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(18.68 KB 256x400 156198762-256-k341033.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 10/12/2020 (Mon) 21:07:40 No. 118422 [Reply] [Last]
>comrade what are you doing with that nazi? >comrade STOP >if you dont the commisar will execute you! >but i love aryan pussy.
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(10.59 KB 324x155 images (5).jpg)
>>119138 In better resolution pls
(130.09 KB 384x597 1.jpg)
(132.07 KB 477x738 2.jpg)
(13.19 KB 129x200 3.jpg)
how might one, procure... the rest of the manga without parting with his labour vouchers? This is all I've got and most aren't full res.
(16.21 KB 129x200 4.jpg)
(126.06 KB 477x738 5.jpg)
(7.72 KB 129x200 6.jpg)
What is this reactionary garbage and why is it getting a pass on /GET/?

(36.36 KB 446x703 8vdi4ay2v2g31.jpg)
(118.02 KB 879x728 tumblr_pfea7x70tX1w3v9ut_1280.jpg)
(82.11 KB 640x1136 dTN0Ho7.jpg)
butts Anonymous Comrade 12/12/2019 (Thu) 01:01:31 No. 42292 [Reply] [Last]
Literally the only thing as good as communism
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>>118911 >>118928 Just a map if any of you actually want to engage with /cb/s IRL
>>118928 where would one find other maps like this for various groups?
(5.63 MB yo.mp4)
(1.09 MB 860x599 sniff.png)
(33.76 KB 500x500 yummy.jpg)

(46.41 KB 500x410 ignizzle.jpg)
curious about another chan Anonymous Comrade 10/20/2020 (Tue) 18:47:19 No. 119916 [Reply] [Last]
Hi, everyone. /leftypol/fag here but I figured this might be a better place to ask: what ever happened to neinchan? I remember it was like a backup site for 8pol-8polk but I guess the site is private now? While I'm at it I may as well ask, how do you all feel about merging with /leftypol/? Are we good comrades? Do we cramp your style? Or do we pretty much do our own thing? Red salute.
>>119916 >merging you mean just take over by your shitty nazbol club? fuck no.
>>119921 No I just meant being together in the bunker. >>120057 Thank you kindly.

(35.36 KB 284x157 witch_book_title.png)
Witchcraft 7ko 10/15/2020 (Thu) 02:37:21 No. 118983 [Reply] [Last]
How does one cast charms or such? Picture somewhat related.
secret bump
I don't know much about this OP but in very very material terms I think magic is the art of making people believe. If you read Marcel Mauss it seems the whole point is that when magic is socially sanctioned by belief it becomes 'real'. Magic is performance. Now the content of that performance usually involves symbolic manipulation/juxtaposition, but which precise ones comes down to the culture, it seems. And of course finally magical objects (talismans) and incantations are part of this performance and have symbolic value.
>>118983 You can't. Magic isn't real. You should have learned this when you were a very young child

(57.17 KB 600x340 K-G0RdtWEY0.jpg)
The GET Reading Group! D. Drawanon 05/15/2020 (Fri) 22:28:46 No. 86343 [Reply] [Last]
Here we will plan and then implement a custom reading list of leftist literature to enhance our understanding of Marxism and further important topics!
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(78.26 KB link.pdf)
New link PDF, due to changes in our M*trix community setup. Please use this link to join. >>118309 Apparently the room wasn't properly configured for joining via link, only direct invites. Issue has been fixed, anyone should be able to join now.
do you guys use a Kindle, phone or computer to read?
>>118825 We use all methods. Some of our members use a Kobo e-reader, some have a physical copy of the week's selection, some of us read a PDF or the HTML off a computer/phone.
(100.06 KB 294x265 1908246579134.gif)
OK Next Saturday we're doing On Contradiction, Combat Liberalism, & On Practice all by Mao. We decided to take a break from Lenin. On Contradiction: https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-1/mswv1_17.htm Combat Liberalism: https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-2/mswv2_03.htm On Practice: https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-1/mswv1_16.htm
PDF/EPUB/Extra This particular On Contradiction is great since it has comments on the side. Be sure to put in double-page mode on a computer so that one side has the commentary and the other side has the book. The EPUB has a collection of all the works for this week so do check it out. If you want to join, see this >>118547 or our thread on /edu/ >>>/edu/4956 >>118547

(2.56 MB angela davis.webm)
Anonymous Comrade 09/13/2020 (Sun) 11:34:10 No. 113219 [Reply] [Last]
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>>119587 Donated it to BLM
Can we get a pussy edition fingering themselves to a picture of Friedrich Engels please?
>Right leaning coom Cringe and anti-marxist pilled
>>113219 >>119487 Nice cock bro, sad it has counterrevolutionary tendencies.

