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Black Lagoon: Freelancer - A /GET/ Exclusive Quest Thread Gomrad Spurdo#HTmBuh 04/19/2020 (Sun) 20:17:23 No. 73353
Roanapur... Not exactly where you imagined to find yourself when you were still a bright-eyed pioneer whose greatest aspiration in life was to become a cosmonaut and sail the stars on a spaceship built of hopes and dreams. Fate dealt the Soviet people a shitty hand unfortunately and so here you are, a freelance mercenary looking for work in one of the most crime-infested cities in South-East Asia. You were tipped off by an associate that there would be plenty of work here for people with few morals, and with the shit that you've had to deal with since the union's collapse your moral compass was one of the few things that became obsolete in the new cut-throat environment that the populations of the former SSRs found themselves in. Many of your friends could not adapt to the new conditions and died either by their own hand or as a result of the increasing amount of violent street crime. You yourself almost got killed in an ethnic turf war that sparked up between a bunch of youth gangs. Turns out that in the lawless and chaotic environment, where human life becomes a dirt cheap commodity, people would do pretty much anything for food to fill their stomach with or drugs and alcohol to forget about how shitty life had become. You used almost all of your remaining savings to get aboard the first ship out of the coastal town that you lived in at the time just to get away from all of it. At the time, you didn't really care about what the end destination was as long as it took you away from the land that you once proudly called home. After working odd-jobs here and there including as a triggerman for the Hong Kong Triad, you eventually had enough cash to get some proper gear and a cabin on a passenger boat headed for the modern-day promised land of pirates, gun runners, drug traffickers and all sorts of other ne'er-do-wells. Having arrived here now, with all of your belongings at hand and nothing more than a handful of Yankee dollars to your name... What is your first step to making something out of yourself in this... city of the damned...? >Check that I still have all my stuff and I didn't forget anything onboard the boat >Light up a cigar to celebrate my new life >Asking for directions to the nearest bunkhouse from a local >Looking for the nearest watering hole, the trip has made me thirsty >Looking for a local gun store, while I still have a good supply of spare ammo left it's probably not gonna last in a prolonged gunfight >Sitting down and writing a new entry into my diary >Something else...(Write-in)
(38.54 KB 720x644 26b.png)
>>84490 Good idea, will keep in mind for future writings. I initially figured running things through the translator would make the dialogue more immersive but I suppose it has sort of become tedious at this point.
(8.11 KB 138x48 093.png)
>>84490 uhh this one.
(3.54 KB 166x274 Call Rolls.png)
>>84492 >>84490 >>84487 "The man you left the phone with Bao for." You say in a deadpan tone, like you are stating the most obvious thing in the world. Which to be fair is true to an extent. "Ah yes..." She says, you can almost hear the satisfied smirk in her voice. R: "I was more interested in your name, but I suppose I won't need it considering we will talk in person soon enough." R: "Will? I never realized I agreed to anything yet." You respond back, continuing the conversation in Russian both as courtesy and so Georgiy can understand what's being talked about. R: "Oh please, my understanding was that you were quite eager to take whatever job offers were available." The woman says, her tone quite amused. You can hear her take a long drag from a tobacco product of some kind, exhaling its end product before she continues. "Or am I wrong?" R: "Well, not really. I am indeed quite short on employment opportunities at the moment." You admit, sighing heavily as you listen and wait for response from the other end. About half a minute goes by as you wait for a response. R: "Are you outside the Yellowflag right now?" She asks, keeping her voice neutral. R: "Yeah, I mean I just got back from doing the job for Bao that got me in contact with you." You explain, wondering to yourself where she might be going with this line of questioning. R: "Good, my men will come pick you up in a few minutes. I look forward to meeting you... Mr. Zhirenkov." She says before hanging up on you, not even giving you a chance to be surprised at the utterance of your name. ...What the fuck? >I'll quickly go return Bao his phone and then we'll wait patiently for our escort to arrive, whatever form it may take >Let's leg the fuck out of here, I ain't taking any chances with anyone who knows my name beforehand, especially not with this creepy lady >I better ask Georgiy for his opinion >Maybe there's another solution...? (Write-in)
(181.78 KB 2550x3300 1519003400529.png)
>>84512 >I better ask Georgiy for his opinion
>>84513 >>84515 You figure that a decision like this shouldn't be taken hastily so you decide to consult your comrade-in-arms for a second opinion. R: "Well we have a potential job opportunity waiting for us, but it requires us to go blindly into a potential lion's den with a woman who seems to know me by name." You explain the situation to Georgiy as calmly as you can "What do you think? Should we take the offer?" He seems to ponder for a moment, seriously thinking on the question with the time the two of you have. R: "With just the two of us? I would advise against it even if we are armed." He begins, shaking his head. "If they know you by name they may potentially be old enemies that are out for blood and leading you into a trap. If there's more than a dozen of them and we have to shoot our way out of wherever they'll take us we're gonna run out of bullets really quickly." Well, he's said his piece. You don't know how much longer you have to decide so whatever you decide to do you better decide it now. >Pick from any of the previously mentioned options
>>84524 >Maybe there's another solution...? (Write-in) Go in and give Bao back his phone and ask him just who it is we're being hired by
>>84524 >>84676 Do this, but also, did we give Bao all the drugs in that case? If so I think it comes to a good amount over $250, hell even if we only gave him one parcel it does, so, we should probably confirm with him that we want him to sell them and we're not just giving it all to him. If we didn't give him all the stuff, then we should probably ask to stash it here before we get whisked away.
