHES Sketching is for fiddling around and then coming back to for looking at later inspiration and to see how you've improved over time Once you've done a fair few sketches which are supposed to look like arse you do something a study which is slower and more intensive drawing of things Once you've built up enough studies you do a final piece ffs Can I suggest doing the sketches with pen and paper in a blank page book, then following with studies in the same book It's easier to flip through and see the improvement and development over time that way which makes doing even 30 minutes in the morning more rewarding
>>120106 Whys?
Hey guys is it fine to eat refrigerated burgers? I've been starting to eat them and fries like that all the while eating the bun on the side. The worst that seems to happen is that I hiccup
>>120111 you like, burgers stored in the regular fridge and not the freezer?
>>119994 I hope so, too.
>>120106 WHOA! It's you! very tired? Yugo will be displeased.
https://cytu.be/r/leftytrashpile whats goes on in here who knows
(780.14 KB 828x811 image0_2.png)
>>120098 >>120100 >>120102 >>120106 How have you been?
>>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme
>>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme
>>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 >>120118 why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme why do i like this meme
>>120127 >>120128 >>120129 Anon, dear sweet anon. You like the meme because it's a cute lil bunny saying a cute lil thing about how his cute lil bunny tum wants to eat a cute lil grilled cheese sandwich...
>>120127 >>120128 >>120129 >>120130 Why am i getting serial killer vibes from this harmless conversation
(32.44 KB 1280x720 63u.jpg)
germany back up with the coronas fuck hope they lock shit down now
Thinkin bout suckin dick
>>120132 As an american, i prefer a half-assed lockdown where people still get sick but the economy also suffers tremendously and it gets worse as time goes on because people still come out of it with long-term health problems, leading to a rapidly ailing economy.
>>120132 BC too
>>120134 This is like, proof, that conservatives are retards.
>>120136 God bless their little hearts.
>>120133 Then do it binch >>120132 How has Erkle been ya handling Rona
>>120131 hahaha i have not killed anybody...
>>120133 i wish i could put my thoughts on something nice like that please share your thoughts, maybe it helps >>120138 they went decentralizing measurements and have a shit compromise of upping measures only with 50 cases per 100k population in a district it's a total mess that makes no sense with little to no enforcing of most basic rules like masks merkel recently had all the minister presidents from the states for some discussions and was frustrated with the results, basically saying the way things are going they'll have a meeting in 2 weeks and yeah, turns out she's right it's amazing how a fucking conservative has more of a brain than some lost 20 % of the population
(166.40 KB 2462x1366 Ek2u7DLU8AA0McO.jpg)
this is gonna get so much worse so fast... i'll lock myself in and ration my noodle stockpile
>>120132 I'm waiting for the second wave here. At least I believe I got it. But since I didn't have a job to pay for the covid test. I will only live with the memory of the day I thought my chest was closing. >>120133 Nice >>120134 I lhad harsh lockdown here, it didn't helped in reducing it because the proles had to work and the markets were full. First it came from the rich that came from Europe. Then it went to the "middle class" districts. Then it ended in the poor districts and slums, where water is scarce. And finally, it sparced in all the country.
(149.21 KB 1200x1200 EezMbfFU0AEa6AN.jpg)
>>120141 oof, stay safe tomo
>>120138 I wish >>120140 Well, my thoughts right now are that I've just submitted my tier 2 exam for that Cult and feel pretty proud of myself. Soon I shall guide the believers of the Old Ones into the light of Marxism. Socialism with R'lyehian Characteristics! >>120142 Based, one might say
>28 yo doctor receives placebo vaccination and dies >news articles leave out the placebo part from title oh boy...
(656.78 KB 1280x1183 zkvDs4s.png)
where the cute subby cuddle boys at
>>120150 I need to know too. Asking for a friend.
>>120133 Based
>>120152 based on what ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
>>120153 Based on the fact that Peridotposter wants a dick in her mouth :3
>>120154 Something cannot be based on itself!!
(16.79 KB 223x229 2031644.jpeg)
How do I summon a succubus friend, /x/?
>>120156 Simple. You ritualistically ask lilith for one of her daughters, give the daughter in question a taste of your libidinal energy, and then wait until she materializes in your life.
