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(28.06 KB 500x625 1581886122404.jpg)
Simp 2.0 Anonymous Comrade 08/26/2020 (Wed) 15:35:38 No. 110610
Let's simp.
(410.10 KB 1280x1600 1593415369908.jpg)
I saw this photo on 4/s/ years ago and I stupidly never saved it. I thought I'd lost it forever but a few weeks ago I stumbled upon it so now I know that god is a marxist. A cute petite blonde girl naked on a train? Idk if it gets better.
(100.81 KB 1120x630 isobel yeung.jpg)
>simping women who aren't even real journalists
>>113281 Cute, it's strange considering how thin she is but somehow she looks really "soft" like you could press your finger anywhere on her body and it'd sink at least down to the first joint but she'd just giggle because it tickles. That said, I think she looks like's about to sneeze the N-word with a hard R... Then again, most blondes look like that. In the case of the third girl I'm posting, she looks like she's thinking "is this guy really getting out of bed without even having sex with me because I said we must secure a future for white children? gee, it sure is hard being a wholesome /pol/ tradwaifu in this age of leftist conspiracies" and as a result I can't help but cringe even though she's really beautiful and it's a very seductive-looking pic. >>113306 CUTE!
>>113281 God I wish that were me.
>>113281 The pic looks so comfy. Isn't she really young tho?
>>113337 >Cute, it's strange considering how thin she is but somehow she looks really "soft" like you could press your finger anywhere on her body and it'd sink at least down to the first joint but she'd just giggle because it tickles. I cringed reading this. Please stop with this writing over mere /s/ posting.
>>113356 >I cringed reading this. Good, only through feeling cringe can you learn to stop feeling cringe. Transcend the cringe! >Please stop with this writing over mere /s/ posting. Never. If I stopped making cringy posts, I'd risk becoming cringy in real life.
>>113390 >If I stopped making cringy posts, I'd risk becoming cringy in real life. I'm not sure that makes logical sense...
>>113339 >>112885 >>112806 Eastern Girls really get me hard bruh
>>113268 Peter coffin was never really an anti gamergate guy and his "imaginary" girlfriend he got catfished by some fan was pics from a korean girl and the person doing it pretending to be japanese, not white or irish.
(84.99 KB 564x842 red hair woman.jpg)
>>113281 If you take a train in China, they have "luxury sleeper" cars which have two beds in a private room. Perfect for sexy time with gf https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1RJ411e7zU
This entire thread is basic as fuck. I am here to enrich your tastes.
(76.65 KB 1024x685 17457313-21946051.jpg)
>>113212 >>113215 >Some latinas kinda look like this, but if I saw this girl I'd immediately think she was some type of Indian or Arab Latinos have different degrees of Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, etc. ancestry. They don't all look the same, but that's why there's so many Latinos who look like people from all of those places as well. So yeah, you can find women who look like that in Latin America easily, I'd say. >>112569 I hate that I really like white men too. I think I just like pale guys in general, but usually (probably due to the media I consume) I find myself attracted to Japanese guys and white/Jewish Americans. I'm capable of liking people of any skin color, but this pale guy thing is my fetish, and funnily enough the kind of pale guy I like tends to be considered unattractive in the society they belong to. On the one hand, I'm worried about being racist for having that preference (since I worry a lot about things concerning race, and even biology, being used by fascists to justify themselves). On the other hand I'm afraid of fetishizing a certain kind of people and seeing them as nothing more than sex objects. >>112623 I unironically simp for him. In general, I find revolutionaries considerably more attractive than the average person, both men and women. But he really was hot, wasn't he? >>112224 >>112166 >That she used to cut is sad, but she's overcome it. There shouldn't be shame in having scars. My ex used to cut, even when we were together the first time. Afterwards when we dated again for a while, I thought his old scars, which looked like that, were a bit nostalgic and kinda sexy. Is that fucked up?
Anyone here attracted to the Tantot twins?
