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(185.48 KB 600x600 3gnqzq.png)
Anonymous Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 02:29:07 No. 104069 [Reply] [Last]
>turned 24 recently >still live with my parents >no drivers license >lost job recently due to bankruptcy by corona >franchise got revived by new owners offered me a new contract >denied it to get more time for myself and get some NEET bux >told myself I will be productive and start an online business >each day wake up browse the internet all day each day >mastrubate atleast once a day often more >ghosted all my friends >see my phone ringing sometimes, just let it ring till it automatically hangs up >no idea who's calling me, too anxious to even bother looking at it >sleep schedule completely fucked >feel embarrassed when seeing my sister and her successful normie boyfriend >lock myself in my room most of the time Fuck, man. I don't know how the days fly by so quick. Turned 24 on 16 July, parents weren't home only my sister and her boyfriend, locked myself in my room till 4 pm hoping they would leave and hoping my sister didn't know it was my birthday. Eventually went down anyway to make some coffee, sister start singing happy birthday her boyfriend saying congratulations even handing me a small present all normie like. They ask me what I'm gonna do with my birthday, I say hang out with a friend this evening. Evening comes, I leave the house start just aimlessly riding on my bike in the city. Eventually go innawoods, try setting goals for myself scribbling in my notebook. Notebook is a few years old, see that I've attempted setting the same goals multiple times in the past. Around 4 hours have passed, feel safe to go back to make it seem like I had a healthy social interaction. Only thing I changed from the day that I turned 24 is stop habitually smoking weed. I don't like my reality, I keep craving escapism.
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>>104069 >having had friends irl >being called for a job offer >having a sister that gives enough of a fuck it's not all bad, you can manage with that question is why you're feeling scared and isolate yourself to such extend, you should figure that out and work on it, but to get back up on your feet maybe try being open to someone you know and tell them that things are getting out of hand, if it's someone who can maybe even help you with getting a schedule and daily routine set up that'd be even better
Huh, I don't remember posting this...
Stop cutting yourself off from your friends and family. The fact that they call you and celebrate your birthday shows that they care. Dont be afraid to speak to them about your problems. All of those other things, being productive, proper sleep schedule, will be much easier with social support network. Also having some pleasurable experience during the day and expecting it to happen also the next one gives you motivation to get through the day. Set up some time for something fun every evening, be it conversation with a friend, a video game or jerking off. But try to follow a strict schedule with it.
>>104117 Wait, what? I got drunk as fuck on my birthday and thought I posted this.
>>104083 Bro how can he do all these things while the rona is still rising

(49.23 KB 217x204 adam.png)
Fabulous Secret Powers Akko 07/28/2020 (Tue) 03:15:26 No. 104591 [Reply] [Last]
hi there! I'm Adam, Prince of Eternia. this is my kitty, Mister Cringerpants, the most cutest kitty in the universe. fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword, and sang...

(2.90 MB 270x296 soviet_trap.gif)
Anonymous Comrade 07/24/2020 (Fri) 21:22:40 No. 103736 [Reply] [Last]
holy shit how can someone be so perfect
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>>104101 already do
>>104114 just like you!~
>>103736 She's literally me
>>103736 I swear I am straight, but I wanna play with his cute cock.
>>103741 those videos are god tier.

Yuri thread Anonymous Comrade 07/15/2020 (Wed) 16:19:31 No. 101420 [Reply] [Last]
Post all the good Yuri shit you came across
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(743.29 KB 700x913 67869557_p0.png)
>>101468 oh, must've seen it wrong then can you post saucy shit unspoilered then? this board is nsfw but you still got to spoiler, sadly more yuri
(67.22 KB 639x669 stalin chan.jpg)
>>101469 no answers are really given, whether its actually allowed or not. They just say that its a courtesy that people do. Its technical to could be possible, but it would be up to the vols to decide what they would do >>>/gulag/5364
(211.92 KB 1508x2048 1594789771053.jpg)
(669.75 KB 1294x1920 1595018562251.png)
(351.11 KB 800x655 1595050783989.jpg)
Any She-ra fans here?
(1.38 MB 2194x2194 1595342537199.png)
(418.50 KB 1177x1635 1595714415932.png)
(992.64 KB 1178x900 1595304174981.png)
>>104451 >>104454 I was a She-Ra fan, until I saw image six. now I'm just psychologically broken. thanks anon!

(261.74 KB 435x534 keffiyeh.png)
Anonymous Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 05:48:12 No. 104092 [Reply] [Last]
(311.81 KB 504x572 greenflag.png)
green flag
>>104092 kaw feet

(1.63 MB 1026x1128 ready.png)
/leftyx/ 07/26/2020 (Sun) 23:48:36 No. 104192 [Reply] [Last]
which year are you /GET/ ?
(48.85 KB 700x372 schwerer gustav.jpg)
>>104192 1934 because I think guns are cool, that is a picture of me showing my friends the Schwerer Gustav IT COULD FIRE 38-47km!!! HOLY FUCK!! It could hit the UK from France!
>>104198 this is far hotter than it should be. thank you tovarishch n8

(716.00 KB 1000x562 enter-the-dragon-bruce-lee.jpg)
epistocratic warlordism Anonymous Comrade 07/25/2020 (Sat) 18:55:19 No. 103991 [Reply] [Last]
The head of state should be selected by live streamed hand-to-hand combat to the death. All other forms of government are not meritorious and are therefore corrupt. The parliamentary government underneath the head of state is unimportant, as warlord will have veto over their bills.
Are mechs allowed?
>>103991 so, you guys know any good communist boxer that's up for the role?

(219.78 KB 1000x750 index(23).jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 07/25/2020 (Sat) 10:59:52 No. 103846 [Reply] [Last]
Rule 34 on Stalin surprisingly it's virtually non-existent. time to shine /GET/
(77.24 KB 770x1562 man of steel huehuehuehue.jpg)

(1.83 MB 2100x2100 GETvBear.png)
GET vs Bear bear 06/26/2020 (Fri) 07:07:28 No. 96585 [Reply] [Last]
I was cleaning my room when I found an old chess set that I got from a secret santa at school. And I thought it would be fun to play someone at chess. Then I remembered an old idea I never did where I would move a essentially play myself by making a move in the morning and at night, to see how if I remember what morning me/night me would be trying to do. Anyways, I have a different idea. Imma challenge GET to a friendly game of chess. The rules are simple. - Basic rules of chess. - I make the first move. - Then someone responds with their move. - If their is more than one response, whoever has the more support will be the one played. - It has to be 24 hours before I make the next move. It'll all end when either someone gets a checkmate or no one responds and the thread dies. Good Luck GET, I believe in you
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>>101674 A or B anon?
(3.41 MB 4608x3456 Bear_18 copy.jpg)
>>102839 Forgot image lol
(3.98 MB 4608x3456 GET_18.JPG)
(3.93 MB 4608x3456 Bear_19.JPG)
>>102866 GET's eighteenth move. My nineteenth
>>103645 same knight c5

(1.65 MB 2325x2400 gay.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 07/23/2020 (Thu) 00:58:42 No. 103365 [Reply] [Last]
liberals suck and if you're a liberal you suck
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>>103429 astolfo's HRT tiddies of course
>>103437 BRB im gona go vote for Biden
(15.15 KB 299x387 off to gulag now.jpg)
>>103537 Biden is gonna give free HRT to everyone!!!!!!! YES OMG HE IS SO PROGRESSIVE
>>103567 comrade unruhe will ensure mandatory HRT for all


no cookies?