>>120157 How does one go about asking Lilith for one of her daughters? >libidinal energy What's that? My blood?
>>120158 Libidinal energy is the white goo that come out pp And you ask by like praying and sacrificing something like your blood or more cum to lily's sigil lol
>>120159 I see, do I draw the sigil on the ground or something? How does one minmax the lilith ritual?
>>120161 Yeah you want it somewhere where you can splatter some human juice on it uwu
>>120162 So is that it? Do I have to, like, picture the daughter in my head or something? 'Cause I when looking around the internet about this and I got different results and stuff
>>120163 Well supposedly you gotta sculpt them to be hotter but you could probably get away with letting them choose their own appearance because they mold themselves to be as sexy as possible to you
>>120164 That's cool but will they still cuddle and watch movies with me and do all the lovey dovey stuff, if I don't do the sculpting thing?
(244.83 KB 986x2048 EkTSapDWsA0nag-.jpeg)
>Anti-mask terrorists are now a thing >FBI is trying to claim that Proud Boys is an Iranian psy-op >Leaked report shows that the Pentagon fired an airforce officer in the 1970s because he was stationed at one of the Minute Man Silos and asked how can he reasonably launch a nuclear missile if the man he receives the orders from(the president) is morally and mentally compromised. That's enough internet for today. Literally.
>>120169 never enough internet, i need it to have you...
>check leftypol again <akshully, abortion rights are anti-socialist dontcha know <yes, repeating trite conservative talking points about abortion is totally compatible with Marxism These people really are just /pol/acks in red
>>120174 good thing you're saying it, when i point out the obvious someone would lose his shit again
(85.45 KB 555x713 bros.jpg)
>>120174 abortion is a meaningless issue and for the most part an american one as abortion is usually the cheaper option to giving birth to a child.
>>120175 inb4 he loses his shit anyway
>>120175 >>120177 >>120179 It's just really annoying. These people seem to think that being a "socialist" just means memeing about bunkers and killing "anarkiddies", and that other than that they can keep their holdover spooks from /pol/. At this point they're pretty much indistinguishable, except the boards use slightly different rhetoric.
(43.62 KB 224x257 ast.png)
>>120181 eh social issues have always been a waste of time that usually preoccupies way too much of the left and right (especially millennials), if you stand for leftist economic issues then you're still a lefty just one with reactionary social beliefs
(92.49 KB 324x489 598989828892.PNG)
>>120182 >still a lefty just one with reactionary social beliefs
(1.03 MB 849x1200 2lewd.png)
>>120183 ECONOMICS C O N O M I C S
>>120184 that you make the distinction really just shows that you are from /pol/ and can't read please just go back or cease existing altogether
actually i'll just leave before i take the bait and nobody kicking off the reactionary who's really shitty at cloaking, but like that ever has been a problem
(14.81 KB 1250x1015 dubstep.jpg)
>>120184 granted I also come from Gamerstan which seems to be extremely socially liberal with every single political organization with the exception of the very old so maybe i'm just too cozy in my retard chamber
(320.26 KB 1077x969 Please face the wall.jpg)
>>120182 >if you stand for leftist economic issues then you're still a lefty just one with reactionary social beliefs
>>120187 c a n a d a
>>120182 no such thing as a socially conservative leftist
>>120174 i really feel stuck in the middle sometimes on this website i hate it when communists have ultra conservative "beliefs" (about women, lgbt) or ultra liberal beliefs (about cp, zoophilia) feel very isolated sometimes, i know it's some sort of fallacy to think that you're level headed and everybody else is crazy but goddamn it i don't like how people always have extreme beliefs on imageboards the most fringe extremist belief i have is that nationalists absolutely repulse on me every level and i consider anybody who is a traditionalist to be subhuman and i don't think rapists should be rehabilitated or allowed to breath.
sorry bros 95% of biologists agree life begins at conception
>>120174 Oh boy, if you thought that was bad, check out the fucking "Will there ever be peace" thread
>>120194 Oh dear, what happened there?
