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Second American Civil War - a /GET/ game Anonymous Comrade 09/16/2020 (Wed) 06:15:14 No. 113624
Inspired by both the success of the quest thread and the time bear challenged us all to chess >Basic Rules - Everyone can create a a warlord state / successor state three states in size (Ignore territories + Hawaii and Alaska) using this site (https://mapchart.net/usa.html) And post it in reply to OP for me to see (Also if you want write a lore / worldbuilding for your state etc thats cool as well) - After i give it a day or two i'll check back to see if enough people have responded and declare the game open if they have. - I will post an initial map showing what the US looks like with everyone's choices. - Everyone will start with 2 armies per state for a total of six each - States no one has claimed will be "In Chaos" and will be automatically claimed by the first person who moves an army into it - Everyone gets one move per turn - Moving army(s) into another state counts as a move. - You can build more army(s) in whichever state(s) you control as the game goes on but each one will take a move to make - Three armies can be in a state at a time. - I will use a random number gen to determine the outcomes of attacks - Attacking with inferior numbers (See: 1v2 2v3 1v3 etc) will mandate getting at least 7> to succeed Equal forces (1v1 2v2 3v3 etc) will be 5> Attacking with superior numbers (3v2 3v1 2v1 etc) will result in having to get a 3> - Losing a state loses the armies within it - Failing an attack loses 1 army - Rolling a 0 while attacking results in a critical failure and the attacking forces being destroyed entirely - After every few days i will post an updated map and read of the results of everyones moves. try to reply directly to the update with new moves to make it easier to chronicle. I will obviously try to check in every day / day or two once/if the game starts same as bear with chess or spurdo with his thread. And obviously feel free to write whatever lore or worldbuilding you want as the game goes on. That wont be counted as a turn. And all alliances or NAP's are negotiated between yourselves with no binding agreements to hold them.
>>113891 The foreign ministry of the Krushchevi Songun Rājatba requests an urgent meeting to discuss recognition of our state and territory and the forming of a bilateral non-aggression treaty. We offer the CSSA a guarantee of non intervention in Montana, and recognition of CSSA claims in Michigan and any claims made directly to the south and east of the state. In return we request a withdrawal of skirmishing forces and claims on Wisconsan, a recognition of our rightful claim to Nebraska, as well as an agreement of non aggression the terms of which to be drafted by the CSSA
(1.30 MB 5285x3762 Plains Partnership.png)
(924.55 KB 2560x2521 GettyImages-1142126412.jpg)
>>113901 >montana I can tell you ain't a burger lmao. Thats Missouri. Anyways, the Rocky Confederation would like to form a parternship of sorts with the KSR. Since were both midwestern powers, I feel a partnership is in our best interest. I'm saying this because I can see future conflicts arriving, specifically about Montana and Kansas. If you agree to the partnership, it would go like this. You would recognize my claim of Montana and I would recognize the claim of North Dakota for you. As for Kansas, as of right now I am claiming it, but we can discuss its future as I see your clear prospects and I wish to avoid conflicts
Da Pennsilfaanisch-Deitsche Reich, or the Pennsylvania German Reich, rises out of the chaos of Pennsylvania, with its capital seated at Lengeschder (Lancaster). Der Fiehrer Stirling Ritter has stated that his first course of action will be to build up his small nation's armed forces in order to better protect the country from its enemies.
(209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
(145.01 KB 1200x675 EMqloaNUYAA3w-u.png)
>>113884 Louisiana knows that the future of our Kingdom relies upon strong Islamic Plain Indians. The volunteers will march to New Mexico by the 3rd turn after this new turn is finished. Make sure there is 1 army stationed there on your side when the time is right... because states can only fit 3 armies at once. If there is actually 2 armies already in New Mexico by then, I will just send one Louisianan Volunteer Army. The Kingdom of Louisiana doesn't have money to standardize our uniforms yet, but we have a motley group of volunteers who will fight. >>113870 Louisianan soldiers tell the diplomat to stay at the border. Isn't Rocky Confederation at war with our Indian friends?
Damn, just noticed the thread. Is this too late to join?
>>113904 Representatives of the KSR accept the agreement as proposed by Comrade YE and the Rocky Confederation, under the condition that the Rocky Mountain Confederation allows for free association of all Aryans currently living in Montana, the KSR additionally offers to pay for the emigration of these peoples. >I can tell you ain't a burger lmao. Thats Missouri. Geography studies and other intellectual pursuits take away from precious time spent on sowing the corn to feed our peoples.
