Welcome to albania

>>/leftypol/1025340 >>1025045 >Im a NEET The ultimate goal of is universal NEETdom so you got that going fo you.
>>/leftypol/1025339 >>1025160 textbroker you can write but the pay and tasks are shit; you can work up somewhat though. Blogging or writing actual
>>/leftypol/1025338 >>1025298 1. Cruz attacks Trump's "New York values" and literally gets 9/11'd 2. Cruz attacks Trump for donating money to a pr
>>/leftypol/1025337 >>1025104 This crazy guy might have some hot tips.
>>/leftypol/1025336 >>1025327 >I just want people to get along and for more people to be happy. It's time to rip this bandaid off. The fascists and
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