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(11.86 KB 200x182 leftytrash.jpg)
/leftytrash/ 2.0 Anonymous Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 23:53:30 No. 102302
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc. A banbot I'm working on accidentally baleeted the original, I'm sorry about that.
>>120815 kids are great, they don't do anything you can blame them for, it's all a matter of nurturing but pretty much everyone grows up to become a piece of shit, everything after childhood is just misery >>120814 oh, ok it's rare people use "schizoid", and it's easily confused with schizophrenic, so was just wondering, since i don't know the characters
>>120817 That guy obviously fell asleep one day while playing Morrowind or some other ES game and somehow internalised all the "wow so deep bro" Neo-Pagan / Gnostic shit into himself
(296.97 KB 715x592 20200905_142319.png)
(1.39 MB 1280x720 1579972135558.webm)
robots r cute
>>120824 >Fallout 76
>tfw no dark asthetics gf with covered face tfw no money to dress asthetically dark
(22.25 KB 580x454 sad computer noises.png)
>>120825 I liked a few of the conceptual parts of 76 but overall its a hilarious disaster at least some assets and clips like this can be salvaged and distanced from that dumpster fire
>>120828 Man, who knew that Bethesda suppresses artistic creativity. Also I remember reading most of the good ideas in Fallout 76(all two of them) were just ripped from Van Buren's concepts. Well I hear that from every fallout game tho. But then again I'd also believe Bethesda just riding off other people's ideas for the past 12 years. No wait I don't believe it, I know it, since that's exactly what they've been doing.
(35.00 KB 680x644 ca6.jpg)
(20.67 KB 474x365 edgewatch.jpg)
>>120085 you should play Darkwatch
>>120830 as long as i can flip your skirt i'm ok with any outfit you wear
>>120817 >matter Jesus I thought it was a matter baby?
(167.04 KB 747x525 9c9.png)
(808.45 KB 384x239 get.gif)
>>120820 This has nothing to do with gnosticism. Not everything slightly occultist shit is gnostic.
(81.30 KB 753x800 Stirner is not pleased.jpg)
>>120835 Nah, I ain't going in that thing.
>>120838 Mitäs toverille kuuluu?
>>120835 That’s like telling me to go to Brazil. Never!
https://youtu.be/_pDTiFkXgEE secret vid don't share it
>>120843 I'll pay you 5 bananas for it.
(82.61 KB 555x513 Long hairidot.png)
I wish I had the voice of Nyanners. Once I get her voice, the rest will follow
>>120846 Who are you?
>>120846 Ya want to sound like a seal? https://youtu.be/k_zU0q6Kxkw
>>120846 really just do it, play around with your voice, as much as you want, pitch high, do this and that, listen to yourself on recordings it's pretty fun, especially getting the desired reaction
(48.29 KB 564x954 Tsunderedot.jpg)
>>120847 You know who I am bich >>120848 yes >>120849 Yeah except every time I try to get my pitch that high it comes across sounding really fake and bad and stupid and I hate it ;-;
>>120850 I might but it's been so long I can barely remember.
>>120846 Man I really wish I had a qt gf to wake up next to and her hair was a mess >>120850 I'm sure that given time, and practice you'll be able to get that voice you want
>>120850 i don't know what you're aiming at with your voice but don't try to compare it to anime girls and voice actors of any kind if you can speak it comfortably it should do just fine
>>120848 What the fuck.....
(8.80 KB 228x210 ee9.jpg)
>>120840 Hieman stressiä opintojen suhteen koska pitäisi esittää ajankohtaisseminaarityö alle kuukauden päästä enkä oo edes päässyt alkuun sen kanssa ja pitäisi samalla tehdä vielä puuttuvia kursseja ja kysellä harjoittelupaikkaa. Juicen sanoin ei tästä elämästä selviä hengissä.
Alright my PC's having trouble starting up now so I'm gonna hurry and try and put together a more comprehensive parts list. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7T4cYg This is from what a friend recommended, although he only said "liquid cooler" so I dunno if this one is any good, and I'm still iffy about the midtower. Are there any <$100 Steel full towers out there with good airflow?
>>120851 You're a certified dum dum >>120852 Perhaps one day both of our dreams will become reality. Believe in yourself! >>120853 I mean I get that, but even when compared to other people in general it still sounds weird. Maybe it'll just take more practice
(25.42 KB 960x495 df4.jpg)
>>120857 >You're a certified dum dum
Protip; If you wanna buy suspicious shit by mail and not have it ship directly to your house, like gay sex toys, look online for nearby abandoned houses. Look for the ones nobody will ever buy because it looks rotten and like there's roaches everywhere, then fix the mailbox and deliver it there.
(157.35 KB 410x513 image0-106.png)
>>120859 How would you make it so that people won’t simply take the package from the box
>>120862 Life is all about risks. Besides, tampering with mail is a federal offence.... which is why you should never do it. Unless the mail's yours of course.
>>120859 There's one of those around where I live, but someone definitely lives there.
Pov: i am washing my face
Doing stuff vs looking at your computer screen wondering why you're not donig stuff
>>120866 hate that feeling :(
(1014.20 KB 498x520 8a2.gif)
>>120867 it's a hard life, the one of a procrastinator
>>120868 WHATS IN THE BOX!!!
>>120870 another box
>>120870 The Embarrassing Picture of Spongebob at the Christmas Party
(3.24 MB 268x364 1312176163100401665.gif)
>>120873 Now that’s what I call a big chungus moment


no cookies?