(131.99 KB 1048x898 1575035404584.jpg)
(111.31 KB 640x640 1576128535466.jpg)
>>113393 It's called compartmentalisation. As long as I'm cringy online, I'm not cringy in real life. Obviously it doesn't work 100%, but when I tried not to be cringy online, I definitely acted much cringier in real life. >>113472 Now that's a look that could be used to define the word "seductive". >>113488 Third one is beautiful, also a rare example of a woman short hair actually suits. >>113498 >I'm worried about being racist for having that preference Having sexual preferences regarding people's appearance doesn't make you racist. It can become colourist is if you inherently tie people's skin colour to their sexual attractiveness and then their sexual attractiveness to their worth, but even then it wouldn't be the same as simply tying people's skin colour to their worth; in practice it'd likely manifest in similar ways, but the mindset would still be different enough that I wouldn't think it counts as colourism but rather lookism influenced by colourism. The reason I said "colour" and "colourism" is that you said you have a preference for pale skin, not "whiteness". Even in the worst case, where you'd tie people's worth to it, it wouldn't be racist; it'd be colourist. Pale skin has always been considered attractive in much of Asia, too, and trying to connect that to some innate desire for "whiteness" is a literal Nazi idea. Now, if it was preference for some loosely defined "white features" or "Asian features" or whatever, that'd arguably be racist since you'd internalise the pseudoscientific concept of race even if only for reasons of aesthetic categorisation... but if you didn't connect it to their value as people, it'd be just an aesthetic subjective sexual preference. I get that in America race can be argued to be an actual thing, at least when talking about people who no longer identify with their ancestral ethnicities, but the whole world isn't America. Unfortunately it is true that increasingly more people at least in the west internalise race as a "biological reality", rejecting scientific consensus due to American influence... but just because people accept something as real doesn't mean it is real, let alone that it's good. I'm not saying "racism isn't a factor in sexuality" because it can be, but if you acknowledge that the concept of race itself is pseudoscientific (as it has been proven to be), you're not going to have racist sexual preferences in any practically meaningful way. If you explicitly racialise your preferences and think in terms of "would it be racemixing?", that's how racist preferences are born. If you just think "I like [features]" without connecting them to "race" for the purposes of "compatibility" or whatever, then that's not racist by any means and you shouldn't worry about it or you'll only repress yourself. >I'm afraid of fetishizing a certain kind of people and seeing them as nothing more than sex objects The solution is literally to just see them as more than sex objects... which I'm pretty sure you already do, since you're concerned about it. If you don't see them as just sex objects now, you won't suddenly wake up one day and realise that you've come to completely disregard their humanity and only view them as nothing morethan sex objects. If that did happen, you'd have bigger issues. >Is that fucked up? No, as long as you don't encourage people to cut so that they'd become sexier to you. Obviously that would be really fucked up. I still wouldn't kink-shame people for cutting fetishes, though, as long as they did it (reasonably) safely and consensually in the sexual context... but that's an entirely different thing, though. >>113514 I'd never heard of them before, but HOLY SHIT MY FUCKING DICK. I know what I'll be fapping to in a moment.
>Pale skin has always been considered attractive in much of Asia, too This is shitty classism. Dark skin is associated with those that have to work. The upper levels don't have to go to the fields to do labour.
Is it okay to simp for those IDF Zionist chicks?
>>113649 >>113653 cum on goys, you don't want to lick those feet?
You are all gross.
>>113254 Can you spoiler them if you post any more please anon. Sick of seeing Ashleigh's tits. Thank you.
(121.52 KB 1080x1080 214407178.jpg)
(561.10 KB 1061x1280 295805143.jpg)
>>113646 True, it originated at least in part from that but it remains to this day even where that no longer applies in practice. I know it still is to varying degrees a practical reality in poor countries and rural areas, but elsewhere the rationale isn't the same anymore. Still influenced by it, sure, but "lol they're poor and work in the fields" isn't going to be the reason for pale skin preference in urban areas of wealthy countries. If still tied to people's worth, at this point it's just baseless colourism. If it's not tied to people's worth, there's no reason for it to be a problem. We can't force people to be attracted to people they're not attracted to, and while it's "unfair" to people the majority considers less attractive for whatever reason, no one is owed sex or love or whatever. It's a difficult subject because there's sometimes actual discrimination at play, but at other times there isn't... I don't know what the solution for more sexual/romantic equality would be, but it isn't to shame people just for having preferences. Anyway, personally I have no one preference regarding skin tone so I have no horse in that race. What gets my dick the hardest is facial features with that kind of "smugness" that's hard to pinpoint... it's not actual smugness, but I'm not sure what other word to use. >>113653 >tfw no qt Palestinian gf who'd stab you for saying "I think peace could be achieved if Jerusalem became an independent city state with a multi-ethnic secular socialist government"
Is anyone else getting spam of SSSniperwolf videos in their recommendations? It's fucking annoying seeing her all over the screen
>>113681 Get the add-on to remove NSAtube recommendations.