(205.95 KB 452x332 edb.png)
bumping this thread.
(27.19 KB 640x562 kuma_moesleep.jpg)
(3.54 KB 166x274 Socialization rolls.png)
(9.24 KB 200x261 Boris.jpg)
Damn, has it already been almost two months since I last touched this thing? Oh well, time to get back on track I suppose. >>84905 >>84676 R: "I'm gonna go head back in and give this back to Bao. Mind waiting here?" You say to Georgiy, shaking the phone in your hands for emphasis. R: "Not like I have anywhere to go." He states with a shrug as you head back through the doors. When you get back inside you notice that Bao seems to be arguing with someone over the landline phone before angrily ending the call and turning back to look towards you. "So, you done with your call?" He said as he reached his hand out over the counter, taking the phone as you hand it back to him. "Yes, your contact says that she's sending a car to pick us up." You say as you lean up against the counter slightly. "If you don't mind me asking, who is this lady anyway? She seems to be someone in a high enough position to send a car on a few minutes' notice willy nilly to pick up a couple nobodies." He leans in closer, looking both ways before whispering. "The one you just talked to was Miss Balalaika. Beyond that I can't tell you much else" Your intuition was correct then, she's Russian like you. But you don't have an organization or anything else to go off so she could be a member of the mafia or even the intelligence services with how secretive she's being. "While we wait for our ride though, can you take care of the extra load that's inside the case?" You ask and he just cocks his eyebrow at you questioningly. "Look, Russkie boy. I sell liquor not drugs..." He starts before you interrupt him. "C'mon man, I'm already carrying enough kilos on me to land me a life sentence in prison if I get caught. Can you at least hold onto the extras till we get back from wherever we're being taken?" He seems to ponder for a moment before shaking his head and placing the briefcase behind the counter. "Fine, but you owe me for this. I gotta keep up appearances and I'm not taking the heat if Chief Watsup decides to come in for a surprise visit." He says as he motions for you to empty your pockets. After a minute or so of doing so you have a small pile of contraband behind the counter where Bao stores them inside a hidden compartment behind a lock and key. "You saw nothing okay, and if you did I had nothing to do with it." He says as before getting back up, idly checking on the clock. "You should probably go now, your ride is no doubt arriving at any moment if it hasn't already." You nod and give the man your thanks before heading back outside. Just as you exit through the front door, you see a car pull up to the side of the road and go join back up with Georgiy who looks nervous as all hell about the situation. Well, no backing out from the situation now you suppose. "Mr Zhirenkov I take it?" A gravely voice says in a heavily accented English as its owner steps out of the car and looks at you. His face reminds you all too much of the veterans who came back from Afghanistan both physically and mentally scarred mixed in with a certain cold indifference typical to those that survived the immediate aftermath of the collapse. >"Yes that's me, and this is my associate Georgiy." >Nod in confirmation but say nothing else >"No I'm Vadim the King of Gopniks." >"What's with all the secrecy?" >"Nope, he's inside by the counter." >I'm better off saying/doing something else (write-in)
>>98030 >Nod in confirmation but say nothing else
>>98030 >"Yes that's me, and this is my associate Georgiy."