>>120192 That's what happens when these alleged "communists" get their beliefs from memes and "aesthetics". Most of these supposedly "anti regenerate" Bolsheviks heavily criticized regressive views and had these promoters of "anti regeneracy" shot. Heck, the claim of the regressive communist state is often propaganda from the capitalist enemies. The Eastern Bloc was far more progressive for women, and even China and Cuba had decriminalized homosexuality, the former since about 2000 and the latter since about earlier probably. >about cp, zoophilia There is nothing progressive about these, don't lump them with the others.
>>120196 >anti regenera d e g e n e r a
>>120194 Discord talk gone wrong truly a rogue threat
>>120195 This fucking retard >>>/leftypol/1020753 Not to mention the cunt that thinks that shit is ok, thankfully the 4chan staff members stepped in and put a stop to it
>>120200 Don't remind me of that thread goddamit. I thought they were doing some kind of dark joke. For fuck sake. It reminded me of a spanish movie about the spanish prisioners in german camps. In which female comrades were used in the camp brothels by the g*rms.
>>120199 excessively poor conduct is more than just talk, it is a sign of poor discipline and understanding of the goals of the movement
(8.59 MB 720x480 GET Sitcom.mp4)
Wondering if there are more of these types of vids 4 /GET/
>>120201 That's quite terrible.
>>120204 It wasn't so remarkable as a movie. But it had Mario Casas and the story of a comrade, so well. I found the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqXBQcO_Qa8 >>120203 Kek
(56.43 KB 512x512 900866-cirno_29.jpg)
>>120203 lol, i was wondering when this was posted till i realized it was my post.
>>120203 Like videos with screen shots of posts people made?
>>120200 >>120201 Hooooooly shit that’s disgusting. Like fuck I’ve got plenty of kinks, but even I know that fantasizing about whoring out your comrades and actual våldtäkt is wrong. Guess real leftism is when you replicate Soviet war crimes too.
>>120210 Maybe real leftism was the friends we made along the way.
(164.18 KB 1242x1390 image0.jpg)
Gettin paid tomorrow :)
>>120213 pay deez nuts
(284.68 KB 320x400 video0-2.mp4)
(3.12 MB 662x1280 zMnlw0wSNZ0xMXsO.mp4)
(1.19 MB 662x1280 qQecMIjnKB9hQcvz.mp4)
>>120215 wtf am i looking at
>>120216 and why do i want more
>>120213 Whatcha gonna do with it?
>>120218 Im gonna buy drugs, a dildo, pay rent, buy stuff for videogames, and put the rest in the bank :)
>>120215 rosie is the hottest person in existence
actually I am in a girl mood now
>>120215 Lol with the first one. The rest are wholesome.
>>120219 Sounds like a collection of things >>120221 gorls
(694.21 KB 382x319 1504094103049.gif)
(161.43 KB 592x592 1504094180177.gif)
(1.40 MB 325x466 1504094236468.gif)
(123.71 KB 592x592 1504094303298.gif)
(73.67 KB 592x592 1504094351580.gif)
>>120224 is there anything better than a girl that is soft, cuddely, and domineering
>>120225 I didn't know they made porn about MBTI personality archetypes.
Anyone know what the positions of the major socialist parties of the USA are with regards to automation and cybernetics? I'm working on a thing.
>>120228 like most people its probably a "well duh" thing, the issue is just allocating the resources and transitioning the workforce to such a mode of production in a workable manner
Several GETs in >>>/anime/ comin' soon.
(614.07 KB 480x268 vsqa1r1c7xt51.mp4)
>>120225 A bagel, though it would have to be a good bagel, so probably not a whole lot
>>120233 what about a soft, cuddely, and domineering girl who will give you a bagel
Is /leftypol/ just one giant hive of COINTELPRO plants or are these people really that stupid?
>>120238 I think its just an uptick of retards because the US elections
>>120227 Going by description, I am INFP
(284.91 KB 480x360 Live Footage of Bordiga.mp4)
>>120239 That and the /pol/ raid >>120225 Dairy
I think I was banned for saying Trump is not less imperialist than Biden
Biden did surprisingly well this debate also you can see milania snatch her hand away from trump at the end
>>120242 lmao I was, it's amazing really, these posters are literally just a bizarro version of the liberals they detest so much
(82.61 KB 555x513 Long hairidot.png)
(12.31 KB 528x150 oh, so it was true.png)
>>120242 Kek, it was true. But why did you have to say that anon? The only thing Trump has done in foreign policy is fail, retiring from interventions and quitting international organs. Like, I know is detrimental, but frankly, I'm not Amerikkkan so I don't have a clear view from your ground (if you are from there too).
