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Welcome to /GET/, a congregation of everything that's wrong with humanity.

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butts Anonymous Comrade 12/12/2019 (Thu) 01:01:31 No. 42292
Literally the only thing as good as communism
>>111564 >girl My friend, that is a red blooded male called DarkWaifu.
Post more butts!
>>111572 wtf how long she been on estrogen to have hips that fucking wide god damn.
>>113702 Probably started before her hip growth plates fused together
>>113704 I often wonder if my hips are fucked together starting at 20 going on 21. Not far enough in to notice that yet.
>>113710 Yes, they are. If you had money for surgery, you could get them surgically cut apart though.
>>113711 Don't think I wanna be doing that surgery. I've heard hearsay that they don't fuse completely until the mid 20s but with no data to substantiate it, so I'll assume you're correct on the matter of them being done.
>>111572 bruh if you still consider this a male, you are gay. Look at those juicy ass cheeks, my God! Those hips are made to grab onto will i plant my seeds in her uterus
>>111360 >>111358 How is he a male... like what the fuck. If he wasn't born like that why did he do that to hisself if he can't be a girl 100%? I'm asking real questions here MoFos.
>>113771 Someone ought to link all the trap posts made in the thread for all the jousou seme fans (or whatever they're called)
>>113771 That's a girl and she chose to be hot and cute because her dysphoria made her feel bad and she never identified as a boy anyway
>>103217 >>111358 >>111360 >>103191 >>103190 >>103189 >>103188 >>103187 >>103185 >>103184 >>103182 >>103180 >>103179 >>103178 >>103176 >>103175 >>103174 >>103173 >>103172 >>103171 >>103170 >>103169 >>103167 >>100601 >>100594 I think that's it >>113772 >>113773 >inserting dysphoria into the talk No. His literal instragram reads DarkWaifuTrap. I'M A F# Guy (F# being a censored, short way of saying FUCKING).
>>113774 Lol i didnt bother reading their instagram
>>111360 >>111358 I don't get how this is a guy. They have all the womanly features...
>>100601 Shaytan can I suck you off
>>114821 sure but only online
>>100601 i'm straight but your ass is nice
>>115005 Thanks bro
>>115019 No problem, broski. Gotta give love to the homies.
Alarming lack of butts ITT
>>115046 >>115005 >>115019 >doesn't add 'no homo' uh oh
>>115096 >lack of butts Post more then
Post some more ebony peeps, I got jungle fever going
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(215.15 KB 750x793 1553717906643.jpg)
(130.99 KB 1069x1332 1553462917817.jpg)
>>118613 I'll post these since there hasn't been any real ass posting here in a while, sorry if I posted ones that have been posted already but theres too many images to shift through right now.
(5.03 MB 0.mp4)
>>118906 Thanks for introducing me to the new /cuteboys/ / transgirl map. Are you wanting me to post my deets here or something?
>>118911 >>118928 Just a map if any of you actually want to engage with /cb/s IRL
>>118928 where would one find other maps like this for various groups?
(5.63 MB yo.mp4)
(1.09 MB 860x599 sniff.png)
(33.76 KB 500x500 yummy.jpg)
(8.32 MB 640x1138 15777860796311.mp4)
>>103190 Puag. Too many traps. Shaytan you are such a weirdo. That explains your weird posts in /Lpol/
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(574.37 KB 2904x1944 ymJlipi.jpeg)
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(1.63 MB 2667x4000 george_mag_95 (7).jpg)
Took some, retributed with some.
>>121248 I would kill the surgeon who made Elsa Jean look like she looks now
(1.77 MB 2667x4000 george_mag_96 (5).jpg)
(1.52 MB 2667x4000 george_mag_97 (8).jpg)
(1.62 MB 2667x4000 george_mag_98 (8).jpg)
(1.82 MB 2667x4000 george_mag_100 (5).jpg)
>>121305 >>121305 Can you compare she now vs. she then?
(4.76 MB 2560x1920 123.png)
(490.04 KB 474x711 12333.png)
(691.50 KB 628x680 123333.png)
I don't understand the cult to plastic, or this is just because of aging
>>121243 >>121244 >focusing on the asshole <TFW they ignore their pussy
(31.92 KB 430x480 wut-lol.jpg)
>>121338 In all the videos the pussy is shwon.
>>42300 >ass >too big
>>121369 I meant the focus is on the assholes
(933.27 KB 1667x2500 0F8DA93.jpg)
(2.51 MB 3744x5616 0FD95D4.jpg)
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(1.91 MB 4912x7360 1_Image_26.jpg)
>>121406 Nah, I think you are being paranoid.
Best thread on this board by far


no cookies?