>>98057 I second this motion
>>98057 this
(31.26 KB 1024x576 Nightime view.jpg)
>>98057 >>98061 >>98064 >>98094 You nod your head to confirm his suspicions and he points his hand towards the backseat of the car. R: "Get in. Kapitan doesn't like to be kept waiting." He says to you in a tone that leaves no room for argument. "Is he also coming along?" You nod a second time. R: "Unfortunately we don't have space in the backseat, he will have to travel in the trunk." Georgiy sighs and accepts his fate as you both climb in to your respective spots. The seats of the car are nothing overtly comfortable but there's enough space for you and your escorts, them taking the front seats and both sides in the back with you stuck in the middle as the car drifts out of its parked spot. The ride is calm, but very much silent as you drive past districts that you've never been to before gradually moving towards the better part of the city. You gaze in awe as rows upon rows of hotels and other well-off businesses pass you by in all their night-time neon-lit glory until the car eventually slows down and turns towards one of them eventually arriving to a lot where a parking spot seems to be reserved just for you. R: "We're here." The man at the wheel with whom you spoke earlier says as you look over the opulent building in front of you. If this is what's awaiting you when you get into the big leagues? You probably wouldn't even mind working for these people. Once Georgiy is retrieved from the trunk (unharmed but very much grumpy about the ride), your escorts move into formation to flank you from both sides before taking you inside the building itself. The interior of the building feels welcoming with all of its warm colors and wooden furniture, but you don't have much time to admire it as you and your escorts get into an elevator, which quickly begins climbing towards the upper floors. Once you reach your end destination and step out of the cramped box the scarface turns around, his expression still blank but focused towards you. R: "Before we go any further, I need you and your associate to turn in your weapons. A safety precaution." You are outnumbered and probably outgunned as well, looking at who you're keeping company with. Disarmament on top of that doesn't seem like it would even be necessary for whoever their boss is not to mention detrimental to your chances of survival should things go south, but then again maybe agitating these guys by refusing to give up your heat might not be the best idea either. In the end, what do you do? >I'll stick to my guns thank you very much >Might as well give these people the benefit of the doubt and hand them over >I gotta ask if this is all really necessary >Another way is usually possible (write-in)
>>98100 >I'll stick to my guns thank you very much I don't trust them, they are acting way to shady. Best to be ready for anything. Plus, how rough can they be with us if we're so needed by their bosses
>>98100 >Another way is usually possible (write-in) We'll hand over our rifle but we'll keep our pistol, a nice compromise
(34.83 KB 680x467 11b.jpg)
I'll check back in again tomorrow morning to see if more voots have come in or someone's changed their vote to break the tie.
>>98100 >I gotta ask if this is all really necessary
>>98109 I change my vote to this one
>>98109 Seconding
(3.55 KB 166x274 Persuasion Roll.png)
(1.68 MB 1447x2047 Balalaika.jpg)
>>98735 This doesn't look like a vote to me. >>98106 >>98109 >>98132 >>98696 >>98751 >>98787 You got a 5, that's a oof for me in terms of roll. You nod towards Georgiy and he hands the assault rifle over to the nearest of your escorts. When the man in front of you reaches out his palm to receive your revolver though you place your hand over it protectively. R: "Nope, I'm not going in without my piece." You announce with a shake of your head. The big man from earlier frowns and he narrows his eyes in clearly visible annoyance. R: "I don't think you understand the situation, when we say you need to turn in your weapons." He says, his words emphasized by a series of handguns being cocked and pointed towards your heads. "We mean ALL of your weapons." R: "Ugh, fine." You say as the the revolver is taken from you forcefully. R: "Thank you for your co-operation." He says, his weapon returning back to its holster as he pockets your sole remaining source of armament. "Now please, step inside we have kept the Kapitan waiting long enough." As the door opens in front of you, the smell of tobacco smoke immediately assaults your senses. Once you enter though, you see a sprawling office space with plenty of tasteful decorations, including a large mahogany desk laid out in the middle of it all. Behind it sits a woman, blonde and dressed up in a wine-colored business suit, even while she's sitting behind the desk you can tell that she's quite tall, certainly taller than you. While your escorts spread out across the room and close the door behind you, you are gradually starting to get nervous about the situation. The silence that descends as the woman takes a drag from the cigar hanging from the side of her mouth is making your heart pound faster and sweat to begin running down your neck. Eventually she decides that the two