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(1.08 MB 5285x3762 MapChart_Map (12).png)
American civil war, #2 Anonymous Comrade 11/08/2020 (Sun) 12:07:21 No. 122971
A continuation of the american civil war from >>113624 To avoid confusion and having to check across threads the current move we are up to is still >>121467
crossposting MCRanons most recent map
(1.09 MB 5285x3762 MapChart_Map (13).png)
Hmm since no one seems to have bothered posting anything new i might as well post one (final?) update based off of moves at the end of the old thread. >Army building - CSSA built a new army in Georgia. - Steelers country built a new army in Michigan >Uncontested moves - Steelers country moved 3 armies from Michigan to Ohio. - The MCR peacefully occupied Wisconsin. >Battles. - Kingdom of Louisiana used 3 armies to attack the 3 CSSA armies stationed in Tennessee (5> needed) <5 - close victory. The Kingdoms forces push the CSSA's forces back to North carolina and Georgia. 1 CSSA army collapses, 2 move to Georgia and North carolina (1 each)
>>123290 I am willing to give the 3 armies in MN, AZ, and ID as volunteers to the CSSA current army positions: 1 CA, 1 OR, 1 WA, 1 ID, 1 NV, 1 AZ, 1 MN
>>123290 The Rocky Confederation is troubled at recent events, so under an order of Secretary of State, Dennis Rodman (As Supreme Leader Ye is currently touring the new acquired territory) to shut down all borders for any autonomous zones, no one can get in or out. Also Chairman Bear before all of this was sent to Mexico to simply discuss the future of North America, when he hears of the attacks. The Chairman immediately tells president of Mexico that if any conflict were to arise between any other state and Mexico, the Rocky Confederation will have their full support. An army is built in New Mexico as the situation tenses
>>123290 Fiehrer Sturm gathers the Reich's forces in Delaweer together in Wilmington, and gave a rousing speech to his troops. "Kummeraade, I envy you, because today you shall be given the greatest honor imaginable! You will be given the privilege to fight for the Reich, to die for the glory of the Reich! Your body may die, but your spirit, your triumphant will shall live on for all eternity as one of the brave few given the privilege to retake the Pennsylvania German Vadderland! We will drive the Unnermensche from our once glorious home and build a new, far greater society than mankind has ever seen! A society dedicated to the might and wisdom of the Deitsche! The Judeo-Bolshevik menace will never defeat the Reich, whether it be the race traitors of the RAF, the detestable anarchists of the Molly Maguires, the Steelers fans, the CSSA, or the great puppet master Soros, controlling these forces from his lair in Kalifoorni. They will all tremble and bow before the might of the Reich, a Reich that will stand for thousands of years!" Cheers shot up from the soldiers, a group consisting mainly of veterans from the humiliating push out of Pennsilfaani at the hands of the Steelers fans. No one but the Fiehrer himself desired more to reclaim the Vadderland. At dawn, all Deitsche forces in Delaware begin the attack on Steelers' Country forces in Pennsilfaani to reclaim the Vadderland. Armeen: Delaweer (DE): 3 -> 0 Marrland (MD): 3 Pennsilfaani (PA): 3 armies invading
>>123290 No time for rp today Move: - use 3 armies in WV to attack MD - Request gamer volunteers in MI if Gamerstan still supports us against the fascists
(817.70 KB 1140x1425 grace more transparent.png)
>>123290 My Turn: Louisiana: Dead Texas: 1 army Arkansas: 0 armies Mississippi: 0 armies Tennessee: 3 armies ... Using this turn to invade CSSA (South) Virginia with my three (3) armies in Tennessee If they retaliate w/ nukes, I will nuke Florida instead.
UPDATE >Army building. - RC built a new army in NM >Battles >The reich used three armies in DE to attack PA (5> NEEDED) <8 - Strong victory The reich takes PA. 2 steelers army's collapse. the remaining army fell back to Ohio >Steelers country attacked MD with 3 armies (5> needed) <5 Steelers take MD 2 reich legions fall back to DE >Kingdom of Louisiana attacked Virginia with 3 armies (5> needed) <4 The attack stalls and the kingdoms forces retreat back to TN. One army falls. No map this time. just use imagination.
>>124327 build an additional army in NV
>>124327 The newly relocated high command sends out the order for the troops in Georgia to perform a new offensive to retake Tennessee while the royal troops are still reeling from their unsuccessful attempt at aiding the fascist hordes in taking over CSSA's Northernmost territories and taking the old capital. Jour de la guillotine sera bientôt ici camarades!
(175.90 KB 500x500 Grace pic transparent.png)
>>124398 These guillotine pics hurt. Someone must suffer for this >>124327 My turn: Louisiana: Wasteland Arkansas: 0 armies Mississippi: 0 armies Texas: 1 army Tennessee: 2 armies ... Using this turn to nuke California! Fire a nuke at California!
>>124486 you will only have two left after this no? and this will only destroy one of my armies since i scattered them out across my states a few turns ago. meanwhile i have 5 nukes iirc, enough to instantly end your game. are you sure about this?
>>124487 remember the rule from last thread. If you nuke Grace's country out of existence there will be an automatic full scale counterstrike with what's left of her entire arsenal.