(1.47 MB 2042x3000 kanye-west-outfit-ovo.jpg)
(461.56 KB 2100x1160 ye_partnership.png)
>>113911 As it stands, the Rocky Confederation is not at war with the Indians. However, we see any acts of aggression as hostile and will retaliate if necessary. However, this concerns the Rocky Confederation and the Kingdom only. We would like to create some diplomatic ties, third parties aside. >>113913 Under the law of YE "All Men Are Born Equal With Dragon Energy, Ya Feel Me", so the Aryans are free to do what they like. however, if they want to, we'd be happy to assist them with the emigration. As for Kansas, we implore the KSR to send an army of their own into the territory as a sign of equality and in case of foreign entities and their interests
(689.17 KB 4373x3072 CSSAAF Militiamen.jpg)
The Confederacy claims rightful ownership of all of America's south-east territories and thus aims to add North Carolina and Tennesee to its fraternal union. In a press statement foreign minister McEarlwith announced that the Confederacy is willing to back up its claims to these territories with military force if necessary. Following this statement, the CSSA's armed forces moved in across state borders from Alabama to seize Tennessee and restore peace and stability to the troubled region and begin integrating it into the Confederacy. Eyewitness reports say that the militiamen of Alabama's 31st Regional Militia were welcomed with open arms by the local population. >>113891 The Confederacy sends a strongly-worded letter to the northern CSSA representatives, demanding that they recognize the south's territorial claims and lambasts them for not including the Confederacy's delegation within their partitioning talks.
>>113915 Also forgot Peace In The Plains!
Okay, I seem to have been too late for the party. Will there be some sort of round 2 of this?
>>113923 Just pick three states that haven't been conquered, or picked by anyone else as a starting territories yet and make your own warlord nation. I'm sure OP will still accept late submissions considering we're only in the second round.
>>113857 Sorry for being late as fuck. On behalf of the (((Great Leader)))'s office, the Cultural Marxist MoD would like to express great joy in their conquering of the racist state of Nevada, and would like to take this opportunity to extend an olive branch to the rest of the Islamic Indian people and assure them that if they were to give up their highly problematic ways that they would be guaranteed a comfortable place in the new Marxist-Sorosist-Sarkeesianist order. On this condition, the Cultural Marxist MoD orders one occupying army to return back to California, with the the combined force of the Second Californian Army and the First and Second Nevadan Armies to move to the border of Arizona.
(460.09 KB 950x916 MarxismLeninismKanyeism.png)
(16.96 KB 480x360 jpcsks.png)
>>113915 The KSR would like to announce, the whole people of the nation are vibing with this prospect of "All Men Are Born Equal With Dragon Energy, Ya Feel Me" and furthermore the foreign ministry agrees to a mutual occupation of the Kansas territory. We intend to move a division into Kansas state lines next turn, if the dust has settled in Wisconsan also these fake kanye tweets are killing me
(1.07 MB 4500x3000 u922j84fl6p31.png)
>>113870 The Cultural Marxist MoFA would like to propose a non-aggression treaty with the leadership of the Rocky Foundation on condition that they don't intervene in the affairs of the ICIP and that the CMLSA would likewise not intervene in the affairs of any states past the state of Idaho. The MoFA would also like to take this opportunity to request the GM to officially recognize our territory as the Cultural Marxist States of AmeriKKKa, and that this be the official flag of our great nation.
>>113857 For the DM: Are there former remnants of the united states government still existing in this setting? >>113930 also yes peace in the plains *bless*
>>113915 We accept the Rocky Confederation diplomat to enter the capital. The Louisiania Foreign Ministry tells the Rocky Confederation that Louisiana potentially wants Oklahoma.
(938.68 KB 5285x3762 Turn_1_States_of_America.png)
So far to my unofficial understanding these are the territories currently occupied and contested at the end of turn 1. Did I miss anything?
(809.95 KB 5285x3762 Midwest_defence_league.png)
(34.38 KB 908x532 MDL_flag.png)
After witnessing the collapse of US government and the first steps of its successor states to take over the chaotic remnants, the people of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska have banded together in a defensive federation to protect their territory from being subjugated by hostile hand. The central government is nascent and weak, and the eventual structure of the state still unclear and will be determined by the people of the MDL in the coming weeks. The Central Committee of the Midwestern Defense league is issuing a communique to the central leaderships of KSR, Louisiana, Rocky Confederation and the CSA in order to establish diplomatic channels and determine if the following nations harbor hostile intent to the MDL
(35.67 KB 362x346 CjcQBE6.jpg)
>>113949 Which CSSA? There's two of them, one in the north and the other in the south.