of you have been grilled enough and breaks the silence by dumping the leftovers of the cigar into an ashtray before leaning forward and letting you see her features properly. Her face is scarred, horribly so in fact. The most visible one being a burn mark that runs all the way from her eye and down to her neck. Not that it makes her look any less intimidating, quite the opposite. R: "So you are the man known as Stanislav Zhirenkov." She begins. "Peacemaker of Afghanistan" they used to call you back in the day, how times have changed." You stiffen at her words as memories you long thought buried begin to resurface. You did not need to be reminded of that right now. R: "Not to worry, we're not here to judge you. In fact I'd go as far as to say that a man of your talents could be of great use to us." She says as seats are brought up in front of the desk. "I am known by many names, but you may address me as Miss Balalaika. Please, sit down and let us discuss business." You take the offered seating without hesitation, if only to distract yourself from the ghosts of the past. Georgiy soon following your lead. R: "Your friend is not someone I know of, and I usually tend to think of myself as someone whose well informed about what's going on in my city." She says, a hint of curiosity in her tone as she looks towards the man next to you. R: "Name's Georgiy, ma'am." Your friend answers in a neutral tone. R: "And how did you end up in the city of the damned may I ask?" R: "I was brought here by human traffickers before escaping and living on the streets." He summarizes, leaving out a lot of the extra detail. R: "Most interesting." She says before turning back towards you. "Ah yes, as I was saying." Balalaika then retrieves a something from within her desk drawer and once you take a closer look you realize that its a manila folder, the front of it plastered with the face of a man that looks to be of southern heritage with his dark hair and tanned skin. R: "Since you said you wanted work, and given your reputation I know you to be a man experienced in delivering violent retribution through superior firepower my offer is this:" She explains as you carefully open up the folder and your eyes widen in surprise as you see the wad of cash laying on top. "Within the folder is information on a target I want to be taken out in a quiet manner, so it can't be tied to our organization along with half of the payment for his elimination." She takes a pause to light up another cigar as you look through the photos and the papers containing all the important details on the man. "I would normally send one of our regular hitmen to do the job, but you happened to appear at an opportune time when barely anyone here knows you so we have plausible deniability should you fail." She admits her reasoning to you. The deadpan look you give to her in response only seems to amuse her as a small smile tugs at her lips. "Oh don't give me that look, it is only sensible for me to take the most low risk option when one is presented to me on a silver platter in this brave new world." She says with a chuckle. "So, what do you say "comrade" Zhirenkov, do we have a deal?" Well, with the information you now have and the job offer in front of you... what do you do? >"I think me and Georgiy need to discuss this offer in private for a bit." >"Fine, we'll do it." >"No thanks, we'll find other job offers." >"I think we're gonna need a bit more incentive..." (specify what you want to request) >"Georgiy, what do you think?" >I better think of something else to say... (write-in)
>>98955 Need more information on the target, read the file, we'll ask questions once we're done reading
>>98955 Do >>98971 Then ask for an extra gun, more ammo, and directions to the closest store that supplies grenades if there's at least one other guy guarding him.
(192.39 KB 640x480 Gael Vera.png)
(3.56 KB 166x274 Persuasion Roll II.png)
>>98971 >>98987 >>99020 Bad rolls all around again, a four this time for negotiating extra gear. "Mind if we look through the details first?" You ask in as calm of a voice as you can muster. "By all means, wouldn't want you to head in blind. Do be quick about it though, I have meeting with another group scheduled after this." Balalaika gives her approval with a nod. Looking through the folder you find out a series of pictures taken of the target from various angles and situations, including one where he's carrying a heavy looking briefcase and shaking hands with another man whose face is too blurry for you to make out. The slip of paper with his profile written on it provides a name to go along with the face. Gael Vera. Apparently he's a lieutenant for one of the many cartels operating out of the city. The reason for him being targeted is because he's cutting in on the action of your employer in the drug trafficking scene, but because of the fragile peace established between the various criminal organizations of the city they can't openly assassinate the man without it escalating into open conflict. Vera never goes anywhere outside of the cartel's local compound without his three heavily armed bodyguards so getting close to the man does not seem like an easy task, but you've dealt with worse cases and back then you