>>120246 Maybe there is some liberalism in me that refuses to die, if I'm being honest. Maybe Trump really is less imperialist. I mean he's failed in Venezuela, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Bolivia, backing out of Afghanistan and seemed to be warming relations with the DPRK. Plus there was that weird failed coup attempt in China as well. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Hillary would have been a much more competent imperialist. I dunno I just feel like with the way things had been going at the end of the Obama administration we were destined for less competent imperialism no matter who was elected.
>>120236 Yes! You eat the bagel then she makes you eat her pussy Great combo >>120243 Not as bad as the first one I can say that >>120247 What is this?
>>120249 I should add Trump has also worsened things with Iran and Cuba where things had been improving under Obama, but apparently with tonight's debate that all went out the window anyway. Although I feel little attention is given to Trump's increased use of drone strikes. >>120245 Accelerationism is such a meme.
(48.29 KB 564x954 Tsunderedot.jpg)
>>120254 I'm gonna accelerate off a cliff Call me a libtard, but I believe that Biden will at least not be as harmful as Trump, and that that's a good thing, actually.
>>120255 For whom?
>>120256 Biden at least wont make things worse for the LGBTQ community, for one, and is less likely to go full sicko mode against protestors and encourage running them over. Let's be real, Biden sucks, but I think at least with him it will give legitimate leftists time to recover so that we can start putting forth some serious candidates in the next few years. With Trump still in power, I dont know if we'll survive that long.
>>120257 I don't believe biden will be better for anybody, but i do think it will be good to destabilize the political situation by ousting the incumbent president and causing a political stalemate by rallying the qboomers against commie biden. Should biden win, we must encourage delusional, retarded qboomer behavior and allow themselves to fight the liberal government to weaken both parties.
>>120258 based and deleuze-pilled
>>120257 That's also an option, and a valid one (anyone likes to keeps breathing to fight another day). I can't say I'm an accelerationist. When there was the choice between the corrupt son of the old cleptocrat and the old neoliberal senile fuck, the left presidential candidate told people to vote for senile fucker if they wanted. Not putting a gun in their head and saying, this is the cliff were we all will die! (Which is just exaggerating, but it has some hints of truth by how things were before) but leaving to the personal choice of anyone. And I voted for the old senile fucker.
>>120258 based
Apparently my ban from /leftypol/ was accidental, my apologies to the moderation team >>120255 >>120257 I sort of reflexively saw Biden as the lesser evil at first, but after thinking about it I'm not so sure. I feel like either way we're equally screwed.
(34.27 KB 449x670 Is this a weapon.jpg)
>>120264 Biden's almost definitely not going to make anything better, dont get me wrong, but he wont be as bad as another Trump term. Biden will have about the same effect of rallying progressives and leftists into action due to his incompetence, but there'll be less of a chance that he's going to straight up kill us all, which I genuinely fear might happen under Trump. With the Epic Orange Man, at this point it's really just going to take one bad day before he decides to tell his followers to slaughter all "traitors", and I'd rather not be caught in the crossfire while I'm still dieting.
I JUST AFTER SEVERAL YEARS GOT A MICROPHONE THAT WORKS I tried out my voice on vocaroo and it sounds so fucking stupid. I am so tempted to get me some human interaction and talk to people on discord. Can the feds track me with my voice? I saw some adobe press where they were able to get a voice sample of somebody and use the AI to create all kinds of dialogue What would you do or do with your microphone anons?
>>120267 i dont even know what i could use a microphone for, my voice sounds so cringe to me. as for the fed thing, i dont think you'd be bothered unless youre some serious political agitator.
