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(169.66 KB 620x773 tiq.jpg)
Tgirls and femboys Anonymous Comrade 09/10/2020 (Thu) 14:24:40 No. 112907
I am hetero. Look, I don't care, I will happily fuck either tgirls or femboys if they're the right sort of slut for me. However, I must admit I cannot imagine ever being able to look past the lack of the 'womanly' body: the waist; the ass shape; the hips; even the shape of the back. I have a 'beautiful piece' (actual quotation) and I have only ever had great sex (this is probably less related to me although it takes at least two to tango), sex I would happily want to have with tgirl and femboys but I can't get past the lack of a feminine shape.
Thanks for sharing. Where do I subscribe?
trump wrote this
Gynophile: Likes feminine features, even on a body that also has some outlying masculine features Androphile: Likes masculine features, even on a body that also has some outlying feminine features
Tha ks for coming to ops ted talk, now have you been to femboy hooters yet.
>>112923 >implying the deepstate doesn't castrate every us president so they become more frustated and war mongering
I just needed to get this out there...
(22.46 KB 724x670 overactive venom sacs.png)
>>112907 >I am straight, but i am straight
is this copypasta I like the idea of having sex with a cute tgirl as long as she still has a PENIS. but to be honest I am just too addicted to watching and feeling women's orgasms. women are great because they can just keep cumming over and over again and they become a total mess, making beautiful intense noises and twitching. sex with just two PENISes involved sounds way less fantastic.
>>112953 aww cute babby *picks up the thing that will kill me*
>>112985 wait until you hear about sex with 0 PENISes
>>112985 Trans girls can do this too.
>>112985 ESTROGEN is a hell of a drug my fren, unlocking the door to the FEMALE ORGASM in all who take enough of it long enough.
>>113013 >>113027 Wow really? Tgrills can orgasm like women who have VAGINAs? Do you have any info about this?
>>113042 >Do you have any info about this? I do PayPal and bitcoin
>>113042 >>113091 not to dig into her business but I will also accept paypal
>pornhub>user>bubblebumbutt i dare ya
>>113265 Erm, what the fuck? That is one hell of an ass!
>>113265 I wanna suffocate in his ass
Gurls, where to do tit and bobs ERP.
>>113004 >get to pick up cute >get to die win win


no cookies?