(604.80 KB 900x1500 Quest Thread Banner.png)
Black Lagoon: Freelancer - A /GET/ Exclusive Quest Thread Gomrad Spurdo#HTmBuh 04/19/2020 (Sun) 20:17:23 No. 73353 [Reply] [Last]
Roanapur... Not exactly where you imagined to find yourself when you were still a bright-eyed pioneer whose greatest aspiration in life was to become a cosmonaut and sail the stars on a spaceship built of hopes and dreams. Fate dealt the Soviet people a shitty hand unfortunately and so here you are, a freelance mercenary looking for work in one of the most crime-infested cities in South-East Asia. You were tipped off by an associate that there would be plenty of work here for people with few morals, and with the shit that you've had to deal with since the union's collapse your moral compass was one of the few things that became obsolete in the new cut-throat environment that the populations of the former SSRs found themselves in. Many of your friends could not adapt to the new conditions and died either by their own hand or as a result of the increasing amount of violent street crime. You yourself almost got killed in an ethnic turf war that sparked up between a bunch of youth gangs. Turns out that in the lawless and chaotic environment, where human life becomes a dirt cheap commodity, people would do pretty much anything for food to fill their stomach with or drugs and alcohol to forget about how shitty life had become. You used almost all of your remaining savings to get aboard the first ship out of the coastal town that you lived in at the time just to get away from all of it. At the time, you didn't really care about what the end destination was as long as it took you away from the land that you once proudly called home. After working odd-jobs here and there including as a triggerman for the Hong Kong Triad, you eventually had enough cash to get some proper gear and a cabin on a passenger boat headed for the modern-day promised land of pirates, gun runners, drug traffickers and all sorts of other ne'er-do-wells. Having arrived here now, with all of your belongings at hand and nothing more than a handful of Yankee dollars to your name... What is your first step to making something out of yourself in this... city of the damned...? >Check that I still have all my stuff and I didn't forget anything onboard the boat >Light up a cigar to celebrate my new life >Asking for directions to the nearest bunkhouse from a local >Looking for the nearest watering hole, the trip has made me thirsty >Looking for a local gun store, while I still have a good supply of spare ammo left it's probably not gonna last in a prolonged gunfight >Sitting down and writing a new entry into my diary >Something else...(Write-in)
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(36.01 KB 567x523 33db091d.jpg)
Bumpin' just in case I come back to this eventually.
(55.01 KB 600x428 Manila-Folder.jpg)
>>109082 >>105225 >>104979 >>104699 The thread lived, the thread lives, the thread will live! You begin to go through the folder once more, looking at the facts that are on the table regarding the job so you can begin to properly plan for the job. Your insights so far are: 1. The protection money collection happens within Vera's own little fiefdom of the overall cartel territory every Friday (Friday is two days from now) before the businesses close their doors. 2. When he's not out on the street either getting food/company or collecting the payments, Vera's hanging out in his personal mansion on the city's outskirts. This mansion is marked on the old map that came with the folder and acts as the local base of operations for the cartel. 3. Vera is paranoid to the max and doesn't go anywhere without a weapon and his bodyguards, including the brothel and the titty bar that his people operate. Which leaves you with a few options for now. 1. Purchase a long rifle or a marksman's rifle and take him out from a distance while he's outside of his base of operations. Georgiy will act as your spotter. 2. Get some suppressed weapons for yourself and Georgiy and ambush Vera when he's indoors in one of the local businesses either for leisure or the racket money 3. Get some proper body armor, heavy duty weaponry and explosives. Assault Vera's home directly with Georgiy once you got all of those and you know for sure he's inside of it.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>119173 do option 1
>>119173 I want to say Option 4, as to not attract as much attention to you
>>119173 >Spend some time coming up with another plan (write-in your own plan) All of the above is overkill, we: >Get some decent generalist weapons, another Kalash, a good supply of ammo, webbing, and armour for ourselves (helmets first), and some explosives with any money we have left over >We spend the rest of the two days finding them most oppurtune site to kill the target, its a city, distances aren't going to be over 200m max, we can set up a site to watch for him as he shakes down one of his protection rackets and lay into him as he collects >Precision is over-rated, just slot the cunt, shoot him until he's not moving and too well ventilated to ever move again, then run away

(5.65 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao tian di yi pang cang mang Anonymous Comrade 09/17/2020 (Thu) 03:44:25 No. 113769 [Reply] [Last]
xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao tian di yi pang cang manghttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uxXLXCN2DpM
baste and eggpilled

(216.03 KB 367x577 66635.PNG)
Anonymous Comrade 10/17/2020 (Sat) 19:46:44 No. 119596 [Reply] [Last]
I think I have goroners
Cough around your bosses office when he isn't there.
>>119604 >cont. Like, when he goes to the bathroom. Cough at the doorhandle. And then call off as sick by lunch.

(250.50 KB 502x499 download.png)
Anonymous Comrade 10/17/2020 (Sat) 00:30:41 No. 119394 [Reply] [Last]
Everyone should have a dedicated anime girl so we know who's who. "Who's posting shit?" "Just Monika again." "What?" "He's a shitposter who unironically believes Stalin is daddy." "oh" And anime characters have the best expressions, so you know who's feeling what. I stand by this.
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(198.17 KB 1024x1024 cf7d1c870dd901148c9a3c2b9ef4bb24.jpg)
Mine and mine only. All existing and future fusions and forms etc also claimed. No being or anything else can have them henceforth in all realities etc. also infinity+infinity-infinityxinfinity/infinity dibs + 1 all my waifus tops are hues of RED The colour of communism! Not that I care much about symbols They live on a planet ruled by a monarchist yet the king dares not invade caulifla's territory controlled by her henchmen and women. Any of his soldiers trespassing get BTFO and their supplies stolen lol (sigh) I have way too much time on my hands Although each self serving post strengthens my ego and thus my powers
>>119394 I just used Ochako I don't really care about her (She is cute tho)
(187.06 KB 2066x2260 Alunya smug face.png)
(310.85 KB 1114x1326 giga max stirner.jpg)
(792.01 KB 1280x720 yuru04_premux_001_24089.png)
>>119394 I claim Rin, I forgot to add this in my post. Ochako is open, sorry for the confusion.
(259.67 KB 1060x1080 amicus-motivated.png)
I can post Amicus, so whenever I post, people can say "oh, it's just Amicusposter again".


no cookies?