And with that, I go to bread You are all a bunch of bakas
>>120268 can you i hear your voice anon? >>120269 no u
>>120270 goddamn it i can't even type coherent sentences
>>120270 no, its cringe. cringe i tell you
>>120272 you want to compete with me buddy? i guarantee that my voice out cringes you my voice sounds like i'm talking with mouth full of water and a weird mix of woman and child
>>120273 i already provided my voice for GETchan sings, go look there, wont tell you which one tho.
(71.40 KB 780x960 froota.jpg)
y'all ever get that feeling sometimes when you just want to impregnate someone?
>>120280 only if I could gently take care of them during that volatile period in their life
why do i just wind up doing literally nothing all day whenever i don't work I don't read, I don't even listen to new music, i just kinda sit there in a stupor browsing bunkerchan before going to bed at some ungodly hour how the fuck do i stop doing this
>>120282 niceu
(324.20 KB 1280x1350 1.png)
(299.43 KB 1280x1331 2.png)
(248.36 KB 1280x1331 3.png)
(507.27 KB 1280x1195 4.png)
(410.56 KB 1280x1335 5.png)
(215.24 KB 1280x1090 6.png)
(222.21 KB 1280x1090 7.png)
(269.77 KB 1280x1486 8.png)
(208.35 KB 1280x1090 9.png)
>>120273 bruh, it can't be worse than mine. Try pinching your nose while at the same time trying to make a raspy voice. that is me.
>>120285 >Look buddy, you look cute and all but you won't become the boss of this gym trying to lift with those clothes. Take it all off right now, ok?
>>120285 >>120286 Did you draw these? Very good art!
>>120289 sadly no, I just like collecting little bits of art
(259.19 KB 675x775 Vulture_Harpy.png)
(1.21 MB 1000x1500 AJ cosplaying as Roberta.png)
Should I finish drawing A or should I continue scratching my head with drawing B?
(676.95 KB 720x480 bus 2.png)
Good day everybody.
>>120290 Finish A then tackle B >>120292 Morn. How are you doing?
How much of a possibility do you all think there is that socialists could affect an elected Democratic president? Having that increased margin of victory isn't bad, but I feel that if there isn't the clear indication of the presence of the leftists, at least electorally, nothing major will happen again. Bernie's wing barely seems to have been given any consideration, and frankly we aren't like the Bolivian left, to give an example, in our organization and consciousness, not by far yet. So wouldn't it be better to vote for one of the socialist third party candidates, if this election is not going to be that narrow of a contest? >>120243 Yeah, Joe might have this one. Actually having the interruption rules enforced on the microphones probably was important also.
>>120293 Somewhat so so, little anxious. What about you? >>120294 salutaciónes.
>>120296 What's got you anxious exalted anon? I woke up not too long ago. Having a food.
(512.30 KB 720x480 ee.png)
>>120297 I don't really want to say, but I find it difficult to do things or even not to do anything because of this certain something, so I feel even more anxious than already. Sorry if that is not a good explanation.
>>120302 it's ok. I kinda understand. What do you usually do to relieve anxiety?
>>120283 There was a ted talk about this and I can't remember which one but it basically boiled down to: 1) Recognize the state of you doing it 2) Anaylze your reasoning as to why you do it 3) Then stop. >>120287 How Raspy? If alot, can you record your self saying "MIke Wazowski"? >>120291 A, since it might help give an idea what you want to do with drawing B
(538.64 KB 1068x759 Lurking Peridot.png)
Hey guys, did you know that umm... /b/ is actually a thing now? >>>/b/
>>120293 >>120305 Aight >>120307 I thought /GET/ was /b/?
Am quarantined AMA >>120307 lmfao wtf
>>120306 Hey Peridotposter, how's things? >>120307 Bruh
>>120309 Why you quarantined?
(190.63 KB 800x600 Is he dreamy or what.png)
>>120310 About average really. Thinking about healthier breakfast habits, like eating more whole grains. I'm not a fan of cereal, but if I wanna lose weight I gotta cut down on carbs. Otherwise I'm just sitting here being cute. Yourself?
(63.30 KB 757x489 did you get popped.png)
Good morning >>120307 >>120308 I'm asking about it in the staff chat now. >>120309 Uh oh, you got the 'rona?