only had your revolver. From the observations of the people who produced the profile, you gather that Gael likes to frequent a certain noodle stand every time he's on his regular shakedown runs for protection money from the various businesses in the cartel's turf, a side note humorously noting that it might be the explanation for his... rounded physique. In terms of what sort of heat they're packing, the target himself carries a modified AKM along with a heavily decorated M1911 while his bodyguards seem to carry concealed semi-automatic handguns of various types that they rarely end up needing to pull out. Lastly a detail unrelated to the target himself is the note that tells you if collateral damage ends up happening during the mission, the clean-up costs and hush money is taken out of your paycheck. You convey all of this information to Georgiy in a hushed manner and his eyes gradually widen more and more until he eventually stares at you like a deer caught in the headlights. You pat him in the back to help calm him down, and he eventually gets over his initial surprise and schools his features once more. "What sort of gear are we provided for this?" You say as you close the folder with a snap. "First thing I'd imagine we'd need is an extra gun so one of us doesn't have to run into this with a mere revolver. Plus ammo for said weapon of course..." "I'm afraid you'll have to purchase your own gear, again as I mentioned we don't want this to be tied back to us and if you were seen using weapons from our armory it might raise suspicion." Balalaika says dismissively while exhaling a cloud of cigar smoke into your face, causing you to frown. "Feel free to use the money provided to you in the envelope though, its pocket change." "Can you at least point us towards a place that can supply us what we need?" You ask in between coughs as you waft the cigarette smoke away. "The church located at the edge of town, and on top of the hill here..." Balalaika says, pointing towards a spot on the map laid out on top of her desk. "Is the biggest supplier of armaments in the city, I'd suggest you ask around there. There's smaller gunshops all around the city but the church people have the largest variety up to and including vehicles." >Ask more questions (Specify what you wish to ask) >I think we've got everything we need. (Accept the job) >This doesn't seem like a job for us. (Decline the job) >Is there something else we can do? (Write-in)
(91.35 KB 454x640 69j8r3mv5dk21.jpg)
>>99073 >I think we've got everything we need. (Accept the job) lets do it
>>99073 >I think we've got everything we need. (Accept the job) Time to go shopping We should also figure out what to do with our lovely, lovely drugs
(40.13 KB 200x200 the negro.png)
(306.09 KB 1024x583 deadly gaze.png)
>>99076 >>99078 R: "I think that's all the information we needed." You say as you tuck the folder under your arm and reach your hand out. "We accept." R: "Glad to hear it," She responds and returns the handshake. "Boris will escort you and your associate out, have a good evening gentlemen." Once the two of you are led out of the office you spot the next group that was waiting outside, a negro man that looks like he came straight out of Vietnam with his rounded sunglasses and green flak vest and a bored looking woman who is leaning against the wall, idly nursing a cigarette as she glances towards you. The eye contact only lasts for a few seconds but in that small moment you know you're looking into the eyes of a hardened killer who would shoot you without a second thought given an excuse. The sightline between the two of you is cut as you reach the elevator and the doors close in front of you, causing you to release the breath you didn't even realize you were holding. The man apparently known as Boris hands the both of you back your weapons once you reach the parking lot, only staying around for a bit before turning to leave. R: "Kapitan is placing a lot of trust into you with this job, it would be best for your health to not betray this trust." He says, glancing at you over his shoulder one more time before heading back inside. Georgiy makes a quick check on the assault rifle to make sure it hasn't been tampered with before placing it back over his shoulder. R: "So, that was... something." He says after an awkward pause. "What now though? Its getting kinda late and since we have cash to burn now I sure don't feel like sleeping on the streets anymore." >"Me neither, let's go find a place to lay low." (Specify what kind of place you're looking to sleep in) >"The night is still young, I wanna see what this part of the town has to offer." >"Before we go anywhere let's get a taxi." >"We gotta save the money for gear, we can sleep in shifts if you're worried about being robbed." >Do something else (write-in)
>>99168 >"We gotta save the money for gear, we can sleep in shifts if you're worried about being robbed."
>>99168 Go back to Bao and ask him for a reccomendation on a safe enough place to hunker down, grab some food and some smokes on the way to wherever he reccomends
>>99221 this >>99222 check'd
(43.52 KB 438x796 acb.jpeg)
I guess I should revive this thread before it slides off. Bump for now but expect actual content soon.