>>113689 That being?
>>113698 Thanks
(1.44 MB sierra.webm)
>>111403 His brother exploits him for YT money
>>113807 Link?
(193.53 KB 759x1024 visser2.jpg)
(317.98 KB 803x1000 Palsyte.jpg)
(237.89 KB 936x1361 klishina.jpg)
damn we're missing the Olympics this year guys :(
(180.81 KB 1200x953 fidel smoke.jpg)
(33.87 KB 640x430 fidel grin.jpg)
(20.68 KB 329x444 in the field.jpg)
>>112623 >>113498 Che or fidel tho?
>>113658 at least it's not /pol/ or we'd be simping you
(102.17 KB 487x693 008.jpg)
(107.08 KB 465x743 005.jpg)
(80.34 KB 960x1280 044.jpg)
>>111618 >>111614 >>112139 >>112648 >>113578 Thread requires more ebony goddesses.
>>113852 >Event designed to show off national pride >Fug id bro, leds paperclip a shitty brand add on top of their clothes so that no one can even tell which country they are from >Tfw humanity is united under the banner of the great Zaibatsu's >>113874 Depends on if you are more of a cousin or uncle magic kinda guy
(22.66 KB 296x296 indoorcorporateolympics.png)
(692.65 KB 1149x1200 shieldbois.png)
(237.67 KB 1200x1536 uhh.png)
>>113922 How much further along the ancapistan pipeline until they add back pederasty? also who the hell is uncle magic?
(239.07 KB 1600x1200 543874047.jpg)
(235.29 KB 1080x1350 1576415481958.jpg)
>>113681 Sometimes, but I only watched a couple of her videos once upon a time and just didn't "get" them. I still have no idea who she is tbh, the shit I can find doesn't really explain. Not gonna lie, though, I think she's hot. >>113786 Damn... >>113852 First one's cute, other two look like dudes to me but there's nothing wrong with that if that's what you're into. >>113920 The first girl is an absolute beauty.
>>113946 pretty sure that second pic is not meant to be lust material have some decency
>>113953 >pretty sure that second pic is not meant to be lust material Neither are 90% of the other pics in this thread. If anything, I'd argue that from a purely visual point of view it's more "lust material" than most; if you didn't understand the writing on their backs, you wouldn't think twice about it being at least borderline erotic. Besides, protesting isn't mutually exclusive with being sexy. The power of sexuality is often underestimated in politics, but it's guaranteed to get attention and getting attention is vital for any political cause. Sure, just fapping to pics of women with anti-våldtäkt slogans written on their backs won't magically eliminate våldtäkt, but I could imagine some would-be-rapist fapping to these pics like "I'M RAPING YOU!!! I'M RAPING YOU!!!" instead of actually raping someone... at least for the time being. >have some decency I do in general, but in threads like this it takes a backseat due to the nature of threads like this. Anyway, here are a few more pics from that photoshoot to help you gauge whether it's "lust material" or not. Unfortunately all the other pics I can find except the first one I posted are watermarked and lower resolution, though...
(82.33 KB 680x1020 niharika-sharma_13558065503.jpg)
(109.68 KB 680x905 niharika-sharma_135555388017.jpg)
(136.61 KB 680x942 niharika-sharma_135555388018.jpg)
>that wordfilter What's the point, especially if "raping" and "rapist" aren't filtered as well? Anyway, here's certified lust material of the woman on the right in those pics to make that anon happy.
>>113953 Wait is våldtäkt filtered?
>>114017 LOL fucking why
(352.94 KB 1392x1329 Kim_Kum-ok.JPG)
>>113922 In this age of Zaibatsu dominance, there is one state which has not submitted and upholds the Soviet style uniform Even Cuban athletes have those corporate logos


no cookies?