>>120312 Noice, good luck with the healthier breakfast stuff >Otherwise I'm just sitting here being cute. Noice As for me, about to make pork Stir-fry for dinner
(81.30 KB 753x800 Stirner is not pleased.jpg)
>>120309 Is it because you were in a space that was a high-risk area? Did you get tested? >>120308 That's what I thought too, but apparently it wasn't enough and the rest of the site wanted their own shitposting board. Probably has something to do with all those sectarians who spread lies about /GET/ being just a "dégenerate" cesspool (aka. what /pol/ thinks stereotypical leftist spaces are) that's not worth people's time. >>120313 Nice, please do report back when you get a response.
>>120314 Ah fuck, I want pork. I'm going out to eat tomorrow cuz I'm being dragged to visit my older brother, so I'm gonna have to make up for it by eating extra healthy today and tomorrow. Provided I can control my impulses. Which is doubtful.
(7.75 KB 239x200 computer what.jpg)
>>120311 >>120313 >>120315 I don't have corona luckly ::DD Person nearby me has corona so I have to get tested + have stay in home for 15 days
>>120307 I can’t seem to find any mention of a vote
Hi comrades >>120280 So this is why in CK2 being pregnant increses lustfulness around you. >>120292 Good day to you too. >>120320 Nice to hear that. Another day, another division in the electoral left. What's worse than ego?
>>120322 Superego
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XjXsvz0yMI >Armchair historian (geddit, cause he's not a real historian) does a video on "life in East Germany" >Its unironically full of loaded terminology like "regime", "puppet state" and "communist utopia" >He uses terms like "occupation" only when talking about Soviet troops, NATO isn't even mentioned once >Shows nothing positive and we're already almost halfway to the video >"Taxes caused shortages" >Muh freedom >Muh waiting period for cars >Muh stalinism and purges >"Starvation is gommunism :-DDD" >Government planning was seemingly random and lead to shortages and hoarding for some reason >The only reason dissent disappeared after the uprising of 1953 was because of Stasi spying on everyone and torturing anyone who disagreed >No nuance about the fact that Berlin was literally the spy capital of Europe during the Cold War >Oh yeah women got more rights I guess >Only old people liked socialism and the youth was all about consooming western media and muh freedums >The whole system collapsed because of some protests >"The truth lies somewhere in between western and soviet propaganda" Sure thing buddy. Fuck Youtube pop historians like this guy tbh.
>>120303 I guess I go to someplace to be alone, that's quiet preferably. >>120312 Apparently cereal might not actually be the healthier option for breakfast because of the sugar content, but presumably that depends on which type you get. Good luck on your goals, in any case.
>>120325 >Muh cars This recalls those claims that "welfare states" had "less freedoms" because people didn't own many cars, obviously in disregard of other public transportation or the impression that it is impossible to walk to a store.
>>120315 They're going to remove it and make /GET/ our /b/ for the time being as a test run. If it works out, they're going to keep it that way, if it doesn't, they're going to recreate /b/. >>120320 Ah, gotcha. That still stinks but it's better than having the corona. Hopefully it turns out negative. >>120321 It was in a staff chat.
(19.16 KB 657x527 670.png)
>>120327 This was my thought as well. I think it comes down to the fact that people in the west have been thoroughly indoctrinated throughout generations to the idea that owning a personal mode of transportation is the ultimate expression of personal freedom. Public transportation doesn't even come into the equation for insincere ideologues and ignoramuses like "amateur historians" who decry the lack of personal cars in socialist countries, because how could you even be free if you don't own your very own expensive gas guzzler that you'll probably only use to get to work and back home on most days.
>3rd day in a row plugged in headphones and pressed play on video with 100% volume i am still not used to this much power, just on 20% i can hear everything clearly on my old earphones 100% was barely audible
>>120325 Why are all these guys lolberts? You have Whatifalthis, this guy and TIK
>>120331 >20% That must be some top quality shit
>>120307 >>120315 Crazy, I guess they really want to implement that 300 character minimum & crack down on shit posting. They should atleast call it somethn else like /leftyb/ or whatever. >>120308 /GET/ is a separate entity, anything they want to do like dump shit posting threads is out of the question. >>120331 Wait until this nigga discovers headphone overclocking/audio mixing (like equalizer)
(200.93 KB 262x300 image0-10.gif)
I don't like software updates, they remind me of Windows 10 updates.