>>99221 >>99222 >>99227 You rolled kinda average, but Georgiy rolled decently in streetwise so you have some shelter even while sleeping rough. R: "We gotta save the money for gear you know, this mission might just be tougher than we expect and I'd rather we be overprepped and live than have money to burn and be a corpse." You say, staring your partner in crime down in a manner that leaves no room for argument. "We can sleep in shifts if you're worried about being robbed." R: "And here I was hoping to actually lay my head down with some dignity tonight." Georgiy says with frustration but doesn't argue further, knowing that you hold all the cards in terms of money and language skills. "Oh well, I know a place close by that should be abandoned most of the time and will shield us from the elements, come." R: "Lead the way then." You respond with a shrug of your shoulders, placing the manila folder in your hands inside your shirt so it's out of sight before following the lead of the older man. After another half an hour of walking you eventually see a scrappy looking two-story apartment building with almost all of the doors busted in. Once you head inside one of the dorm rooms you notice that there's no furniture to speak of either, only a floormat and torn tapestry. R: "I don't know the history of this place, but my guess is that whoever was responsible for keeping it running gave up and never bothered to demolish it, so it simply stands here and slowly rots like a carcass." Georgiy says before suddenly stomping his boot on something with an accompanying muffled crunch. "Pests tend to congregate these kinds of places, so try not to leave too much of your skin exposed if you don't want to get bit and catch the fucking plague." Once he scvåldtäkts whatever he stepped on, you notice that it's a massive cockroach. You can feel your face scrunch up in silent disgust at the sight. R: "Noted." You say before you glance at your watch, mentally noting down the time to be around midnight as put your briefcase down on the floor. "We'll sleep in two shifts each, wake me when its my turn on watch, we move out at 8 sharp." You finish with a sigh while sitting next to it, leaning against the wall and closing your eyes. R: "Roger." Georgiy says as he squats down next to the broken doorway with his rifle leaning against the wall. "Sleep tight." During the first quarter of the night nothing happens, you sleep peacefully even if somewhat uncomfortably for about an hour and a half before Georgiy shakes you awake, notifies that it's your turn on the watch and hands you the rifle. As you see Georgiy disappear into what you assume passes for a bathroom in the apartment, soon followed by the sounds of snoring, you begin to ponder on how to pass the time under the moonlight shining down on you from the hole in the collapsed ceiling. >Explore the rest of the building (Specify how much time do you wish to spend doing this?) >Take out your diary and writing supplies and begin scribbling down your thoughts >Take out the folder on the target and begin forming a plan on how to take him down >Light yourself a smoke and begin pondering about where your life went so wrong >Use supplies in your personal hygiene kit to give your face a clean shave >I've got a better idea... (write-in)
>>104693 >>Take out the folder on the target and begin forming a plan on how to take him down
>>104699 this but more
Bumping so the thread doesn't slide off, false alarm to anyone who thought this was an update. :^)
(36.01 KB 567x523 33db091d.jpg)
Bumpin' just in case I come back to this eventually.
(55.01 KB 600x428 Manila-Folder.jpg)
>>109082 >>105225 >>104979 >>104699 The thread lived, the thread lives, the thread will live! You begin to go through the folder once more, looking at the facts that are on the table regarding the job so you can begin to properly plan for the job. Your insights so far are: 1. The protection money collection happens within Vera's own little fiefdom of the overall cartel territory every Friday (Friday is two days from now) before the businesses close their doors. 2. When he's not out on the street either getting food/company or collecting the payments, Vera's hanging out in his personal mansion on the city's outskirts. This mansion is marked on the old map that came with the folder and acts as the local base of operations for the cartel. 3. Vera is paranoid to the max and doesn't go anywhere without a weapon and his bodyguards, including the brothel and the titty bar that his people operate. Which leaves you with a few options for now. 1. Purchase a long rifle or a marksman's rifle and take him out from a distance while he's outside of his base of operations. Georgiy will act as your spotter. 2. Get some suppressed weapons for yourself and Georgiy and ambush Vera when he's indoors in one of the local businesses either for leisure or the racket money 3. Get some proper body armor, heavy duty weaponry and explosives. Assault Vera's home directly with Georgiy once you got all of those and you know for sure he's inside of it. 4. Figure out Vera's daily path from the list of businesses that the cartel collects from and set up an "accident" for him >Pick option 1. >Pick option 2. >Pick option 3. >Pick option 4. >Spend some time coming up with another plan (write-in your own plan) >Don't decide on anything yet
>>119173 do option 1
>>119173 I want to say Option 4, as to not attract as much attention to you
>>119173 >Spend some time coming up with another plan (write-in your own plan) All of the above is overkill, we: >Get some decent generalist weapons, another Kalash, a good supply of ammo, webbing, and armour for ourselves (helmets first), and some explosives with any money we have left over >We spend the rest of the two days finding them most oppurtune site to kill the target, its a city, distances aren't going to be over 200m max, we can set up a site to watch for him as he shakes down one of his protection rackets and lay into him as he collects >Precision is over-rated, just slot the cunt, shoot him until he's not moving and too well ventilated to ever move again, then run away


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