>>113950 MDL is issuing a diplomatic apology to the Combined SSA and Confederate SAA for mixing the two up. Further more MDL is clarifying that the previous diplomatic communique was intended for the bordering Combined SSA
(1.06 MB 3021x2014 download.jpg)
(74.15 KB 2400x1200 cssa.png)
(259.12 KB 400x400 mayor johnson.png)
(142.98 KB 1400x1060 evanston.jpeg)
CSSA (Chicago Government) Communique >>113949 Mayor Adam H. Johnson of the Free City of Chicago welcomes the delegation from the MDL to their new Mission on Michigan Ave. Newspapers report of a jovial mood at the assembly because of the prospects for the future friendship between the two nations. >>113916 The CSSA has announced it is withdrawing the proposed partition plan involving lands rightfully claimed by the CSSA (south) and sends its apologies for any heartache it may have caused the southern freedom fighters. President Wedding wishes to invite a the leadership of the CSSA (south) to visit an undisclosed coast town on Lake Erie to discuss our common interests. >>113901 The President of the CSSA reaffirms his pledge to protect Wisconsin from alien far right forces operating from within the state and demands a complete withdraw of all KSR troops from Wisconsin. These statements come in the wake of Revolutionary Civil Protection forces being fired upon in the northern city of Evanston. RCP forces are monitoring the situation and suspect far-right involvement.
(1.97 MB 630x354 ye ridin'.gif)
ATTENTION The Islamic Confederation of the Indian Plains! WE AT THE ROCKY CONFEDERATIO UNDER SUPREME LEADER YE DO NOT SEEK FOR CONFLICT. IF PEACE CAN BE REACHED, WE WILL HAPPILY LOOK FOR ONE >>113931 We at the Rocky Confederation all agree if we get these terms. 1. Access to the sea via Washington 2. Allow for any retaliation towards the TICIP if they act with aggression. >>113934 How about this.The Rocky Confederation will send in an army into Oklahoma and you do to, and we occupy the region until a consensus is made. That way we both have equal power within the state as a balance. >>113949 We at the Rocky Confederation most consult our friends in the Plains Partnership before deciding, however as it stands, we will keep on friendly terms. However, our army in Kansas will stay for now, until a consensus ends. They will treat anyone that they contact as their own people, so rest assured this is not an act of aggression, more of caution
(260.17 KB 1080x1080 Spurdo Approves.png)
>>113971 The president's apology is wholeheartedly accepted by Confederate leadership and assurances are sent back that no lasting harm has been done to the relations of the two brethren nations as a result of this incident. The foreign ministry is currently discussing who to send in its diplomatic delegation to Lake Erie in response to the invitation of the northern leadership.
(3.85 MB 2800x4582 grace recites paper.png)
(26.65 KB 702x474 Louisiana_Kingdom_flag.png)
The Kingdom of Louisiana unveils its new flag. based off the Acadiana flag
Updates Important: Since the TICIP and bear were not aware a new player was going to control the states they decided to advance on. I've decided for Fa*Ness even if bear loses he wont lose his army this turn. The TICIP can also have the NM army they lost against bear back in Colorado. >Nations declared - Racist-Marxist-Leninist-Corn-Juche state declared in Minnesota Iowa and South dakota. - German ethnostate declare in Pennsylvania - Kansas Nebraska and Missouri have formed a defence pact confederation. >Army Building. Louisiana mustering more forces in the state of texas. >Uncontested moves - Pumpkin gang takes NJ. (Turn 1) - Pumpkin gang takes CT (Turn 2) - California moves one army back to california. Leaves one army on Nevada-Arizona border. (Also California anon you have to spend a turn building a new army(s) in Nevada) - CSSA (Southern gov) takes TN. >Contested moves >Since the Racist-Marxist-Leninist-Corn-Juche state claimed Wisconsin first they will defend. (7> Needed) <7 Success. The CSSA takes Wisconsin and the forces of the opposing side are pushed back. >The rocky confederation attempts an assault on Kansas (7> Needed) <2 The Rocky confederation forces are pushed back though with minimal casualties.