I take it that since I had 1 army in MI and 3 in OH 1 army from OH must have been moved back to MI to accommodate the retreating army from PA. Meaning my armies should like like this: OH = 3 MD = 3 MI = 2 Turn: - Use 3 armies in OH to attack PA - Diplomacy, request gamer volunteers in MI >>123290 OP, are diplomatic actions not a thing anymore or am I forgetting a rule where you can't do them in the same turn as something else or something? I tried talking to Germany a few turns ago and I think Gamerstan twice now? If the dice rolls are all losses and you're not showing them to save space that's fine I'm confused though.
>>124503 I think this game is on its last legs unfortunately
>>124486 Good lord I wish there was porn of this bitch getting oral fucked by a big dicked communist dude while her small beta prince remain watching stroking his pathetic PENIS and crying like a bitch
(782.86 KB 1140x1425 160581903567702170.png)
>>124534 This is your brain on coomunism. >>124487 Don't think I don't anticipate death, (((soros))) Better to die in nuclear fire than guillotine by CSSA (South), I say.
(31.24 KB 250x250 250px-Tricolour_Cockade.svg.png)
Supreme Leader Ye calls on the other powers to form a GRAND Coalition against the Kingdom of Louisiana. He notes that while he tried his best to stay neutral throughout the entire ordeal, the last few actions shown that they are but a starved dog, lashing out at all who come near. And the only way to deal with them is a bullet in the back of head. While he notes that he does not want any power to use nuclear weapons and would rather a ground assault, if it came to it, it would be for the greater good if used. Supreme Leader Ye ends it with a letter to Queen Grace, begging for the bloodshed to stop and that if she were to end the conflict, Supreme Leader Ye would find a way to make sure she was kept safe. But the way he sees it, if the Queen continues down the road she is currently on, the only path to peace would be the end of the Kingdom
(13.18 KB 455x514 d03.jpg)
>>124398 Forgot to mention one more thing! This attack is also supported by one of the armies in NC, making the total size of the army group attacking Tennesee be 3 armies. Unit movements and counts for next turn: >VA = 3 >DC = 3 >NC = 2 (with 1 army attacking TN) >SC = 1 >GA = 2 (with both armies attacking TN) >FL = 1
>>124731 instead of destroying our future territory, (((we))) will pursue a more targeted approach. (((Supreme Leader Soros))) uses their Mossad and IDF connections to attempt to destroy Louisiana's nuclear weapons >>124734 (((we))) join this coalition immediately, and attempt to get international support using (((our))) seat in the UN
>>124327 A massive rally is held in Filadelfi, in celebration of the Reich's reclamation of the Vadderland. While spirits are high at the rally, rumors spread that not everyone is pleased with the Reich's return. In fact, attacks by the RAF and the Molly Maguires have only increased, emboldened by the Steelers' Country brief hold over Pennsilfaani. In response Fiehrer Sturm has only doubled down on his hardline stance, sending anyone with even the most remote ties to resistance groups to the camps. He has also cut back on rations, insisting that the populace must live a simple "Nationalsozialistische" lifestyle. Der Fiehrer orders local Pennsylvania Dutch to be conscripted in order to raise another army in Delaweer. >>124486 Fiehrer Sturm has been strangely silent on his ally's increasing tendency to resort to the nuclear option. Some wonder if he is looking on in horror... or in awe. Armeen: Pennsilfaani (PA): 3 Delaweer (DE): 2 -> 3
(18.06 KB 279x348 me_irl.jpg)
Apologies folks, but I'm literally pic rel for the last week. Also a lot of uni shit is coming up. I feel kinda bad about leaving you guys. Don't wanna look like an ass, but would it be possible to do a moratorium on this game for a bit?
>>124891 yeah its fine ig
(1.10 MB 5285x3762 MapChart_Map (14).png)
Sorry for the long wait frens. hope most of you are still here i had some irl stuff going on that sorta torpedoed my chances to do an update the last week. >Army building Reich built an army in Delaware. >Battles -Steelers launched a counterattack in order to attempt to reclaim PA (5> needed) <4 Reich forces hold the state as the Steelers offensive stalls. one army collapses. - CSSA has three divisions launch a pincer attack on the kingdoms forces in Tennessee (3> needed) <4 - Victory. One of the kingdoms army's collapses and the other falls back to Arkansas. NUCLEAR LAUNCH ==THE KINGDOM OF LOUISIANA HAS SUDDENLY LAUNCHED AN UNPROVKED NUCLEAR ATTACK ON THE CML-SA'S CAPITAL CITY AND THE REST OF CALIFORNIA. >Foreign affairs. - Steelers country requested more Gamer troops be stationed in MI <9 Success. Gamerstan believing the situation in America must be stabilised deploys more troops as requested MOVEMENTS AT THE UN The Cultural Marxist liberal states of America proposes a limited UN intervention to dissolve the kingdom of Louisiana. The vote is unanimously in favour of the action. The CSSA, CML-SA and the RC get one volunteer army each. they may pick where to place them.
>>124891 So is the game on hold then? Or should I be making a move?
>>126184 I haven't posted yet myself because of lack of energy but will make my move at some point over the next week or so if no one else has by then. If people start playing again before then I will too. I figure 1-2 weeks is enough time for a break unless >>124891 needs more. I wonder if they have finals?


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