Small dick is caused by: >hormonal imbalances in the womb and during puberty >having no room to grow (the PENIS is a muscle after all and disuse/chastity/tight pants can atrophy the muscle) >disuse (again, muscle) >malnutrition (especially in developmental years). >obesity (higher body mass requires more hormones to regulate properly, leading to low testosterone levels in fat people)
>>120325 >>120327 >>120330 Watch "taken for a ride" to know what american freedom looks like https://youtu.be/p-I8GDklsN4
>>120346 Also high cholesterol/plaque buildup decreases blood flow through the dorsal artery in your PENIS, which deprives the muscle of oxygen and nutrients. Eat healthy
(204.06 KB 720x777 20201023_165845.jpg)
Apparently blood pressure and hormones play a huge role in PENIS size. Being fat hides the extra PENIS length behind the fat High blood pressure and high cholesterol and poor health drastically decreases PENIS size Hormones including the brains ability to create them also get diluted by fat, but brain disorders can decrease testosterone levels
>>120215 bruh i dont accept this form of payment
(154.30 KB 1869x952 BoS campaign.png)
I won't repost the whole post so here is an image summary of my latest HOI4 campaign
>>120350 so if i get unfat my peepee will grow?
>>120354 good cardio in general helps
>>120355 to lose weight or to grow peepee? because im already losing weight
>>120356 both, improved cardio means better blood circulation, which means bigger pp, plus the aid from reducing fat
>>120357 based gonna start talking walks then, maybe boot up ye olde pokemon go
/b/ is going to be /GET/'s retarded dead cousin
(11.91 MB 1280x720 kazakhstan.mp4)
Has anyone seen Borat 2? >>120360 Probably
>>120361 >Definitely FTFY
/GET/ is /GET/ and I pity the fool who tries saying it's not just a group of LARPing regenerates posting anime girls. Cause that's definitely what we are and I'm damn proud of you for it.
(402.90 KB 1265x671 Sped.png)
>>120364 Ok Mr T
>>120367 the speed of my dong expansion
(174.51 KB 1217x644 Even moar sped.png)
Sped 2
>>120371 the speed of me putting on my programming socks
(41.23 KB 400x400 perikitty.gif)
The mommy milkies are all gone
(255.67 KB 1280x1280 1545326281757.png)
>>120373 what about the forbidden milkies the daddy milkies
>>120373 Getting Drunk?
(34.38 KB 112x112 alunyapet.gif)
>>120373 Que? >>120378 Would be better with a dick in her mouth tbh
>>120374 There are no milkies >>120376 Nah, saving that for next week >>120377 Based, would vote
(538.64 KB 1068x759 Lurking Peridot.png)
>>120380 Just 8 more days.
>>120381 I mean, I wouldn't mind getting some milk from you :3
(213.90 KB 1280x1536 Lapidot.png)
>>120382 Indeed >>120383 There is no milk to be had here, sorry fam
(27.18 KB 366x449 image0-230.jpg)
>>120384 Why are you no fun.
>>120384 I'm sure given enough hormones and stimulation of your tiddies you should be able to make milk
>>120384 >>120386 yeah, anyone can make milkies with the right hormones
(1.95 MB 960x720 banality of existence.mp4)
(16.15 KB 306x306 everyone's getting reported.jpg)
>>120385 cease the horny at once >>120386 Eh yeah, lactation and such, but I aint got any hormones yet. Just lavender lotion.
>>120378 Pat the cat
Dammit, I swear to god I had this vid on my computer of a trans woman squirting some milk from her tiddies Hey Shaytan, if you're reading this, do you happen to have a video like this?
(7.07 MB 640x360 TITO GANG.mp4)
>>120389 I'm not even doing a horny.
>>120393 Horny, horny, horny, you're all horny, NONE of you are free of sin
How's everyone's Friday going. Here, I'm smoking a lil weed, having a white claw, reading some books, and watching baseball. Literally have no one to talk to besides bunkerchan, how sad. I need to make some IRL friends...
>>120395 I am very tired but don't want to sleep
>>120394 t.horniest of all


no cookies?