Question / Poll Should i add in periodical "chaos" or "random" events if this keeps going on for a while to keep things interesting? Like as example one could be something like. "Harsh Winter : People start getting desperate" "Three random states fall under the control of 'rebels' with one army each per state" These would basically just be NPC "characters" and would just serve as an annoyance to keep the game a little off kilter as not for everyone to settle into a permanent frontline / 1914-1918 mentality. That is until at 100 turns when Xi convinces the UN the situation wont resolve itself so the PLA steps in to 'restore order'
(92.82 KB 508x524 pvUGsLV3.jpg small.jpg)
Louisiana Anthem declared You Are My Sunshine They keep the old anthem, seeing it as still relevant to the current political regime. A cult of personality is set up with paintings of Louis XIV hung up and distributed all over the Kingdom of Louisiana... all upon the coronation speech that the spirit of Louis XIV has been reincarnated here. ... Louisiana wants to know what the Islamic Plain Indians will make of the peace proposals from Rocky Confederation and George Soros before it makes the next turn... >>113949 The Queen of Louisiana is skeptical of the Midwest Defense League, but agrees to allow their diplomats into the Palace at Baton Rouge.
>>113998 No. I don't like the sound of random events.
(540.55 KB 1000x1000 1-F-408-260-800x800.jpg)
>>113995 based anon, thanks for the update. Point of order: shouldn't I still have Kentucky under control as well? >Should i add in periodical "chaos" or "random" events if this keeps going on for a while to keep things interesting? my vote is yes
>>114002 t. CSSA (Chicago)
>>114002 Oh yeah sorry. I have to redo the map everytime because theres no way to just save one and keep editing it on this site.
>>114004 We really need an army count for each state, but that might be a pain. Is everyone keeping track of their armies?
>>114005 It's not that big a deal for now since everyone only controls like three states each anyway and i can just read the thread back. But yeah at some point i think i'll need to either start making marks on the map showing armies or just have everyone keep track of their own.
(4.04 KB 275x183 da Supreme Leader orders.jpeg)
>>113995 I want to send two armies from Wyoming into the territory of Idaho and Montana, each with their own armies. Then I want to send the army heading out of Kansas into Oklahoma to occupy it for now. >>113998 Yes, mario party that shit
>>114009 You take one state per turn bear-kun
(904.75 KB 5285x3762 lazy.png)
>>114005 >>114006 I started doing it by reading through the thread but got lazy and this is how far I got. I would suggest that everyone says their status in their posts like >>113776 does here. It would be easier for you to add them up eventually and for you to eventually make the calculations if we need them later.
(5.63 KB 266x190 yeezus ordah.jpg)
>>114010 uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fine I'll occupy oklahoma
>>114013 with one or two armies?
>>114014 The one moving out of Kansas
>>113998 sounds rad
>>113995 >German ethnostate declare in Pennsylvania It's a Pennsylvania Dutch ethnostate smdh this is basically cultural genocide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pennsylvania_Dutch Anyway for this turn Der Fiehrer would like to continue the buildup of forces in Pennsylvania proper, for a total of three armies. Pennsylfaani (Pennsylvania): 2 -> 3 armies
(536.14 KB 1287x2000 CP27662441.jpg)
(21.78 KB 300x324 oka-warrior-with-flag-1990.jpg)
(104.58 KB 1200x780 1200px-Flag_of_Mohawciety.svg.jpg)
>>114012 >>114013 The Islamic Confederation of the Indian Plains has debuted the offical revolutionary flag. It is the flag of the Mohawk centered by the Al-Quds star. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory (Corinthians) God grants us victory though we are a minority (Palestinian song) My move: TICIP will wait for the Louisianan volunteers to arrive. Watch any moves California makes on the Arizona border, fortify the border. TICIP gives an offical condemnation of bear invading Oklahoma. We have guaranteed Grace's Louisiana the land north of Texas and we will enforce this promise.
>>114031 kannst du deutsch?
(52.50 KB 505x406 41028.jpg)
>>114033 The Kingdom of Louisiana puts forward a Defensive Pact and requests that it gets signed before any volunteers arrive. The conditions Louisiana wants a guarantee that Islamic Plain Indians will help secure Texas in the event that it gets invaded for these 3-turns... seeing as how there is a big security risk. But support Louisianan hold on Texas. If the Defensive Pact is declined Louisiana will only send 1 volunteer army. ... Louisiania prompts Indians to either make another army or clear room for the 2 Louisianian Volunteer armies.
>>114034 Ein bisschen
>>114038 >>114033 Ok how about this.. If you guys send volunteers just reply to my posts where and which state their going to.
>>114041 If he accepts the Defensive Pact, I will send 2 Louisianan Volunteer Armies from Texas to his New Mexico.
MDL takes its turn to muster more militia forces in the state of Kansas. Armies: Kansas (2+1) Missouri (2) Nebraska (2) Internal affairs: The CCMDL is taking an emergency session to discuss most pressing questions regarding the leagues state structure. Results should be clear next turn.
>>113923 We should do a playthrough with the counties map if we wanna get real autistic


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