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(22.60 KB 300x100 red scarf banner.png)
(35.65 KB 350x125 get.png)
Anonymous Comrade 02/22/2020 (Sat) 10:10:44 No. 53816
New banner thread, last one slid off the board. Remember to use the /GET/ logo (second pic related) somewhere on your submissions.
(25.20 KB 300x100 Nooo My post.png)
(81.40 KB 300x100 tell isis banner v3.png)
(38.35 KB 300x100 Be Gay Do Crime banner v2.png)
Updated versions of banners by Satan-kun and Zeke, wondering if it's okay to use these instead of the originals. Also wondering if anyone has the SakuNico banner saved. No banners are being added right now since we've hit the limit, but I'm trying to get the limit raised.
>>53816 are animated banners allowed?
(830.25 KB 300x100 stalin banner.gif)
>>53825 Yes, but at this moment Bunkerchan only accepts banners of up to 200kb. That means pic related from GETchan 2.0 won't upload. I'm also trying to get this changed, though, so hopefully it will be raised to at least 1mb when the banner limit is raised.
>>53819 I love this
(52.42 KB 300x100 supreme leader.png)
Anyone got the SakuNico one?
(41.68 KB 300x100 d3.png)
(56.22 KB 300x100 d2.png)
(68.45 KB 300x100 d1.png)
Just three random ones I done made did.
(45.88 KB 300x100 xmas_banner.png)
(27.96 KB 300x100 xmas_banner2.png)
christmas banners
>>64530 >С Новым Годом! That says "Happy New Year".
>>64600 Wow, I didn't know that. The more you know. Thank you anon!
(50.01 KB 300x100 crossdressing_banner.png)
(12.62 KB 300x100 banner.jpg)
>>72834 This is too true, they're never gonna use it
We can’t let this thread die again lmao
(30.29 KB 300x100 1.png)
(24.88 KB 300x100 Untitled.png)
(204.03 KB 600x529 where are the frogs.png)
>>79952 >frogs
>page 9 bump
(627.88 KB 1510x1826 sakyou.png)
>>58762 I'll post it when I get back to my work computer, so hopefully never.
>>94300 They look soo much more detailed in the manga, the anime doesn't do it justice.
(55.03 KB 300x100 femboyhooters.png)
OC coming in hot
(55.02 KB 729x354 kuma_stare.png)
>>94310 I didn't get it, for some reason I thought it was a shovel in a whale's eye. And then I saw what the file was called, looked again and now I get it
bump it up >>58762 >>94300 Idk why but I remember I saw that banner posted. Im pretty sure that was on the Nico thread that died lmaooooooo
(2.63 MB 363x300 femboy jannies.gif)
(60.53 KB 300x100 Fuck 12, Suck Tits.png)
(21.04 KB 300x100 NI_feet_banner.png)
(14.30 KB 300x100 Na_straz.jpg)


no cookies?